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Jennifer Garner: Tickle Me Violet!

Jennifer Garner: Tickle Me Violet!

Jennifer Garner turns to tickle torturing her daughter Violet Affleck while playing at Palisades Park on Wednesday (August 26) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The mother-daughter pair, who wore matching finger nail polish, were seen playing a game of tag and laughing hysterically after Jen caught Violet.

Jen‘s husband Ben Affleck, dressed in a bus driver’s uniform, was busy on the other side of the country in his hometown of Boston, Mass. He’s directing and starring in The Town, opposite Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, and Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner tickling Violet Affleck

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jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 01
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 02
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 03
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 04
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 05
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 06
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 07
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 08
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 09
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 10
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 11
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 12
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 13
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 14
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 15
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 16
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 17
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 18
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 19
jennifer garner tickling violet affleck 20

Credit: Lomeli; Photos: Fame Pictures, Bauergriffinonline
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  • kate bosselin

    once again, no Ben… they even still together? lil girl prob doesn’t even know who her daddy is

  • ME

    So cute!!! Violet looks like Anna Pacquin to me. lol.

  • ellie’

    Just love this family.. there the best..

  • little jenny

    jenny get out with her pr monkey it is just about time. LOLWhere is the.. husband as usual?

  • me

    You all (little jenny and kate bosselin) cant even read can you? He is in boston directing a movie. My husband has to travel for work. I can relate. Haters are the stupid ones, now I know. They don’t know how to read OR think.

  • k.

    Violet is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. ( -:

  • Mel

    This is such a great family. Violet always seems to be laughing and smiling so obviously Jen and Ben are doing what’s best for their children. All the haters out there probably wish they could have a family like this. Stop hating. It’s not healthy….

  • Sunshine

    We see Violet a lot; I would love to see the other child.

  • little jenny

    @me: He is always like that. We rarley see him with his kids but we see her e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.

  • My guess

    kate and little jenny are the same person…..probably some pathetic, lonely person who has nothing better to do than bash someone they don’t even know

  • Suzy

    It could just be me but does she look like she’s sporting a bit of a baby bump? Could she be pregnant again?

  • Brianna

    Jen Garner has no shame she exploits her child every single day for the paparazzi then complains about them. She lives in a big azz house with it’s own pool, tree house for the kids and jungle gym for the kids and what does she do? she takes Violet to the park so the paparazzi can get pictures of her. The other one who shall not be seen always gets left at home with the nanny, what’s up with that, can she not handle 2 kids on her own at the park, Seraphina must think by now the nanny is her mother.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she’s back to those everyday jeans….
    i will give her this tho, she seems to be a great mother
    sloppy but a good mom

  • Erica

    Interesting. From what I heard, Jen and Ben moved into a mansion with plenty of acres, so this must be a photo op. And I wonder why they aren’t with Ben in Boston since she’s done shooting Valentine’s Day?

    Looks like the band-aid baby didn’t work.

  • twpumpkin

    These two show up on this sight just about everyday. Fame whore Jen!

  • Logan

    Have to agree R12. All these LA celebrities have huge estates, what reason would they have to go to a public park? It’s not like the kid or mom are socializing. They are just playing around on the grass, they couldn’t just stay home and do the same thing?

  • shamrock

    Looks wonderful for the girls to hang out and have some natural loving fun together. Ben is working hard for the familia and getting his directing gig in gear for a strong future for the household. Good Luck and Health to all of them.

    We all should be happy for them as they seem to be A-OK in my book!


  • lexy

    We don’t know that they have huge estates – also it’s the park. My friend has one of those swing/slide sets in her yard and her kids like going to the park – where it’s big and their are other kids.

    The paps are FOLLOWING HER – it’s not like she’s at Beso or Fred Segal – they are at a park where the chances of them spotting another celeb is slim. She’s a famous actress – not like some of the others who show up on this site who have no talent and skills and have to call them.

    2 kids are hard to handle especially if you’ve got to keep an eye on them AND make sure the paps aren’t going to run you off the road or knock your child down to get a picture. That’s probably why she doesn’t do as much with the youngest – who probably doesn’t walk yet.

    I think it’s great she and Reese try to keep it as normal as possible (with paps following your kids) with the kids. California needs to do something about the paps stalking these people and their kids!

  • John

    so cute!

  • So Cute

    On the pics of Violet’s profile, like # 10 & 11, she looks just like Jen. She will be so pretty. I love that she’s so spunky.

  • ooc

    @Logan: do u stay home when you play with your kids? just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she has to stay at home to do everything.

  • why does it matter?

    Maybe the lil one is sleeping and she took the oldest out for errands, ice cream, shopping and they were driving by the park and the kid wanted to stop. No big deal. Why does it bother some so much. Don’t click on the thread if your not interested, every click is a hit, so the more comments the more we will see them.
    I’m not a fan of Jennifer Gardner, but the comments on every thread for any mother is the same. Do you all want them to stay in thier big house for the rest of thier lives?? They do need to go out once in awhile, everyone gets “cabin fever” once in awhile,even if thier cabin is a mansion, especially kids.
    Lighten up naysayers, my 4 year old niece has a giant pink canopy bed she loves, but will jump at the chance to stay at our house on our blow up single matteress.LOL. Why would she want to do that? LOL. She is a kid they like to have fun and do different things.
    It’s the same thing over and over about any famous mother out for an hour or two with thier kids.(Kate G and Octomom DO NOT count).

  • Suzy

    Forget Ben, whose that man she’s talking to, flashing those dimples and being all cute and flirty. Jennifer always has a man lined up before she splits from whatever man she happens to be with at the time, we might be looking at violet and seraphinas new step daddy.

  • JM

    She is making the same mistake many mothers do. They direct all their attention and love on their children ignoring their husbands. Then they scratch their heads not understanding why their husbands have affairs or want out of the marriage. Ladies…unless you want your husband to look for it elsewhere you had better shower some attention and love on him or some other gal will.

  • Atlanta2Dallas

    She seems very down to earth, which is a good thing for their children :)

  • Denise

    I don’t understand why so many people don’t like her – they seem like a very happy family, and Violet always has a huge smile on her face. She is obviously a well-loved child.

  • Mellissa

    Marriage. Over and Out.

  • Logan

    If I had an huge house with everything on it, yes I would. Sorry, but if you are bothered by paps, why go to a place infested with them when you can do the same thing at home.

  • michile

    luv the afflecks!!

  • shania

    daddy ben’s busy working while mum jen’s busy playin’ with cutie violet :) happy, normal family…

  • Pippi

    I almost missed this new thread with my favorite mom and daughter. Thanks Jared for pics of my Affleck girls. Love them to pieces. Keep playing and having fun together you two. I love watching. I also love that it bugs these haters because you guys get some much attention and the celebs they like don’t get any. Tough luck guys…keep hating and being miserable. As for me, I am gonna check out the rest of the pics of my favorite family.

  • Pippi

    Violet is sooo cute running and playing. I would love to see her have a play date with the Jolie-Pitts girls. That would be so cute since they all like to dress and play in kid friendly clothes and not pageant dresses at the park.

  • scruff muffin

    Ms. Garner looks like a dykeeee all the time in her man jeans and pocket tshirts whenever she goes out with her kids. UGHHHHHHHH
    We get it, you pretend to be low maintenance to the point you look like a construction worker. Ben must love his time apart so he can hang with his ‘BOYS’.

  • scruff muffin

    oh and the baseball cap is great looking too on a woman in her 30′s, so MANISH. Keep it up James Garner!

  • Pippi

    Oh these pics are priceless! Thanks JJ. You are making some of these people crazy with the attention you giving Jen and Vi. I love it!

  • lexy

    LOL! I think some of YOU out to go out more.

    For starters lots of women in their 30s where exactly what Jen is wearing and they aren’t lesbians.

    Ben’s a grown man and he’s in Boston – worry less about Jen’s marriage & parenting and more about your relationships!

    I fairly certain Jen and Ben don’t live in a place like the Kennedy Compound and if they did the paps would just sneak in like they did to get a pic of Halle and her daughter!

    No kid should be cooped up at home all the time – even if it’s a big house. I don’t see the Obamas keeping their girls locked inside the White House – why b/c THAT’s not normal!

  • Richard Simmons

    Jennifer G is a lesbiannnn.

  • Ashley

    So cute

  • Pippi



    I AM A LOSER OBSESSED FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maddy

    Whoee! Ms. Garner is getting thinner by the day. She is almost starting to look to thin,

  • tsukiyomi dolly

    jen, please bring Seraphina OUT

  • suppress your appetite

    soooooooooooooooooo cute!