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Penn Badgley: Kissing Hilary Duff is the Most Unromantic Experience

Penn Badgley: Kissing Hilary Duff is the Most Unromantic Experience

Hilary Duff and her hockey player boyfriend Mike Comrie munch on lunch at Hugo’s Restaurant on Saturday afternoon (August 29) in Studio City, Calif.

Just a few days ago, the 21-year-old was seen kissing on-screen romance Penn Badgley on the set of Gossip Girl.

At yesterday’s USTA & Heineken kick-off for the 2009 US Open, Penn told what it was like to kiss Hilary. He said, “It’s such an unromantic experience! Not only is the crew surrounding us, but there’s a million f—in’ paparazzi. Literally every time we’d do it, we’d hear a machine gun shutter speed. It was very much a job.”

They must be very good actors because it looked pretty hot to me!

FYI: Penn wasn’t saying Hilary was a bad kisser, just that the whole experience of filming it wasn’t romantic.

15+ pictures inside of Hugo’s hottie Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie

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  • kate bosselin

    that guy must be gay not to enjoy kissing her at any cost

  • cute

    That’s too bad. Hilary is adorable and probably a joy to kiss under normal circumstances.

  • T

    Hehe, love Penn

  • Liberace

    What do you expect from a gaylord like Penn? That’s a stupid thing to say.

  • sooo

    i dont like him
    but that comment was funny!!

  • GoodGirl

    Penn you choice to be an actor…you have to deal with it!


    hadn’t seen hilary in awhile, she looks great now!

  • Jen

    he sounds like he’s whining. HELLO you were filming in NYC and outside, of course there was gonna be paparazzi. but anyway, Hilary is a cute girl, she doesn’t have to care what Penn thinks.

  • T

    Cant blame him, he gets to kiss Blake Lively for god sakes.

  • Liv

    He is such a whiner, rude too. It almost sounds like he’s insulting her.

  • Rob

    he could say it was nice and save all the complains to himself, i would love to kiss hil doesn’t matter where am i and who’s around me…

  • whateveritis

    Wow, some people are jumping to conclusions!

    He basically was saying that filming the kiss was an unromantic experience; he didn’t say that the actual kissing of Hilary was an unromantic experience. It’s his job to act out the scene but it doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable than having 17-30 crew members all surrounding you, the director telling you to place your hand in this place, move your head in this direction to get a clearer view, etc. You may like the person you are working with but it’s not roses to do those kinds of scenes. The editing makes it look pleasant and hot but it has to be one of the most unpleasant experience.

    Then the paparazzi aspect! Even though they know it’s for GG and know that she is in a relationship (not sure about him), it doesn’t stop them from printing false stories and making up rumors because let’s be honest here. How many times has it been for the cameras and the articles/magazines print how it’s problems in this relationship and that they can’t get each other off their minds after that kiss, whispering remarks to “insiders” and “friends”?! Because IT HAS HAPPENED before!

  • Just Jared

    @whateveritis is right. He wasn’t complaining, he was just saying the whole experience was unromantic!

  • myranda

    she is getting really curvy i like that look on her people penn didn’t mean anything by it leave him alone you peple take stuff to seriously

  • dundies

    OH such problems in the life of an actor who gets paid a gazillion dollars per episode for a piece of shit show

  • pup

    Oh come on ppl. He OBVIOUSLY didn’t mean anything bad by it. I bet if you all were in the same place, you would feel awkward too.
    Anyhoo, Hil is lookin uhhmazing!

  • Natalie

    HIalry looks great here! I think the comment was pretty funny, he’s just saying with the crew and all the paparazzi (I’m sure 10x time more than usual b/c of Hilary) is just not very romantic.

  • justbecause

    Still I don’t get why this show gets EVERYTHING filmed outside. Haven’t you seen vids of the set? it’s crazy! so many people, so many paps…I seriously feel sorry for the cast.

  • Andy

    I wish I could kiss Hilary.

  • christine

    “I wish I could kiss Hilary.”
    AREN’T U GAY…..?

  • Golly

    It still amazed me why no one seems to notice her breast implants. Are we just gonna let it slide cause she’s Hilary?
    Geez…the girl is teflon.

  • James

    She is beautiful and sweet. He’s so lucky he gets to kiss her.

  • sammm

    geeze! everyone relax! true! he’s not saying he didn’t like kissing her!
    he just said it was uncomfortable basically cause of the setting.

    a. he can’t choose where producers choose to film! so granted, there are paparazzi.

    b. he’s not whining! get over it!

    c. he’s not gay! although i don’t personally know him, i doubt he is.

    d. i’m not even a huge fan of him!i just think it’s ridiculous how crazy ppl are getting.

    e. he’s not complaining really! or saying it’s a pain being an actor. just awkward being made to kiss in such an environment.


    F. i lovveee hilary duff! she’s so pretty! and a great role model! would be great to see her w/ a guy like penn! she’s much prettier than blake. especially face-wise. just my opinion!


  • lizzie

    Just remain focused you bad actor!!

  • Haya

    Well apparently he’s not complaining. He’s being asked and that was his answer! lol

  • Haya

    Well apparently he’s not complaining. He’s been asked and that was his answer! lol

  • Duffcry

    There are 10 times more paparazzi because of Hilary. I have the chance to see the set of Gossip Girl 3 times, and it was amazing because there is around 9-10 paparazzi when normally theres no more than 2 because Hilary was filming a scene!!

  • weasle

    I do not see the relevance of this actress. Ok, she had a semi-good show on the disney channel and did a couple of movies and maybe had a sorda cool song but since then she’s poochin out and not really looking like a hollywood type more like an average everyday girl. Hilary should either fire her manager or get out of the biz altogether. This chic is so overrated and average!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy

    @christine: Uhm no. You’re a damn idiot.

  • Lucas

    She is beautiful and sweet. He’s so lucky he gets to kiss her. [2]

  • parisgirl

    Another misleading title, smh.

  • gabiela

    Hilary <3
    He did not say she kisses evil, he said that was not romantic because I had many paparazis.

  • dustin

    lol @ him … if i got a chance to kiss hilary duff o-m-g i’d like faint & i’m gay so yeah

  • PhilLip89

    He’s an idiot

  • Bella B.

    He’s probably trying to remain “professional” and not give her the creeps. So, in our twisted sense of humor, we were wondering if “Dan Humphries” would find Hilary just as hot if she were bald. What do you think:

  • Hilary#1fan

    he just wants attention and his getting it plus he has say that his with blake lol

  • Chrissy

    I don’t think Hilary got a “boob job”, she’s gained weight all over. Hilary and Sophia Bush are the right kind of role models for girls because of how they’re happy with their natural body types.

  • suppress your appetite

    Hilary looks perfect :)*!