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Chris Brown Clarifies Larry King Statement

Chris Brown Clarifies Larry King Statement

Chris Brown has released a statement on Monday (August 31) clarifying his earlier statements on Larry King Live.

In a statement to, the 20-year-old singer said:

“There have been reports on the internet that I didn’t remember what happened that night with Rihanna. I want to try and set things straight. That 30 seconds of the interview they used of me was taken from a one hour interview during which that same question was asked something like 4 or 5 times — and when you look at the entire interview you will see it is not representative of what I said.

“The first four times – or how ever many times it was – I gave the same answer — which was that I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to talk about what happened that night. I said it was not right for me and it really wasn’t fair to Rihanna. The fifth time – or whatever it was – I just misspoke. I was asked, ‘Do you remember doing it?’ and I said, ‘No.’

“Of course I remember what happened. Several times during the interview, my mother said that I came to her right afterwards and told her everything. But it was and still is a blur. And yes, I still can’t believe it happened because it is not me or who I am or is what happened like anything I have ever done before.

“As I have said several times previously, I am ashamed of and sorry for what happened that night and I wish I could relive that moment and change things, but I can’t. I take full responsibility for my actions. What I have to do now is to prove to the world that this was an isolated incident and that is not who I am and I intend to do so by my behavior now and in the future.”

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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    … little bish ass nicca. back-tracking now. fcuking fagggot. skinny jeans wearing non-singing woman beating pusssy. i’d love to fcuk this homoo up. i wish his fan base of 13-17 year old girls weren’t so damn stupid… he’d be done if it wasn’t for those dummies.

  • danielson

    come to my town, chris, and we’ll open up a can of “mommy get me out of here” on yo bl@ck @ss

  • Chantel

    how is he back-tracking???????????????? It isn’t his fault that people decided to jump on a 30 seconds snippet that’s from an hour long interview labeling it as BE ALL TELL ALL.

    I’m not even a fan of Chris and I know the difference between jumping to conclusion without hearing it all and taking some that’s half side as the whole thing. I know how to with hold judgment and waiting on the full story.

  • HS

    @danielson: AMAZING!

  • me(:

    Love him. And again, there’s his apology. Haters fall back!

  • Not impressed by JA

    So why on earth, days after it happened, he said that people have clue and that he was and i quote INNOCENT ?

    He is a liar who only take responsability now because he lost some credibility. He was smiling and laughing and jet skiing a few days only after the beating. He said first that he was innocent and that he would plead as such, then months later he pleaded guilty. Days after the beating he was acting like he had done nothing wrong and that people who were saying it was wrong and he was guilty were wrong.
    He is a hypocrit and a coward like many men who beat their women and children and act all repentfull when they are caught but never feel remorse otherwise.

  • cATSUP

    You got away with it so go back to your partying and lyao at the world .
    But just wait and see who will bE buying tickets for anything you do.

  • stella

    Still can’t forgive him.

  • UrbanCowboy

    This is one crazy brotha!!!

  • boo

    to the 1st comment: i’m getting so sick & tired of all the racist comments on this site. it used to be neutral and unbias in the reporting but now JJ is egging on judgement & hate from it’s readers.
    CLEAN UP YOUR ACT JJARED!! as a gay asian male you should know how hurtful these comments are.
    moderate & remove the ignorant comments from your site

  • chriscowardbrown

    f U c k him. what u do & say makes u who u are. try to bash the living s h ii t out of someone, that’s who u are. and it wasn’t the first time he hit her, it was the first time someone called the cops on him. this guy sounded like the beating was justified from day one. he is now trying to sound like it was all a fluke, a one time thing that he had no control over. EFF THAT SH ii T!!!!!!!! all he got was a slap on the wrist. actually, not even a slap on the wrist, just a warning that he might get a slap on the wrist.

  • Steph

    Wow you guys are really crazy. The way some of you talk about him is ridicoulus. Just remember you all have to answer to god at the end of the day not chris brown. And so does chris. God says we need to forgive and that’s what we need to do and let this YOUNG man go on with his life. Please this is getting out of control and the racist comments are uncalled for.

  • kendra

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: he’s sorrry like evry one else he deserves a second chance…don tbe harsh

  • bella

    @Chantel: well put.

  • Besane

    This man has absolutely NO REMORSE. All he cares is very obviously rehabilitating his tarnished image and his career = $$$. And the stupid public let him get away with it.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @kendra: 1st.. maybe you’re right. forgive, but NEVER forget. people in this country seem to forget way tooo easily.
    @boo: 2nd.. “as a gay asian male”… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *cough*.. HAHAHAHAHA! jared’s a “gay asian male”?!? you outting him?!? LMBFAOOO

  • Move on Baby

    I Believe him…
    I wish he wpuld stop covering up on Rihanna’s part of it & how she contributed to the fight!
    Yes I said fight, a Fight she Lost!
    Just Move on with ur life Baby!

  • Move on Baby

    I Believe him…
    I wish he would just stop covering up on Rihanna’s part of it & how she contributed to the fight!
    Yes I said fight, a Fight she Lost!
    Just Move on with ur life Baby!

  • Amanda

    What does it matter if he remembers it or not? A lot of abusive men say that they don’t remember what they have done afterwards. Either way I don’t think anything is wrong with that answer. I’m glad he at least tried to keep the subject off limits. I respect him for that.

  • You/Me

    I am really disappointed in Larry King, he knows d*mn good and well that his show is twisting Chris’s words. It is so obvious what Chris means about not remembering, and the media takes that tries ot make it seem like he didn’t think it was a big enough deal to even bother remembering. WTF is wrong with people???
    And anyway, America gives second chances to child abusers and rapists but they don’t want to give a second chance to a man whose girlfriend started a fight that she couldn’t finish??? Puh-lease.

  • eli

    a beater & a LIAR

  • shannon

    wll obviously….this statement was not written by brown. I don’t think he could manage to formulate sentences if his career depended on it.

  • anon

    If he was smart he would go away for awhile instead of trying to do damage control. Whoever encouraged him to go on television and give an interview when he is unwilling or unable to answer simple questions, should be immediately fired. The problem is that he is not really remorseful, he simply wants people to support his career. A person who had genuine remorse wouldn’t have made so many missteps since he assaulted the woman he supposedly loves. The saddest part of this entire situation is reading comments from young women supporting this woman beater and I hope for your sakes that it doesn’t happen to you or someone you love. But for goodness sake, go get educated about domestic violence and stop giving an abuser a pass because you think he’s cute.

  • Steph

    @anon: Yeah im so sure it’s because he’s cute. Not even, it’s because he is human and he made a huge a** mistake. Nobody was half as worried about mike Tyson when he beat up wife over and over again..chris made a mistake one time in the public eye and mike tyson did it several times but nobody bashed him like they are doing chris. And what about sean Penn who beat up madonna?? Was it ok for him to do that?? No it wasn’t but guess what I didn’t hear all this hatred towards sean as I do for chris.. y’all need to stop being judgemental and let the boy move the hell on.

  • adam & eve

    i don’t understand him. so he’s going to apologize all the time now…well when is he going to prove himself. he better keep to his word in the last part of that statement of from her on after because i am tired of him.

    he’s not backtracking at all and this statment although meant well is kinda pointless. of course they asked you the same question MORE THAN 1 TIME. you went there with your protectors so they don’t know how much actual information they can get from you. what he meant to say was that he SLIPPED UP because he didn’t mean to tell the TRUTH (note the lawyer…also remember how he also said the lawyer was preventing him from doing what he felt needed to be done…in the public eye to salvage his career…which i guess is a good thing because the kid is still a kid/acts like a kid.) but actually said what he believed, WHICH HE REPEATED IN THIS STATEMENT AS WELL, in that it is all “blurry” he is still shocked, he wasn’t aware, he can’t believe he did that blah blah what a douchebag, etc…you know an apology is one thing…continuing to talk is another. i don’t want to hear him talk frankley, and i’m glad that he was the one who was okay with this exact punishment because he feels he needs to prove himself. so you know what chris brown i have nothing against you. PROVE YOUR DAMN SELF. that’s it. it’s not asking much. get some counselling help. own your actions like how you said you are willing to own your punishment.

    i’m not sure if it was in the other cb thread or here, but someone was asking why do we care, we the public…and you know that’s a question that already has an answer and the person asking it needs to use their brain. i don’t want to call it a dumb question. if the public did not buy this guys records or whatever he sold with his talents you think CHRIS BROWN WOULD BE A STAR? really…you think chris brown would still be himself. yeah he would still be a preson who was gifted like many young people around the world, but if the public wasn’t willing to buy into whatever he or his team was hocking would this guy be as recognized as he is. so of course he feels he needs to right his image in the public eye. he feels like he needs to apologize to us or his fans, but he really needs to apologize to himself and work on himself before he starts going around talk talk talking. i appreciate an apology as much as the next person but actions speak louder than words and they always have. you can never excuse actions. they are either done or they are not, and they are right or wrong.

    like i said in the previous thread i am not perfect and i understand the situation this kid/man child is in, had been in, but i don’t want him to apologize to me. i want him to prove himself. he always talks about being a role model…and i just wish i could look at him in the same light like i did before when i was naive and ignorant, because now i can’t look at him the same way and he makes me angry. unlike him though i will not let that anger RULE me. i’m just sad about all of this. things change. i want him to shut up.

  • adam & eve

    Steph @ 08/31/2009 at 9:47 pm Wow you guys are really crazy. The way some of you talk about him is ridicoulus. Just remember you all have to answer to god at the end of the day not chris brown. And so does chris. God says we need to forgive and that’s what we need to do and let this YOUNG man go on with his life. Please this is getting out of control and the racist comments are uncalled for.
    forgiveness is good and all but ACTIONS are even better. those apologies he’s been giving i can pull out of my ass. an apology is one step. where are the others. he wants to prove himself and own his actions…so where is it chris or are you just going to be talking about this to try and get some rehabilitation through the public eye.

    Amanda @ 08/31/2009 at 10:34 pm What does it matter if he remembers it or not?
    you know you already answered your question with that sentence you wrote about people who forget things/supress them down. IT MATTERS THAT HE REMEMBERS BECAUSE FROM HIS OWN MOUTH HE SAID THAT HE WANT’S TO “OWN THIS EXPERIENCE/PUNISHMENT/HIS ACTIONS/HIS DECISIONS/HIS MISTAKES, ETC… and he also said HE WANTS TO PROVE HIMSELF AND BE A ROLE MODEL.” while chris brown has been in “shock” about this because he can’t stomach this, he can’t deal with this, he can’t understand this, he can’t understand his emotions-behaviour-actions, he doesn’t know control, whatever else excuses he’s giving publicaly, behind close doors, or to himself, what he actually did say is very TELLING of him as a person. i make lots of mistakes also. lots and lots and lots of them and some like how chris did…but i always always always deal with them and am very very forthright with myself. it is not about age, but wholly about character. i never forget my actions. if i am big enough to act out and let my emotions rule me i am always prepared for the consequences, no matter how difficult they are for me. this guy needs to shut up and have someone counsell him because even when this was a shock to the public and his fans (why people were shocked i don’t know. i wasn’t surprised at all) and now that it has settled for people into their minds…it’s still WOWIE WOW WOW SHOCK FOR CHRIS BROWN…when he’s the one who needs to OWN HIS ACTIONS THE MOST. so that’s why it matters. this is the same guy who promised he wouldn’t be like x x x and let himself get ruled by his anger and then says no one teaches you how to deal with things…and that is true for lots of people not only him, but what i definately find very very weak about this kid i like, is that it doesn’t seem like he is manning up and using his b-a-l-l-s or even his brains. whoever is giving him advice needs to get fired.

  • p3rp3tu4

    Hmm did he say something like this when it happened? NO. He even mocked it . He just wants his fame back. We don’t need anything more from him except his disappearance.

  • adam & eve

    You/Me @ 08/31/2009 at 10:43 pm I am really disappointed in Larry King, he knows d*mn good and well that his show is twisting Chris’s words. It is so obvious what Chris means about not remembering,
    you know what please. chris brown said that. it came out of his mouth. that interview wasn’t edited down enough to make someone misconstrue what he said. infact he said the same thing that is posted in the statment here. he said he doesn’t remember, it’s blurry, fuzzy, he can’t believe it, he’s not that kind of person, yadda yadda yadda. and don’t blame the media. not all people are stupid enough to buy into everything the media says or what chris brown and his lawyer, his moms or whoever is advising him, is doing. the media isn’t at fault here. chris brown is at fault because he didn’t stick to the program, because he was asked the same questions repeatedly…like an interrogation style, and he slipped up…and i bet mark geragos was going WTH inside his head. he told the truth. it’s his truth. his truth should not be maligned or insulted or whatever because it’s his own experience and he believes it to be true. i don’t mind what he said actually, or the words he used. the bigger problem i get from what he said in what was leaked out in the cnn interview…is that he’s speaking/saying two different things…he’s in shock…he doesn’t remember, it’s blurry, the incident isn’t real in his mind or hasn’t formulated and accepted by him, but then he goes and says he want’s to own his punishment and he wants to prove himself. if he’s thinking about this he would know that a part of proving himself includes owning his actions. it’s been months months and months and i have chosen to believe that instead of partying, working, and trying not to be depressed about all of this and trying to put it in the past, that he hasn’t come to completely accept what he did and his role in what happened pre february and after that incident. he needs that counselling…and his own words prove that.

    rihanna is also the other problem. she needs help to.

    i don’t understand why people are so quick to move on when they don’t understand what they need to move on from. like kids nowadays/even adults…have no time to reflect on the past but always in a hurry and always moving forward. i commend that ability to look past and go ahead, but sometimes you need to look into the past before you can go into the future.

    so that’s what i got from that. no one had to tell me this. no media is brainwashing me. i am not a battered person or whatever people want to sling…and i am not a hater. if i was i would gladly own all those characteristics. this kid needs counselling. i don’t understand what’s so bad about saying that.

  • chianne

    I’m in the camp of ‘stupid fans’ that forgives Chris . and I believe and feel for what he is saying: that this isn’t the person he ieally is, and he will never react like that again during a disagreement. I too would like to know what triggered him – but let it rest. I so want him to come back and make his music, and I know he is dying to also; I think its time. Little by little. Appearing on friends’ videos and in their singles like he’s doing. Then let him fly, like he can and should. There is a hole in R and B now.

  • adam & eve

    and he also needs that oppertunity to prove himself. this dude is not past being forgiven or given chances because i’ve seen worse than him (that is not an excuse and shouldn’t be an excuse). the disturbing thing about all of this are the young females and males saying this is right and rihanna deserved this and using the term you got chris brown’d so easily. there is something so wrong with some of those comments that i couldn’t even stomach watching that teleprompter apology on youtube. the comments on youtube and some of these blogs have been really interesting to see. for all the people who agree with what chris brown did…the same chris brown who thinks what he did was sooooo bad that he’s suppressed the event(s)…do you think that even chris brown thinks he did the right thing? if he did the right thing then why did he and his moms hire one of the best entertainment laywers out there to try and clear him, but that he, chris brown, was the one who proposed some of the things he would do for his punishment, and why did chris brown accept those terms. you think chris brown is so naive (even if he acts like a little man…had to grow up before his years) that he thinks this will all go away easy peasy. i think somewhere in his head there is a brain…he may not use it all the time and sometimes he let’s his EMOTIONS control him, and although he might be stupid sometimes, but this kid is no joke. he is talented, he believes in himself (maybe he needs to believe in his actions so it’ll be easier for him to own them, good or bad), and he’s not stupid.

  • chadroy23

    lol people here with no life act like they are all big and that, and I bet y’all have made mistakes. people with no hearts go bury your head in a toilet sit.

    chris apologized, what more do you want? him banged up? how will that be fair then? small people take revenge. smart people accept apolgies. idiots.

  • adam & eve


    chianne @ 09/01/2009 at 12:43 am I’m in the camp of ’stupid fans’ that forgives Chris . and I believe and feel for what he is saying: that this isn’t the person he ieally is, and he will never react like that again during a disagreement. I too would like to know what triggered him

    you know chianne good comment. i have nothing against you…and not all chris brown fans are stupid…i am/was a fan of his, and i don’t go screaming “i love u chris brown please father my children” or “that’s right chris that girl deserved to get beat…you should have beat her even harder…you should have showed her who’s boss…you should have killed her” or any of the bs some of these trifling people have been sh*tting out of their mouth orfice. i haven’t heard him say so clearly that “he will never act like this again”…what i heard was “this isn’t me or the person i am/want to be, etc…,” but making statments/promises like that don’t work. chris brown already said he will not act like his father, and stepfather, and he would never put someone in the situation he was in or do that to a woman, ever. chris brown makes some pretty naive cloud statments he believes to be true, which i have also made the same mistake of doing, and he hasn’t realized that all he needs to do is live his life according to his morals and know that people always make mistakes, big mistakes, to huge irreparable ones. but that to live and be human means facing all the obstacles put infront of you (or like how i’m taught all the trials God sets for you) and conquer them. sometimes you don’t know how…you might take a small mistake and make it bigger, or a bigger mistake and make it enormous, but that you need to deal with everything that comes up and deal with it the best of your abilities or better. he let his anger run him. he has a problem. he had a problem with or without rihanna. he has an anger problem. anyone who is a fan of chris brown should have seen this or seen this coming and not have been so shocked or surprised. i bet against him and said, like how he promised to himself and to his fans, that he would probably do what happened to his mom to someone else because he’s internalized all his anger against his stepfather and he doesn’t deal with it because i bet you in his world, men don’t talk about their feelings much…and it’s him and his mom, and he’s the man, he has to grow up at a young age, so he can’t burden his mom with the things he’s thinking or going through. his mom and him are very close but i bet he doesn’t tell her stuff…like any other kid, and i bet that she would have seen all of this but blinded herself to it because he’s her kid and she’s mama bear. this is called repression, regression, ignorance, naivitay, caring, and many other things real doctors deal with. this kid needs someone he can talk to and go through this with…a doctor, and i don’t understand who is telling him to talk about this to the public.

    and about your “let it rest” chianne…lol let it rest really…you mean forgiveness or forget? what do you really mean by that…put some context to it. if you mean let it rest because chris brown has not come to accept and understand his behaviour, then you must be kidding because that guy is giving out a call for therapy with his actions after the incident…because he still hasn’t proven himself :). i’m pulling for the kid and i don’t want him to make me look stupid so i don’t appreciate him or his people thinking that young people are all like the chris brown stans on the internet going around saying “he should have beat her a$$” like there’s a point to saying bullsh*t like that.

  • Racist readers


    I think the same…I’m so disappointed in Jared to allow that on his blog. Whatever he did, you look like worse human beings with your racist comments. And that’s really bad! I wish they could send all racist people to jail for a life time just like women beaters…They are both on that same boat of unacceptable behaviour!

  • **Jamie**

    All Chris Brown can do is say sorry.

    He can’t go back and change the past. Everyone deserves a second chance.

    I just hope he NEVER EVER does it again to anyone, male or female.

    Let’s just remember that he is not the first and won’t be the last man to hit a woman. It sad but true.

    If he does it again, he should be written off from hollywood. As for now, i accept his apology especially considering how young he is.

  • adam & eve

    it’s not about apologies. he’s apologised many times…to us (not really necessary), to his mother, to his family and friends, to his pastors, to rihanna, to rihanna’s family and friends, blah blah blah, to god…he feels guilty. it would be better and good for the healing process within himself is he apologised to himself and started of the process that way. infact out of all the many apologies he’s made…all of them could be sincere, all fake, or have any number of real or fake apologies. chose your pick. he doesn’t need to keep apologizing. what is sad about this is that a guy who is pretty straightforward and doesn’t subscribe to bs, and a guy who is relatively grounded some (mom brought him up well…or tried/tries to), that this kid isn’t going about this the way he thinks is right (although i fear if he did what he wanted to do more pics of him partying would come out…cause it seems like he listens a lot to his “friends”) and is allowing other people to talk him into what he needs to do, because sadly, this guy has a career and is trying to salvage a career. why is no one telling him to keep his mouth shut and go away and get on with proving himself (yeah cause volunteering and giving back needs to be dictated to you from a judge. ugh), instead of talk talk talking. what is all this talking going to bring. you think people believe you are reformed? really? are people that dumb. like you go and beat up someone and you are then reformed because you apologised? hmmm (rolling my eyes). whoever is advising him needs to be fired, demoted, freeze pay or w/e needs to be done. he needs to stop apolgising and start doing. he needs to believe in himself. and even if he wants to do larry king or talk to the tabbies/give interviews, do events, w/e…he needs to refrain from that stuff. i think someone put it best when they said that this kid’s career isn’t over. he has time. everyone has time especially if they are talented enough and work hard. it would benefit him to shut up and go away.

  • adam & eve

    **Jamie** @ 09/01/2009 at 1:19 am All Chris Brown can do is say sorry.
    no that’s not all chris brown can do. apologizing is only one of many things he can do. it’s a process. i don’t like apologies but i sometimes have to make them…i know when they are sincere and when they are fake. people are always saying apologies are hard to make…but i’ve made them and i didn’t find them hard at all. sometimes i would lie and apologize when i didn’t want to or feel to, and i would go back on that apology to that person or to myself and make it be known that i wasn’t sincere and that i lied. when you lie you are hurting yourself. sincere apologies are hard to make but not all apologies are hard to make. there’s a difference.

    he can do so much better. he’s a smart guy. stop talking.

    apologies should not be taken at face value because of ones age, and you don’t have to say i accept his apology or i forgive him because of/considering his age…really…hahahaaa that is not good for humanity then. apologizing and forgiveness, being truthful, being sincere, all that good stuff about human beings should not be dependent on someone’s age.

    wow. i forgive chris brown or i accept his appology considering his age. he’s not too old no? seriously.

  • chichi


  • Gabe


  • jenny

    i was really mad that it felt like he was dismissing and making light of what happened, words like, hit, instead of beat, and she hit first, instead he could have killed her, i don’t care who hit first, he is a man, he could have, should have walked away to cool off, guys are in jail for less. he needs help and fast. don’t sugar coat the situation., but now i can move on, he really seems remorseful, and is taking responsibility for his action, good luck Chris.

  • emma

    Why can’t this guy take responsiblity for his actions? I watched parts of the interview. Larry King asked him a bunch of questions leading up to this one…..when he was asked “do you remember what happened that night?”….he said “no.” He then went on to say he’s not that person and he couldn’t remember what happened. The excuse he’s giving now is pure BS.

  • eden

    omg, just go away chris brown. this is beyond damage control. you say you wanna continue trying to be a ‘role model’. is he really serious?! grow the hell up and get your sh!t together kid. worry about your well-being rather than what others perceive of you. you screwed up and you live with it like a real man!

  • littlekitten

    ah, its no use for him to apologize. if apolgizing really helps, i guess all the prisoners are out of prison now. and i think 6 months of community work isnt enough for a bastard

  • Billboard

    I think Chris should just Move On and leave this incident to REST!
    Do Not go on ANY shows to try to explain urself, because even if Rihanna had Stabbed you, the WORLD would still HATE you.
    JUST Move On!

  • Billboard

    I think Chris should just Move On and leave this incident to REST!
    Do Not go on ANY shows to try to explain urself, because even if Rihanna had Stabbed you, the WORLD would still HATE you.
    JUST Move On!
    How can you l ove someone who was p urposely SILENT in this entire incident & hasn’t claimed their responsibility in what occured that night?
    Just Let It Go Chris…..

  • lady

    Bullshit. Thank god Rihanna wised up her career would be over

  • lady

    Bullshit. Thank god Rihanna wised up her career would be over

  • omg!!

    i will buy the whole thing chris !!!! and if u want 2 4give somebody u have 2 4get what happened !!!!

  • mai linh

    hmm we can all forgive because he didn’t do it to us but poor her. I don’t really like Rihanna but what he did is more th

  • Anaksunamum

    He should be in jail!!!!!!

  • carrienae

    What a fu**ing douche!!!!!!