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Kendra Wilkinson: Pregnancy Photo Shoot!

Kendra Wilkinson: Pregnancy Photo Shoot!

Philadelphia Eagles football player Hank Baskett holds onto the pregnant belly of his wife, Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson, at their East Coast home during a special photo shoot.

Here’s what Kendra wrote on her official blog, “The other day Hank and I did a preg photo shoot at our new east coast home and I wanted to share a few behind-the-scenes pics with all of u! Being pregnant has been such an amazing and exciting experience for both of us and we wanted to have these photos as a reminder of this incredible time in our lives :)”

She continued, “Can u guys believe how much my belly has grown??? I feel like it was just yesterday that it was a teeny tiny bump lololol. I love the pic of Hank and I on the stairs…it makes me smile every time I look at it!!!”

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  • Pat

    This woman is carrying Hugh’s baby. Just wait and see.

  • omg

    She is already pimping her kid.

  • Excuse me?

    It’s “Hank and ME on the stairs,” not “Hank and I.”

    To determine the correct pronoun, you delete the subject and conjunction and the sentence must be able to stand alone. The subject and conjunction are “Hank and.” If that were deleted, you would have “I love the pic of I on the stairs,” which would obviously be incorrect. Therefore, the proper pronoun in this instance is “ME,” not “I.”

    Do they no require grammar in our nation’s grade schools?

  • Excuse me?

    “no longer require…”

  • wylmarye

    @Excuse me?: Hello English Major what the correct sentence structure is, you understood what she was saying, what a jerk, you MORON..get a freakin life

  • wylmarye

    @Excuse me?: whatever the proper sentence structure is jerk you understood what she was saying. What a MORON.

  • kenza

    So cute! They seem so happy together!

  • sunny

    She acts like she’s the only one that ever had a baby.

    What a witch.

  • april

    does anyone know if she’s had plastic surgery on her face she looks weird?

  • tanicesha

    Ithink that kendra and Hanks pixz are beautiful. Havin a baby is truely a special momment as well as a blessing. Both of them have every right to boast and be happy just as any other couple do. I wish both of them the best of luck with their new little edition to the fam.

  • sunny

    I’m sure her baby will be ugly too.

  • showdown

    ya’ll need to stop hating and just accept the fact that these people have done something with their lives weither it was becoming famous for something or for nothing. we are the ones making stup comments knowing for a fact that we had just a bit of what they have. So just stop already it makes me sick!

  • shakera

    aaaaaaaahhhhhh that sweet they are two different people living together. They make a prefect couple. I happy for them.

    Mr. & Mrs. BASKETT

  • Sure

    Hank and I is correct! While I understand that they want a special reminder of this incredible moment in the lives, I see no reason why they should choose to inflict it on other, innocent, people. Keep it to yourselves, Hank and Kendra! Please! Keep it, enjoy it and stop pimping it out! Ok!

  • DC.

    @Excuse me?: Oh, shut up.

  • DC.

    @Excuse me?:
    Oh, shut up.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    they’re gross.

  • Jennifer

    @ Excuse me. Get a clue you fool…. this is hardly a forum for grammar so lighten up. As for Kank and Kendra, congratulations to them but I am getting over the standard poses for all expecting Hollywood celebs, where the dad holds on to mother’s stomach, there’s no need.

  • Whatever

    That pose is not just for celebrities. Every pregnant couple that gets pictures taken does this pose too. Everyone does it because it’s so touching and symbolic.

  • Shayna

    No, Hank and I is not correct. This is often incorrectly used by asinine individuals who want to sound more intelligent than they truly are.

  • clay

    @omg: And her man. Now the he has Kendra’s stamp of approval, he must be ok so now other women may take a look at some point. Is it a good idea to advertise your initimacy? Don’t think so. Enjoy it while you can Kendra, we don’t need all of the details.

  • lizzie

    The photos look disgusting

  • eugenie

    I think they make a lovely couple. I hope they don’t get the reality TV divorce curse going around. A boy is perfect for them since they both love sports.

  • Anastacia

    aww how cute!!!
    I really hope they stay together.

  • **Jamie**

    I really like Kendra and Hank as a couple.

    Trust me, watch their reality TV show called ‘Kendra’ and you will see how sweet, genuine, down to earth and polite Hank is. He will really change Kendra for the better.

    She must have a lot of good karma surrounding her, because she got lucky with this guy, Hank is just pure class! But then again, Kendra is a sweet soul, you can tell.

  • unknown

    BIG FAT WHO RE. All in it for publicity. Hope it dies.

  • Rhonda

    Kendra and Kort pimping those bumps for all their worth! I think it would have been better reality if they showed them getting abortions, it would be more honest. I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first for either.

    Hank is really a sweet guy from just watching the show, to bad he got mixed up with such a skanky woman.

    Who is Korts guy, must have money or the Kardashina girl wouldn’t have anything to do with him, much less get pregnant.

  • MRSX

    Unknown I see you are still not being treated for your undiagnosed mental illness, huh? Boy Halima sure had you pegged in her response to your anonymous letter on bgri. Personally, I think you have been diagnosed and is currently taking meds which explains all your free time roaming the blogs for your singular purpose which will not work. So many folks are hipped to you, you have no ideal, which is great for us, it works in our favor.

  • Stephanie

    Kendra is the true ditzy retard of America. It was brutal to watch her show as she tries to learn how to be an adult and do everyday tasks. I just wanted to grab her big fake boobs, and stick them in my ears to drown out her annoying laugh that happens every five seconds. And whats up with her shaking her shapless hips and dancing like a getto stripper? Kendra you are the reason there will never be a female president.
    P.S. Pretty fly for a white guy called- he wants your brothers look back.

  • If in doubt

    @Shayna: If in doubt take Hank out of the sentence. If it still works, it’s correct. If it doesn’t, it isn’t. For example, ‘I did a preg photo shoot..’ or ‘me did a preg photo shoot..’. In this instance the ‘I’ is grammatically correct since ‘me’ doesn’t work.

  • If in doubt

    Don’t they teach this stuff at school anymore?

  • JM

    Is nothing private or sacred anymore? Why does she think she needs to share her pregnancy with strangers on the internet? Millions of women throughout history get pregnant and have given birth. Why does she think she is unique? What talent does she have…who is she lol??

  • Me!

    Freakin’ publicity whore!
    Go away!

  • Jane

    Kendra Wilkinson is a pathetic nobody. She acts like she is the only woman to ever get pregnant.

    The only person who is worse than her is Kourtney Kardashian!

    Oh and by the way, it is Hank and me NOT Hank and I.

  • JustaGirl

    I think she looks beautiful! I hope they have a great life and family together!!

  • Hank and I

    For all you grammatically inaccurate idiots who, for some reason, never bothered to gain an education or a degree in the usage of grammar in the English language, it is Hank and I. Please do some research and you will find out.

    Example: Mary and I sat on the stairs is correct. Take away the other noun (in this case the name, Mary) and say it as I sat on the stairs. That is correct.

    Mary and me sat on the stairs is incorrect. Take away the Mary and it becomes, me sat on the stairs, which is clearly incorrect.

    It really is very simple.

  • lakers fan in boston

    who cares, she just needs to stfu

  • pd8

    This is for Excuse me, you sound like another stupid b!tch on a different forum. When she has no other came back to a poster, she bringings up their grammar. You and the Queen seem a lot alike. Both insecure dumba@@’.

  • pd8

    @Hank and I:

    Thank you all mighty english teacher. When you idiots have nothing else to find fault with you pick on someone’s grammar. This is a forum, get a f^ck!ing life.

  • Disgusting

    You’d think the fame “itches were the first Virgin Mary’s of the world…disgusted at seeing their exposed abdomens. Pregnant first and (then) marriage second (if they are lucky), eh? There’s absolutely nothing dignified or honorable about having been a kept prostitute at the age of 18 years in Hefner’s stable and every other word out of her mouth was/is the “f” word…white trash. Let’s see what any of their children are like when they become teenagers and beyond.

  • Fanny

    Kendra never slept with Hef. She along with the other young women were at the Playboy Mansion for show. Kendra was just a party girl she wasn’t a po rn tar who filmed sex for money. Both kendra and Hank come from religious families so I’m sure they’ll be fine. kendra has already stated that she plans on being a strict mom.

  • remember da truth

    Sunny #8 LOL!! You crack me up!! Jealous much? LOL!!

    Calling her a witch because she said she’s excited about her pregnancy? Where in anything she said does it imply she thinks she’s unique for that?

    People who run to a thread, click on it, read it, and then post and say they don’t care about the subject are either lying to themselves, or somehow want us to believe they are above it because they are so eaten up with jealousy!! Poor thing… Are you barren or something?

  • remember da truth

    If you think it’s pimping it out, it’s because YOU came to see the photos!

    It was just to share with anyone who wanted to see it, and there are plenty who find it beautiful and sweet and were happy to see it.

  • remember da truth

    Jamie #25
    You are right — Kendra is really sweet, and Hank is a GOOD guy. They are so good together.

    Kendra when she was on Girls Next Door was SOOO young, so much younger than the other girls and was just growing up. She has grown so much each year on that show.

    What I liked about her was that she was so grateful for everything, knew she had come a long way, and was enjoying life and trying to learn and grow as much as she could with the blessings she had been given. She just wanted to have fun, but truly loved Hef and what he had done for her and her family.

    She never claimed to be smart or even to know what she wanted for a career, but just wanted to live a happy life and love and be loved. She has found it and for that she is a successful person and I like her.

  • Melanie

    well said #44 “remember da truth” – well said INDEED!!

    and to #26 “unknown” (which i am sure you only wrote it to get a rise out of people) you are DEMENTED AND YOU MAKE ME SICK!







  • just me

    @Excuse me?:

    Dear Ms. Excuse me, LOL, didn’t know it was a quiz in grammer. Get a clue and get someone/something else to pick on.

  • just me


    Dear Disgusting,

    You really could not of picked a more appropriate nick!!