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Kate Gosselin: Target Troops to the Rescue!

Kate Gosselin: Target Troops to the Rescue!

Kate Gosselin gets a personal escort from Target employees as she walks from the store back to her car in New York City on Thursday (August 27).

The 34-year-old mother of eight stopped by the UPS store (yet again) to get some errands done.

Kate has been landing significant gigs, with The View offering her a guest-hosting spot on their show. Jon, however, has been having issues. Randy Greenstein, part of Shrine club at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods said, “Jon is not really in demand because of his negative image. Who would want to advertise ‘come hang with the world’s biggest scumbag’?”

10+ pictures inside of Target troops to Kate Gosselin‘s rescue…

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kate gosselin target troops 01
kate gosselin target troops 02
kate gosselin target troops 03
kate gosselin target troops 04
kate gosselin target troops 05
kate gosselin target troops 06
kate gosselin target troops 07
kate gosselin target troops 08
kate gosselin target troops 09
kate gosselin target troops 10

Credit: Winslow/Prahl; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lol

    weirdo. :)

  • chrislover

    Geez talking about not wanting or not being a celebrity!
    I’m glad for Jon

  • Mary

    Love Kate! It can’t be easy being a mom to 8 and be alone! Hope Kate finds happiness! Hope Jon doesn’t spend all the money!

  • sandy

    NIce to see Kate smiling! And before you crazy GWOPers are all over her for having the security walk out with her, the store probably insisted to keep the paps away from her and other shoppers.

  • pooter

    yeah…sure sandy…..

    however………who needs 3 security guys for what looks like two small bags? One guy can carry the bags if she thinks its beneath her…..and he could also keep the paps away……..if that is even needed. LOL .

    the store only things $$$…..they want her to keep coming back…..and you KNOW that’s the only reason. LOL

  • jenny

    It is a good thing that Kate has hired help to help with the kids; can you imagine how hard it would be for a single mother that had to do it all herself. I am glad to see that Kate is getting out of the house. She really needs a break. My God with all the work that Kate does and she is still so beautiful. Take care of yourself Kate; don’t let Jon and those awful children run you down.
    Love, S

  • Hate Jon

    Have to say its great to see Kate smiling and enjoying life again and that she is happily moving on from being married to that low life scum bag. He was holding her back in life, and its obvious now that they are seperated that her nagging was just in reaction to his immature actions.

    Go Kate!!!!

  • mertz

    i’m kinda confused…wasn’t jon at a foxwood’s recently?

    and even if i agree with him, considering his job can randy greenstein go around calling people/potential clients scumbags? but then again who would want to be realted to the #1 douchebag out there.

  • Mol

    Kate is looking fabulous.

  • Mol

    Kate is looking fabulous. Nice to see a smile on her face here and there.

  • Angie

    I like Kate but was all that necessary? Doesn’t look like many people are around but paparazzi who are only taking pictures. Get over yourself.

  • Katherine


    I don’t think that the scumbag part was part of what Randy said.

  • Mio

    lmao…..funny as hell.

  • dn

    why the heck does she need people to help her w/ a few measly bags? if she can handle 8 kids she should be able to manage a shopping cart. she needs to get over herself. i’m sick of her.

  • me

    Why is she being escorted by 3 guys!!!! Did she steal something?? And her and her damn hot pink cell . . .between that and her hair she looks so dumb.

  • mertz

    lol katherine. no that sounds exactly like greenstein. i’m not surprised that he said it or what he said…i’m just surprised someone has on record somewhere. i doubt he cares.

    also lmao @ the target army.

  • tinA

    @Mary: Who could put up wih this woman ?? She’s a control money crubbing freak..

  • tinA

    @Mary: Who could put up wih this woman ?? She’s a control money crubbing freak..

  • chris

    She needs to keep her porcupined head and cankles in the house. Why does she make news. Bossy greedy witch.

  • lakers fan in boston

    that special attention is only gonna make her think she’s important
    i really cant stand her at all, she’s acting like none of this is her fault
    i really just wish tlc will cancel their shows so i dont have to see them anymore

  • really

    I really hope Randy did call Jon a scumbag because it is true

    p.s kate you look great..

  • JADE

    Who I ask you would want Jon if he didn’t have some money? He’s fat, gross looking, he cheats on everybody he sleeps with and on top of all that he whine’s like a little girl most of the time. Jon the smoking and earrings are the icing on the cake!

  • Roxxy

    Kate’s a no-talent drana queen. This is just more of her “Look at Me, Look at Me b-llsh-t. Get a job and stop relying on your kids. They were cute as babies. As 5 year olds??? Not so much.

  • Hate Jon


  • flo


  • Bellaroo

    When is this two-bit baby whoorreing moron going to disappear? It can’t be soon enough for me!

  • dabu

    They are both scumbags. The minute the marriage started going bad, they should have stopped the show and dealt with the issues privately. Now they are out there on the Internet forever — their kids are going to really enjoy googling it all as they get older.

  • Rhonda

    hey mertz, can you believe we are still debating these people?

  • patty

    I’m glad she didn’t have her ugly kids with her.

  • Tina

    My husband is a big-wig at our Target and he said that Target is NOT aloud helping anyone out to their car unless it is a bulky item,due to insurance reasons. I hope Target corp. don’t see this or that store is in big trouble

  • Ronnie

    She is one hot looking woman, Jonnie boy isn’t the brightest light bulb but letting her go, he’s making a hugh mistake, not to mention the kids. Saw the other chicks he’s been with and they are like buses, they come every 10 minutes, if you catch my drift.

  • lakeolaf9051643

    @Hate Jon:

    Actually, “HATE JON”, if YOU were paying attention to the pictures the dolly of boxes being loaded up was at the UPS store, not Target, DUH! Does it really take three male Target employees to help her load up what little she had in her cart?!? Please! I’m so sick of both Jon and Kate. Both will have a HUGE reality check when their “15 minutes of fame” are done (not long)!

  • NoPityParty

    WTF? Why would Target even let this happen?
    Like she doesn’t want her picture taken; yea right.
    Well; I wouldn;t want a pic taken wearing my nightgown..
    but that’s me.

  • lisa

    hope she flips her SUV on the way home

  • TJ

    Anything for attention. I can’t stand her.

  • http://justjared jello

    She makes me sick!!! I wonder what her family thinks and if they are embarrassed that their daughters whole life is all over the world and that she appears all over (TV, Magazine covers) looking for pity because of the divorce that thousands a day are also going through. She should be ashamed of herself! Her first fiance said she craved attention and was a very needy person and would do anything for money and he is sooooooo glad he didn’t end up with her. This divorce should have all been done in private. As soon as they realized they were having marital problems they should have cancelled the show and Jon should have gone out and got a 9-5 job and if they could tried and worked their problems out. She is NOBODY that needs a body guard or needs security from pathetic little Target to take her to her car. No one would of even bothered her EVER if she didn’t go on public tv and announce all of her personal problems. SHe is going to have a breakdown when all her attention and imaginary celebrity status goes away. She will be left with no husband and eight little mouths to feed like every other mother going through divorce. I’m definitely NOT on Jon’s side either, he is a major jerk and soooooooooooo immature to even be a father!!!

  • Kelly

    Please, Please Please!!! WTF???!!! I work at a Target…. and I have never been asked to escort anyone out there….Oh, that’s right, she’s not anyone,…. Sickening!!!!

  • Kelly

    I hope she relocate with the kids to Los Angeles and forget about the loser Jon forever. My 10 year old son has more common sense and smarts than this total loser.

  • pajamaparty

    uh-oh….now she’s really lost it!

    who let her out of the house in her nightie?

  • Sarah

    It’s not that Kate is divorcing with a 15 year old kid, but Kate married a 15 year old kid and he’s still the same. He acts and talks like a 15 year old kid.

  • pooter

    # 24-Hate Jon….

    dumbo….if YOU would have used your brain you would have understood those pictures were related to her shopping at the UPS store (using the dolly)…not at the Target store where she needed THREE guys to help her put two little bags in her car. lol

    which reminds me of this Polish-like joke…..what does it take to put two bags from Target into a bimbo’s car? THREE Target guys….they followed her like little puppies…..geez.

  • victoria #1

    @ MERTZ—How are you? We usually meet on the Tin Tot Tom Cruise site’s.

    What is ” Foxwood’s,” ? ( concerning douchebag ). I started LMAO also, when I saw those idiot guys walking her out. It didn’t matter
    WHAT they were doing, it dosen’t require that many.

    My best friend ( and old high school alumni ) is a manager here at our
    local Super Target, and I called her this evening to pull this up at home. She just laughed her butt off, and said that would NEVER,
    EVER happen in her store. PERIOD !! Especially, with Kate
    Gosselin, who is a nobody, and is NOT considered a celebrity.
    She stated she would have only sent ONE man out, with a doll house.
    Two men for a television.

    She said that particular Target was looking for some publicity and saw
    the camera’s, so they took full advantage of their 15 seconds, and probably drew names to see who was going to get the job escorting Kate out starting with, ” who has been here the longest. ” Target does NOT offer to go, so Kate had to have asked THEM, first, and also had to tell the manager ” how many guys she wanted and needed.”

    My friend said, the problem is, if that Target had said NO, because of who she is and they did NOT like her, or was way to busy to send
    anyone but ONE person, and Kate started hollering and screaming
    and causing a big scene, with camera’s there, the Target big-wigs would be all over ” us “, and Kate would get her ” freebies “.

    So, ” KELLY, ” I know where you are coming from now.

  • Donna

    Not even movie stars go this depth. Have you seen pics of eva longoria shop at target with target employees accompanying her? Do you see her in heels and a dress when shopping? NO.

    When i see those “candid pics” of celebrities buying groceries or shopping at target, they’re either by themselves (even w. loads of bags), with family members or friends AND they’re dressed DOWN..very casual…sweats or a t-shirt and jeans.

    Ms. Kate Gosselin, who was famous for litering 6 kids in her stomach, is just a part time mom who’s help raises her kids 90% of the time. She lives in a mansion paid by TLC and iives in suburbia.

  • mertz

    lol hey victoria #1. i saw your comments in some other thread and figured you are back on jj, but keeping a low profile…but i saw your comment in the other kate thread too. i always wondered how come you have never had your name stolen on this website, considering you probably aren’t the only victoria commenting in the comments section. anyways yeah there hasn’t been any tomkatsuri threads i’ve seen lately, and i don’t mind because it will allow me to not see katie holmes look so haggard. last i saw they were fighting. lol.

    this target army is as hilarious as it is atrocious. i hate when i’m shopping and those people are tracking me like i need them. i’m sorry i didn’t ask for your help so leave me the f’ alone. i don’t know why she needs that many people around her but i’ll just withstand from making any comment about that or her being crazy and say it is definately a funny and very telling picture.

    i hope the kelly posting here is the same kelly in the last thread who said “can we say virgina tech anyone?” referring to the gosselin kids.

    hey rhonda, I KNOWWWWW. but we’ve been fighting about the same things on the j-p threads for 4+ straight years so i guess dumb arguments never die out. the truth of the matter, that victoria pointed out, is that these two lames are not celebrities and dishonour the term. celebrities of the past are rolling in their graves observing the times we live in now, because nowadays anyone can be celebrities. having children does not make you a celebrity. it may mean you are a good human being or a good parent, or need some sort of recognition, but celebrity…no. then again maybe parents aren’t getting enough respect or rewards anyways or maybe that term celebrity is becoming so diluted that it can include anyone. if so this is good for us all, because you can be the next celeb on mtv, or tlc, or any of these “reality” program shows. this is what has become of celebrity culture…and anyone in their right mind should fear this and what it can become because it is a definate unravelling of anything good, true, or decent. anyone can be a “celebrity” nowadays. i mean i can flash my twat, cry about lovingn britney, put it on youtube and make it go viral…and yet there are actual talented people who probably deserve to be celebrities, not made celebrities, and those people now are 2nd fiddle to these losers. ugh. HERE’S CURRENT CELEBRITY IN ALL IT’S BEAUTY. FEAR IT’S POWER. introducins heidi montag and her douchebag, tribute to paris hilton and the many others like her. ugh. twats.

  • FuglyKate

    Kate has to be one of the ugliest women in America. Those ugly ass legs should be covered at all times! All the money in world ain’t gonna turn that white trash into a star.

  • EX-watcher

    TLC: Please cancel their show!! Enough already. Who the hell does she think she is that she needs a friggin’ escort out of Target. I think she is nothing but a b#tch who wants a free ride for herself. Send her back to the trailer park where she came from.

  • EX-watcher

    TLC: Please cancel their show!! Enough already. Who the hell does she think she is that she needs a friggin’ escort out of Target. I think she is nothing but a b#tch who wants a free ride for herself. Send her back to the trailer park where she came from.

  • mertz

    oh victoria foxwoods is a club.

    lakersfaninboston, i think it’s moreso that she cannot take that time to reflect on this because it will set her back. she needs to look forward because she has a lot of kids and mouths to feed and she can’t afford to look back…she has said many many many times that she contributed to this happening so she obviously knows she had a part in this, granted her husband is a spinless douchebag for letting her run him for as long as she did.

    i personally can’t wait for the show to be over, even though i watched it for the kids, but i can’t do that any longer because these parents have made this show about them…and that’s not what i signed on to. i know that they were a big part of the show, and the more the show went on it became more about the parent dynamics, but i’m not really interested in that. if i want to watch that drama i will go and watch springer or maury. i recognize that the kids have come to like the camera, the show, the crew, and all the things they can do even if they don’t know that it’s because of the show they can do so much. when she said she has big dreams i didn’t expect anything different. anyone who doesn’t dream big is doing themself aa disservice. what i took from that was that she will pull the sarah palin. she will write book, do tours and speaking events, do some press, talk show things, whatever she wants to do because the fact is she needs to make money and put it away for her kids…that and she also needs to do something, if she’s not going to go back to nursing. jon also likes this show because of what it gives him because he obviously needs the money for the future loves in his life as he does nothing.

    if i was a parent i wouldn’t be doing what these two are/did, but i’m not. what they did was one route out of many possibilites and in the end they reap what they sow so all this after effect has been sad, but ironic.

  • JJ

    What the hell is she wearing out in public, looks like a giant bib with the bottoms sewn up to look like diapers……ewww

    Also, this bitch looks like a line backer, she should stop wearing these tiny outfits……they make her look a butchy drag queen.

    Someone please remove the dead raccoon on the top of her head.

  • http://gosselinswithoutpityblogspot Hate KATE!

    No they didn’t, genius! The box picture was taken at a Fed Ex store, not Target! What do you think she is doing? Standing in a Target office? Duh. They are sticking her pitiful little bags from her cart in the trunk..not needed! I don’t even know why she even pretends she has to shop here. She could send her help to do her shopping and certainly does not worry about budget when it comes to anything else in her life! If I were Jon I’d rather have someone say biggest scumbag than world’s biggest bitch! NO ONE hangs out with Kate unless they are in her payroll or required to be there! Period. Name one..come on, I dare you..The kids don’t count either..