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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler Hug It Out

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler Hug It Out

Jennifer Aniston and co-star Gerard Butler nuzzle heads and keep their arms wrapped around each other on the set of The Bounty in Yonkers, New York on Wednesday (August 26).

Jen, 40, and Gerry, 39, were reportedly seen holding hands over the weekend but Jen‘s rep has denied it ever happened. “Jennifer was out with many others from the film and they were not holding hands,” says Stephen Huvane. “Gerry was one of many from the film there.”

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler hugging it out…

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jennifer aniston gerard butler hug 01
jennifer aniston gerard butler hug 02
jennifer aniston gerard butler hug 03
jennifer aniston gerard butler hug 04
jennifer aniston gerard butler hug 05
jennifer aniston gerard butler hug 06
jennifer aniston gerard butler hug 07
jennifer aniston gerard butler hug 08
jennifer aniston gerard butler hug 09
jennifer aniston gerard butler hug 10

Credit: Sean/Thornton; Photos: INFdaily
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  • SouthAfricanGirl

    Please, please let Jen and Gerard be the real deal!!!

  • Hermafraudiston

    She’s butt ugly

  • Dick and the boys

    It looks like they are good friends. It is so cool how she befriends her co-workers. She is so classy.

  • Manner

    He’s got his hand in the back pocket of her shorts in one of these shots — they’re DEFINITELY together!

  • Shallow fans

    jen is pretty, love her body, she looks good for her age, she cute, love her… blah blah blah blah blah blah.

  • bet

    the lovely woman at it again.

    oh no Gernad is touching the memorable ass. wow she is gorgeous. and bueatifull and radiant.

  • bet

    sorry for spelling

    oh nor Gerard is touching he memorable ass. wow she is gorgeous. and bueatifull and radiant.

  • bet

    but is still like John Mayer. but who knows.

  • sara

    Gerard Butler is hot, can’t wait for the film.

  • bet

    shallow fans

    how could someone say nothing, after you see that gorgoes body. of course you are even the first one waiting to see her gorgeoues body. is’nt that hard to resist looking that gorgoues body. i undstand you. , You day can pass with out checking her gorgoues body.

  • zanessa4life
  • ManLESSton, I likely

    OMG Jared. This is just like the same set earlier. What not enough hits on the other thread or just a slllllooooowwwwww news day?
    Thank God this filming is coming to an end. This subject is just downright tired. How about more interesting news, like Jen got a hangnail?
    Didn’t Gerry’s dog just get attacked? What about something that doesn’t have to do with this tired film shoot?
    I’m a little disgusted with you, Jared. Taking the easy way out…

  • You/Me

    I would love to see Jen with this gorgeous man but I really think they are hamming it up for the paps, just messin with them and making them earn their money,lol. But they do have great chemistry and they are obviously very friendly so maybe (hopefully) it will turn into something more!

  • april

    Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler keep close off-set;
    Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler Yonker Couple;
    Jennifer Aniston is a Handcuffed Hottie;
    Gerard Butler points gun at Jennifer Aniston;
    Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston: soaking wet!
    And now Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler hug it out,
    Ewww she looks mean and ready to scratch your eyes out. Gerard poor dude is still bloated and wearing the same shirt, I guess Aniston spend all the wardrobe money on herself.
    PLEASE stop with all the updates about her!!!
    I can see the the post in 20 years from now. Jennifer Aniston has dementia and still wants her husband Brad Pitt back.

  • hotelsinlondon

    they look so cute together

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    Stop being a hater!

  • bet

    they look cute. Even though Gerard is player, i think he has soft side for Jen kind of woman.

  • bet

    she got a leg .
    she is the cutest of all in hollywood. who look cute at her age like this. what a gene.

    some are complaining why God did not give them buetifull hair. funny.

  • fresh

    it must be a bit annoying to constantly have people say you are dating when you’re not. oh well, they make millions—so i dont feel much sympathy for them.

  • Angela

    Beautiful!!! Jen is gorgeous, single, care free!!!

  • pugly

    Where is the picture of the pug??? That is what I would like to see. Then we can see if it was actually hurt.

  • bet

    at one of the picutre Gerard is looking to the ass and smilling. what a player.

  • Cant Wait

    I cant wait to see this action comedy!!! It sounds so good. This will be a big hit! Love Jennifer and hope to have her body and looks when I am 40…shoot, many actresses looks much older than her that are 6 years younger.

  • jennipoop Anusstain

    Jared, where is Maniston this time… I only can see TWO MEN standing…..
    One with blond long straight hair and the other with dark short hair…
    poor Chinni chindog, even with all her millions and had so many procedures, your golden child 40 years old still looks like a MAN!

  • Shallow fans

    bet @ 08/27/2009 at 9:55 am

    yes, he does have soft side for jen. once he gets it he will leave her just like all others. btw, i agree with you. she does have a nice body. she should because that’s the only thing that’s nice. as for her face goes, she has one ugly mother fcuking face. small little eyes, long long chin, and fixed nose. if she keeps on smoking, sun bathing and drinking margaritas her skin will for sure get drier and gets lots of wrinkles. regardless, her ugly dry prune face can never be fixed. even surgery will not be able to help.

  • bet


    i do not think she asking too. she said it bring it on, i can handle your bull . wheather jelouse woman like Renee who complian about why one have a good hair than her, or weather the haters out there. she said it i can handl all your bull.

  • cee

    PLEASE!!! Does anyone really believe this? She just can not stand that Brad and Angie are happy and show their affection and love for one another so she has her PR team working overtime. I keep reminding people that Gerard is a friend of Angie so he will go along for the PR but no more than that.

  • bet

    her face is the best part about her. she is cute and she has a good gene. at her age she still look 25 years old. and also . she has face that stand out from all hollywood photocopy look.

  • april

    Jennifer Aniston’s new leading man, Gerard Butler, is at the center of a canine controversy after a New York dog owner accused him of striking one of his animals earlier this week near the set of Butler’s romantic comedy The Bounty.

    Retired banker Fred Varecka told Radar Online that the actor struck one of his greyhounds, Mayfly, after Butler’s unleashed pug came over to check out the two pups Monday afternoon in Queens, N.Y. “My dog crashed into a fence before ‘yelping’ in pain,” Varecka claims. “I asked him: ‘What did you hit my dog for?’ But he just kept ranting and raving that our dog should be put down – it was unbelievable because the dogs never came into contact at any time.”

    But a person with knowledge of the situation tells PEOPLE Pets that one of the greyhounds “attacked Gerry’s pug. Gerry had to physically get in the middle of the two of them to protect the little dog. And then he quickly put a leash on his dog. As far as I know, they are exaggerating; Gerry is an animal lover and simply separated the dogs.

    “Gerry is not going to respond to this because he knows he didn’t do anything wrong,” the source continues. “He’s devastated that these people are saying these things, he would never hurt another animal.”

    A rep for Butler tells PEOPLE: “A larger greyhound repeatedly attacked Gerard’s small pug, so he separated them to protect both dogs.”

    The Vareckas did not return calls from PEOPLE Pets for comment but told Radar that they filed a complaint with their local police station.

    NYPD spokesman Martin Speechley confirms that a harassment complaint was filed Monday. “The victim states that the male’s dog was unleashed and charged at her dog. She stated, ‘Your dog should be on a leash,’ to which the perp cursed her out,” says Speechley, noting that this is not an offense that could result in an arrest. “They are claiming someone cursed at them.”

    The spokesman says Butler won’t be interviewed by cops nor will he be sent a ticket.

    While the Vareckas were filing their complaint, Butler took his pug to a Manhattan vet, says a source. “She’s recovering right now,” says the source, who doesn’t know the extent of the injuries or what kind of treatment the dog received.

    There is at least one dog who benefited from this canine scuffle. “When Gerry was in the waiting room, there was a couple whose dog was really, really sick and to get further treatment they needed $3,000,” the source tells PEOPLE Pets. “Gerry overheard the situation and offered to pay and the dog is surviving because of this.”

  • bet

    She has very beutifull eye , i am sure white people like them , they kind of baby blue pricing eyes, her smile is the best , her teeth are perfect, her skin is randian, she has cute smile, she has cute nose, she has oval shape face which goes with her chin. she has beuifull eye brow.i love her chin that whatt make her stand out from all the hollywood look alike.

  • xxx

    The fact they know they are being watched makes this look like they are really playing up to the papz – it has been everywhere the alleged “holding hands” story and they know exactly what is being said about them so they are just giving the papz their next story to keep them in the news – No I am not wearing rose tinted glasses and yes I am a Gerry fan – bit I do think if there was anything going on they would be more discreet.

  • chin can’t act

    cee @ 08/27/2009 at 10:10 am

    he was hotter in TR with angie.

  • mona

    they are a lovely cupe!!!

  • bet


    we accept the love story. peace and love . move on.

  • lila


  • anie

    bet @ 08/27/2009 at 10:16 am

    She has very beutifull eye , i am sure white people like them , they kind of baby blue pricing eyes, her smile is the best , her teeth are perfect, her skin is randian, she has cute smile, she has cute nose, she has oval shape face which goes with her chin. she has beuifull eye brow.i love her chin that whatt make her stand out from all the hollywood look alike.

    im sure you are describing someone other than jennifer aniston, i bet its nicole kidman or renee zelweger.

  • Dick and the boys

    I think they are develping a friendship. The tabs want to link her to every co-star because they know she sells magazines.

  • Gina Watson

    I think Gerry might be the right guy for Jen.

  • chin can’t act

    anie @ 08/27/2009 at 10:32 am


  • who cares?

    They are both CAA talents! Butler has a movie coming out and aniston also. aniston has always been fooling her fans, she is a total FAKE!


    Another day, another story trying to convince the public Chinnifer and Gerald are a couple. Once her next movie explode in theaters you will see Gerald with another woman. The media can’t believe nobody wants this ho. She been riding one d!ck after the other trying to find love.

  • bet


    i am describing jennifer aniston.

    but i am sorry , most of the time i do not want to say any woman is not look good. Renee , does not look good, she look like a woman face who is not able to move, her eyes a are straggling from over tight skin situation, too big chick is planted on her face, may be that is the reson her face can not move. her body actuall when she try to poss on the red carpet , she look like she going to poo right there on the redcapet . she kind straggling too much. and she claim i do not care about my look, but her body look like too much musel with over excirisng in gym.

  • bet


    if you see my writing , every part of her face is cute. i am sure you are not going to consider over tight skin faces are cute. i am sorry about Nicole she way far from being cute. about Renee another matter she look like Alien.

  • nyob

    They look very friendly, but not in a dating sort of way. It looks to me like they are playing for the cameras.

  • zk

    This is all part of desperate Maniston’s plan……..leak stories of her supposed hookups with leading men, in an effort to keep her relevant.

    I guess it hurts that Brad Cooper just outed her as fake and a phony, only interested in her hair!

    Rachel Green will never win an oscar…..

  • Zoz

    this bitch is so fake.she had her her peeps leak some bullshit that they were together.then she goes and denies she’s acting all annoyed about the paps to make gerard think she had nothing to do with the leaks.she’s a fake ass ho.i’ll be glad when she gets booted out the’s just a matter of time.

  • Stinkylouise

    The fact that they’re both staring at the razzis should be you first clue that they’re putting on a show for the cameras.Gerry stated in an interview a couple of days ago the paps are on set for the entire shooting day,and the cameras are clicking away non-stop.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i could of swore these pictures were posted yesterday.

  • Catalina

    Looks like I need to move on from this site. It’s a little tiring seeing the same old thing over and over. Wake up Jared and move on from your infactuation with Aniston. I can’t believe it’s breaking news when a 40 year old woman holds hands with a man.

  • jorja

    i’d really like to see them getting together
    they make a nice couple :)