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Chad Michael Murray: Shirtless Beach Party

Chad Michael Murray: Shirtless Beach Party

Chad Michael Murray is shirtless sexy at the Tao Beach party held at The Venetian Hotel and Casino Resort on Saturday (August 29) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The former One Tree Hill hunk, who turned 28 this past Monday, was accompanied by his bikini-clad fiancee Kenzie Dalton and a few friends.

FYI: Model Amber Rose hosted the beach party.

10+pictures inside of shirtless Chad Michael Murray at the Tao Beach party…

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chad michael murray shirtless beach party 01
chad michael murray shirtless beach party 02
chad michael murray shirtless beach party 03
chad michael murray shirtless beach party 04
chad michael murray shirtless beach party 05
chad michael murray shirtless beach party 06
chad michael murray shirtless beach party 07
chad michael murray shirtless beach party 08
chad michael murray shirtless beach party 09
chad michael murray shirtless beach party 10

Photos: Denise Truscello/WireImage
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  • duffidax

    OMG, they have been engaged for like 100 years!! why do u think they havent tied the knot already?? bet CMM just wanna have fun!! ..and the gold digger who?? whats her name? just wanna b in hollywood..she should try reality TV perhaps..LMAO

  • sam

    hahahah so much for him being fat they BOY IS HOT AS HELL….
    Damn that body:)

  • Cooh

    fake `til you make it
    he seems plastic now,and she..well,I don’t like ugly Barbie version

  • steph

    haha you guys are pathetic wasting your time bashing people you “dont like” lol
    he is hot as hell, damn he is looking good:)

  • Margaux

    They act and look like Heidi and Spencer.
    The guy can’t act so he goes to the gym and show his body ( and big nipples) just to still be a little famous with his fans ( who are only little girls)
    And she looks like a ugly version of Barbie !!!!!

  • taylor grey

    one tree hill wont be the same with out him and Peyton! :( He i actually so hotttt! :)

  • mary


  • marvel


    he cheated on Sophia with none other than Paris Hilton aka the walking STD

  • Ouch!

    I used to think he was very hot, but now there’s something weird with his face…

    Anyway, I would still marry him just for his nipples!!!

  • luna

    I swear the sophia and chad fans are seriously out of their minds, everytime there is something postes about sophia people bash as well as with chad, is it do difficult to just like them both or at least respect them both.. they are both hot and they both moved on how about you crazy fans do it too…

  • Alicia

    I met him back in 07 and he was pretty nice. I also met her and that was kinda weird, but she sweet.

  • alex

    His face grew up in a wrong way, he got a hot body but that’s about it, also he has no job anymore…

  • kamilla

    he is hot as hell

  • marina


  • Lkkelly11

    I am almost positive they are married and have managed to keep it a secret. She is wearing 2 rings. On this site there was a post a few weeks ago and he was wearing a ring as well. Good for them though on being able to keep it secret for so long.

  • Caroline

    WOW im suprised.. they’re still together. He looks hot but theres something wrong about his face now.. anyway i dont like that girl. She looks like bad version of barbie. And people can thinks whatever they want but this girl is not that nice like everyone thinks.

  • Liverwurst

    Ugh. She has absolutely no definition…skinny fat.

  • (LL)

    he cheated on sophia actually./
    i domind them.even tho uit hink hes a sad boy/
    hess hot

  • alexandre

    @Liverwurst: It’s called skinny (for now) but flabby.

  • alexandre

    @(LL): Oh for God’s sake write english. What are you 13?

  • Jen

    He is hot but I have to agree with everyone else, there is something different about his face. She is ugly.

  • Tina

    K is showing her the fake boobs Chad got her. They both are SO desperate. UGH just go away. He can’t be without Danny B. Kenzie is a total user and b*tch perfect for that douche that is Chad Murray.

  • ashley

    sooooo HOT!

  • clo1982

    i wonder if they secretly married. in the close up pictures of chad hugging kenzie, it shows a wedding band next to her engagement ring!!!

  • Terri

    is that girl kenzie (whore) dalton has any job ? Or her work is to be chad’s girlfriend. She’s SO using him..

  • kapeesshh

    @Jennifer: You have your facts all wrong. HE cheated on HER. HE is the douche. (albeit a hot one)

  • kapeesshh

    @Jennifer: You have your facts all wrong. HE cheated on HER. HE is the douche. (albeit a hot one)

  • TC

    Even if the girl does start doing something for herself and gets a job, she will still ALWAYS use Chad. Everyone in Wilmy will tell you that the Dalton sisters have always wanted to be famous and be in the limelight. NOBODY even knew who Kenzie was until she got together with Chad. It was like she hit the lottery. And ever since then, whereever he goes, she is usually always right there with him and knows that that her face will always be online and even on tv(at events) and hundreds of pictures will be taken of her. Which is why she will never leave him unless Chad gets rid of her for good(and I know he’s tried… you can tell that didn’t work out so well). I would never want him to be with someone who is using him like that so it surprises me when you hear someone say “they’re good together”(which is rare by the way). She is using him and always will. Plain and simple.

  • oth

    @TC: True dat, but he’s a dumbass if to stick with her just to get his ex jealous. Better get with someone that is in the same league as Sophia not a nobody who just wants to stick to your nuts and get their pictures taking everywhere he goes. Heck he can’t turn around without her being so far up his ass.

  • Bella

    If any of you were wondering kenzie does have a job. She is the new face of Wet n Wild and she is a model for a dress company.

    She is good for him. Look as how big of an ass he was b4 he met her (don’t get me wrong its not all her) no matter what Kenzie does she will be hated. Kind of unfair if you ask me.

  • Terri

    @TC: Agree. I wonder if chad really loves her ?

  • Cali

    @TC: so wait… if no one knew who they were how do they know they have always wanted to be famous?

    If they all want to that’s great. I guess Chads sister is as bad as them because she in LA trying to act. I guess Chads as bad as them because he went to Hollywood to get famous, and sophia is just as bad because she to wanted to be famous. who are you to judge what they wanna be? kristen (Miss USA) went to college with 2 majors and had some kick ass grades. Julia is going to college this year. Kenzie has an AA degree. if i’m not mistaken you hate kenzie because you LOVE sophia? or CS? well honey chad did not go to college and sophia dropped out…

    Chad looks soooo fine i cant wait to hear what his next movie will be!

    (oh and cue the b*tch comments)

  • ktt

    I’m just glad they got rid of his character. He can be a pretty decent actor but the material he had to work with didn’t do much for him. I think he plays a better bad boy or somewhat cocky guy. The emotional sad boy doesn’t work for him. Hopefully he can move on to something better. Don’t get me wrong…love love love OTH and have since episode 1 but I was getting pretty sick of Lucas.

  • oth896

    LOL u r wrong. He is the same ass like before. Everyone in Wilmy knows that chad cheating on her but she dont care as long as he give her money. The truth is that after sophia dump his ass he’s a mess..

  • marina

    hahahahaha ohhh boy the sophias fans are out of their minds, if you hate the guy then GET THE HELL out of here, its okay to hate him its just sad seeing you spend your time in someone that you “hate so much” grop up guys, stop the freaking bashing i would love to see what you guys look like..

  • lisa

    They are totally married. If you zoom into the picture of Kenzie and Chad you can clearly see she has a wedding band and a diamond on and he has been spotted at the farmers market recently with a wedding band on.

  • Anon

    Seriously, its so funny when I read comments like “he has changed” and “he’s better now.”lol
    Thats is just WRONG because Chad’s cheated on Kenzie many times during the course of their relationship and a lot of people know this. Which is why over the years even some people who used to support there relationship, stopped. And it also goes to say a lot when people who could care less about CS or Sophia, don’t like Kenzie either and want him to dump her a$$. Kenzie is cool with him cheating because she knows that if she puts her foot down, he’s going to go find someone who is willing to put up with it. And plus, if he does leave, there goes her ticket to fame and the spotlight.

  • jjfan

    i know for a FACT that he cheats on her, but she deserves it, she’s only after his money and status, the Dalton family are gold diggers.

  • lisa

    how the hell can he cheat on her when he is with her pretty much 100% of the time???? and even if he did what has that to do with you?????????
    let them be for the love of god…
    on a side note he is hot:)

  • Bella

    @oth896: Can you really tell me that he was a better person then then he is now? LMAO right. Has he slept with you? How do you know for a fact he cheats on her? w/e If you hear him talk about her its clear how much he cares for her. EVen if you cant tell by a photo

  • wowow

    James lafferty is so much hotter than cmm.he’s a way better actor as well.

  • brooke

    me i don’t love her and him they are the same for me
    Chad has any job and kenzie too so

  • Jen

    I think his face is really starting to look old. At least his body is hot

  • Alex

    Chad Douchebag Murray

  • myranda

    chad’s face dosen’t look old it looks better than it ever has he looks so hott here it’s crazy kenzie is so lucky she is pretty too they look happy stop being so mean people i hate haters that’s why i only comment about celebs i like and have good stuff to say you people should do the same and i hate it when people think they know what goes on in chad and kenzie’s life you don’t leave them be

  • david

    His nipples are epic.

  • linds

    They are married, have been for a while.

  • jackie


    I heard before he left for LA he tried to dump her so why didn’t that happen? What dirt is she holding over him that makes him not be able to leave her? Because we know it’s not love. I love Chad to death and he was incredibly kind and sweet when I met him and I don’t even care about CS but something about this girl rubs me the wrong way.

  • chad’s girl

    I love chad but this girl just give off the wrong vibe for me.

  • myranda

    @jackie what is CS?