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Gosselin Sextuplets: First Day of School!

Gosselin Sextuplets: First Day of School!

Divorced-couple-to-be Jon and Kate Gosselin drop off their 5-year-old sextuplets — Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel — at a bus pickup point at a local parking lot on Friday morning (August 28) in Pennsylvania.

The sextuplets start junior kindergarten, which is only three days a week. “Next year will be kindergarten for the little kids, and it will be five days a week,” Jon says.

Today was also twins’ Mady and Cara‘s second day of third grade. (Yesterday was their first day.)

15+ pictures inside of the Gosselin sextuplets’ first day of school…

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gosselin sextuplets first day of school 01
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 02
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 03
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 04
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 05
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 06
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 07
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 08
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 09
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 10
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 11
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 12
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 13
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 14
gosselin sextuplets first day of school 15

Credit: Brian Flannery; Photos: Flynetonline, INFdaily
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  • Reba

    Poor kids – even their first day of school cannot be a private affair.

  • Reba

    OMG – get a lot of those green shoes on Khate!!!!

  • mela

    team kate! jon’s a douche!

  • ha

    kate called the paps to make sure they got the money shot.

  • unknown

    ugly shi ts

  • ha

    @mela: you’re a douche. forget team kate…TEAM KIDS!! that woman is for herself

  • bob

    What is wrong with these people? DRIVE your kids to school! They should not have to go through this to get on a school bus. It is so wrong.

  • patty

    Those kids are not ready for prime time.

    A total makeover or face transplant is needed ASAP.

  • Alexis fan

    Ooh the kids are gorgeous as always. Bless them xx

  • mom

    Paps swarming on the sextuplets going to their first day of kindergarten. As a mother I am outraged!!! The first day of kindergarten is a BIG deal for the kids and parents! It is a BIG memory and how dare they go there and make it uncomfortable for everyone just so they could get a paycheck to sell the photos and videos. This is ridiculous! I would be contacting my attorney to file for a restraining order to keep the paps out of the school areas.
    I do not want to hear any responses to my post about how they “brought this on themselves with the show.” NO that is not true!!! It was Jon’s behaviors that caused this paparazzi fire storm. That’s it. They did their show for 4 seasons with NO Paps chasing them around. Jon’s partying and constant drama created this mess and he should be ashamed!

  • leah

    Wonder if TLC has their video cameras just out of sight? Most likely these very pictures are by TLC, they are very good at keeping the reality out of the still pictures they send to the gossip sites. Exploiters.

  • M

    Poor Jon. Khate go die.

  • patty

    @Alexis fan:

    Get your eyes checked
    I suppose you think Zahara is a living doll.

  • Jen

    pictures of them on their first day of school? What a circus

  • leah

    @mom, Kate and TLC actually love Jon’s behavior because it brings ratings and attention to the show, something it was lacking. Kate revels in the attention, get over yourself and open your eyes. Kate is more attention seeking than Jon, which is not letting that idiot off the hook either.
    Stop the show and the paps go away…very simple. The kids should be allowed to grow up like other kids. Most likely, some of the “paps” are hired by TLC themselves. Kate and Jon probably tip them off to their whereabouts for attention. TLC and the Gosselin parents need to quit exploiting the children for fame and $$$.

  • bella

    She always wears the DUMBEST shoes to do the simplest of things. Always ugly white trash heels or platforms. . .and her hair . . .horrible. I am not saying she has be a plain jane or a frumpy mom, but you look kind of stupid sending your kids off to school dressed up.

  • stephanie

    What horrible parents!!!
    I cannot imagine not taking my child to their first day of Kindergarten,
    or any other grade for that matter.

  • Style me

    The kids are dressed like hell.

  • qwerty


    Actually, I completely agree with @mom. Have you not noticed that since Jon has been neglecting his kids for 23 year olds, ratings have actually gone down? They are down from 10.6 million to 3 million or something like that. Whether TLC chooses to show the dating part on the show or not, the world knows all the crap that Jon is doing, and they are therefor choosing not to watch it.

  • just so you know…

    @ Bella. There is nothing wrong with the way she is dressed. She is not even dressed up. she is wearing jeans and a t-shirt with wedges. Since when is that consider dressed up?

    @ Leah Mom is right! The paps never came around till Jon was caught out late with another woman. I am sure that Kate rather go with being stalked 24/7 and having to be judged by most of America. Need to grow up like normal kids? Really! They seem to be doing just that. do not judge this family about the paps following them unless you are going to judge all famous people out there!

  • Shelly_2

    I agree with you. I was thinking that same thing. It’s hard to send ONE child off to Kindergarten, I can’t imagine how it feels to send 8 off at once and the slimey paps should have had a bit more compassion to be in the kids’ faces like that. I, myself, would have driven them to school, the twins yesterday for their first day as well, but can you imagine the nightmare if all of those paps had been at the school?

    Anyway, a few of the littles looked terrified and close to tears. I hope they have a great first day of school.

    It’s time for TLC to do the right thing and cancel this show.

  • Shelly_2

    @Style me:

    Why do you say that? What should the kids be wearing? Let me guess, you don’t even HAVE children – you’re just butting in to get your 5 seconds of “see me” on the internet.


    The title of this post is: Gosselin SEXuplets. Is it some sort of innuendo, Jared?

    Anyway, these kids should have some privacy. But their dad is a fame wh*re, so privacy is impossible.

  • Barbara

    I see the kids are holding Jon’s hand. Not Kate’s. These kids know who REALLY loves them.

  • Shelly_2


    Probably not an innuendo – the jared staff just can’t spell.


    Obviously the paps just showed up. They know what’s going on, when school starts so they just showed up to profit from photos they can take and sell. It’s public property so no one can tell them not to be there. I agree – it was absolutely Jon’s behaviour that started the whole pap frenzy. Before that they were able to live a somewhat normal life.

  • Barbara b.

    I am so glad that the tups are not wearing matching clothes or matching bookbags. It looks like they picked out their own clothes and bookbags. They did look cute and a little scared for their first bus ride and first school day. Totally fine. Any 5 year old is scared going to school and riding a bus for the first time but they are with their big sisters. But I wish they would have had jackets. It is chilly today and poor Aaden looks cold. The kids were holding Jon’s hands because Kate was taking pictures. Hopefully this will bring some normalcy into the kids lives being in school and the paps curiosity to an end. Have fun Jon in Vegas…. now you don’t have to play “dutiful” Daddy.

  • Hate morons

    @M: your stupid

  • Paula

    no matter what everybody says, jon is a better parent. kate is only there for kate. in this case, good thing jon was there to hold hands with some of the kids. kate is obviously too busy testing.

  • Paula

    …of course, i meant “texting”

  • flo

    Why is the Executive Vice President of a High Risk International Security Company personally guarding the possum head? I am know they have a large selection of FBI CIA trained people that could do it ,and he would be able to stay home with this supposed wife and run his business.

  • emma


    If you watch the video of them she was actually filming the kids walking and taking photos of the kids as they board the bus.

  • JT

    Wow, you are some kind of ugly when you make a comment like that about innocent children. Worse still is the fact that you even think that way. How unfortunate for you that a “makeover” to address your shortcomings would take a lifetime of therapy.

  • anon

    @mom: You are being bit naive. Anyone in the industry will tell you this is part of choosing to be a celeb and keep reatly show ratings up and the income flowing. TLC like all networks and PR teams make deals with paps and the media as part of publicity. If you’ve paid attention both J&K have and do disappear for days on end when they want to.

  • anon

    The more public interviews and stints Kate does including the View increases her profile and status which increases the media attention. If she didnt want the spotlight she could CHOOSE not to continue to be in a realty show, stop doing interviews and publicly talking about private issues. She is choosing to continue her public life and career so she better get used to handling the attention.

  • loribell

    Khate, wear a bra. You are exposed in one photo!

  • skye

    Khate should be ashamed.. What Jon is doing is less damaging to the kids than what she is doing.. DRIVE YOUR KIDS TO SCHOOL WOMAN….BE A MOM.. All she has to do is be a mom.. She can’t even do that.. She has cooks and babysitters..

  • Jessica

    The kids are way too CUTE! The cutest celebrity kids in my book. They’re GORGEOUS.

  • k.

    Whats really interesting here is when people change their name to agree with their original post.

  • Happy Face

    These kids look all Oriental and Jon is only half Oriental so that makes them one fourth Oriental.

    Wow! It’s shocking that they got the ugly Oriental genes.

  • emma

    @Happy Face:

    How very rude of you.

  • Kimberly

    I think they should of started regular kindergarten b/c they are 5 and that is old enough to begin that grade.

  • Happy Face

    They’ll probably grown up and squat on the street like the old Oriental women do in China Town.

    It’s digusting.

  • emma


    Its not about age. Its about whether the kids are mentally ready for a 5 a day week at school.

    @Happy Face:

    You are just plain nasty and a bully.

  • dabu

    Both Jon and Kate should be ashamed of themselves and their quest for popularity and stardom. They are sacrificing their eight kids. Shame, shame, shame on them.

  • Christal

    I don’t think they took then cause the Paps would follow and take pics so stalkers would go to their school and that would be dangerous…they can’t follow the school bus though and besides cara and mady were there and on other pics it looks like they sat with some of the tups

  • Tina

    Jon seems to be all about the children. Kate seems to be on the phone ore texting or something. Seems that is what she is all about. Why the hell does she need the body guard. She must have done something really bad to have to have one so much of the time. I know she is hated but gosh, it must be big time hate. Those poor kids. Jon should get full custody, oh, I forgot Kate needs them as employee’s. Well guess she is trying to use Jon as the sitter again. Good thing he really loves the children to put them first. Kate-get over yourself. You are not all that but seems you think you are. You are fat, ugly and that belly is just wrong. Bad tummy tuck. Those scars and that hump in the mid section is just funny as hell. Do yourself a favor and act your age, you look it. Or, just buy a total transformation from a doctor that can do it right. You are just yesterday’s news. I will keep up with Jon and the kids but Kate is a joke!

  • lakers fan in boston

    does she really need to cake her face with all that makeup just for this…
    well whatever, i dont like the small kids, they’re all just brats right now, plain annoying

  • Atlanta2Dallas

    Fake ass parents…..the kids are cute though especially the boys, and the shorter girl

  • sissy

    @patty: Patty is mean and jealous shes from this awful site.