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Shia LaBeouf: Dumped By Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams

Shia LaBeouf: Dumped By Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams

Ex”Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams is breaking her silence about her 2003 relationship with Shia LaBeouf.

“He doesn’t mention it,” Kiely tells Life & Style. “[Because] he got dumped.”

“We’re still friends,” shares Kiely, who met Shia at the 2003 premiere of the original Cheetah Girls TV movie. “We have the same best friend, so it’s hard to avoid each other.”

These days, Kiely won’t date celebrities. “I need to be the center of attention!” jokes Kiely, who will celebrate her first anniversary with her current “not famous” boyfriend in October.

Kiely adds, “It’s hard to see how two artists who are building their careers can really date. They’re going to be constantly hogging the spotlight.”

Currently, Shia is romantically linked to his Money Never Sleeps costar Carey Mulligan.

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  • justkill

    to be honet with you l thought she was a sex change patient. l dont think shia likes she-males. Web of lies.

  • H.

    People only mention their more famous exes for attention.

  • Kianna

    Who Cares about her???.. she’s just trying to get a little story in the press..

  • Lynn

    It’s been six years. Why exactly is she talking about this? Let it go.

  • you skannnnkkkkk

    …why bring it up now? SOMEONE wants attention. roll eyes. shia can do much better than this nasty skank. i mean, cheetah girl? please. he probably never mentioned it because he was embarassed. this girl is so BENEATH him.

  • Yvette

    What an stupid statement! I have no idea who she is? He is a huge A list star and she is a nobody. So good for Shia for getting rid of this person she sounds like a complete nightmare.

  • shenanyginz

    famewhore. ever since 3LW I’ve never liked her.

  • anne

    @shenanyginz: i afree and since 3LW she still ain’t got that overbit fixed. cow.

  • YUCk

    She’s fugly

  • stella

    What a fool!!!!!!

    Shia is hot!

  • sara lee

    I do think they some video of them on youtube, but again why is she bringing it up again? Jared only puts her statements so maybe they asked her to begin with about shia, cause if they she really talking to much, but then again shia talked about being with riri after the fact too, soo whatev.

  • AVA

    ew…….yeah right ….thank god theyre not together anymore…shia is waaaaaay too good for her ass!

  • HDizzle

    Wow, desperate much?

  • fresh

    LOL at this desperate girl.

  • Wow.

    About her looks – apparently he dug ‘em at one point, even if we don’t.
    About him never mentioning her – he doesn’t need the publicity.

    I suspect there is a lot of Disney/Nickeldeon in-house “dating,” so she was probably one of many hanging around on the lot.


    They both have the same ‘best friend’? is this chick for real? Isnt she like in her mid20s – 30 or something, does she stillthink she is a little girl? And what’s this about “We have the same best friend”? So what about confidences? To whom is the best friend most loyal? What a stooopid tool.

  • Autumnm

    Looks like Shia likes black women, not that there’s anything wrong, i’m just saying. Rihanna and now Kiely. Rihanna & him only went on one date tho, but I still thought they were cute together. Kiely on the other hand is not cute and has a bad attitude. I’m sure he’s much happier without her.

  • marissa


    so what if he like ethnic women? who cares!?!? good for him for not sticking to one color.

    and this girl is talking about shia to boot her bland career.

    please they probably went on one date and maybe a kiss
    famewhores amused me

  • Jen

    well if he dated her he has bad taste. I remember seeing her on the Cheetah girl movies and the other girls were way prettier and standed out more then she did. If she is talking about him like this she just wants attention, who cares about what happened in 2003. If he doesn’t mention it it obviously wasn’t an important event in his life

  • Tiara

    I’ve never liked her even at her 3LW era and when she was in the Cheetah girls, at all! She seems full of herself. I find it cool if Shia loves black women =) This is such a call for attention though…..She’s “breakin’ her silence” now probably because she sees now that he’ll always be the big star she’ll never be and that maybe this former relationship dating back to 6 years might help boost her “career”. Anyway, I’m in love with Shia!!!!!!! I love him first for his sense of humor, then for his coolness and then for his hotness! XDD

  • ellie

    the bitch is not that famous!!!!!
    the most famous cheetah is Adrianne Bailon!!!

  • unknown

    god ugly, she looksl ike a man

  • Emily

    i cant believe he dated her!!! wow, way to mention your “way more famous” ex in order to get more publicity…ugh

  • youareajoke!

    Shia doesnt mention it because she/he is one fugly tranny!!!!

  • Jacob


    A lot of white men like to date black women. Interracial dating really isn’t that big of a deal. lol

  • girl5

    No one cares about her. She doesn’t even have a career!
    Team Shia all the way! She’s trying to draw attention to herself cuz she’s not famous like Shia

  • Me

    This chick said she had a crush on Shia 2 years ago!!!

    So which is it? A crush or dating?

    Clearly mentioned his name two years ago for press and now is clearly doing it again for press!

  • omg

    @youareajoke!: Kina have to agree.

  • idissHYPE

    Where do you lames get tranny from? if you wanna see a Tranny look at Lady GaGa, but im glad she spoke a little about it

  • sid

    kay so before today i had no idea this girl even existed
    and she’s talking about a relationship she had 6 years
    she should be over him by now
    and shia not only avoids talking about her, he never talks about his personal life in general.
    for someone who says that doesn’t like attention….she made herself look really stupid

  • Tina

    Dear Kiely,

    Hoe sit down.

    Your Own Best Interest

  • Catherine

    Shia dated a black girl?????

  • Catherine

    Shia dated a black girl??????


    I’m wondering if the “best friend” she refers to is none other than Ms. Raven-Symone…

    And why the shock about this pairing? Shia, like so many good Jewish boys raised right by their mama, appreciates kosher dark meat.

  • sara lee

    here’s the vid of here and him on youtube

  • Sayuri

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Ela é LOUCA. O Shia divia tá bêbado. kkkk I LOve U Shia!

  • Fatima

    She´s Crazy. ¬¬ Shia is HOT =DD

  • Ar

    She’s way out of his league !! He’s more attractive and a much better actor !!

  • Nikita

    I agree with an earlier comment…..”why bring this up now????”
    Let it go…..Move on!

  • miss dannielle

    Wow she swears this matters right now lol AT ALL!! WTF No one cares about her or if she dated shia when he was a teen or should I say baby. Looks like if we are just keepin it real, she got something coming out soon or in the works and she needs a little press. This female has been holding on to her 2 month relationship with him for a few years so she can use it when she needed to. Welcome to hollywood no publicity is bad publicity. What a douche bag.

  • dave

    @Tina: LMAOOOO!! THAT MADE ME CHOKE ON MY DORITO ! haha hilarious!

  • ME

    Whatever!!! I would never dump someone as hot as Shia!

  • jaye

    Another person who can’t keep her mouth shut about a personal relationship that’s OVER.

  • by The Way

    what’s with all the attention to shia’s love life lately? you’d think he’s gay with all the stories about him hooking up with women….

  • trev

    I haven’t liked her since she threw KFC food all over Naturi during the 3LW days. Unfortunately for her and Adrienne, Naturi is having the last laugh. Naturi will be in the remake of “Fame” coming out next month, and she’s gonna be a big star, like Adrienne and Kiely were supposed to be before the Cheetah Girls broke up.

    And she’s not friends with Raven anymore. Her, Adrienne and Sabrina forced Raven out of the Cheetah Girls after the second movie, thus her not coming back for “One World”.

  • shiasexxxyyy

    @sara lee: i wouldn’t understand how this even CAME UP in an interview, let alone why would anyone want to interview HER? Like, is she even newsworthy?! Shia only mentioned his date with Rihanna because there were a lot of rumors that they dated, hooked up, or whatever. As far as I know, there have never been any about shia and fugface here. She’s either mentioning it now because she’s:
    a) an attentionwhore
    b) regrets allegedly dumping him because he’s so much hotter and successful than she is
    or c) she’s an attentionwhore.

    you decide.

  • grovermartin

    ha ha this is funny, but sorry the boy is mine ladies. heading to la brea in a bit. =)


  • wifey

    What is with you guys? *he’s way more important than her!* Sorry guys but he wasn’t that huge back in 2003. They both had the same status back then. She’s pretty big in Disney World and back in her 3LW days. She’s a baby though.

  • *snort*

    Wearing a “I dated/dumped Shia” t-shirt made would have been way more subtle.

  • *snort*

    Take “made” outta that last statement.