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Jon Gosselin: Looking For Some Sugar

Jon Gosselin: Looking For Some Sugar

Jon Gosselin makes an appearance at the Sugar Factory at The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Sunday (August 30).

Later in the day, the 34-year-old Jon & Kate Plus 8 star scarfed down a buger with his friends had lunch at BLT Burger.

On Saturday, Jon partied with some 2,000 plus people at his own pool party. “I took my beautiful mother,” he said. “I wanted always to bring her to Vegas.”

10+ pictures inside of Jon Gosselin looking for some sugar…

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jon gosselin looking for some sugar 01
jon gosselin looking for some sugar 02
jon gosselin looking for some sugar 03
jon gosselin looking for some sugar 04
jon gosselin looking for some sugar 05
jon gosselin looking for some sugar 06
jon gosselin looking for some sugar 07
jon gosselin looking for some sugar 08
jon gosselin looking for some sugar 09
jon gosselin looking for some sugar 10

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  • erica

    He’s dirt, no matter which way you look at him. He is using the fame he got, thanks to his kids, to do whatever he want and throws his kids’ money around. That’s sick. And now he is blaming the media for the overexposure of his kids. He has a truly sick mind!

  • mela

    this guy always looks miserable. he’s a downer, complainer, and ingrate. thank god kate got away from him! also, he is such a pig, he picked up on a bunch of vegas ska*nks while he dragged his poor little old mother along as he went on the prowl at the pool party. disgusting!

  • mike

    if i had to bang kate for ten years I’d be acting the same way as him, he’s clearly not use to happiness

  • ASHI j J


  • Paige

    ewwww please work on the gut of yours, jon.

  • steph


  • Annie

    Is anyone actually interested in seeing photos of this man? Famous because he fathered 8 children, who financially support him and their mother.

  • ha

    he’s 32 NOT 34. there’s a difference… now lay off him. he’s just eating food for pete’s sake

  • ron

    #3 Mike – and I suppose it was a great thrill for Kate to live with this jerk for those ten years!

  • flo

    I think he is by far the better parent and unlike the soon to be ex-shrew, does love his kids when the cameras isnt rolling.

  • mela

    who drags their mother along to pick up on chicks? thats pretty lame. MiKe is bringing the man point of view. what are your thoughts on that? ……….IMO, as a woman, it’s no wonder Kate is an uptight b*tch. I’d turn into a prude too if I had to go home to Jon, his fat gut and sissy behavior every night! talk about arrested development! wouldnt want to touch that with a 10 foot pole. i’d be real bitter i think.

  • erica

    If I was Kate, I’d have dumped his sorry ass years ago. Of course a few men (thank God they’re in the minority!) see Jon’s point of view…they want to be able to be childish and irresponsible without repurcussions. They complain about women ‘nagging’, whatever! Women wouldn’t have to nag if men didn’t act like teens – as you are observing Jon acting.

  • laToya

    His mother is not beautiful and neither are his kids.

  • s

    what do girll see in him his blad fat has 32432 children and probably has a small dick since he asain

  • Cathey


  • Kim

    Is that candy organic? Kate will throw it away.

  • adam and eve

    flo @ 08/31/2009 at 3:36 pm I think he is by far the better parent and unlike the soon to be ex-shrew, does love his kids when the cameras isnt rolling.

    this doesn’t make any sense…so he has two persona’s an on for tv and not for tv persona…while kate is a b*tch 24/7 whereas she’s actually trying to change/snow people of her true behaviour by being a fame whore all the time. hmm. like he only loves his kids once the cameras are off.

    this guy is such a douchenaga (stolen from another poster in other jg thread).

    lol mike. he didn’t bang kate for 10 years. he might be spineless but he’s not stupid and that woman is as much of a shrew as they come. this guy is disgusting.

  • Dellina

    He is 32, not 34. It is Kate who is 34.

  • lakers fan in boston

    he looks like a pedophile with those lollipops in his hands
    he has the worse taste in clothes, typical douche
    next you’ll be seeing him in a pink shirt
    his mom looks like trash if you havent seen her

  • Hmmm

    He looks awful, I want to say something worse, but won’t. I will be glad when the show ends and so does all the media cover of Jon and Kate. I guess if you have 8 kids, 18 kids or whatever you become famous!!!

  • okay

    10 doll hits her kids.

  • okay

    Lisa, has no husband or father for her kid.

  • lo

    I think he was trying to show what a good son/father he thinks he is by briniging his mother to LV instead of his druggie girlfriend. Nice try Jon…it didn’t work, you’re still a bad dad.

  • franny

    lisa k. and ericka m. said…

    Maybe you guys can help me out on this one. My hubs wants to have butt luv. I’m really nervous about it. I heard you need a lot of lube. What’s the best type of lube to buy? He’s pretty cheap so it has to be something that I can buy at the Piggly Wiggly. Anyone know of any home remedies?


    In my family we have an age old secret passed down from mother to daughter… bacon grease. Your crack will smell like bacon for a week. lol. It also good for the environment since you are recycling. Oh don’t eat beans the night before.

  • franny

    Lisak;s bog is sick.

  • Jon’s next girlfriend

    I think Jon is hot. I would have him in a minute. Love you Jon.

  • Twigs

    Why are there pictures posted of some fat dude?

  • brown sugar

    Jon is just happy to be away from his ex-wife who is a crazy witch. He is the better parent for sure. When those kids grow up they will stay in a relationship with Jon, not Kate. Kate is always beating those kids with a spoon, and the kids will remember that.

  • Halli

    His mom is just his cover.

  • Halli



  • roseanna

    Boys just want to have fun. Men never grow up. Jon is the perfect example of that. But if he’s happy, what the heck. I know that living with Kate for ten years must have been like living in hell.

  • clark kent

    connie45 said…
    For the first time I wish I had twitter! I can only imagine the twisted logic and lame ass unfunny somments they make.

    Clever is something they never have to worry about.

    August 31, 2009 7:22 PM

  • lear

    @clark kent: Learn how to spell you stupid from Lisak;s bog.

  • chris

    Let him be, any man would have left thatwicked bossy witch, he is like a kid with the car keys for the first time. He has completely lost his mind with this new found freedom. I don’t blame him one bit, and Kate needs to quit acting like she is mother of the year, greedy witch


    @franny: To my knowledge,I don’t remember Lisa ever having a “bog”. Did you mean blog? DUH!

  • leah

    he’s trashy. why on earth does he keep popping up everywhere? gosh….take care of your kids!

  • Kelly

    These are the kind of friends that’s going to ruin his pathetic life even furthur. I’m pretty sure his getting all the wrong advices who probably couldn’t give a rats behind about him.

  • a.l

    This is 10 dulldating service form +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Howdy! My name is 10dull& i b…hold on & let me take my shoe off so i can use my toes for counting..Well forget it,let just say i is old enough. im look for a man or woman that quit out of school no later than 8th grade,so i will be smart one. im 5’5 & 280 poudn.,which means more cushion for the pushin. im not real loyal & often reality becomes a little foggy for a backstabbing little whore & an all around bitch! Howdy! My name is…have I already done this part? Thanks for reading my dating form & maybe we can ….Howdy! My name is 10dull….??? Screw it! Bye

  • Jan

    Jon reminds me of Britney Spears when her best friends were the paps too. She hung out with them, ate fast food and gained weight too.I do think Jon is drinking WAY TOO MUCH. He is depressed and does not even know it.

  • Jan

    You see KATE taking the kids to the DENTIST. Now Jon is taking huge lollipops home to them. These are bigger than their little faces. He knows Kate wants them to eat healthy. Jon continues to try to upset Kate.


    My name is A.L from lisa;s blog. Want to know where I live? Ill tell you later what town.

  • anonymous

    @a.l: I love when trash like you can’t come up with one original thought on your own,so you take other posters comments & put your name on it. You’ve got so little brain power,that you have to steal comments? Awww..what the helll! Do what you need & I can’t wait to see what gem from another poster you steal next time. Oh the anticipation……….

  • anonymous

    @AWEET: That’s a pretty big game you’re wanting to play. Just remember that if you have found info on someone,then yours can also be found. If you want to open that can of worms,then by all means go for it.

  • josephine

    FAME WHORE!!!! tehe

  • gb

    of all the boggers i hate lisak an nina an10dull they are snobs who think there better then evrybody else an nobody even talks to them when they talk on loonymoonys blog an i think dd kick nina off her blog cause she dont talk there no more old tvsnak dont even like them no more

  • gb

    heather an brigdoon an cut on the diagnal is all nina to so is that katiej snob and nancy is lisak kikiwas a spying an she left

  • puppet master

    Nina is Giddy from the Heat , cupcake and maybe even Dee from over at Looney’s site. Just sockpuppets spreading hate.

  • susie

    I think Pocket Full Of Posies is Nina. Maybe merrette too but NOT giddy or Dee.

  • Ji

    nina and lisak are gay brigdon wants to see them do it

  • shadow

    Why would high and mighty Lisak or Nina go to either Moons site or Dirty Disher? They said they hate poor,dirtbags.