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Gosselin Twins: First Day of School!

Gosselin Twins: First Day of School!

Divorced-couple-to-be Jon and Kate Gosselin drop off their twin daughters Cara and Mady, 9, at a bus pickup point at a local parking lot on Thursday morning (August 27) in Pennsylvania.

“They’re all jazzed up about riding on the bus,” Jon says of his twins, who start the third grade. “I’m happy too, because now I don’t have to drive them to school.”

Tomorrow, the Gosselin sextuplets start junior kindergarten. “Next year will be kindergarten for the little kids, and it will be five days a week,” Jon tells People.

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  • Lauren

    The twins look excited to get back to school. I hope all goes well for them.

  • dundies

    so glad that stage of my life is OVER. i hate school

  • kari

    The twins will come home crying, like usual…because some bratty kid made too many comments about this summers crazy train family that they have. I’m sure that they won’t be able to handle it, and Kate will have them tutored at home….and Jon, you’re a douche bag..”now I don’t have to take them to school”…ya, so you can have extra time to play..Kate, or Gawds sake, get rid of the wedgie shoes…they’re hideous.

  • twitandtawt

    YOU GO Kate G!
    never miss a photo op!
    You rock those cheap ass tacky JC Penny wedge heels

    Kate G should be the next Victoria Beckham

  • dee

    Shouldn’t the sextuplets be going to regular kindergarten since they turned 5 earlier this year or are they just delayed?

  • M

    Surely Kate doesn’t think her hats look good on her. Some women can wear hats well. Kate is not one of them!!!

  • dogsforsaleuk

    they look so happy to be at school

  • Joy

    I sure wouldn’t want to kiss Jon even if he was my father. You never know where those lips have been. UGGH!!!!! As for Kate she always looks great – what’s wrong with JC Penny now? I like her hats.

  • sean

    So many haters! Perhaps you should be the ones going back to school to educate your empty brains and learn about different cultures and stop your small minded bigotry based on hate and ignorance.

  • dAWN9476


    They look Asian. Not oriental. Oriental is a rug.

  • LB

    Leave the poor girls alone. Why are you picking on the looks of a child?? Children are a beautiful gift and NO ONE has the right to put them down. Such ignorance.

  • fresh

    Oriental generally means Eastern. So its still a valid term.

  • dAWN9476


    Jon told People that they are not ready since they were preemies.

  • no wonder you’re single

    kate’s hat looks cute, jon’s just makes him look even douchier than normal. if that is even possible!

  • Beach Lover

    The girls look happy and cute, going back to school and seeing their friends. I sure hope it is a good experience for them. Who wouldn’t want to get out of that fishbowl their parents have put them in?

    Khate is obnoxious. Jon may be immature, but I think he is by far the better parent here. Neither of them are going to win any prizes for parenting.

    She is hiding her possum head because…ta-da…she is growing into a new slicked-back hairdo a la Sharon Stone, so I hear. What talent does she bring to anything? None. Okay, maybe a very stretchable uterus, but how long can that card be played?

  • barbara

    Please, please never insult an innocent child (Sunshine). That is just cruel and uneducated, you are not promoting much “sunshine”. The girls did look happy to be going back to school and I hope they stay that way. Its really great to see a smile on Mady’s face. A regular routine is just what they need now. School, homework, dinner, bed. Anything has to be better than the summer their parents gave them. My son had a late birthday and was not ready to start kindergarten so he needed another year at a Pre-kindergarten christian class. It helped him alot because he was in a great class that remained friends throughout even their high school years going to separate high schools. His kindergarten teacher told me that if I would have put him in the other class, him being the youngest she said they would have eaten him alive, it was such a difficult class for her. So I’m all for the tups waiting a year.

  • leah

    I’m glad to see that Mady and Cara are finally getting to make some of their own individual choices although it is limited with school uniforms. Before Kate would have them totally identical.
    Kate should go with messy hair instead of using hats, she would look better.

    Think Kate paid for those ugly shoes? Not from JC Penney, give the store some credit.

  • ust wondering

    Is it the normal thing in America that kids bring luggage to school? And so much that it has to be on wheels? They can’t just carry a school bag?

  • zanessa4life
  • k.

    Talent is no longer the way to become famous. If you would like to be known world wide, please see your nearest fertility doctor.

  • Kelly

    Ah – what fun it has to be for the twins – a summer of their parents acting like major douchebag liars – and other little kids there to fill them in on what they may have missed.

  • Kelly

    by the way, Kate – you look stupid – not cool

  • Jonisadouche

    I’m happy too, because now I don’t have to drive them to school.”

    It’s all about you isn’t it Jon? People get on Kate for being selfish, but IMHO Jon is the worse one.

  • lully

    wow jon, you quit your job so that you can help kate around the house which you didn’t you just acted like the 9th kid, and now you are so happy that you don’t have to drive the kids to school anymorel what type of lazy jerk are you?

  • lisa harris

    Oriental is a slang term just like nappy head ho for a black person.. you call them asians..Having the kids at school make fun of them..!!

  • flo

    @dAWN9476: they are not ready because Kate would never allow them to do normal things, like use scissors, pencils, makers play in the dirt etc or do anything that developementally that would create a MESS. Kate stunted their developement with her own control issues.

  • ahhme

    I have also have twins which were born 3 months early! They turned 5 in July and started Kindergarten this year…How could they get another year of shows if they went to Kindergarten full time….The gravy train would cease!

  • dabu

    click the FLAG THIS on folks like Sunshine who make racially derogatory remarks.

  • emma

    people calling the kids names are really horrible. What have those kids done to you?

  • David

    Hey Jon, I’ve stated before, are you going to give up a total babe as a wife and kids that all America loves in exchange for these chicks that doesn’t even come close in terms of class, beauty, and brains? Hey bud, I’ve been through this before, believe me. The grass is never greener on the other side, main point being GRASS, lol. Wake up and grow up bro(bra) if you catch my drift. Been there and done bud.

  • Debbie

    Kate and the girls look fantastic. Jon should be kicking himself for throwing away a lovely family. Pray it isn’t too late for them to make it right.

  • Tony P.

    Mom is pretty.
    Kids are hideous looking.

    Sorry blind people

  • patty

    Gosh! The one twin has giant feet.

  • emma

    @Tony P.:

    How horrible of you to say that about children who have done nothing to you. That was very spiteful.
    If you think such things please keep it to your self. There was no need for that comment

  • Olivia

    Kate looked very pretty on the Today show. On Larry King i think she had too much mascara or eye liner, JMO. Stick with whoever put on the makeup on the Today show. Your true beauty shows on that show. But I have to say that you are very naturally a beautiful woman. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a husband and kids to take care of. Just my opinion.

  • dAWN9476


    What are you talking about? We have seen them play with scissors and markers on the show. And even if Kate didn’t let them do those things, I am sure they did them in preschool.

  • steph


    Never miss a photo op?

    WTF She’s taking her kids to school. God you haters need to lay off.

  • Sande

    Does not that creep Jon have only one pair of pants or shoes. He ALWAYS wears the same pants. And of course some foul saying on his shirt. God he’s a slime.

  • manicmondays

    WTH is “jr kindergarten”…..WTH aren’t those kids in regular kindergarten or better yet….FIRST GRADE?

    They’re not going to kindergarten until they are SIX????

    Are they stupid or something?!
    (the other kids are still going to beat the crap out of them)

    Never heard of such a thing…’s bad enough their poop extractions and potty trips are shown on national tv….now they have to suffer through the embarrassment of being two years older than everyone else and made to look like they are stupid slow-learners.
    their parents are really the stupid ones!! LOL!!!!


    I see we have a lot of immature posters on here calling names. What are you, 10? I guess you have to make up for when you were called retarded and ugly. Probably called dumb too.

  • NO

    LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE! It sucks enough going to school on a bus. Imagine it with 50 photographers capturing every moment. Not to mention when your mother is dressed like that. No issue with kate but the bug glasses and hat are not her and gotta go. She isnt nicole richie she is just a mother! Even more humilating your parents not talking or even notcing eachother so awk! Poor Mady and Cara. Who knows what the kids said to them on the bus after a summer full of press on their family. Very Embarassing and damaging. I can see Mady having a really bad future she is not going to take any of this well.

  • JustaGirl

    I think the girls look beautiful!! And I truly hope they can have fun and relax at school!!

  • Sam

    At 9 Cara and Mady should be in fourth grade – so they are one year behind too. JK is Junior Kindergarten, usually for 4 year olds. Regular Kindgergarten is for 5 year olds. These kids are going to be one year behind, not two years behind and yes it’s because they were born very premature and are not up to the ‘regular’ 5 year old level for learning. That happens a lot with multiples.

  • If the shoe fits….


    thanks for the link! what credit — they are fugly a** shoes!!
    looks like cheap K-mart white plastic “leather”

    and on sale, too….’cuz no one with any taste is buying them…. they prolly can’t even give them away!

  • immatwin


    well, i’m a twin and not a preemie….but went to kindergarten when I was four (turned five in the summer)….so that’s TWO years to me pal!!!

    And that’s just WRONG!
    I don’t think the kids are that dumb.
    I agree with the initial observation…..the rest of the kids are going to think those kids are really, really dumb and that’s just not fair!

    The lies and exploitation continue.

  • emma


    Cara and Mady are 8. They were born October 8th 2000.
    They turn 9 in October. They are in the right grade.

  • emma

    Anyway those parents know the sextuplets the best so I am sure they know whether the kids are up for Kindegarten or not. They were born in May so they still only just turned 5 really and would be very young in there year so it will not make much difference really.

  • ahhme


    FALSE! “Because they were preemies they are behind”!
    They were born at 30 weeks…and mine were at 27 weeks and the “catching up” is done by 2 years old! Just excuses to keep the gravy train rolling!

  • Katherine

    I have never seen such ignorant comments. It doesn’t matter that some of you had babies that were premature and they were still able to go to Kindergarten on time. Each child is different. It is obvious that most of them seem unready.

  • Roxxy

    Jon didn’t throw away a family. Kate threw away a family in her quest to be famous!!!