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Leo DiCaprio Needs Neck Pillow Support

Leo DiCaprio Needs Neck Pillow Support

Leonardo DiCaprio carries around an airplane neck pillow as he arrives at Nice Airport in France with his mother Irmelin (in blue) on Sunday, August 30.

The mother-son pair enjoyed a couple of relaxing days in Monaco (on the northern central coast of the Mediterranean Sea).

Leo and costars Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard team up in the thriller, Inception. This film doesn’t hit theaters until 2010, but you can catch a glimpse of the teaser trailer below!

“Inception” Teaser Trailer

15+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio‘s neck pillow support…

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leo dicaprio neck pillow 01
leo dicaprio neck pillow 02
leo dicaprio neck pillow 03
leo dicaprio neck pillow 04
leo dicaprio neck pillow 05
leo dicaprio neck pillow 06
leo dicaprio neck pillow 07
leo dicaprio neck pillow 08
leo dicaprio neck pillow 09
leo dicaprio neck pillow 10
leo dicaprio neck pillow 11
leo dicaprio neck pillow 12
leo dicaprio neck pillow 13
leo dicaprio neck pillow 14
leo dicaprio neck pillow 15

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  • k

    Great actor and the movie looks interesting. I’m excited to see Ellen Page in a movie with this sort of science fiction-y/ psychological thriller direction.

  • not his mother

    Well, the woman with the white hair is not his mother. His mother is in the background of one of the pictures next to this white-haired lady.

  • nicky

    she isn’t Irmelin… she isn’t his mother…

  • carrie

    nice son!

  • jess

    Leo’s mom is the lady in the blue top in the fifth pic.

  • sara


    Always enjoy seeing new pix of Leo. Thanks :)

  • capezio

    The lady in white is another celebrity mommy – Lukas Haas’ mommy!!! Leo’s mommy has the blue shirt and white pants on!!!

  • mimi

    How cute, the two best friends with thier mommys!!!!!

  • sela

    seems like Lukas has no life of himself, allways going after Leo!!!!
    if they are not a lovers, then god knows what they are……

  • Nes


  • …………………………

    Lukas was not there.

  • Lixi

    Maybe Leo’s mom and Lukas’ mom are bffs!

  • Sayuri

    Coisa mais LINDA. (L)

  • nick

    can’t wait for this one- looks great

  • star

    awww they took their mummies out how nice!!!
    i think that trailer was silly. nt that interesting. i do want to c this movie tho, ellen page is a great actressa dn well leo is a fave too :D

  • yaytimes

    He looks so handsome! He is a STAR! Ha – bad joke. I wuv him.

  • Angie

    he will always be hot. movie looks interesting too!

  • Peanut80

    Thanks for the great new pix , Jared

    I’m very much to seeing both “SI” & “Inception” in 2010.

    Tho, I’m still amazed that the razzis get confused as to which lady is Irmelin.

  • jennifer

    @carrie: yeah. very nice son! Irmelin and George just made one son but they made a very good job, hehehe…

    Leo looks SEXY, love him!!!

  • cari


  • sistahc

    why does he need a neck pillow? unless he flew economy which i can’t see happening. Business provides nice pillows

  • Emzski

    that isnt irmelin… you’ve got the wrong woman.

  • Rafa

    I thought that I was the only that notice that the woman was not his mother, Irmelin.
    She is the lady in the back of one of the pictures… in a blue t-shirt.

  • Jess

    The Inception trailer is awesome :D


    Leo looks super sexy in these new pics of him <3 ;)

  • SExy Leo in NYC
  • what a fatass.

  • bada bing

    @25 thanks for the gorgeous NYC LEO pics :)

    @26 Yes, we know your a fatty.. But thanks for describing yourself anyways, how very thoughtful of you :).

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    Jared why dont you post the new VS’s photos of Bar?!?!??!??!?

  • Thanks, Jared for not posting her VS photos. Well, well, well, it seems like lisa rose is a fan of hers again. You keep changing your mind pretty often. LOL!

  • french

    @Lisa rose:

    She made 5 or 6 pics for them while the others made between 10 and 20 pics for them, and i’m the only one who think that it’s strange that VS took her (even for some pics) when 3 of their models are pregnant. When they will return to work : bye bye Barf.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @french: and how did you know how much pics she made??? I KNOW! you are just keep going from one Bar’s fans website to another! LIKE YOU ALLWAYS DO! I must to tell you something, everytime when I read yours posts I’m feeling more and more sorry for you! your life seems to be really sucks, in every Barfans’s website I see your nesty comments about her and how you fight with mores Bar’s fans!!! YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH HER!!!!!!!
    you hate her so much, but its just getting out of control, really! you are actualy going from one website to another, trying to bring her fans down, YOU NEED HELP!!!!! I need to understand something…. what the point on going to the website of someone that you really hate- just in ordder to bashing on her???!?!!? YOU seems like the loser person here, YOU seems like the ugly person here, AND YOU REALLY NEED TO GET OVER HER!!!!!!!! this hate is more then just an hate already, ITS OBSESSION! I never met any other person who hated so much someone, and still was put all his energys on him/her! never!
    and you can keep attckting me or Bar as much as you want, but I just said the true here and you know it!!!
    time for everyone to know what you really are……

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    I understand that not everyone like her and even some people hate her, and that totally fine! but theres a diffrent between just hate, then actualy put all yours focus in life on that person.

    what a psycho people you can meet at the internet (like that french girl)!

  • 32 is crazy

    @Lisa rose: look how is talking about being obsessed! lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Im sure Barfie’s photo( its those are really VS pics, anyone online can say anything) will be in the back of the catalog it will be ONE PICTURE!! Just like you always see those girls and you dont know them in random pics.

    She’s not going to be an ANGEL. Shes way too fat by VS standard to walk down the runway. She will only take a couple of pics and I’m waiting to see those pics come out. I find it strange that no one knows about this. What?? no good leaks! hahahahaTHey might just decided to AXE her. They do it all the time in the modeling world!

    Thank you Jared for not wasting precious space!

  • Leo Rocks!

    @Lisa rose: this is a post about Leo not that f*cking idiot!

    You always come here with your crack head self and post on all leo post about this b*tch like a crack head….

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @32 is crazy: I’m not obsessed, I’m just was her fan!!!!!!! I liked to read and see things about her, cus I liked her!!!!!! just like all of you likes to read and see things about Leo!
    if I’m not like someone so much, like Gisele for exmple, im N-O-T reading things about her and absolutly NOT going to HER WEBSITE to bashing on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HERE IS THE DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leo Rocks!

    @Lisa rose: and she will never be an angel thats why jared isnt posting this crap. this was a rumor invented by one person on the net that she was doing VS dummie…jared doesnt care that she went to see Madonna, jared doesnt care about this B@itch!lol

    LEO ROCKS!!!

  • K.G.

    @Lisa rose:
    meds please…

  • bada bing

    Lisa rose, why do you insist on talking about Bar on Leo’s threads???????? why don’t you talk about her on her old thread from a month ago? LOL oh let me guess, cause you’ll be talking to yourself hehehe

  • Leo Rocks!

    @bada bing: hahaha old thread from month ago! lol lol lol

  • new Leo sighting in Vegas
  • french

    It’s strange, the pics of Vs look like the old pics that she made for another brand

  • Leo Rocks!

    @french: cause its a lie and she’s not doing victoria secret no how. Someone pulled up some pictures online and called them VS pictures and everyone believed it. I dont.

    And can you please take discussions of Barfie on her old old old thread from way back. lol No one cares about this b/tch “FRENCH”
    I’m not so sure you’re the real french or you’re just pretending to be her.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @Leo Rocks!: shes IS the real french.
    but this is what shes doing all day long. looking at Bar’s photos and then comes to bashing on her!!!!!!! shes also bashing on her on her own fans websites.
    now you all can see what I talked about. hehe

  • Too bad that nobody really cares what you are talking about, lisa rose. hehe
    I like these Leo pictures. It seems like he was having fun in Vegas and I love that huge smile on his face!!!

  • yaytimes

    FADED YOUTH BLOG – Leo Lives it Up in LAS VEGAS

    Hiding behind his trademark baseball cap, Leonardo DiCaprio was seen making a late night arrival at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas last night (September 6) with three beautiful blondes.

    The 34-year-old actor partied and drank with the owners of the celeb haunt and then left escorted by 6 security guards, leaving visibly drunk with the three blondes by his side at 3:45 a.m.

    Whoever said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas certainly did not take the prying eye of the paparazzi into account!

  • hahahahahaha!

    NO VS for Barfie. Turns out it was a fake!!! hahahahahaha!

  • hahahahahaha!
  • Tao Boy
  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @hahahahahaha!: oh french, its so obvious that its you!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
    and you taked that link from, from Bar’s site!
    and now I’m feeling even more sorry for you! BAR STALKER!!!

  • french

    @Lisa rose:

    It’s not me, i don’t use different names like you.