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Sarah Michelle Gellar: Casa Del Mar Lunch Time!

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Casa Del Mar Lunch Time!

A very pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar is given her valet ticket as she meets up with some female friends for lunch at the chic Casa Del Mar Hotel on Friday afternoon (August 28) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 32-year-old former Buffy actress and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. are expecting their first child together this fall.

Below is a just-posted video of SMG as a CARE Ambassador in Tanzania, Africa. To learn more, visit

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Tanzania

10+ pictures inside of Sarah Michelle Gellar lunch with her gal pals…

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  • Taylor

    That’s got to be twins.

  • jill

    I wouldn’t wear 3 inc. of heels especially if you’re 7-8 months pregnant….

  • Frankie

    I haven’t really been following this at all but am I crazy but has Freddie been seen with her at any point during her pregnancy?
    Also I have never seen her photographed so much for years, it really is true that is you are pregnant the paps will follow you!!

  • jillyro

    Why is she never photographed with her husband? They don’t seem to spend much time together, before or since she’s been pregnant. And if they are often together, how come she never gets papped with him, only when she’s out alone? Seems odd.

  • Ms.Erica

    And again…we all want to know, where is Freddy during this pregnancy? Are they separated?

  • whatever

    I think she is soooo over being pregnant….look at here face!

  • Ashleigh

    Freddie has a recurring role on 24 and is filming that as well as doing charity work. Besides, Freddie and Sarah do not like to live their marriage in the spotlight. They’ve both always said that. Since paparazzi coverage of Sarah has picked up since her pregnancy (as it does with most, if not all celebs), I would imagine Freddie tries to avoid giving them more reason to stalk his pregnant wife. I can’t say that the marriage is definately fine but as a fan of Sarah, who follows what is going on with her, I haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe they are in trouble

  • Kelly

    ya, what’s with those heels!!! Trying to show off!!! lOL

  • Marilena

    Tanzania … I tried hard to give work to local people in a bar-restaurant but after a few days they become lazy and steal money and stuff. The more you give the less you get. Bad experience.

  • Frankie

    Thanks for the explanation Ashleigh.

  • Jo

    Thanks for posting :) And thanks for talking about her charity work even if it’s a bit late since she went there last year … but she’s a good CARE embassador

  • It’s All Over For Her!

    There is something screwy about Freddy the son of that suicidal drug addict who blew his brains out. Mental illness runs in that family. Freddy is a horrible actor and was only seen in the most sub-par roles: Scooby Doo anyone! Any actor would relish the publicity to have their pictures snapped by the paparazzi but he hides in the house? No way. Not buying it. This poor girl is always, always alone. Pumping gas, mowing the lawn, carrying heavy bags of groceries. That marriage was over a loooong time ago! It is fake! They hate each other and she only got preggers because she has no career and wanted to draw attention to herself. How sad and lonely she is.

  • Amanda

    It’s so sad that the sperm donor is never there for her. They must be separated or something. It’s all too weird.

  • Sandy

    #13 you’re right. I thought the same thing. Your explanation makes it all clear to us all.

  • Bella!

    We never see the sperm donor!

  • Victor Vargas

    Sara have you ever thought about going to Luizon to help all the dark Puerto Ricans living there. Why Not? It’s closer to home and the poverty there is not to be believed. I know, I’ve seen it. Spread your wealth there why don’t you because they certainly need it.

  • Alex

    @ Victor:

    she has been in Guatemala last year:


    i love sarah and freddie. they are wicked. and yes they have been seen together when she was in new york filming and a few weeks ago. they are so good together.

    sarah is beautiful, i cant believe she is having a child. she will be a great mom and freddie will be a great dad.

    have to say that they are the hottest to-be-parents lol.

    i hope they have a great family life and that the press dont bother them to much.

    love sarah and freddie the most =D

  • LuckyMe

    So happy for them! Those shoes must hurt. She needs to get home and make Freddy give her a foot rub :)

  • team_jen/buffy

    Wow SMG looks gr8 killer heels tho i agree wiv u lucky me i wish her good luck

  • Mona

    Go to Luizon and help the starving dark-skinned Puerto Ricans!!! Even that crack head marc Anthony won’t go to Luizon to help and his daughter is a dark-skinned, kinky haired Puerto Rican.

  • All Women Stalker

    Wow, those are killer heels. So we can assume that her feet did not swell? Lucky.


  • mona

    She is a disgrace to all Jewish people! She married a 1/4th POOR-HOE-REEK-(garbage)-Can who had a drug addict for a father. Now their 1/8th kid will be mentally ill like his grandfather.

  • http://tofuscloset.blogspot.comp cassie

    she looks cute!

  • andee

    who wears heels at that stage of pregnancy??! trying to look good on paparazzi photos. i bet she changed into flats as soon as she got in the car. lol!!

  • Sarahfan4Ever!

    She looks great!! and that video shows what a great person she is, because she does it by heart not to be on the cover of a magazine or have her picture taken. Now that’s a really worthy actress! despite of what the same idiot keeps posting in here. Keep on posting about her Jared!

  • Alice

    Their baby will be a mentally ill crackhead just like his grandfather.

  • Alex


    god what is wrong with you people – I assume this is the same person who post these things under different names… If you don’t like a person, okay, but then move on without posting such disrespectful posts

  • mONA


  • mONA

    SL UT! LOL!!!

  • Annie

    OMFG! I’ve thought that stupid press only says stupid thinks about break-ups and separations and so on, not even being informed by anyone either it’s true or not… BUT I guess I was wrong,
    ordinary ppl can be more cruel. WHY THE HELL you wrote those stupid thinks that it’s fake marriege and he’s a bad hubby?!
    DO YOU KNOW THEM?! NO! so stop that!
    and to 16-bella, 14- amanda… they’ve been seen together few times… (see:google and fan sites …)
    14# I have no idea how old are you and do you have a boyfriend but…if you’re going somewhere without him… does anyone say that you’ve split?
    13#-stupid idiot. shut up… and go to hell.
    Draw attention?! SARAH?! She’s pregnant you idiot… she does not want to draw attention… it’s YOU PPL who want to see her’ve drawn that attention. SHE HAS( her hubby also) ALWAYS BEEN A very private person… and I think that now she would like to have it back… but you don’t let her…

  • Noticias de famosos

    You look very pretty, but I would not go with those heels while pregnant.

  • doll m.

    mona i saw you on the other thread with heidi klum.. what the H is your problem?
    jared. get rid of this mean person.. she’s only making comments that are very very rude and racist..


  • doll m.

    it’s that girl called mona in all the threads..!! sooo sad..
    sarah is a sweetgirl with a beautiful husband.. leave her and her child alone..

  • doll m.

    annie… thankyou you’re absolutely right….

  • schzio

    #36 doll m. thanks herself #32 Annie! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • commonsense

    Apparently I’m not the only one who suspects that #11, 13, 15, 24 and 28 is all the same poster, who needs mental help incidentally.

  • New York Housewife

    That is going to be one big baby to push out. Ouch! She really shouldn’t be wearing those heels, not good for her.

  • brunettefury

    commonsense – Trust me you aren’t the only one. They’re all the same person who shows up in these topics constantly just to post their racist ignorant trash.

    I’m so sick of this trick ass troll.

  • Celebwatcher

    I’m not too sure about all this coverage of SMG all of a sudden doesn’t bode well to me just call me the messenger of doom.


    Check out my other psychic predictions at

  • liz

    where is freedie?

  • remember da truth

    They have to be photographed joined at the hip for you to believe they are still together?
    What do you people do during the day — hover at your husband’s side while he works, or does he come to your house and hang out with you? Obviously, you don’t work or you would figure out that people are usually apart during the day!!!

  • remember da truth

    It wasn’t her pregnancy that did it — don’t you all remember? She started to do more appearances and promo some upcoming project, was all of a sudden doing interviews and talk shows again. THAT”s when the paps started to pick her up, going to and fro appearances and at events.

    That’s how they DISCOVERED she was pregnant and she had to announce it. She hadn’t worked in a while, and when she did, she was all over all of a sudden, BEFORE the pregnancy.

  • Ms.Erica

    @mona: LOL. Wrong.

  • lizzie
  • Sazzy

    Actually she hasnt done alot of interview for a while now.. i think back in jan/feb 08 cause none of her projects have needed them so far.. BUT sarah hasnt talked about the pregnancy doesnt that show idiots like them she obviously isnt doing it for the attention or shed be talking every opertunity she gets. Also there was pics with freddie in NY and some on a “date” night last month, so he is about.

    Wish she wouldnt wear hells tho, she looks beautiful <3

  • Haya

    she’s amazing!

  • liz

    She don’t need to be with Freedie all the time, but they are never together! NEVER! This is very strange, especially if the woman is pregnant.

  • Ben Affleck

    There is a long wide streak of mental insanity on the father’s side, beware Sara.

  • Sazzy