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Jenna Bush: Today Show's Newest Correspondent!

Jenna Bush: Today Show's Newest Correspondent!

Former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager will contribute monthly segments to the Today Show as the morning show’s latest correspondent.

The 27-year-old teacher in Baltimore, Maryland will highlight stories like education (she always wanted to be a teacher and a writer, and has already authored two books.)

“It wasn’t something I’d always dreamed to do,” the daughter of former President George W. Bush said. “But I think one of the most important things in life is to be open-minded and to be open-minded for change.”

WILL YOU TUNE IN to watch Jenna Bush Hager’s Today Show segments?

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  • DANI


    She wasn’t interested in doing good while her dad was president. Just wanted to drink and party and evade her secret service guys.

    Why watch her now ?

  • mimi

    Jenna is the twin sis of Sophia Bush???
    I’m not from America, and its important for me to know…..

  • Amanda

    yeah.. right, open-minded…open-minded like her father way open-minded? … (rolls eyes)

  • kate bosselin

    it would be nice if people earned their ways to the top instead of riding on their family name.

  • lauren

    no i will not tune in

  • leah

    I’m so tired of the Bush family and what they have done to this country. Jenna is the one that seems interested in keeping the Bush family legacy continuing. Enough.

  • Rhonda

    you are all showing your open-mindedness, Jenna and her sister Barbara worked with aids patients in Africa and Jenna’s first book was about a “latina mother” who had aids, Jenna spent alot of time with them and wrote a book. I won’t be watching either, who watches the today show, old people.

  • Angela

    Definitely will tune in. She has come a LONG way since being a teenager during Bush’s first election. She reminds me alot of her mother. She is dedicated to reform for children and devotes a great deal of her time to disadvantaged children across the world.

    Glad to see Today upping the quality of employees.

  • Angela

    To Leah… Aside from the war, during Bush’s first 7 years of presidency was some of our most successful periods of time. He was faced with a recession when he took over President from Clinton and shortly thereafter the meltdown of the Tech Stock Market along with 9/11. Today our freedom of speech and privacy is being invaded so much more under Obama it is frightening.

  • Rhonda

    Jenna might have voted for Obama, she did not support McCain in public anyway! blue eyed blondes are so ugly, @mimi:

    no, her sister is Barbara, Lauren Bush, the model is thier cousin. billy Bush is GWB’s cousin, I don’t think Sophia is related.

  • Rhonda

    Obama is now seeking power to “turn off” the internet. Lets see, banks, insurance companys, car companys, attempting to TAKEOVER, healthcare, the air waves and the internet, All you smart people , who does that remind you of? of course, for the smart people, these guys took over the “OIL” companys first!

  • Abseaz

    her face is scary

  • creamfilledexplosion

    i will not, i h8 bush

  • Sarah

    Wow, you all are so open minded. eyeroll. Yes, I will tune in. I don’t turn my nose at people who have different views than me. Hmm. Sounds familiar. Some people are only open minded on their own terms.

  • Scott Summers

    Talent and family aren’t mutually exclusive, #3.

  • Autumnm

    Well that’s good for Jenna. What a great oppurtunity. Not a fan of her Father and the mess he got this country in (I do think he has a great personality tho, funny guy, too bad he’s an idiot), but Jenna seems okay to me. I will check out her segment.

    Btw, she looks soooooo much like her father! It’s not even funny. Spitting image.

  • Jill

    “WILL YOU TUNE IN to watch Jenna Bush Hager’s Today Show segments?”

    Hell to the no. It was bad enough we had to put up with her idiot father in the White House for eight years.

  • huricane katrina

    I bwas a proBush.

    Still not.

    Good for Jenna Haggar.
    Both of his daughters are smart,pretty,progressive women who are living right.

  • Jenn

    Wow some people on here are immature idiots


    She’s not her father so I wouldn’t mind watching her. She can’t help the family she was born into so I don’t hold her legacy against her. She probably is well enough aware of how her father brought America to it’s knees financially, how he tried to stop the progress of stem cell research, how he led the country into war with a country for no good reason, etc. etc.

  • British Latin American

    God, what a bunch of narrow-minded idiots.

  • reenie

    Wow! Such hatred. It is ironic that they come from those who tell others to be “tolerant”. I find those who preach tolerance are actually the most intolerant. Why wouldn’t you give her a chance. NBC did not need to hire her. They have proven that they are not in Bush’s pocket. Rather, they are cheerleaders for the Obama social state. That tells me that she must have some talent. Funny that those with left leaning points of view chastise her for capitalizing on her name. Didn’t we just honor and bury a senator who escaped jail for leaving a girl to drown in his car just because of his name? Hmmmm.

  • Ilia

    F___ this seed of a retard. I think the only people tuning in will be the right wing zealots, and her mentally challenged father.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im not sure if she’s good or not, i dont like her father but i shouldnt judge her based on him, so ill be neutral
    hope she adds something….because the today show is horrible, they do the stupidest interviews on the stupidest news, the only reason i can even endure an hr of that show is to watch al roker, since he’s pretty funny sometimes

  • mina

    I won’t be watching it reminds me of the Bush years and all the lies that are coming out right now.

  • asugirl19

    HERES THE THING. More than 80% of the people on here are democratic and are closed minded and uneducated obviously.
    BUSH didnt DESTROY THIS COUNTRY. Clinton did and obama will finish it off.

    Maybe if you were open minded like you said you were you wouldnt talk the way you do. Democrats brag about how there so charitable and willing to work together (parties aside) to work things out!

    There the most closed minded people ever.
    I CANT Stand democratic thinking.
    It goes to show you have no morals and common sense.

  • no way

    Angela, the invasion of privacy and restricted right to free speech was started by Bush and Cheney under the guise of protecting America’s interest. Unfortunately for us it was their own personal interest they were protecting. Americans blindly accepted everything they did without question until it was too late. Like Bush inheriting the recession, Obama has inherited the mess that is the Bush/Cheney legacy.

  • marla

    excuse me when Clinton left office there is a surplus of 400 billion dollars
    when Bush left office theres a trillion dollar deficit. Gosh you should polished up your history facts and stop reading fox network fairy tales.
    I think you are the one to open your mind BY READING BOOKS . Not hearting gossip mongerers that spun tales for you.

  • dani

    To asugirl19 @ 08/30/2009 at 7:37 pm

    Excuse me but I’ve been a staunch republican almost all of my life. When Bush ran I voted for someone else. He ruined the Republican party. It was hard to respect him when he couldn’t muster up the support of his own two daughters to campaign for him and then once he was in office they drank, partied etc. Read the new book:
    In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect by Ronald Kessler (Author) and believe me the Bush twins come off as egotistical brats concerned only with themselves. Watch her? Not as a Republican, not as an educator, not as a human being: NO NO NO.

  • sarahknows

    Bush is not responsible for this countries issues ( get over it you brainwashed freaks)…did we ask for dumbass al qeuda or however you spell that dumb shit, to attack us? No I think not…liberals are far worse than terrorists at least they are up front abouth their intentions to destroy our country, liberals not so much, they prefer to do it from the inside slowly and sneakily. Obama is not MAN enough for the job…only was elected cause dumbass 20 yr olds, white people with white guilt and 99% of black people who simply voted because hes somewhat black, thats how he got the job. its the TRUTH deal with it.

  • Lalique

    @mimi: No, Mimi, Jenna’s twin is Barbara Bush. Sophia Bush is an actress :-)).

  • Atlanta2Dallas

    Ewww, she looks exactly like her father

  • ggn

    You idiots.. she is a teacher working in Baltimore City of all places.. not exactly a easy place to teach… Besides she is 27 not 20 she grew up and the partying is behind her…

  • Coulter

    She’s the ugly sister.

    Angela (aka Rhonda). You’re confusing Obama admin with Bush’s sweetie. Bush is and was the worst

  • kelly

    Gosh people. She isn’t her father so stop judging her based on mistakes he made. I, for one, love Jenna Bush. I think she’s an inspiration to young women everywhere. She teaches underprivileged kids, she’s an author, has helped people with aids in Africa…she’s done so much good in this world. I bet all of you who are insulting her wouldn’t lift a finger to help others.

  • missy

    Is that Kennedy funeral still going? you would have thought he was POTUS rather than a drunk who ran his car off a bridge and left a girl to drown and went home and went to bed. HIs “friends” say Teddy was always open to the latest Chappaquiddick jokes, WOW those must have been hilarious, whose the dead girl in your car jokes.

  • anon

    @DANI: We’re all young once and make mistakes. Give her a chance to show she’s grown and do better. At least she’s pulling a Paris Hilton.

  • Rhonda


    hey smartgirl, your no Coulter and just for info I’m not angela, just saying.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    she looks just like her stupid ass father.

  • Annie

    LOL at all the freaks who blame Clinton and Obama for Bush’s failure.
    Idiot partisan freaks. Newsflash: Bush destroyed the country, our surplus, Katrina, two failing wars, 9/11 was on his watch and the economy. Lets not forget HE was the one that bailed ou the banks and the economy failed on his watch. Not Obama

  • Coulter


    Angele (aka Rhonda). Your posts are exactly alike and only minutes apart. Two usernames, same loser.

  • Go away fools

    she is SO ugly and anyone that supports this praying mantis faced pig is a complete loser..screw off Bush supporters

  • medic

    go Jenna

  • lol

    Congrats to her! NBC must be desperate for big news and ratings since all news network especially NBC is being killed by Fox News.

  • Sara B.

    Gag me. I won’t be watching.

  • Melissa

    To answer the question:

    Yes. I will watch her segments.
    If something is going to be said about education, who better than a teacher? Especially since both she and her mother have been advocates regarding education issues for years.
    Glad to see she’s using her platform for “good.”

  • Taylo

    I’m watching her portion of the show. Today show producers know she’ll get a following. Otherwise they wouldn’t sign her up. I think she’s cute! And funny.

  • dee cee

    MSNBC and NBC have lost a great amount of their viewers due to O worship and bias, ommision of facts and blatant lies,.. she won’t help much but it will be fun while it lasts to see what they assign her to report and what she says the company was like when the usery job is over. every body will think she’s a spy.. she’s got.. cute bush-baby eyes!!!

  • just wondering

    Isn’t it amazing how some people get the fabulous jobs without having to first of all get hired at the bottom and work their way up? Makes me wonder why I chose to go to one of America’s best Universities. It gets you no where unless you’re in the inside already. Go USA land of opportunity, free speech, no censorship. Yep, I’m feeling hard done by. Anyone else worked hard and have no job or low paying one a little upset with seeing this girl get right in to a major network news team?

  • Rhonda


    Ok, Katrina girl, just thought I’d let you know your NOT that bright! Sometimes that’s a good thing to know!