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Violet Affleck & Victor Garber: BFFs!

Violet Affleck & Victor Garber: BFFs!

Violet Affleck and her mom Jennifer Garner take a walk with Jen‘s former Alias co-star Victor Garber in Los Angeles on Sunday (August 30).

Last week, Violet, 3 1/2, spent some solid mother-daughter time at the Santa Monica mall where she customized her own rainbow-colored rollerskating teddy bear at “Build-a-Bear” workshop.

This past week, Jen and Ashton Kutcher have been shooting their new romantic comedy Valentine’s Day.

10+ pictures inside of BFFs Violet Affleck and Victor Garber

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  • Andrea

    Aww….I think that’s really cute. I loved Alias, and Victor Garber was awesome on the show! :)


    i’m a huge alias fan – that is so cool that the cast members still keep in touch.

  • office fan

    Awww. Violet is such a cutie!

  • LuckyMe

    Awww she is sooo adorable. Makes me want to have another kid!!!

  • tim

    super-cute kid.

  • Robert

    Jack and Sidney Bristow together again. LOVES IT!

  • John

    Really cute. I loved Alias. I have all the dvd’s here in my home in Brazil.

  • commonsense

    I seriously think Jennifer Garner is pregnant again. She’s not fat or anything, she just seems pregnant to me.

  • hmmm

    They both are working at the same time

  • xat


  • Pippi

    Aww sweet Violet is so adorable but she seems to be unhappy or said about something. Love that Jen and Victor are so close. He is like a father and granddad to her and Vi. So sweet.

  • Pippi

    I think Violet is missing her papa. She doesn’t look like the same happy little girl we know and love.

  • M

    He´s Violets biological dad. Just look at them! Identical.

  • Christa Bledsoe

    Violet is so cute. I think she looks like both parents.

  • Sam

    He’s the godfather

  • Alisha

    Now look at Victor he is everything Ben is not. Helping to carry Violet, carrying the grocery bag for Jennifer, walking with her to the car not 10 meters ahead of her, AND he doesn’t look miserable. Victor is really sweet, too bad he’s gay because he would make a great husband for jennier, he’s always spending time with her and Violet and doesn’t look miserable.

  • annabel

    she is so adorable!

  • yap

    wow Alisha you couldnt have said it any better , I rarely agree with any of the comments on here but you are spot on

  • **Jamie**

    WOW! I didn’t know Victor Garber was gay.

    Anyways i love that he is so close to his goddaughter as well as with Jennifer Garner.

    He looks like the perfect Gentleman. Then again all the gentleman are either gay or taken. :(

  • jj a

    commonsense , you need to have sex with your guy. Where is her guy? Oh right, he is in Boston flirting with his young female co-stars.
    At least Jen has one real gentleman in her life- Victor.

  • jj a

    commonsense , you need to have sex with your guy to be pregnant. Where is her guy? Oh right, he is in Boston flirting with his young female co-stars.
    At least Jen has one real gentleman in her life- Victor.

  • life


  • oh boy here it comes

    west virginia inbred


  • Jennifer Lopez

    Oh my what a beautiful blond white adorable baby girl! Do you want to trade children with me Mrs. Garner? Please, please, please say yes… I know you’re the best woman and the best woman always wins. But I will never get over being dumped by Ben, NEVER!!!!!!!

  • Queenoftrashin

    Since that second child wasn’t a little boy to “save the marrieage”, when is the divorce going to be announced? I’m tired of waiting.

  • Curious

    I know Victor is gay, but wow,Violet looks just like him.

  • M

    Victor is the spermdonor, because ben is shooting blanks..

  • #1Fan

    Violet looks like a golden little princess. Ben and Jennifer Garner produced one of the prettiest babies in Hollywood I think. I hope they have a son because he will be just as handsome as his sisters are beautiful. They are such a great family.

  • Sam

    Cute picture of Violet, she looks tired out, maybe missed nap time. Jen looks really good – I don’t think she is pregnant though, guess time will tell! lol Wondering why when Jennifer (or even Ben) carry Violet they often bend her leg like that. Maybe it’s safer to carry her with all t he paps around and her legs are too long so she bends it?

  • wow


  • haha

    Again. Almost every day. It is boring!!! I think Ben and her will be separate during 5 years.

  • violet is a stupid name

    That Gi-normous kid is WAY to big to be carried. When are the going to stop treating her like a BABY? Jen, you have a REAL BABY at home that should be carried, but not this little girl. She’s almost 4 years old for God’s sake! She must weigh a ton and doesn’t need to be constantly suffocated by you.

  • Garner the hillbilly

    Well, it’s obvious JG isn’t the brightest bulb in the drawer, and she should not be bending this kid’s leg this way. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  • sickening

    this kid will be 30 and garner will be 65 and she’ll still be carrying her!!!!!!

  • Bekky

    Violet looks like Victor Garber and Seraphina looks like Ben Affleck. Weird huh? Hey where is baby Seraphina? Shame on Jennifer Garner she doesnt care about her.

  • things that make you go hmm?

    @Bekky. I agree with you on the part that Violet looks like Victor,actually a combination of Victor w/ Jens dimples, and Seraphina looks like Ben.

  • bella

    Loved the show Alias and its so great to see these two are still close. It says a lot about there personalities, so not Hollywood and down to earth.

  • lakers fan in boston

    least she wore something new
    she looks decent, altho i think she has the weirdest style in sunglasses, they’re always fugs
    not bad tho jennifer =p

  • me

    You all are crazy. Violet looks just like Ben and Jen. Look at People at the picture of Ben as a little boy. And at Jen at pictures of Jen at 3. Violet is a perfect cross. Sera might look less like Jen however, then Violet.

  • Pippi

    Violet looks just like Ben but with Jen mouth. She has Ben eyes and his cleft in her chin and even walks like Ben. She has both Ben and Jen’s nose and ears. But she is definitely a beautiful mix of both of them. Sera looks just like Violet as that age, I wonder if she has Jen’s dimples (yet to see pics of her smiling) so too soon to tell.

    We won’t know if they are still one big happy family it seems because they are both working at the same time. That in itself is very odd. Since Victor is friends with both Jen and Ben, maybe he is spending a lot of time with Jen )substituting for Ben) since he is obviously not working on anything we that we know of at this time.

    Jen has to starting promotion on her next film soon after she finishes with her current project (Valentine’s Day). Ben in Boston directing as well as starring in his film could be hard on the relationship.

    Let’s hope all is well it would be devastating if they split up. I love them together. Jen is still wearing her ring in these pics but I could not see Ben’s ring finger from that Blake Lively thread (he has his hands in his pockets) but he looks awfully sad. Time will tell.

  • JUNE


  • windex clear

    Victor, Jennifer, and Violet look like a beautiful family together. They appear very comfortable together, unlike when she’s with her husband in pics. And I’ll agree to disagree, Violet does not resemble Ben, not even when he was a child. She’s a deadringer for Victor, big ears and all. She’s a cutie though!

  • me

    ^^ windex clear do you REALLY BELIEVE VIctor is Violet’s dad? That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. He is a close friend and that’s all. In fact, he married them and was (with his boyfriend) the only one at their wedding. I think people always want to pin some drama on this drama free couple, and they pull at whatever straws they have. If he was Violet’s dad he would have married jennifer, I bleive he does love her (as a friend) and wouldnt let someone else marry her who wasnt the dad.

  • me

    By the way, Pippi, Ben wouldn’t be wearing a wedding ring on his finger during the filming with Blake Lively becuase in the book he was unmarried, just like Jennifer wouldnt be wearing a wedding ring during her filming where she plays an unmarried woman. So don’t go looking for “ring” evidence when they are filming OK?
    Also, I think they have said they try not to work at the same time but when you are a director your work schedule is 3 months pre-production work, 3 months actual filming, and then about 9 months post production and promotion. So it is much more time consuming than acting and if Jennifer took off all that time from her career (over a year) she wouldnt have one to come back to. Hollywood has a very short memory-look at the trouble even Julia Roberts had coming back when she took off time after kids. Only probably Angelina Jolie has the luxury of being able to take time off but she doesnt want to.

  • Pippi

    #42 Windex clear, did you happen to see Ben ears? They are not small by any stretch of the imagination. In face Ben has often said Violet got his ears. Victor and Violet have not features in common at all. Look at Victor thin lips and long nose. His hair look white but that is gray. It was darker in his younger days.

    Ben and Jen were both blonde children so naturally Violet is as well. Seraphina will most likely be blonde when she gets older just like Vi’s was brown as birth.

    Another thing, since some idiots claim that Jen trapped Ben into marriage by getting pregnant pray tell how she pulled that off if Ben is not the baby daddy. Some of the stories you bored people come up with are totally ridicilous. Such drama invented regarding this low key couple trying to make their relationship scandalous like all Hollywood couples. Give me a break for crying out loud. It is one thing to have a vivid imagination but your stories will never make the best selling list. LMBAO

  • windex clear

    Thanks for the good laugh Pippi and me. Jennifer Garner should have you both on her payroll, you’re better than her PR people. Even they don’t troll around the internet posting in her defense, with such rabid obession no less.

  • Sally

    Vio is getting cute and cute! A sweetie girl. Just like her lovely mom.

  • sickening

    PIPPI AND ME…you both are DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stop spending all your time OBSESSING over jennifer garner. seriously GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moms

    maybe jen wears potato sacks all the time because she can’t hold onto her 2nd marriage. failed again!

  • suppress your appetite

    cute baby!