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Kate Walsh: The New Doritos Girl

Kate Walsh: The New Doritos Girl

Kate Walsh and a mystery male stroll into a convenience store on Saturday afternoon (August 29) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Private Practice actress bought a bag of Doritos and an iced coffee.

Kate first attended a meeting at a local church in Silverlake and later attended the baby shower of her former Grey’s Anatomy co-star Ellen Pompeo.

20+ pictures inside of the new Doritos girl Kate Walsh

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kate walsh doritos 01
kate walsh doritos 02
kate walsh doritos 03
kate walsh doritos 04
kate walsh doritos 05
kate walsh doritos 06
kate walsh doritos 07
kate walsh doritos 08
kate walsh doritos 09
kate walsh doritos 10
kate walsh doritos 11
kate walsh doritos 12
kate walsh doritos 13
kate walsh doritos 14
kate walsh doritos 15
kate walsh doritos 16
kate walsh doritos 17
kate walsh doritos 18
kate walsh doritos 19
kate walsh doritos 20

Photos: GSI Media, Fame Pictures
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  • jamie

    Thanks JJ. Kate looks cute and gorgeous!

  • Karla

    Kate looks so cute & pretty. Yay for doritos!
    Thanks for posting.

  • Naissa

    DAMN SHE LOOKS GOOD! I’m 19 and don’t even have a body like that. :(

  • Sara

    I am so happy she went to Ellens baby shower.. wwoohooo for Grey gals sticking together :D

  • galove

    KW looks really pretty.
    Thanks Jared.

  • gyy

    She looks perfect!
    Love her!
    Specially in the white thing.

  • nasty

    seriously? she is so gross, is she ever going to dress her age? And she seriously needs to stop being such a attention hoe!

  • kayla

    Gorgeous! I love Kate! Thanks

  • Liz

    Kate is gorgeous!

    She is stunning in the new PP promo shoot!

  • 123

    i hope i look like her when im 41 !!!
    shes gorgeous

  • ali

    Anyone know the label of Kate’s green top, or where I can buy it?

  • Marie

    Great legs or not, hate shorts that the pocket fabric can be seen.

  • christine


  • sarah

    She’s ugly and old. UGH!

  • Anna

    lovely pictures :)
    I am also happy she went Ellen Pompeos shower party
    I want to se epictures of Kate and Ellen. :)
    thanks JJ

  • JT

    I like the all white theme
    looking good

    please JJ bring us pictures of Ellen and the rest at the shower party too :)

  • lizzie

    So do the Grey’s team actually get along one with each other now? That’d be good !

  • S.

    Thanks JJ.

    She looks adorable. The baby shower was at Heigl’s house, and Oh was also there, according to People. It definitely was a GA reunion.

  • Emma

    Kate looks fabulous. I am so envious of those long legs.

    The new promo photo for PrP is STUNNING !!

  • Amy

    I love that white outfit with those cute pumps. She looks great

    ^the promo pic link is dead, you can find it here

  • marie

    kate is beautiful love her xXx

  • Sam

    Love the shoes. She looks cute.

  • charlotte

    She’s beautiful ! Love her !

  • sammy

    That outfit she was wearing is horrid! The top doesn’t feat shorts and shorts are too short. She looks like a desperate, pathetic woman that can’t accept that she is aging.
    Sad but understandable. She has no talent, got the role only for her looks, so is desperate to show that she is still “young” and attractive. She knows that without her looks she will have no career. But she ends up looking just pathetic.

  • addyfan4ever

    gorgeous!! luv u kate! thx.

  • Megan

    She looks beautiful in the white and cute in the other. I love her fabulous legs! The photoshoot pic is gorgeous!

  • sarah

    UGLY, not talented at all! Hate her.

  • krissy

    Looking gorgeous! Amazing legs! Love her!

  • Lucy

    So gorgeous, the haters are plain jealous. Very sad !!

    sammy – I suggest you do research before you spout trash. Kate had a career before joining Greys and will continue to have one after PP ends. She is that rare thing in Shondaland – versatile, not a one-note actor. She already has two movie roles in the pipeline for next year alongside her own show. Her beauty is simply a plus :)

  • Kirsty

    Kate looks fab. Love her :)

  • wow really Kate?

    I like Kate Walsh but she really needs to try to dress more appropriate. The cutoff short-shorts with pockets hanging out is not a good look for any women over 35, hell 30 if you really want the truth. Especially when on the front page of this site you have a 19 year old wearing the samething almost.

    Unfortunately, in LA you will see a lot of older women who do not accept the beauty of the aging process and try to wear clothes fit for a 15-25 year old girl/woman rather than wearing the beautiful clothes that would compliment their body & curves that are more age appropriate. I am not saying you have to wear dresses or shorts to your knees but boodie shorts I think should not be worn by no woman. Grow up Kate it is okay and take Aniston with you.

  • oh boy

    That white jumper I wore a similar outfit when I was 18 years old! She is 41 and still wearing teenage apparel? Stay out of “Forever Young” Kate it is not becoming of you. You’re too beautiful for that.

    It seems that since she divorced her husband her wardrobe is screaming give me attention but to me it’s the wrong attention.

  • oh boy

    By the way I am 41 too. I could still pull that off but if I did it would be around the house to clean up but never, ever in public. I know I would look ridiculous sporting that outfit in public because I am no longer in my teens or early 20′s. Just like I stopped clubbing at the age of 27. I got bored with the immaturity of the crowds because the crowds were getting younger and my age group was growing up and some were getting married.

  • S.

    Clothes are body appropriate, not age appropriate. Only stupid people that don’t have an original idea would repeat something dumb that would have been said by Queen Victoria. No modern woman is that stupid.

    Considering that over 30% of the American are morbidly obese, and over 45% are just plain fat, and that it is starting younger, and younger, it could be just some very wide, jealous people. The fun part is that this does not exclude stupidity, research proves that being fat destroys brain cells.

  • melany


    really…you are pathetic..ok?
    I hate you…
    because..kate is beautiful…Kate is awesome .. the only thing you have is envy …
    no matter whether this “old” ..
    but she has talent as an actress … ..

    she is funny .. and cute …

    you are bitch

  • johnny

    Don’t listen Kate! Don’t ever stop wearing shorts. Your legs and body are smoking hot.

  • johnny

    Don’t listen Kate! Don’t ever stop wearing shorts. Your legs and body are smoking hot.

  • McHot

    She is HOT and SO AMAZING! I love Kate 4ever!

  • Hula

    Great legs.
    And she’s wearing flats. Jelous.

    Stop with that “dress your age” thing.

    If she has the body, she can wear what she wants.

  • hmmm

    To #34: So you are saying that you can wear clothes according to your body not age, right? So you want mind your 65 year old grandma coming to your birthday party in bootie shorts and a tank top because hey she can still pull it off…. Or how about putting your 10 year old in a mini dress with heels because she can wear it?

    Clothing is age appropriate and body appropriate. You wear clothes that fit your body and try to make the most of your figure. Yet you wear clothes that appropriate for you age because no one wants to see grandma in her daughters mini.

    The fashion world teach women and write books & magazine articles everyday on how to dress age appropriate & how to dress to your shape. Hint: Artilcles titled dressing in your 20′s, 30′s, 40′s, and 50′s

  • nic

    she is gorgeous and so talented. adore her. thanks jared.

  • paddisonluvr

    Kate is great – thanks for the pics! I cannot wait until Oct. 1st! PrPr is a great show – and Addie is the best part! Really hope Paddison happens this season!!!!

  • Eric

    What for a car does she usually drive? I just know the Porsche, the red Range Rover, the black Range Rover and the Cadillac. But there are more cars in her garage?

  • S.


    I am saying exactly that. If Gramma wanted to wear shorts, and had Kate’s body, she should. I would never begrudge her.
    Anyone, like Kate, That looks much younger than the age on the driver’s license, that can totally pull it off, should go for it. . Like I said, when you look young, vital, vibrant, sexy, why not?

    Now, if you are a scrawny, lemon faced hag, that has the same bitterness you have you spew on your post, written all over her face, by all means, no! There is nothing that makes a woman look old than being judgmental, envious and bitter. You are right no shorts for you.

  • rae

    She looks beautiful. She has amazing legs. I agree the black shorts are a little short though. I love the white jumper on her.

  • Karen

    @Sarah and Sammy: Thank you for coming here and raising the number of hits and posts for Kate’s pictures. I really appreciate it.

    As for dressing your age, I agree with that, to a certain extent. There’s this actress I used to see at events all the time, and I adore her, but when she wore belly shirts and the like, you could tell by the things she said and the way she carried herself that she was virtually screaming, “I’m not old! I’m not old!” But the only thing I get from Kate is “I have great legs, and I want to be cool and comfortable.” And the “young” clothes look better on Kate than on most 20 year olds, because she’s comfortable with herself. I notice her smile and her posture and her bearing much more than I notice her clothing.

    And anyway, when you’re looking back on both 21 and 41, both seem young!

  • Eric

    How many car’s does she have? I just know the Cadillac (black), the Toyota (black), the Porsche (black) and a Range Rover (red). But i think she have sold the Range Rover. In almost every picture she is seen with another´╗┐ car. When she was eating at orso with a friend it was an another car again.

  • Maria

    Eric – I think Kate has the 2 cars – the Toyota Prius and the Cadillac Escalade that they gave her when she did those sexy ads.

    The red Range Rover I think was her ex-husbands. He had a Porsche as well can’t remember if it was black.

    Wasnt she driving the Cadillac in the Orso vid ?

  • lucie

    Love those pumps. Think they’re Lanvin.

  • @maria

    Thank’s for helping. No, the Cadillac wasn’t it. It was a Coupe. Maybe the Toyota Prius.