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Adam Levine: Sexy New Girlfriend!

Adam Levine: Sexy New Girlfriend!

Adam Levine holds hands with his sexy new girlfriend, model Angela Bellotte, in New York City on Thursday (August 27).

During one stop at a tattoo parlor, the 30-year-old Maroon 5 frontman was seen getting shirtless. New ink, perhaps? The pair was also seen withdrawing a wad of cash from an ATM at Bank of America.

P.S. I love Angela‘s outfit.

10+ pictures inside of Adam Levine‘s sexy new girlfriend…

Just Jared on Facebook
adam levine new girlfriend 01
adam levine new girlfriend 02
adam levine new girlfriend 03
adam levine new girlfriend 04
adam levine new girlfriend 05
adam levine new girlfriend 06
adam levine new girlfriend 07
adam levine new girlfriend 08
adam levine new girlfriend 09
adam levine new girlfriend 10
adam levine new girlfriend 11

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  • Anna

    I hope he’s taking his Valtrex and wrapping it up. He’s carrying quite a few dirty diseases down there.

  • Belle


  • unknown

    Shes not sexy, and what girl isn’t a model? The goodl ooking girls are never models anymore, its the uglt slutty ones who are.


    WoW! she’s hawt :)

  • baby Gone


    I agree!

  • miss_aveiro

    looks like nikki reed only not as fat as her and with a much better sense for fashion!

  • nyob

    I don’t know who she is but she has magnificent legs. I would kill for legs like that.

  • angeles

    Usually it’s the fug girls with bodies like young boys who are models these days, sad fax.

    He looks like an old man and his gf looks out of his league. He must either be dynamite in the sack or she’s impressed by his bank balance.

  • alexx michelle

    omfg nooo!!! adam is my #1 celeb crush!! & now he’s taken! awesome -__- i’m so sad now! well she’s pretty & if he’s happt then,great! :(

  • creativegirl

    oh Jared i love you….you heard my pleas for more adam.

    i THINK it may be Harley Viera-Newton…he follows her on twitter.

    i can’t be sure cause of the sunglasses, but maybe

    ok, i’m just enjoying now

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    guys like adam (and myself) don’t have “girlfriends”.. we they have fcukbuddies, smuts, tīt-toys.. LOL ..adam will be seen w/ another bish on his arm next week.

  • cherish

    did you notice, his press releases, adam
    has always new girlfriend? come on, straight up adam!

    he only want to have sex with her. yikesss!
    i told you, he won’t last with anyone. that lady with adam is cheap!

    anyways, it doesn’t matter. i’m no longer a fan of him.
    adam levine, aka, mr. denial king! karma..

    peace ya!

  • bella

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: I agree and I honestly think he as annoying as John Mayer!

  • Anon 1

    Why don’t these #1 hearthtrobs ever date women with full figures…BECAUSE they are superficial. All these guys whom women go crazy for..don’t have any interest in women who are not leggy models…these men get validation if everyone goes Wow Look at his Hot girlfriend….because if he were seen with a woman whose body reflects curves and a womanly figure…no one would envy him.

  • kaisa

    She looks kinda like Leighton Meester only with longer hair.
    But I agree with #10, she does resemble Harley Viera-Newton but it’s hard to tell for sure with the sunglasses. Harley is a 21-year-old English DJ/musician, studying Egyptology in New York.

  • Brady

    Thats not Harley. 100% sure.

  • not liked

    hes fugly so sad girls want him for his fame. don’t think you’re not still fugly dude.

  • Alex

    Uugh, he seems to have shaved his chest. How terrible.

  • Sha nay nay

    She looks a lot like Kelly McKee, his old girlfriend.

  • marla

    I think she’s the girl whose in most of his music videos

  • Jen

    Im sorry but they both look very trashy

  • Athena

    Don’t care so much about him, but I want her shoes… Anyone know who makes them?

  • creativegirl

    Could be Kelly McKee – he’s following her on twitter too…

    i don’t like him cause he’s famous – i love him for his music, the lyrics he writes just touch me like nothing else. a soundtrack to my life.

    he writes the most amazingly sexy songs, that is what makes me admire him. as a musician. i probably wouldn’t think he was hot in a conventional sense, but he could sing the clothes right off me for sure.

  • IamLegend

    it’s so sad to see all these homeless persons just wandering around

  • Susan

    UGHHH….I HATE IT!!! I sooo LOVE Adam. He’s my NUMBER ONE LOVE!!! I think he’s so attracive inside and out and I don’t need to see him w/ a girl to love him less. BUT now I see him with this girl?! Don’t break my heart Jared by showing me these pics!!! Don’t get me wrong, she is attractive, but I just wish he would wise up and go for a REAL WOMAN WITH A PERSONALITY AND INTELLIGENCE and a BETTER SENSE OF STYLE, who isn’t your cliche model type. I sure hope he isn’t that shallow. And geesh if I was her I wouldn’t be all sad looking. Your with Adam Levine for Christ’s sake, SMIIIILLLLEEE!!!!

  • Taylor

    I hope she is a regular girl. Not a fake Hollywood wh_re. I would respect him better.

  • Logan

    She’s really pretty. Looks like a typical hipster/aspiring actress/model.

  • Melissa

    I think she’s Holly Valance? She was a one hit wonder in the UK, known for her racy videos rather than singing ability…

  • sweetness

    Why do these girls always dress so trashy..ok so we see you’re a model does that mean wearing crap clothes makes her stylish because she’s. a. model.

  • rk

    Adam needs to grow up, he’s such a joke. This girl needs to tuck her bulge a little better and it isn’t harley thank god..she’s a bigger loser than Adam.

  • Alice


    go get you eyes check

  • Rene

    She’s not even tall enough to be a model, Adam looks like her grandpa.

  • ZairaAmaterasu

    Shaved hair, so yes the record’s practically done!!!
    I was wondering who would have been the lady he was accompanied to lately (his twieets show he was happy about *something*). Whatever makes Adam happy, it makes me happy.
    She’s definitely his type. Lasting or not, (hard with him), she’s gonna have the type of fun I’d like too. ;)
    Luv ya Mr. Sexy.

  • oak

    angela bellotte is her name!!

  • **Jamie**

    umm shes not sexy

    and that’s barely an outfit. i hate when they try too hard

  • creativegirl

    Zaira – you are right! We never did get to see a pic of him all wild and woolly like he said he would.

    oh well, the more i’m thinking about it, the more i think it is Kelly McKee, his co-star in the “This Love” video. Her tweets are protected so one can’t be sure, but this makes sense and like Zaira said, who the hell cares – she’s getting to have fun with him whatever they are doing.

  • Bea

    Way to show your nipple girl. Classy.

  • Mentalcase

    she looks just like his type BORING!! switch it up Adam

  • abby

    nothing but a womenizer.. pity the girl with him..

  • ape

    i dont think its kelly….but i cant be sure.
    and he said the record was almost done, but not complete. and his hair is getting longer but when he wrote that “not cutting my hair or shaving until the record is done” tweet..his head was unfortunately shaved. but james and jesse are still in sweden finishing the record so fingers crossed its almost done!

    i love him as much as the next m5 fan, maybe more, but as long as hes happy let him be! although i super loved becky!

  • meg


    ok becky

  • rainbow_17

    i love Adam, omg i’m sad again :(

  • trippstarr

    @Anna: did you contract it from him, I think I did…..

  • suppress your appetite

    she is too gorgeous

  • esra

    they both look so cute ,I think her legs took his attention

  • unknown

    Who is the friend with them?????

  • http://Twitter Lalruatfela

    It’s undoubtedly true that they are perfect couple, i’m a great fan of Adam