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Madonna: 'Celebration' Music Video Revealed

Madonna: 'Celebration' Music Video Revealed

Check out Madonna‘s new music video “Celebration,” the first single from her latest Greatest Hits album of the same name.

The other newly recorded song on the CD is “Revolver” featuring Lil Wayne. The Celebration CD is set for a September 28 release.

Madonna is currently on tour in Europe with her sold out “Sticky & Sweet” Tour and is scheduled to end her tour with her final show in Israel on September 2nd.

Madonna: ‘Celebration’ Music Video
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  • retire


    Madonna, give it up. You’re not original anymore.

  • Ali

    come on, madonna – lift it a bit – it is the same old stuff – monotonous, monotone, same beat. we need you to take it up a notch in your creativity. where is your next ray of light?

  • lala


  • http://Herbreastlookbiggerthanusual.Maybeshegotimplants! pretty young girl


  • bedtimeboy

    Stop naysayers!!!

    She is fantastic!!!!!!!!!

    Jelous much

  • TeeVanity


  • Camila B.

    I love this song…..she’s always fantastic! Jesus Luz is SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessie

    hahaha Lmao yes i love people who still hate Madonna thats why she still the queen of music and they are so jealous of her. still on top for 25 years

  • Paulie

    LOVE her.

    The one and only Queen of Pop.

  • casper

    ugh….she is getting too old. makes my stomach curl.

    Time to go Madonna.,…….time to retire.

  • Jennifer

    Wear some pants ffs.

  • Um

    Video has been yanked. That’s corny. Not like it wasn’t made for people to see, and not like eventually everyone won’t see it.

  • niffira

    at 51 …she amazing …Queen of pop ..!!
    @ Jessie …agree ..the hater make her more famous .. .anyway why the hate watch her her video ..weird …

  • Sunshine anderson

    This woman is older than my mother and I would not want to see her dance around like an aging disco freak either.

  • pls no more

    I’ve always been a big Madonna fan but i think its time she should finally give it up already like Cher did and retire with dignity,,which we all know she wont do because she is too ambitious, I’d hate & cringe to think her still making music at 60 making a fool of herself,

  • ray of light was the best

    I miss the old inventive Madonna like Ray of light one ,that was her best album artistically, she wants to be so hip she’s selling out with this mediocore music

  • ray of light was the best

    I miss the old inventive Madonna like her Ray of light album,that was her best album artistically, she wants to be so hip she;s selling out with this predictable mediocore shi*

  • Marieme

    This is Madonna in a discount video living out her horny dreams. What, is she going to personally make sure Lourdes never sees this? How do you explain to your kids that you’re bumping and grinding up a storm for “art?” This is a piece of poop, but I’m not surprised. The song (like all her recent music) is poop. She’s all about making money now, not good music. Techno is huge in Europe, so her fans will no doubt allow her to continue living large. I agree #16. “Ray of Light” was good music.

  • Noticias de famosos

    Madonna is fantastic and innovative. I love it!

  • Lil Skillet

    No amount of quick editing can disguise the fact that she is 50 and cannot do a modern dance routine. If you saw her at a club, you would think she was a crazy old woman on the dance floor.

  • sela

    SHES IN ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maddyct


  • Maddy asri

    Dont give up Madonna….. you are still the Queen of Pop and no other artiste can replace you. Not even MJ, Elvis or even Gaga-Gugu or Britney or Beyonce. Madonna is the original multi-talented act and at age 50 she rules the chart and the pop world…..haha lucky me able to watch the full lenght of Celebration MTV is just awesome. Great choreography and direction and this video is a sure in for Best Video of The Year……Madonna will always be loved by her fans and she is getting better ever. The Celebration video has shades of Vogue, Ray of Light, Deeper and Deeper, Express Yourself and Hung Up…..and its just great……All hail to the QUEEN



  • mucky muddshittt

    She is the Queen of Poopdom. Her brain should be dissected now for some mental defect and her DNA studied to prove she is not a man.


    She looks like an idiot trying to dress and dance like a 20 year old.

    She definitely needs to reinvent herself in a new light or retire.

    Good gosh, she is nasty. Any guy that would touch her is after her name and money. Gross. Not for a million bucks….

  • georgette

    didn’t like it, old stuff, didn’t like the remix, she doesn’t actually dance… it’s old stuff, nothing new

  • annab

    Used to like some of her music and videos…now it is just boring.

  • Ilia

    Awesome!!!! I really enjoyed it, sort of a throwback to raunchy Madonna we all fell in love with.

  • April

    In the words of Bevus and Butt-Head: “this sucks”

  • BAmbam

    No matter how fit you think you are for your age Madonna, your dance moves are old and vulgar, it’s embarassing.

  • pooter

    and you call this music?? what a scummy video!

    She and others on this video actually make “music” a dirty word.

    Time to retire Madonna and grow up too!

  • cutie pie

    I rhink that is the most worhthless video ever, she cant dance never has been able to, her body looks old, when she opens her legs it looks likea old lady.. i dont need to see that!! And dont come with the dont watch it crap.. becaus i won t after this .. she is disgusting and she needs to sit her old butt down and bake cookies for her kids.. how the heck can they let her adopt African kids with her loose morals and crappy lifestyle.. shows you what money gets you. She is wack and her videos are the most crappiest i have ever seen .. never agiain will i ever click on to thnat mess!

  • wm

    She’s nothing but an ugly, disgusting media whore!

  • Lordy

    Madonna Rules. Haters Drool.

    Sorry she didn’t pull on a pair of mom jeans when you guys thought she should. Still kicking ass at 51.

  • Paulie

    Wow, there are so many ageist comments here. Sad.

    And you know you’d be attacking her too if she was dressed up in old lady clothes. She’s an entertainer! Entertainers don’t dress frumpy when they’re performing.

  • smart_Alek

    what a bunch of cry-baby, insecure, Madonna-hater snobs who think they can do so much better, hahaha!

    i started noticing the ageist comments since Confessions (she was 49), then came Hard Candy and her final commitment for WB, Celebration, and they’re still saying the same thing. if she’s so “old” (and clearly you freaks don’t like her), why even bother going to a Madonna-related site and posting your vitriol?

    you only get old once you start giving up things, and clearly, Madonna has transcended that. so, deal with it!

  • adam & eve

    it just looked like she was in heat…like usual.

  • M

    THAT’S NOT THE REAL VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • victorcalling

    @pls no more:

    You know CHER didn’t retire until she was 58, right? Madonna’s only 51, and she makes way better music than Cher but we want Madonna to retire? Psh. Cher’s still putting on shows but everyone’s talking crap about Madonna. >.>

  • lakers fan in boston

    not even gonna bother wasting 3 mins of my life watching her
    but im sure it’s horrible with her ugly ass
    f madonna

  • milan

    before madonna- beatles, elvis
    after madonna-nobody!
    Thanx M for everything!!!!!!!
    Love U!!!!!

  • dimitri

    some people here are so evil…what`s your problem?
    she`s greater than ever.
    that`s why she is so important and popular in europe and everywhere, not like local kitsch american performers like cher or mariah carey.
    she is a real artist.

  • Maili


    “What, is she going to personally make sure Lourdes never sees this?”


    Umm… Lourdes is in this video. She is dancing in the coloured dress towards the end.

  • Marieme

    @Maili: Har! Even worse!

  • 100mph

    While I respect Madonna’s balls, her game is getting old in more
    ways than one, got to know when to hold em and when to fold em
    gracefully ..imo

  • Siriana


    The more the bitter hens hate her, the more she continues succeeding and ruling the world! She just broke records again for the most successful tour in history!

    Cher didn’t “retire” until she was nearly 60 and she still does an occasional show now (in her 60s), so I don’t see why Madonna should stop, especially when Madonna’s success is far larger and stronger than Cher’s was at her age (or ever).

    The longer she continues, the more she gives the finger to all the sexist, ageist, and narrow-minded attitudes. She already challenged the system and broke down barriers throughout her career, this is just another frontier she must conquer. Keep going strong, Madonna!

  • atrium


  • Jason

    @retire: you should die. quick.


    Funny how it’s all the haters who are posting nasty comments here. Why bother watching the vid if you can’t stand her in the first place? if you hate her then don’t click on any link about her, don’t watch any vid with her in it, don’t read any news item regarding her, don’t listen to any music that she releases! People like you are the reason why there’s so much negativity in the world! And it just goes to show how you SO don’t have manners at all! If you have nothing good to say, then just don’t say anything. Free speech is nothing if it’s used in a destructive way.