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Megan Fox: Jennifer's Body Promo Pics!

Megan Fox: Jennifer's Body Promo Pics!

Jennifer (Megan Fox) prepares to feast on her best friend’s boyfriend Chip in this new still from the upcoming sexy horror film Jennifer’s Body.

The flick is about small town high school student Jennifer (Fox), who is possessed by a hungry demon. She transitions from being “high school evil” – gorgeous (and doesn’t she know it), stuck up and ultra-attitudinal – to the real deal: evil/evil. The glittering beauty becomes a pale and sickly creature jonesing for a meaty snack, and guys who never stood a chance with the heartless babe, take on new luster in the light of Jennifer’s insatiable appetite. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s lifelong best friend Needy (Amanda Seyfried), long relegated to living in Jennifer’s shadow, must step-up to protect the town’s young men, including her nerdy boyfriend Chip (Johnny Simmons).

Jennifer’s Body, written by Juno‘s Diablo Cody, opens everywhere on September 18.

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox on the prowl for her next meaty snack…

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jennifers body promo pics 01
jennifers body promo pics 02
jennifers body promo pics 03
jennifers body promo pics 04
jennifers body promo pics 05
jennifers body promo pics 06
jennifers body promo pics 07
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jennifers body promo pics 09
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Photos: Doane Gregory/20th Century Fox
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  • lakers fan in boston

    seen these pics at least 1-2 weeks ago on
    and some of them came with the 1st batch of promos

  • jess

    she’s so full of herself….makes her so unattractive…too bad

  • stepho

    raise your hand if your sick of Megan Fox? *raises hand*

    she’s everywhere, goddamnit!

  • fresh

    I definitely will not be paying money to see Megan Fox attempt to act. Pass.

  • sony

    uh.megan ……………i will see the movie on DVD for amanda seyfried she’s an amazing actress

    megan needs learn to act

  • Verónica

    Cant wait to see this movie.

    Haters to the left.

  • Tiara

    HAHAHA #3 and #5, you’re totally right XDD I hate her so much……..I thought I hated Angelina Jolie, but when she came around, I realised how much I admire Jolie HA. Anyway, she can’t act, that’s a fact. She’s awfully full of herself, that’s also a fact. I hate her even more for that sh*t. And this movie seems/sounds/looks(pick one) HORRIBLE, I bet that will be a fact too! =) Team Jolie all the way XD (I can’t believe I said that)

  • nick

    i get to see it at midnight madness at TIFF!!!!

  • SubSub

    This movie has a horribly regurgitated plot. Nothing original about it. Carrie > JB. This movie is getting way too much hype. She won’t have Shia there to carry her through. I would say this would flop, but too many guys will flock to see the girl-on-girl action.

  • dundies

    *raises hand* yes shes pretty but what is it about her facial features you remember her for? lots of people have blue eyes and lots of people have dark hair

  • jdub

    cant wait for thisssss!

  • yipee!

    *raises hand* (to #3)
    so sick of this girl…!

  • heeeeee

    @dundies: Not everyone needs a signature like Angelina and her lips, or Jennifer and her ugly hair that people are obsessed with.

  • justkill

    Really? l’ve already seen these pics, nothing new! @Tiara: Why oh why are you so intent on making a pseudo Jolie vs. Fox fight hmm? That’s all you and no one else. You and the rest of your hater croonies seem to forget that Megan is YET to be seen in anything legitimate for her to be bash worthy….

  • luv2tok2myself

    I luv to congratulate myself………………… many times

  • angelina

    Megan please stop trying to be me, for some reason you look so plastic and i look so good and natural.

  • alison

    everyone on this site is so mean if you hate megan so much why can’t you just be mature and ignore her i thought this site was so you could comment about celebs you like not bash people you don’t even know and has does nothing to you and you say she can’t act then why do you watch her movies she’s obviously done something right if she’s this famous

  • rosie

    alison: it seems that most people do ignore her. But less mature people, like me, have noticed that she’s not going away. And it’s p*ssing me right the f*** off.

    Megan Fox needs to fade away into obscurity. Her plastic beauty doesn’t nearly make up for her poor acting and stupid mind. No one should admire this vacuous idiot

  • clay

    Ha, ha, ha. Everyone that “hates” her will go and see her movie out of “curiosity” and make her movie very successful.

  • lizzie

    I have dark hair and blue eyes too, but no plastic surgery.

  • fanny

    @ all the haters
    get a life! and get over her!
    if you hate her so much then why give a damn about her!? if you don’t know her then don’t judge!
    can’t wait for the movie though.

  • april

    megan has never had plastic surgery you can tell if someone has you people are stupid megan is never going to go away so just stop being obssesd with celebs and you won’t even notice

  • Neil

    I liked the trailers especialy the red band one. I think this is going to be a fun movie. This has to be perfect casting; Megan as a teenage boy eating demon. Holy irony, Batman!

  • Megan fan

    she is so hot, love her..thanks for the pictures.

  • Ash

    Haters GO AWAY!

    Love her,Thanx Jared!Cant wait!

  • katt

    what irks me most is that they are showing this stupid movie instead of THE TIME TRAVELLER’S WIFE at the country i am residing .. wtf …

  • labeoufinator

    ahh i love megan fox.

    she is without a doubt, the dark haired marilyn monroe of this era.

    haters, frig off.


    i hate tiara, she’s so full of it than megan

  • zohair

    shes hot but shes a sl@@ lookin at her pissis me off i dont get y hot girls do that?
    girls like that and girls who wear tnas

  • dale delaney

    shes so HOTits not even right
    takes the from adriana lima
    who will be next?

  • sexybetch

    ummmm i would do anything to look like megan fox she is the most beautiful woman alive and everyone is just hatin on her cuz shes so perfect. she hasnt had any plastic surgery. dont hate cuz every guy wants her and shes so beautiful i love megan fox she is my idol i wished i look like stop hatin people please..

  • suppress your appetite

    She’s sooo sexy!!!!! :)