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Penn Badgley's Birthday Gift To Blake Lively -- Paintings!

Penn Badgley's Birthday Gift To Blake Lively -- Paintings!

Gossip Girl stars (and real life-couple) Blake Lively and Penn Badgley hold hands as they take a stroll down Fifth Avennue in New York City on Thursday (August 27).

On Friday’s USTA & Heineken kick-off for the 2009 US Open, Penn told what he got for Blake for her birthday (she turned 22 last Tuesday): “I got her a painting from a Russian street artist.”

FYI: Blake is really into art and paintings. She told that an elephant drew a painting for her while she was in Thailand earlier this year. Penn added to the story on Friday. He said, “Surprisingly, the most spiritual thing [Blake and I did in Thailand] was riding the elephants. They are incredible creatures and I honestly wasn’t expecting it. They’re unbelievably smart and communicative. I literally had a physical feeling in my chest. It was religious, nearly – I’m not religious but riding them was unbelievable.”

Penn added, “The elephants paint, man! It’s really mind-blowing. We paid $300 for six hours with our own elephant each. We rode them into the river, we bathed them, got back on them, rode them into the jungle and they painted! Blake‘s painting is beautiful. Mine didn’t come out so well.” Wah wah…

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • shaCHEER11

    how cute!!! now thats a good boyfriend!! <3

  • lilly


  • vi 1004

    “Mine didn’t come out so well.”—–really funny ))))

    i like his personality, not to mention how lucky he is to have Blake as his girlfriend)) ( happy for these two)

  • T

    He’s so sweet and they are adorable!

  • shialover

    awwww i love them SO much!!! i think theyre the sweetest couple and that will long forever. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • Fenny

    they are the cuttest couple ever ,i love blake ,she is so gorgeous and beautiful

  • Emi

    I want a boyfriend like that! Hope when I go to Thailand in Feb a elephant paints for me :)

  • Ashley

    I really do hope these two go for the long haul. They seem very low-key and non-superficial like most our celebrity couples. Both of them having very down-to-earth, grounded, yet have lots of humor in their personalities.

  • BambAM

    He is such a little bitch boy to her…

  • Fenny

    and blake looks beautiful without the make-up

  • Pili

    Best and sweetest couple ever!!<3

  • amanda

    I want a boyfriend like that :( lucky Blake

  • Jennifer

    Blake Lively keeps her boyfriend in a cage.
    He is nothing but a lap dog. Down boy down.
    She wears the pants in this relationship.
    Blake Lively is a Bit*h.
    I hope she grows fat and lonely.

  • Jaykie

    Shes sweet and he’s funny, theyre a great couple.

  • classy

    Penn and Blake are so classy. They’re not attention fame whores like Leighton and her not so famous boyfriend.

  • ivanka

    of all the couples of gossip girl why them? why not leighton and ed or leighton and chace?
    ew blake is so plastic

  • yeyye

    Blake, plastic? Lol, shes as real as it gets. So what if she got a nose job, she looks the same, I couldnt even tell.

  • Jenni

    They are beyond adorable. I love that they are so sweet together, even after being together for 2 years. They make me want DS together even more. haha.

    They both look great btw.

  • justbecause

    I don’t really like them together but what I like about this couple is that they are very low profile you know? no scandals, no crazy parties…at least for what I know!

  • chacefan


    no thanks ,no leightom and chace ,chace is toooooooooooooooooo good and hot for leighton

    and chace is way more beautiful than leighton ,leighton should be with ed ,both ugly

  • ELLe

    whats with the “wah wah..” comment jared? are u developing an attitude? ive noticed that same comment a few times. please dont turn out like perez..

  • ELLe

    whats with the “wah wah..” comment jared? are u developing an attitude? ive noticed that same comment a few times. please dont turn out like perez..

  • LuckyMe

    I love her scarf. I keep checking it out. Gimmie gimmie!!! Why can’t I ever have anything?

  • natasha

    most adorable and normal couple EVER!!!! I hope they stay together forever

  • ELLE



  • Sassy Nicole

    Now who are these people?? This is my first time on this blog and so far I only know 1 out of 3 couples. Is this blog run by the Tween Congress?

  • Barbara

    Cute couple!!!

  • it’s me

    @Sassy Nicole:
    the couple is from gossip girl. it’s a good show. you should watch it if you’re into drama.

  • Lexi

    I find it unbelievably irritating that they called their elephant experience “spiritual”…elephants in Thailand are TORTURED with boards rigged with nails to force them to learn how to paint. It’s completely disgusting.

  • jennifer

    Does anybody know where her scarf is from???? it’s beautiful!

  • emmaa

    My oh my, they are so cute! They’re so adorable holding hands <3

  • creamfilledexplosion

    that boy is whipped

  • Lizz.

    She has a baby bump O.o Or it looks like it. *shrug*

  • remember da truth

    These two are great people, first, and pleasant celebrities, second.

    Love that he got the spiritual aspects of communing with elephants. They are indeed highly intelligent, and very sensitive creatures. These two are not superficial, self-centered people, so they were able to respond and appreciate them.

    More power to this couple. I’ve never watched Gossip Girl, but now I’m a fan of these two. Whether they stay together for another week or a decade doesnt’ matter (they are very young still). Individually they are intelligent, interesting, kind people.

  • hi barbie doll

    i love blake ,love her so much ,she is drop dead gorgeous
    penn ,not so much,but i love this couple

  • Jen

    They are cute together. I love Blake, I think she is gorgeous and sweet. Penn I like, not as much but there is something cute about him.

  • lakers fan in boston

    they look nice together, especially since they use to be in a relationship on the show =]
    she looks really cute, her outfit looks really nice on her as well
    legs are yummy =]

  • nani

    @chacefan: hahah are u kidding ??? leighton is sooooooooooooo beatifrul and pretty … u can’t deny that even if u like chace !!!!

  • Haya

    Adorable!!! I love them ^.^

  • K

    hot! love blake lively

  • GG lover

    umm leighton is going it with sebastian, she’s just friends with chace!

    I’m glad Penn & Blake are grounded and happy. Good kids

  • suppress your appetite

    Blake looks perfect !!