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Chris Pine: Diva-licious

Chris Pine: Diva-licious

Who knew Chris Pine was a diva?

In true diva fashion, the 29-year-old Star Trek stud was picked up by in a chauffeured town car (black Cadillac) and had his luggage loaded into the trunk for him, including a guitar case.

Chris then ran back inside to grab his iced coffee and a few DVDs before taking off in his car, which had a license plate that spelled out “Diva 60.”

10+ pictures inside if diva-licious Chris Pine

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chris pine diva 01
chris pine diva 02
chris pine diva 03
chris pine diva 04
chris pine diva 05
chris pine diva 06
chris pine diva 07
chris pine diva 08
chris pine diva 09
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Photos: GSI Media
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  • Tata

    Ha ha ha! Diva 60? That’s funny ^^

  • Ali

    Diva, of course, is the limo services license plate moniker. All their cars are plated Diva with different numbers following. I always thought it looked funny too.

    It is ironic that people who do nothing more than act like someone else are treated to such amenities, when the therapists, child psychologists, nurses, teachers, policemen, firemen, and those who attend to the poor and disabled labor in the trenches, are not entitled to such care and support. Sad and ironic.

  • me

    This guy does nothing for me . . .after his Audrina fling, find him a lot less appealing.

  • http://Herbreastlookbiggerthanusual.Maybeshegotimplants! pretty young girl


  • http://Herbreastlookbiggerthanusual.Maybeshegotimplants! pretty young girl


  • awesome

    He’s hot

  • steph

    Looking hot, Chris! =)

  • dundies

    LOL omg i was going to come to his defense until i saw the license plate…to which i can not explain Ha

  • SAN

    Chris next movie “Unstoppable” will begin filming in Pittsburgh soon. He and Denzel Washington are amazing actors i’m waiting for a great movie.

  • sabrina

    @dundies: well that’s not his car is a rent limo or somenthing like that. Looking good chris looking good.

  • alexa

    @me: you are probably a lesbian :)

  • John L. Shinn III

    This is so funny—and so true! See, I told you JJ that Chris
    is Silver Lake’s new diva! Ha-ha-ha!
    Holy Shit Chris! Hey Zach…’sn your neighborhood DIVA!

  • SAN

    He is going far from you John! Lucky guy! HOT guy!

  • me

    Cute guy always!

  • shanda

    as the previous people posted yummy!

  • cali

    JJ why do you make it sound like it is his personal car? It is obvious that it is a car service. And at the 2nd poster who commented that actors shouldn’t be treated to such amenities, here is the thing, Lots of people use car services or limos when they go to the airport. I have used them myself and I am far from priviledged. Who’s to say that he is getting the “star treatment”? He seems pretty far from diva like to me. He is usually on his own, no big entourage surrounding him, he obviously runs his own errands, etc. Not exactly diva behavior

  • lizzie

    I agree with Cali – people in most cities take a car service to the airport. He’s most likely leaving to film a movie and he’d have to be a moron to leave his car in the airport lot for several months. Duh!

    Chris looks YUMMY as always.

    Crazy John Shin – get some help.

  • me

    @alexa: LOL . . .no I just have an opinion about him and I expressed it. . I think its funny you take offence to me giving my opinion by calling me that. Whatever.

  • John L. Shinn III

    Yesterday, as always, I got a good set on Zach Quinto in Silver Lake—check below’s URL:

    Zach knew I was out there parked somewhere inside my Honda Element taking his pictures from afar—and DISCREETLY, NO DRAMAS….

    Zach acted like he didn’t know I was in the vicinity and taking his pictures. Unlike Chris Pine, Zach did not jaywalk, ran, dash or sprint to his destination like a crazed crackhead.
    Unlike Chris Pine, Zach did not even bow his head while he walked down the street with his friend—or tried to shield his face pretending there are a million paps taking his picture.

    In the end, after saying goodbye to his friend, Zach Quinto quietly and slowly drove away in his Prius like any law-abiding, civilized and responsible resident/driver of L.A. Everything went on smoothly. There was no commotion or squealing tires. Zach went his way and I went my way.
    For me it was a good day’s work (3 hours) and I got two “exclusive” sets. In the next few days, Zach’s picture with his friend—my pictures paid for to the photo agency or blatantly stolen from me by the blogs (NOTE: they know who they are…one of them is WhosDatedWho blog) will find their way to dozens of celebrity blogs. I’m happy because my set on Zach looked good and Zach’s gonna be “HOT” until his next encounter with the paps.

    So you see, Chris…..if only you give us a few seconds (i mean a few seconds man!) of your precious DIVA time and pose for us so our pictures will look worth buying by the photo editor’s around the world—everything will be fine. We’ll all be happy. You make money and we make money. THINK ABOIUT IT…YOU’RE JUST STARTING OUT. THE PAPS DONT NEED YOU AS MUCH AS YOU NEED THEM. Without the paps’ pics you’re NOTHING Chris Pine.

  • vainjain

    Goodness gracious Mr. Shinn…you really DO NOT like Chris Pine. Maybe he tries to get away because he just doesn’t want a bunch of photogs in his face. You said that you shot Zachary Quinto’s photos “discretely” even though he knew you were there. OK, fine..maybe he has just resigned himself to the fact that there’s no escaping you guys. Maybe Chris Pine isn’t always in the mood. I have seen photos of him where he’s surrounded by photogs (and I’m not saying that you were one of them) and maybe he just got fed up. I know I would if I were in that sort of situation. Also maybe he’s pissed that certain photogs have posted pics of his home & where he parks his car…etc. I know you have a job to do but it just seems so…”intrusive” for lack of a better word. Come on Mr. Shinn, what has Chris Pine done..other than refuse to pose…that has made you dislike him so much?

  • John L. Shinn III

    vainjain: I actually grew up watching Chris Pine’s dad on CHiPs and I really believed I can really get myself to like his son. I would have loved to help give Chris all the publicity Chris needs—not that I’m a Hollywood starmaker.

    Put yourself in my shoe…Example: After working on Chris for, say, 6 hours and all I get at the end of the day are pics of him running away, or covering his face even though I’m across the street, taking his picture from inside my car—to avoid creating any unwanted attention from the public. (no photo editor will buy pics when you cannot see the face of the celbrity).

    Maybe, Chris should study Paris Hilton’s Hollywood Celebrity Class 101. Many people are critical of Paris Hilton’s celebrity status cause she’s rich and a dumb blonde.

    Several times I worked on her in the past, I have witnessed cleaning ladies, valet parking attendants, security guards approach Paris to ask if they can take their picture with her and I’ve never heard Paris say no. She would always make time for them.

    As for the paps, Paris would make sure to stretch a bit whatever precious little time she has (it’s actually only seconds not minutes)
    so all the paps following her will get their shots.

    It’s Paris Hilton….take it from her cause she knows how the paps world works….

  • pretty

    @me: If you find Chris a lot less appealing now because of the Audrina thing, then why are you hanging around here? You posted your 1st comment at 5:24 pm, then you’re back here again at 10:39 pm. Dude, express yourself some place else. You also seem the kind of person who believes in everything she/he reads – LOL! Sometimes a rumor is just that – A RUMOR!!! I, for one, do not believe that gossip about Chris and that girl for a second! But regardless, Chris is a great actor and a really cool guy and I can attest to that because I met him once and he’s really REALLY hot!! :D

    So WHATEVER, you’re just annoying!!

    And to you John Shinn, why are you posting and directing your comments to Chris — if you’re not delusional, do you honestly think Chris comes to this site? Idiot!

    Why don’t you join the person ME over there in lalaland?!

  • Happy Girl

    OMFG!!! John – are you seriously comparing Chris to Paris??? You’re a moron! Paris is famous for being Paris — whoring herself to the paps, her sex tapes, going to clubs, this girl would do just about anything to get attention. Chris on the other hand has a REAL JOB, he’s an actor. HE DOES NOT NEED YOU AND THE REST OF YOUR FRIENDS TO HELP HIM OUT WITH HIS CAREER!!!! He’s doing just fine without you stalking him! Good grief, I think you need professional help.

  • Ella

    Let’s let you into a secret John. No one goes to see a film based on whether an actor has been papped. Many successful actors have perfectly good careers without ever having to dodge idiots like you every day of their lives. The film industry wouldn’t fall apart without you – though the no-talent celebrity industry might – and most fans would be happier with pics from events rather than actors off-time and personal lives.

  • mac

    Love the new haircut! Maybe his sister has had her baby and uncle Chris is off to see the little one?

  • mac

    To Mr. Shinn: You commented under your own pictures you took of Zach a couple of days ago and pleaded with him to “go easy on the gas pedal next time”, so he didn`t exactly drive away slowly like you`re claiming now, did he? And yes, Zach did bow his head!!
    Plus there are tons of pictures of Chris and his fans circulating the net, he does not refuse to genuine people. Why would he not cooperate with you? Because he knows who you are!!

  • whoadude

    Mr Shinn,

    I am getting concerned about your behavior. There are thousands of actors in LA – yet you seem very obsessive about this one guy. You photograph him, comment on blogs posting his picture, try your to get his fans to dislike him, show his residence, his car, his garage …

    So this guy doesn’t behave in a way you want him too, so what? I hate to break this to you, but lots of actors are distainful and uncooperative with the paps, and yet they still are respected and popular with their fans and the industry. You guys are not the cause of fame – you are a symptom of it.

    Maybe it is good he is going off to shoot a film – it will give you a chance to step back and focus on someone else. You are getting a little scary. Most of your colleagues just focus on getting their job done and collecting the check – but you seem to take his behavior way too personally. Take it easy, dude. After all – he’s just an actor.

  • mrandmrssmith

    John Shi(t)nn III – you have serious issues and are a bully and a stalker.

    GET A F**KING LIFE!!!!!

  • Stacie

    Yummy is so right . I just love him . He can do NO wrong in my book. I’m soooo sad that I didn’t see this post earlier. Still love you Chris .

  • waaah

    @John L. Shinn III: Yes, sure, you paparazzi are the most important people in the world. I wish you’d leave both Zach and Chris alone – clearly, you’re waiting for the big money shot. Paris Hilton doesn’t have a life outside her stardom – Chris Pine and Zach Quinto both do. Go stalk Paris in the rest of your life.

  • Cali

    John Shinn,

    Paris Hilton’s only job is being photographed, so I am not surprised to hear that she takes time to do that stupid pose with the side eye that we have seen a million times.

    You act as if Chris Pine owes you something. As if he is obligated to pose for Pap Pictures when clearly he is not.. Nor is he obligated to sign autographs all the time or pose with fans on his personal time. Actors are not public property, despite what many might think. Typically the most successful actors with the longest careers are not darlings of the paps. Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, etc have managed to be quite successful without being on the cover of every tabloid all the time. The actors who pander to the tabloids are usually the ones who are more desperate and less talented. Give me a Chris Pine protecting his privacy any day over a Speidi or Lohan.

    And I agree with what others have said, You seem to be overly obsessed with this young man. Your comments reveal more about your issues than you probably realize.

  • lizzie

    John you really need to get a a life, a hobby, some serious meds and if at all possible – get yourself laid. You grew up “pining” after Chris’ father (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) and now you’re stalking his son? You are clearly obsessed with this guy who most likely declined your advances. Seriously, you spent SIX HOURS following him and you’re pissed because he didn’t humilate himself in some way so that you could cash in on it? Check the want ads, loser. I hear McDonalds is hiring. Hopefully, just not my McDonalds.

  • ****

    Oh yeah no, he’s definitely not gay at all and he doesn’t suffer from the worst case of gay face at all. *rolls eyes until they fall out*

  • Michelle

    John Shinn: If you are spending 6 hours a day following Chris, you are STALKING him. I wonder if you are the paparazzo he once mentioned that was outside his house EVERY MORNING. Find a way to make a living that doesn’t involve stalking other people. Chris is quite gracious and sweet to his fans – I know, I met him at Geffen Playhouse – but he shouldn’t have to suffer paparazzi following him around in his personal life. Paparazzi pics do NOT make an actor’s career. The actor makes his own career through his acting and personality and Chris is a fantastic actor and a thoroughly sweet person without any help from the paparazzi.

  • nicole

    is he going away for a while? does this mean we won’t get to see more of him in the coming days? =( maybe he’s now filming Unstoppable in Pittsburgh =)

  • mari

    I find it simply ridiculous how much some people read into the personality of a person, just because some paparazzi took some pictures.

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