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Matthew McConaughey: Levi is a Little Surfer Dude!

Matthew McConaughey: Levi is a Little Surfer Dude!

Matthew McConaughey gets in some quality father-son time with Levi on Friday afternoon (August 28) on a beach in Malibu, Calif.

Matthew was seen taking a quick jog around the beach with Levi, who turned 1 last month.

Levi‘s model mom, Camila Alves, is currently expecting another precious little one. Another cutie is on the way!!!

25+ pictures inside of Matthew McConaughey and his lil’ surfer dude Levi

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matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 01
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 02
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 03
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 04
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 05
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 06
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 07
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 08
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 09
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 10
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 11
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 12
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 13
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 14
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 15
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 16
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 17
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 18
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 19
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 20
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 21
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 22
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 23
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 24
matthew mcconaughey levi surfer 25

Photos: WENN, Fame Pictures
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  • ladams

    How could this child be less than beautiful???

  • dhihfdis

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW , he is sooo cute

  • jesse

    He looks like a little hillbilly. Why the heck do they have him looking so unkempt?? He looks this way in all the pics I’ve seen of him. He’s definitely his father’s child.

  • http://www. janaina

    baby beautiful oh my god

  • sarah


  • leah

    “he’s def his father’s child”
    and you swear that’s a bad thing lol?

    Levi is too precious for words! those doggies are double his size so cute!!!

  • kari

    I’m soooo gonna get haters…I think this child is very homely…not very attractive. Having two beautiful parents never gives you that admission that you will have beautiful children..I’m not being mean, I’m giving my opinion…I think that levi has missed out in the “attractive” dept…

  • leah

    and uhhhh, unkempt? he’s at the beach for crying out loud..

  • Richard Simmons

    Matthew is an ahole. He never hugs, holds, or kisses that baby of his in pics, ever! He always has to stand so cool, like he is such a man and his kid is a cool thing, not a little child.

  • tricky stix

    @ kari must be SATAN.

  • the_boyfriend

    Maybe he’ll grow into his looks..

  • mimi

    Matt had such potential and could have been a great actor, but the drugs fried his brain.
    Look at him now- he lives like a homeless and incapable of acting.
    So sad.

  • Tiphany

    What a bunch of low lives some of you are. Calling a one year old homely? Like really??? This kid is extremely adorable.. don’t see what the fuss and commotion is really about.

  • mimi

    The child is quite homely, but that’s becuase his mother is pretty ugly.

  • lol

    you guys sure dont know the true definition of homely is. u want homely, go check out sadie sandler. levi comes NO where near up there! he looks like a hispanic version of matthew haha

  • meems

    Love this family!

  • ladams

    You need glasses……Next to Hallie and Gab’s baby this guy is the cutest thing I have ever seen……………

  • _____

    Awwww!! Oh my- I could eat this boy into pieces!!!! He def seems petite for his age though, but considering he has two parents with an average height, everything will fall into it’s place!

  • ladams

    I can’t believe you think she is ugly.

  • lisa

    his mum is beautiful, his dad is ugly. Never thought he was remotely hot, at all. he looks like daddy

  • L

    No comment.

  • loverducky

    we need to remember that we are talking about a baby haha. first off…it’s hard to say what a baby will grow up to be/look like…and second of’s kinda of sad that we are discussing it…that being said..I think he is disgustingly cute haha which is a good thing

  • mimi

    I just read comments about DJ AM and all I can say is that Matt should take notice and quit the drugs.

  • nico

    Oh… Levi is the sweetest thing! So cute! He’ll brake some hearts, for sure!

  • lizzie
  • Emeline

    Levi looks like Calvin in “Calvin & Hobbes”.

  • sharon

    @jesse: I guess your referring to where Matthew is from by calling him a hillbilly …I live where Matthew is from and he is far from a hillbilly and if you think thats hillbilly than you apparently never saw one and as matter fact Neil Mccoy lives in Longview Texas I guess he is one too …like our motto says DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!!!

  • belinda

    Wow, this is so sick! How anybody could even think of commenting on the beauty (or the lack of it) when talking about a child is crazy. Americans seem to be too obsessed with looks. He is a child, he is at the beach with his father and that is all. He does not need to be done up or dressed smartly, he is only a child. And by the way, he is not ugly, his parents are not ugly and anybody who makes such a statement is ugly inside and out!!!!!

  • Kelly

    how precious!

  • Beautiful Family

    Matthew is handsome. Camila is gorgeous. Levi is adorable! They are a beautiful & happy family. For those of you that say he is a hillbilly or not living up to his potential…..I say he is doing exactly what he wants to do. He likes to live simple, free, and by the ocean. Nothing is wrong with that. I wish I could afford to do it! And Camila seems just as laid back as him and doesn’t try to control him. That’s why he loves her and they look so happy together. Quit hating.

  • come on

    he is ugly
    and he’s a midget u’d think he’s be taller but he’s soooooo short
    wow mayeb its the mothers inbred brazilian genes

  • Raichill

    Levi is very short. I wonder if he has a growth development problem or is going to be a little person.

  • WTF?

    There is nothing wrong with Levi. He’s only a year old! Matthew isn’t excessively tall. Camila is tall for a woman, but has very tiny bone structure. Plus I think that many Hispanics are small-boned so their babies look tiny. Levi will grow.

  • OMG

    LOL. Funny people. Brazilians are not hispanic, and not imbread. They are the biggest mixed country and gorgeous people. We here that have inbread and ugly people.Matthew is a hottie and the kid soo cute

  • Brazilian Girl

    Levi is not Hispanic you moron he is half Brazilian and the Brazilian, Portuguese people are not Hispanic! Stop comparing the brazilians to the ugly, stupid, poverty-stricken Puerto Ricans! Learn history idiots.

  • Melissa

    I don’t care what he is but he is not cute at all and he looks nothing like his father. He looks just like his ugly dark-skinned , half breed mother.


    Adorable. The baby is squinting. I know it’s hard to keep a hat on a baby but you can teach them to leave them on. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to protect the baby’s eyes.

  • Rosa

    Nobody ever said he was PuertoRican except that person who doessn’t know any better and is trying to start a rant. Besides what’s the big deal being a Brazillian anyway? Levi is not cute either he has an odd face.



  • lily

    He looks like he will be stubby like his dad

  • Meg

    @Richard Simmons:

    Have you ever thought that maybe they are trying to make him a little more independent? When you are constantly holding your child, it makes him very needy and whiny when you put them down. Plus, he is at the age where he doesn’t want to be held all the time. Especially where he has room to run. You obviously have never dealt with a 1-year old very much. Just my two cents.

  • sunny

    not a cute baby

  • Neil

    The only ugliness here is the ones who feel the need to talk about how ‘ugly’ A CHILD is.

  • omg

    @Richard Simmons: I have noticed that too . . .Levi is too cute for that :)
    I am sure he is a proud papa, but show some affection.

  • jaye

    He’s a cute kid. He seems to look more like his mother, which isn’t a bad thing.

  • lila


  • Rosie


  • Яна

    the most sweet baby I have ever seen!!)))) love this family

  • Boricua!

    @Brazilian Girl: You “Brazilian Girls” are all prostitutes or maids! Who do you think you are to put down Puerto Ricans when nobody even mentioned that? Just because there is Gisele now, you think you bit@hes are somebody. Gisele is German, deal with it! Loser.

  • no

    @mimi: his mother pretty young lady.