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Rihanna Hits Broadway's Lion King With Brothers

Rihanna Hits Broadway's Lion King With Brothers

Rihanna takes her two younger brothers — Rorrey and Rajad Fenty — to see the Broadway musical The Lion King on Friday night (August 28) at New York City’s Minskoff Theatre.

As the 21-year-old Bajan babe was walking out of the theater after the show, someone told her about DJ AM‘s unexpected death. Rihanna‘s reaction? Pure shock.

To check out Lion King on Broadway, visit

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna hitting up Broadway’s Lion King

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Photos: WENN, James Devaney/WireImage
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  • buzz

    That’ sad but does she ever stay home?
    It looks like she’s out every night.

  • dhihfdis

    she dresses so nicely

  • express

    Don’t like her style but good that Rihanna is finally spending time with her family.


    Love her she looks gorgeous

  • my3cents

    Rihanna is a horrible dresser.
    But she looks semi-normal here except for the overdone makeup.


    love her she looks good.

  • doobie

    she looks like a tranny hooker with a bad wig.

  • jones23

    Rihanna’s a but but but but, butterface.

  • Mac N Cheese

    I think some of her beats are catchy but she is definitely not an attractive woman.

  • glitz

    She’s 21 and looks like Dionne Warwick…. TOTALLY GROSS !

  • indonesia-LOVE-RIHANNA

    she’s always look amazingg, look her brothers.. haha

  • fresh

    She looks ridiculous…why does she wear so much lipstick?

  • uh oh

    bad makeup , looks like she has a mustache , bad wig too.

  • christian

    i think she looks ok for 35, not for 21.

  • ivy

    Completely overdone as usual but at least she’s out with family.

  • Ashley

    They shouldn’t have asked her about that. It’s not fair to put people on the spot like that.

  • precious

    The girl has the most beautiful skin.
    Why does she apply her makeup like Bobby Trendy?

  • oseary

    She looks “Ri-Ri”diculous.

  • beats

    Anything for a buck with these media hoes.
    I’m not a fan but shame on them for
    trying to make $$$ of her reaction to DJ AM’s death.

  • gemini

    I’d like to know how the Jolie-Pitts can go weeks without being photographed but we see Rihanna almost every day. Does she only hang out where the paps are? How do they always find her?

  • YUCK


  • YUCK



    The outfit is ok, but the nails looks like claws and
    Rihanna looks like she applies her make-up with a spatula.

  • cutie

    Cute girl. Too much lipstick.
    Her brothers are adorable. :-)

  • McLovin

    Her body is smoking but I think she’s much older than twenty-one. She looks like the mother of those two boys and old enough to have a teenage son.

  • pom

    I think under this t-shirt she must to wear bra.. =||






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  • weezyz

    i absoloutely love the way she dresses! always taking risks. shes my fashion idol!

  • awt

    She dresses too old for her age, that’s why ppl think she’s in her 30s. It’s not risky, just ugly. Shame. She could probably look real cute in nicer clothes.

  • LolaSvelt

    That link to Rihanna’s site leads to a virus!

  • Regina

    @gemini: I think the better example is Keira Knightley. That girl knows how to go into hiding!

  • what ???

    there’s something seriously wrong with rihanna’s head and her management i remembered i left a comment stating that rihanna is always out with someone’s child and not with her family now i know they read the blogs and where is her mother she’s staying with her as well, RIHANNA ARE YOU ASHAMED OF YOUR MOTHER? and the cousin if only jay z knows how bad rihanna has him look plus i don’t really care for him or her and she just had to hire the paps to surround her and take ridiculous photos of her just so she can feel like a superstar and make her family think she’s still famous. next we’re gonna see her with her mother and cousin, rihanna give it up everyone’s on to you

  • she’s a joke

    thunder thighs, bleached face and white foundation

  • MissAlxC

    Her brothers are so cute! pretty family :].

  • babe_luv_ya

    what’s up with your face Rhi?
    I mean,R you bleaching your skin?!!
    shame on you

  • Be Happy

    It appears she’s beginning to find her pre-C.B. soul, again. She’s a beautiful girl and should be able to attract a great man on every level (she needs to talk with Halle Berry). Hopefully, she will realize over time there’s a difference between lust and true love. Leave him to wallow in his music lyrics and an unattractive female (just like himself) by his side. Stay safe, Rhianna, as I don’t trust him!!!!

  • Interesting

    Such jealousy on here among those obvious of color…it’s called reverse-racism, eh? She’s beautiful and has a lot more grace and dignity than animal who beat her more than once. Never forget the recent Jenkins-Fiore story.

  • dragon

    This girl is overexposed and seems desperate for paparazzi attention. There’s no grace and dignity in that. Someone is tipping the media off when they can even find her at a doctor’s appointment in Long Island. She needs counseling not constant photo-ops.

  • jillyro

    I think she’s older than she really is too. She looks like she’s in her late 20s at least! (lying about ages in the ent. biz happens all the time). Just like I always though Beyonce is older than she says (in her 30s).

    Rhianna was once so cute, but since the beating, can’t put my finger and I don’t know what happened to her cuteness, but it vanished. She looks all hard and trying-too-much to be edgy, she wears such fugly clothes now. Was she always like this? I don’t remember her pre-beating having such weird fashion?? Everything she wears look like a costume or like something she would wear on stage. Why the silly getups (she piles on like 10 trends in one outfit) even when just hanging out with friends of family? This outfit shown is very Dionne Warwich (too old!), but it’s better than most of the stuff she wears. Too bad she can’t tone it down and be less showy (she never heard the expression LESS IS MORE), she would look way cuter and much, much younger if she did that.

    Was she always this weird? Did we used to see this much of her before the beating? Seems like she desperately craves attention now, guess she’s trying to get love where she can.

  • Celebwatcher

    I just did a DJ AM death analysis:

  • jenny

    these haters never give up, Rhianna is everything they are not, you could tell they are really young, and shallow, always talking about how she dresses, who cares that much about what she is wearing?, she is absolutely beautiful, great skin, very young, great fashion sense, and hot where the paps seeks her out, they look for her, like it are not, she is a star. rich, famous,gorgeous. what do the haters have?

  • Vox Populi

    @jenny: I can’t see through computer monitors so I can’t comment on others, but I think she’s average looking with a great body. She has nice eyes and good skin but she’s not a raving beauty. Her talent is average too but she is marketed well and she looks quite sexy in her videos. It’s more about sex than actual talent these days.
    Agree, it’s very fishy that she’s constantly photographed lately. I’m sure her publicist has some sort of deal with the paps. No one is photographed this much doing nothing. They’re probably trying to keep her in the headlines but it doesn’t seem to be working except for the blogs. You don’t see too many photos of her in the papers lately.
    Not sure what is up with her fashion choices but she looks more like an overly made up housewife than a young, pop star fashionista in her recent candids.

  • Jade

    Awww, I love her shoes and how cute spending time with her family.

    But I wonder, does this girl tell the paps where she’s gonna be at? Because she doesn’t have cake like that to fund her own personal pap….. like seriously, what Pap hangs outside of the Lion King unless it’s a very huge event with a numerous amount of celebs. Lately her photos have been looking staged as ever, like she’s posing especially in photo 09….

    Just become a model Ri. you don’t do anything nowadays anyway and we don’t miss you horrid vocals. I’ll enjoy her on the runaway before I listen to her yoddle.

  • team Ri


    Xcellent, I co-sign

  • Bitchard

    That ‘girl’ knows where she comes from .. and still cares about it !! .. I really can’t thumb down that !! .. She ‘s just .. herself !! .. I like that alot .. that’s me .. :D

  • angus

    She used to be adorable.
    The drag queen look doesn’t suit her.

  • MY Girl

    What is the age of someone, who was born Feb 20, 1988? How can she be telling lies on her age!

  • black beauty

    u haters are never happy. u will always find something negative to say.