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Carrie Underwood: 'Play On' Album Cover Revealed

Carrie Underwood: 'Play On' Album Cover Revealed

Carrie Underwood‘s upcoming third album Play On will be released on Tuesday, November 3.

According to USA Today, Mark Bright made the entire record (he produced Carrie‘s 2x platinum album Carnival Ride and part of her debut, Some Hearts).

FYI: Carrie also worked with producer Max Martin on one song, which may or may not make the cut (he did Kelly Clarkson‘s “My Life Would Suck Without You”, Katy Perry‘s “I Kissed a Girl” and Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time”).

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  • miss Canada

    Who you callin’ hick? Show yourself and you won’t be talkin” Nobody disses my girl you foul mouthed nobody.

    Can’t wait for the new single! Carrie is on top of the World right now and it is going to come through on this CD. The album art is gorgeous. Her boyfriend, Mike Fisher, is seriously the luckiest guy I can think of. Although Carrie is pretty darn lucky herself because Mike is quite a catch.
    Both of them are the definition of hotness, good character, and gentle hearts! Love them both!

  • flutters

    Gorgeous cover, I love it! It’s very natural looking and down to earth. I like the expression in Carrie’s eyes too. Can’t wait to hear the new music.

  • Suzy

    I love Carrie Underwood, and can’t wait to buy her 3rd album… I kind of
    knew back in 2005 that Carrie would win American Idol. I felt if she did indeed win, then she would be immensely popular! Well I guess I’m right b/c she did win and she’s one of country’s most loved, and admired artists…

  • Oooh boy

    Misandric songs about love and relationships. Oooh boy. FU Carrie.

  • sophie

    can’t wait for her album! her music is GREAT =)

  • Sierra

    To all the nasty people out there that have posted, or are going to post, hateful comments about Carrie:

    I’d like to see you donate $117,000.00 worth of musical instruments to your school(s). Until you can do that, you have NO RIGHT to dis her. Get a life and take your hate somewhere else!!

  • che

    Beautiful album cover !!
    I love Carrie!!!

  • jessie

    Carrie has a beautiful voice. I disliked her song “Before he cheats” because it promoted domestic violence. It was overlooked by the media because they think of Carrie as perfect. But no one should suggest busting out taillights and so forth.

  • Amy

    Great album cover, she looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to hear her new album – it would be hard to beat her previous ones, which were amazing.

  • Sierra


    If you’re a true Carrie fan, you’d know that when that song was released, she put out a statement saying that she does NOT condone violence of ANY kind.

  • bILLIE

    Carrie ROCKS!

  • Gaby


  • janie

    To the silly person that did not like BHC because it is about “violence”, singers are basically actors so that is so dumb. Reba has a song about being a hooker. Do you think she wants to be a hooker now or condones being a hooker now? All of them sing about stuff they don’t do. That was a very fun song that most girls have dreamed about doing to some guy – but would never do of course.

    Anyway, beautiful album cover. I love it.

  • TAMI

    Carrie has THE most perfect and beautiful voices of any female singer out there, any time that I’ve seen her live in concert she sounds fantastic! Obviously Carrie does NOT promote domestic violence. People read too much into song lyrics sometimes, these songs are just meant to be an escape from our hectic lifes for a short while. Just turn up the radio or CD player, relax and let loose for awhile people!!

  • JeSsica

    I love Carrie but not a big fan of the cover makes here look 12. She could do better!!

  • anna

    this is a gorgeous cover!

  • someone

    @Sierra: Whaaaat?? How so? As other people have said, it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. And she wasn’t beating up the guy, she was inflicting damage on his truck.

    Soooo excited :D The first single WILL. BE. HUGE.

  • hails

    Love Carrie! Can’t wait for the new album!

  • Jess

    @someone: I agree. BHC was about taking out the frustration on a truck. Not a person. Beat up one of the things that most guys LOVE more than anything….his TRUCK!

  • glen J anderson

    She is great and nothing good comments show be written

  • Becky

    Carrie is a terrific singer, and I love country music and I love listening to her and she is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than that air-bag Jessica Simpson.For the idiot that called Carrie a redneck, what trailer park are you from?I am Black and I like country music and Carrie Underwood is fabulous.There are too many people on here with too much time on their hands making stupid, hateful comments.By the way theat song”Before he Cheats” is a favourite of mine.What violence is there?I won’t mind battering my ex’s truck if I found him wandering, I’d love to have that Louisville slugger in my hand.Lmao.Cheating hurts, so I’d go after his most loved things, his truck, his Gucci things and the list goes on.

  • Just saying

    WOW! Jessica. Carrie’s not old at all so yes she would look young without all the make-up. To me this is very much Carrie.This is her normal everyday look which is what I think she was going with. She wanted the picture to represent who she really is and not be an over the top unrecognizable picture of herself. At heart Carrie’s a down home girl. Wish her the best of luck! She has an phenomenal voice.

  • stellartes

    Does not look like her at all!

  • Sierra


    What did I say that would cause you to “Whaaaat?” me? One of my posts was flagged and I honestly don’t know why. Regardless, I’ve NEVER said anything bad enough to be censored on ANY message board.

    Please, Moderator, tell me what rule(s) I violated?

    If any of you knew Carrie, you would know she is one of the kindest, gentlest people walking the face of this earth. Her whole family is that way. If you’ve ever seen the photo of her helping her father feed the cattle, you’d see the real Carrie. Sure, she likes to dress to the nines, but I know she’s more comfortable in a pair of well worn jeans.

  • Andy

    Nice Cover!

  • Sierra


    I’ve got a couple of photos of her from her pre-American Idol days that you would say the same thing about. She’s still a beautiful young woman, with or without the make-up and fancy clothes.

  • Sierra


    The reason I said that is because the magazine covers are so PhotoShopped that the end results don’t do her justice. I’ve even had to look at a couple of them twice or three times, to make sure it was her, because the editing was so overdone.

  • adriana

    I am SUPER excited about this! I love how naturaly beautiful the cover is.

  • loulou

    Carrie looks gorgeous!!!! Really natural too! Can’t wait for this album :)

  • Don

    Wow great cover!
    Looks just like the gorgeous ,beautiful woman she’s always been to me.

  • Chris


    She actually did an interview about that song, and emphasised that she was not suggesting people use violence, she just did it as a fun song, which it is. We all have a little bit of a dark side!

    And LOVE the new album cover, can’t wait!

  • Chris


    She actually did an interview about that song, and emphasised that she was not suggesting people use violence, she just did it as a fun song, which it is. We all have a little bit of a dark side!

    And LOVE the new album cover, can’t wait!

  • Justanoldfashionedgirl


    Well, I WAS one of those women that use to get knocked around…good for Carrie, it was a very empowering song that helped me break out of that relationship and take out a few headlights myself! Now instead of cowering, I walk tall and carry a wooden bat!! You Go Carrie!!

  • happylady

    i like that clean image she has.she not another brittany spears

  • Ashla

    Love her. Gorgeous album cover, can’t wait to hear it.

  • seth

    LMAO, miss Canada, you don’t scare anyone sweetie. Not everyone has to love “your girl”. And I love how you call a person a “nobody” when that’s exactly what you are too. You call her “your girl” as if you know her personally or something. Carrie doesn’t know you, and even if she did, she wouldn’t give two craps about you. Just as long as you buy her music so she can rake in the money. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Mark

    Carrie fans are by far the most hypocritical fan base I have ever seen. They get so defensive and personally attack anyone that doesn’t praise and worship at Carrie’s feet, yet they go around bashing Taylor Swift like there’s no tomorrow. They also bash any other female artist that might be any threat to Carrie. Their philosophy is “if it’s not Carrie, then it sucks”. I personally think that Carrie is over rated and fake. I’ll stick to the true country artists that actually have a personality.

  • taaheatea

    I saw Carrie in concert in Spokane, WA. Great job. Love her music. I have been voting for you since you did AI. I voted for you in the CMA’s as well. Can’t wait to hear the 3rd album and watch the videos. I am a LOYAL fan. Congrats. Love the cover by the way.

  • ricki

    Someone said it is her ‘normal, everyday look’? lol
    too funny……

  • ricki

    I agree with Mark! So overrated! And they all keep saying she looks ‘normal’. What in the world are they seeing? They actually think she wakes up in the morning looking like that??????

  • LuckyMe

    She looks beautiful here. I never heard the cheating song everyone is talking about. I’ll have to look that one up. I disagree with hitting anything or breaking stuff. But Carrie is a cutie with a good voice.

  • Anna

    Mark, people bash taylor not because they think she is a threat to carrie. They bash her because of her lack of performing talent and singing ability. its not a parallel to Carrie. I have seen taylor live. Taylor may be really popular now , yes, but to little girls under age of 20.

  • Anna


    Take a pill. She looks not overdone, her hair is straight, not fussy , simple. Simple black eyeliner, light lipgloss. Simple makeup and her natural beauty shines through.

    I do not like when she has a gunk of makeup on does not look good on her.

  • lucy

    new album!! finally!
    i can’t wait!

  • Just saying

    Mark you have truly shown your colors. You’re a taylor swift fan in disguise.So you like singers who can’t actually sing but because they’re”good” we should let that slide.What actually constitutes for a person doing or being good.At least Carrie is constantly giving lots of money and/or time to charities and she always give glory to GOD.I’ve never even heard taylor say she believes in GOD or express how much GOD has done for her but yet she’s consider to be so “good”.Everything she does is selfish ambition and vain glory.Oh, and Ricki you’re such a jack…That is Carrie’s everyday look.I’m not delusional I’m aware she has on eye make-up.But, Carrie always wears eye make-up wheter she’s in public or not.Hence that’s why I said her everyday look.She’ll put on mascara and eyeliner with little lipgloss and a pair of jeans and shirt to run errons in Nashville.So don’t attack me like I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • taylor

    Ooohhh so exciting! I can’t wait for this album, Carrie looks stunning, as per usual!

  • LuckyMe

    A person being good can be in lots of different ways. Playing and singing is part of it, but being entertaining is too. Especially if you are going to see someone you want to be entertained. You want to get your money’s worth. Or just better to sit home and listen to a CD.

  • Jamie

    Wow this does not even look like Carrie.

    Normally she looks like Barbie and so fake, but they stripped her down some for this cover.

    I wish she looked like this more often, instead of all the fake hair and too much make-up. This looks suits her. I may buy the album just for this gorgeous cover.

  • jessica

    Correction: Carnival Ride has sold over 3 million copies. Not sure why it hasn’t been certified by now.

    Can’t wait for the new single and new album!!!

  • C me

    Pretty and natural, very nice!
    As for the songs, I bet they will be good, but my favorite will probably always be: “Jesus take the Wheel