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Britney Spears: Trek to Shrek!

Britney Spears: Trek to Shrek!

Britney Spears takes her sons, Sean, 3, and Jayden, 2, to the Broadway show, Shrek The Musical in New York City on Thursday night (August 27).

The 27-year-old entertainer continues on her Circus tour, with her next stop in Boston for a show on Saturday.

Brit-Brit‘s manager, Larry Rudolph, is reportedly in talks with Lindsay Lohan to create a reality show around her crazy life.

WOULD YOU WATCH a reality show based on Lindsay Lohan (and maybe Britney as well) – YAY or NAY?

20+ pictures inside of Britney Spears and her trek to Shrek…

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britney spears shrek musical 01
britney spears shrek musical 02
britney spears shrek musical 03
britney spears shrek musical 04
britney spears shrek musical 05
britney spears shrek musical 06
britney spears shrek musical 07
britney spears shrek musical 08
britney spears shrek musical 09
britney spears shrek musical 10
britney spears shrek musical 11
britney spears shrek musical 12
britney spears shrek musical 13
britney spears shrek musical 14
britney spears shrek musical 15
britney spears shrek musical 16
britney spears shrek musical 17
britney spears shrek musical 18
britney spears shrek musical 19
britney spears shrek musical 20
britney spears shrek musical 21
britney spears shrek musical 22
britney spears shrek musical 23
britney spears shrek musical 24

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  • ladysdsandiego

    aww she looks cute and her hair looks decent for once. lol

    sean and jayden are too cute for words.

  • k.

    I haven’t seen these kids in a while. They are getting big.

  • jtredway

    That’s the best her hair has looked in a long while! Keep it up, Brit.

  • Christa Bledsoe

    No, I wouldn’t watch a Lindsay Lohan reality show. As to Britney Spears, I think its funny that her kids are better dressed than she is. I wonder how it is that she dresses her boys so cute, but often looks like she pulled her own clothes off of a rack in a Goodwill store in the dark.

  • mertz


  • ladysdsandiego

    @Christa Bledsoe:

    the boys are more important so as long as they look clean and well dressed is all that matters. now if it were the other way around then there were would be a problem.

  • t


  • anna

    omg!!! her hair looks so good.

  • Tanda

    JARED!!! Lindsay’s rep said the story was false. I thought you read Jordan’s site!!!!

  • TheOverrated

    she looks human!

  • Lisa

    Brittany looks amazing! She looks healthy and happy! Hooray!

  • Autumnm

    Looking good Britney!

    The Boys are so cute

  • emmaa

    B’s hair is at its best here!

  • sir gaga

    @Christa Bledsoe: Get a life & Brit looks great & her babies look adorable

  • Rose

    Could those two boys get any cuter?
    Britney looks great too, im so proud of her, turning her life around like that. Cant wait to see her in concert in 3 months :D

  • emma

    will she ever hold Sean in Public?

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @emma: what the point to ask this????
    I’m sure that she doesnt love him less becouse she hold Jaden more!!!

  • emma

    @Lisa rose:

    I can ask what I like. I am simply making an observation. Over the last year I have seen her hold Sean 3 times.

  • LisaJane


    I’ve noticed this to. I originally thought it was because Jayden is smaller so the big strong bodyguard holds Sean while Brit holds Jayden. But then I noticed her assistant Brett holding Sean as well and she can’t be much stronger than Brit. Perhaps Brit feels guilty for not being around much while Jayden was a baby so she’s making up for lost time. I thnk she was going through her rough patch sortly after Jayden was born. This is all speculation obviously but we can speculate about what ever we want can’t we? :)

  • nicole

    hope britney’s looking on the good side this time..

  • M

    Brit! sooo pretty =)

  • **Jamie**



  • anna


  • anna

    Looks like she’s spiffen up for the VMA’s………Love her bangs!!!

  • emma


    That is still no reason for Brit not to hold Sean some of the time. Sean and Jayden are not even that much bigger than each other.

  • Jen

    wow they look so much alike and so much like here. They are cute

  • watch

    Say what you want about Brit but she has some cute kids. When they were younger they were adorable. They both had those chipmunk cheeks…so cute. Another site used to call them “small fry” and “tator tot”. Did she really die their hair? Oh well, that’s her business.

  • HockeygurL

    Aww the boys are so adorable I love their little shoes

  • team_jen/brit

    jaydens feet r probably tired from walking good to see she’s sorted her self out her hair and outfit look nice

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    those kids should be wearing helmets. look at their faces! hahahahahahaha

  • unknown

    THEY CAN WALK! Lazy spoilt sh its!

  • Kyrae

    How can they walk with that much people around them taking pictures?
    If I wasn’t even 4 and 3 years old yet, i would be scared too.
    And it doesn’t care whom she carries, though I want to see her with Preston a bit more because he looks that much scared than Jayden is.
    It doesn’t mean that Britney loves Jayden more then Preston.

    About lost time: there is NO lost time for Jayden. She was there all the time for him, only when he was asleep she went out. Don’t tell nonsence with; she wasn’t there for him as a newborn so she want to make lost time with him. That is not true!

    About Preston is heavier than Jayden: Sure he is, but at the age Preston was where Jayden is now, Britney didn’t carry Preston anymore. It’s not about Jayden is smaller and Preston is heavier, it’s just she want to carry Jayden and not Preston..

    She loves both boys more than life itself!

  • annie

    lindsay lohan is a cool girl i like her!!

  • me

    Not liking those kids haircuts. . .makes them look well . . . a little bratty. I know I have just pissed off a lot of people. I am not hating the kids, just the haircuts.

    Britney looks great.

  • lauren

    She carries jayden more then sean cause jayden is a mamas boy. There is pics of Britney dropping off her kids at her hotel and jayden threw a fit cause he didn’t want to leave her. I’m sure she loves them both the same. If she didn’t sean would be wearing rags, he’s not.

  • Frida

    No, I would never watch a Lindsay Lohan reality show. That’s the last thing she needs.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im still a big hater and think she’s fugs but at least she’s looking clean

  • Atlanta2Dallas

    I think Jayden is basically a shorter male version of britney because he looks EXACTLY like her

  • brit fan

    britney looks great

    no, i would NOT watch a reality show with lindsay lohan
    go figure
    for some righteous reason i don’t like her and won’t give her any attention because she is a menace to society

    britney should not do anything with her.

  • ****

    A woman who infamously made fun of retarded people in front of thousands of people ends up with a retard (looking) child. Oh the irony.

  • suppress your appetite

    Go Go Britney!