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Audrina Patridge & Jamie Chung Interview - Exclusive

Audrina Patridge & Jamie Chung Interview - Exclusive

The HillsAudrina Patridge and Dragonball: Evolution‘s Jamie Chung doubleteam at the Four Seasons hotel for the press junket for Sorority Row on Sunday (August 30). Check out the opening scene below! The two actresses kicked back and dished about pregnancy rumors, manly hands and Heidi Montag‘s Miss Universe performance!

Also pictured below is Audrina throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium on Monday (August 31).

Here’s the exclusive interview with Audrina and Jamie:

JJ: Hi Audrina! Hi Jamie! Are you familiar with our site?

AP: Yeah! I go to your blog ’cause you’re nice!

JJ: Cool! With your growing careers, what actresses do you aspire to be?

AP: I love Michelle Pfeiffer – she’s one of my favorites! She’s done everything from Grease to a horror movie – something scary to drama, everything.

JC: I’m a big fan of Meryl Streep. She continues to entertain us and pulls new tricks out of the bag with Julie & Julia and Out of Africa. She just does so many characters! She’s inspiring. And never dull – always shines. Even in Doubt, where she’s playing a morbid, awful character.

(Click inside to read‘s exclusive interview with Audrina Patridge and Jamie Chung…)

Sorority Row – Opening Scene

JJ: If you could guest star on a TV show, what would it be?

AP: That’s a good one! The Tudors. [laughs]

JC: I lately have been obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with True Blood. That’d be fun.

AP: I need to get into that.

JC: You would LIKE it! You’ve gotta save yourself for a marathon. Anna Paquin’s stage brother – he’s so cute. Or Dexter!

AP: Oh, Dexter’s good too!

JJ: What’s one rumor you could correct out there?

AP: There are rumors every day about me! The most ridiculous rumor I’ve heard is that I’m pregnant.

JC: Whaaaat?

AP: Yeah, can you believe that? Another one was that I got cheek implants and had my chin done…I got an eye job? No, none of that’s true. People just dissect me and it sucks.

JC: How do you hear about these things?!

AP: Friends, my publicist…or magazines!

JC: Oh my god! I had the most random rumor! I just worked on a job with all these awesome SNL comedians like David Spade, Rob Schneider – Grown Ups – and I went out with a group of us and they were, like, Jamie Chung. David Spade. Dating. I was, like, not dating…there was a rumor we were dating even on set. I was, like, that is such bulls—.

AP: It’ll get worse, too. There’s another rumor I was dating Kevin Connolly at one point. We’re just friends, that’s it! Kevin’s just my friend.

JC: That’s random.

JJ: Jamie, have you been Tweeting more?

JC: I have! I feel like I’m always lagging, like with Facebook or MySpace – I’m kind of slow, I take my time and now Twitter – I’m like oh, why not?

JJ: What’s up with your manly hands? [One of her recent tweets]

JC: Oh my god, I do have manly hands! Someone said to me the other day, and I shook their hand, ’cause I’ve been working out a lot – they’ve been training us hardcore and we’re lifting lots of weights and deadlifting and stuff. And my hands are starting to get callused from lifting weights. That’s from having a hard grip – that’s what I learned, you need to have a loose grip – sounds ridiculous. Anyway, I shook someone’s hand and they’re like, “wow, you’ve got some rough, manly hands…”

I was, like, that is the rudest thing to say to a girl! Now I’m so self-conscious about shaking hands.

AP: Well, a firm handshake is good, but…

JC: Yeah, now we know why people are giving the fist. Pound on the fist.

JJ: Audrina, when do you start shooting your new show?

AP: End of this year, maybe early next year – there’s not a specific date yet because depending on when we wrap The Hills, we’ll go into that.

JJ: Can you give us any sneak peeks at all?

AP: Well, it’s going to be about my life – I want to do acting, so just every aspect – my family, relationships, acting, auditions, to events and Hollywood life – it’s not so glamorous!

Everything behind the scenes, too. It’s going to be older, spicier, definitely more edgy than The Hills.

JJ: Jamie, when do you start shooting Sucker Punch?

JC: We’re in pre-production – as you can see from my bruises, we’ve already started training. I’m all torn up. What goes with blue and purple? We start shooting not this week, but mid-next week.

JJ: Can you tell us about your character at all?

JC: Amber – she’s one of five girls in an insane asylum. It takes place in the 1950s and I’m included in the fever dreams and the girls’ adventures but I can’t really go into detail. All you need to know is Zack Snyder has an amazing vision. Think of what he did with 300, he can do with girls. Pretty rad.

AP: I can’t wait to see it!

JC: I’m excited to make it! Let’s just hurry up and film it so I can see what it looks like!

JJ: Audrina – I hear you’re throwing out the first pitch at Dodgers Stadium – have you been practicing?

AP: I mean, at the beach we’ll throw footballs back and forth – I have pretty good aim – but after we’re done today, I’m going to my parents’ house to practice with my dad and my brother.

JJ: You can’t bounce the ball into the ground; it’s got to go straight to the catcher!

AP: I know, into the glove. I used to be one of the score girls when my brother played baseball so I’m a baseball fan.

JJ: Nice! Good luck!

JC: Has anyone done that – thrown it into the dirt?

AP: A lot of people!

JJ: Oh, tons of people. Yeah, I mean, when they can’t reach the catcher.

AP: It’s pretty far…

JC: It’s a baseball!

JJ: It’s not as easy as it looks!

AP: The trick is, you gotta go to the front of the mound! That’s what I’m gonna do.

JJ: Have you kept in touch with anyone from The Real World?

JC: I have! Robin Hibbard just had her baby – she had a baby boy, Brad’s about to get married. I tried to get in touch with Jacquese but he’s in Atlanta – I was just in Boston filming and I tried to get in touch with Randy, but everyone’s doing their own thing, you know?

And I got to meet new people from The Real World, so it’s kind of interesting. And to tell you the truth, I watch reality TV! I watch those challenges like there’s no tomorrow. It’s funny because it’s your friends.

JJ: Are you going to go back on one?

JC: Absolutely not. No. I had my fair share. It’s time for the new kids to have their fun.

JJ: What did you think of Heidi [Montag]‘s performance?

JC: Oh my God, I saw it last night.

AP: I saw a clip of it. It’s very Britney Spears six years ago.

JC: I thought she was cute.

AP: Yeah, she was cute – I just feel all those people who are really, really serious about music didn’t really have nice things to say.

JC: But it’s entertaining.

AP: It was very entertaining. It’s performance.

JJ: Coming from Asian parents, I’m sure they were skeptical when you went on Real World and started acting. Have you made them believers yet? I mean, you’re not a doctor or a lawyer…

JC: They’re huge supporters now. They’re my biggest fans. Actually, it’s kind of embarrassing more than anything. It’s like Mom, come onnnn! Don’t bring it up! They’re great, but when I went on The Real World, they were, like, “oh GOd, just finish college!” which I rejected.

JJ: What happened with Dancing with The Stars?

AP: I know, I was supposed to do it! MTV didn’t want to let me do it because the filming schedule, they didn’t want it to interfere with their schedule. But you know what? Maybe next season!

JJ: Where’s Corey these days?

AP: He was here yesterday! He actually surfs or rides his bike. That’s his life. He’s pretty lucky! And then I drag him around. I took him to get a Thai massage and then we went to the Griffith Observatory. We were, like, what can we do? We can’t go to the beach – it’s 4, it’s already too late – and I was, like, let’s go to the observatory! We drove out there and it was Star Day! So it was packed but the fires that are going on? It’s coming over the hill! You could see the flames.

JJ: Thanks so much ladies! Good luck with everything!

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Photos: Juan Ocampo/LA Dodgers
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  • jdub

    i would only see this movie for brianna evigan…but i’m still not seeing it. maybe when it comes out on dvd and i’m deathly bored one night

  • xx

    Audrina: its nice to have dreams but you will never come close to Michelle P. That sounded so pathetic.

  • Nay


  • Marieme

    Say what?

    And how was Meryl’s character in “Doubt” “morbid” or “awful?” She played an old school nun with high expectations for her students and an intractable moral fiber. She fought for and protected that child. She went to the mat, risking her own security. She was brave and wonderful in fact. Sister Aloysius even displayed her real softness towards the end, so that description of her is pretty superficial. So imo that’s kind of a lame thing to say. I applaud your taste in liking Meryl, but I think you should watch it again.

  • Marieme

    @xx: Har! No kidding. Not with those fake looking melons. By focusing so much on her chest and stuffing it with all that silicone, Audrina has guaranteed that she will never have a serious career.

  • rosie

    I don’t care how much **** is on TV, I still won’t be bored enough to watch this movie.

  • Liv

    Jared why do you feature this slu* rag on your website?

  • Nancy

    I’m not sure why Audrina is relevant. She just seems like someone who got lucky because she happened to be on a reality show with Lauren. Other than that, the only thing keeping her relevant is her breast augmentation which she proudly displayed in a Carl’s Junior ad. She doesn’t appear to be very bright, and judging by the fact that she hooked up with Brody Jenner while he had a girlfriend and tried to justify it, her morals are questionable.

  • john

    ceiling eyes sucks!!

  • adam & eve

    even more important is jared’s defence of heidi montag’s “cute preformance”.

  • John

    Tis Tis Tis always gotta have these jealous wannabes and NOBODYS talking shtt on the real hotties on T.V. This new flick is awesome ,along with 6 new pretty gals. SHO WEST was a great award for sorority rows hot girls and future actresses of tmrw. Congrats to all of them!

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