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Jon Gosselin: Pool Party Host!

Jon Gosselin: Pool Party Host!

Jon Gosselin takes a quick smoke break after arriving at a Las Vegas airport on Friday (August 28) in Nevada.

The 34-year-old Jon & Kate Plus 8 star brought along his mother for the trip, which will include him hosting a pool party today (Saturday) at MGM Grand’s Wet Republic.

“I always promised my mom I’d take her to Vegas to see the shows and that kind of stuff,” he tells People. “We’re just going to do our own thing.”

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49 Responses to “Jon Gosselin: Pool Party Host!”

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  1. 1
    Jan Says:

    Where is MOM??? He left JFK alone. He arrived in Vegas alone. Did he LIE again??

  2. 2
    sunny Says:

    Good thing he didn’t bring his ugly kids.

  3. 3
    kate bosselin Says:


    Jan, stalking Jon boy again? get a life

  4. 4
    lauren Says:

    @sunny: Can you post a picture of yourself?? so we can se how f*ckin FAT AND UGLY you are???
    you have the mind of a 10 year old, loser.

  5. 5
    LuckyMe Says:

    Awww that is very sweet he is taking his mom out for a good time.

  6. 6
    Vivien Says:

    What a disgusting guy. What a bloated-looking Loser!

  7. 7
    wow Says:

    D bag.

  8. 8
    Gayle Says:

    @sunny: “Sunny” …how many different names do you use on here to spew out the same crap..grow up already.

  9. 9
    leah Says:

    One has to wonder about posters who make fun of children. Do they have a mental problem or something? Makes you wonder what they look like when they make fun of others, especially little kids.
    So Jon took his Mom to Vegas, what is wrong with that? He probably wasn’t allowed to spend much time with her per Kate during the marriage. If Kate took her Mom to Vegas, what would people say?

  10. 10
    kari Says:

    can’t he put down the ciggs???? He’s so gross.

  11. 11
    lindz Says:

    ugh he is gross.

  12. 12
    lindsay Says:

    ugh he is so gross.

  13. 13
    sunny Says:

    The kids do look like they have mental problems.

    Very ugly and retarded looking.

  14. 14
    leah Says:

    “Sunny” is the one that seems to have mental problems. Too bad she cannot post a picture of herself/himself so we can all have a laugh since she/he think it is so cool at the expense of children. Shameful.

  15. 15
    lucycomeback Says:

    Hi, Jared–You know I love you but am an English teacher at heart.

    Your comment, “…which will include HIM hosting a pool party…” should read, “…HIS hosting….” The word “hosting” is a gerund (a verb ending in -ing, acting like a noun), such as “his hitting the ball,” “his falling off a chair,” or “his winning the award for the best website on earth.” :-) Just a note–I do hope you win an award for the best website–you’re a doll!

  16. 16
    SATINE Says:

    You have 8 children who want their dad to be there when they grow up, Plump-o. Time to put down the cancer sticks and join the gym. I give you to 55 and then it’s all over with a massive heart attack….or you may end up with emphysema like my Dad and have to haul around an oxygen tank for a couple of years before you die.

  17. 17
    Jill Says:

    Jared, would you please consign this nitwit to eternal oblivion and never post another thread about him again?

  18. 18
    Denise Says:

    Used to be on his side. His lack of character, integrity, class within the last few months let’s me see the real Jon. He is a loser for sure. I don’t want to knock any of his family but if you were the mother of this whole meltdown caused by Jon himself, would anybody go to Vegas with her OWN son at this time. I’ve heard that she was divorced herself with his father, so that might explain some of his actions, but he has eight children that is going to see this mess very shortly. I really believe he cannot think for himself but is surrounded by the other losers that don’t give a crap about him but are in his for for their own selfish desires. Also, I would like to add that I would never want to see this guy(putting it loosely) on TLC anymore. I as well as my family will tune out if we see him on the show.

  19. 19
    omg Says:

    WOW no dumb outfit here . . .he actually looks normal. However please JJ stop posting this a ss!

  20. 20
    Shakirakitten Says:

    Awww, taking your mom to Vegas. Way to try and clean up the publicity, Jon.

  21. 21
    victoria #1 Says:

    @ SUNNY, you are seriously ill. Who are you really UPSET with, to pick apart precious children that have not hurt you in any way??
    Please consider some help!!

    I wonder if Jonny douche-bag’s mom smells like nicotine
    when she travels with her chimney-ash son? Every single time
    Jared takes a photo of this idiot, he is ALWAYS taking a Marlboro
    smoking ” break “, or sharing a ” marlboro “, with the love of ” his
    life.” ( GAG ) If the paparazzi snap’s a picture of the two of them, and his new BFF Lohan eating lunch or shopping, he and THEM are
    smoking again.

    I can just imagine what their lungs look like, and how his new
    apartment must smell, when his children visit. I’m surprised he can last the plane trip to Vegas without freaking out from the lack of
    nicotine and arsenic, but he can just smell his fingers to get him through.

  22. 22
    UM Says:

    @sunny: The kids have mental problems because Kate has mental problems. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree…..You are right, these kids are ugly.

  23. 23
    naomi Says:

    @lauren: wow, i feel bad for you and sunny. I bet you as*holes are very, very lonely.

  24. 24
    payless Says:

    So Jon, How many boys and girls did your mommy let you invite to your 12th birfday party?

  25. 25
    Jon's BFF Says:

    Why can’t people just leave Jon alone? It’s his business what he does with who, and no body elses. He’s a grown man and he can do whatever floats his boat. Go for it Jon. Don’t stop till you get enough.

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