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Jennifer Garner Values Valentine's Day

Jennifer Garner Values Valentine's Day

Jennifer Garner gets busy back at work on the set of Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles on Monday (August 31).

On Sunday, the 37-year-old former Alias star was off from work and took her adorable daughter Violet Affleck to the supermarket with BFF Victor Garber.

Meanwhile, husband Ben Affleck has bulked up and been busy filming his latest movie The Town, alongside Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner valuing Valentine’s Day…

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jennifer garner values valentines day 02
jennifer garner values valentines day 03
jennifer garner values valentines day 04
jennifer garner values valentines day 05
jennifer garner values valentines day 06
jennifer garner values valentines day 07
jennifer garner values valentines day 08
jennifer garner values valentines day 09
jennifer garner values valentines day 10
jennifer garner values valentines day 11
jennifer garner values valentines day 12
jennifer garner values valentines day 13
jennifer garner values valentines day 14
jennifer garner values valentines day 15
jennifer garner values valentines day 16
jennifer garner values valentines day 17
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jennifer garner values valentines day 19
jennifer garner values valentines day 20

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  • emma

    I bet this movie flops at the Box Office.
    $3 million if there lucky.

  • me

    Jennifer must have foot problems. She takes off her wedgies and puts on sandles the minute she’s off camera. I can relate, I cant wear heels either.

  • wow

    dam look at those EARS!
    she’s got those inbred features, doesn’t she.

  • lollipop

    Since it was okay for her to cheat on her husband Scott with Ben on the set of DareDevil, I wonder if it will be okay if Ben cheats on her with one of the hotties on his current movie. Fair is fair in Hollyweird. Ben doesn’t strike me as faithful goodie two shoes and neither does Jennifer for that matter.

  • mimi

    Jen looks like a tranny. So manly.

  • lollipop

    I don’t really care for Garner but in defense of her body type, what do you want her to be? A stick-like figure or a short stumpy figure. Every body type is beautiful. Stick figures look like little boys and short stumpy figures look like hotdogs. You can’t win no matter what your body shape is? Someone will find fault with it.

  • i agree

    she is terribly manly looking
    very much like a tranny
    and very unfeminine

  • without a name

    She reminds me of Hillary Swank looks wise.She can look pretty after a swat team of make-up and hair people tackle her ( who wouldn’t), but on the average day she has a strange, manly look to her. There’s nothing feminine about Jennifer Garner. I really don’t get her appeal. In interviews she comes off as dorky, and a bit arrogant if there is such a thing as arrogantly dorky. Other than 1 or 2 movies her acting is mediocore at best, and she can’t open a movie on her own these days.

  • Trolls are out

    The trolls sure do wake up early in the morning!

    Wrong #4, Jen did not cheat with Ben or Ben cheat with Jen on the set of Daredevil. He was involved at the time to …………..well………………let’s see……………um, who was it………….oh that’s right JLO. Well, publi. and documented in photos.

  • Perri

    #4- You got it wrong. She cheated on Scott with Michael Vartan, then she cheated on and dumped him for Ben. That is precisely why I personally don’t buy her goody two shoe act. She has steadily traded up men through the years.

  • becca

    LOVE that outfit! That cardigan is really cute – and so are the shoes!!!

  • give it up already

    Fifty years from now the Vartain fans will still be blaming Jen for his failures.

  • Nms


    $ 3 million?? The movie will have that amount in less than a day of release! Even if it sucks… LOL

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Even if she is every day like model for paparazzi – she isn´t good actress. She is same category like like Isla Fisher, Jessica Biel or Jennifer Aniston. They play same in every movies. And people know their, because of their partners.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehhh, even when in a movie she looks kinda boring =\
    it’s to goody 2 shoes
    just 1 day id like to see her in a little black dress =[

  • Pippi

    Jen is very naturally beautiful and they have put way too much makeup on her in this movie. I guess because she plays someman’s mistress they had to pile the red lipstick and heavy mascara on but she is cuter without it. Excellant actress but roles she takes on are mainly geared so she can spend time with her young children. That’s when kids need their mom the most is when they are young.

    Now, the only problem here is when she should have been having kids and being there for them she was busy doing a back breaking TV series(which made her famous btw) but if her husband had been in a position to support her and a family, maybe they could have made the marriage work. He was to busy being jealous of her success and being labeled Mr. Jennifer Garner, her bailed on her. For the record, he even said she never cheated on him. I believe over some of you haters. After he left Michael Vartan, (another loser) started wasting Jen’s time. When Ben came into the picture, every body was up in arms because he dumped JLo and took their anger out on Jen G. Jen lost a lot of fans because Vartan got kicked on the show (that was supposedly due to Ben’s jealousy) people blamed Jen to this day for something that she had little or nothing to do with. She and Michael are still friends but I think Foley is too much of jerk to see that it was not the one to give Jen what she wanted the most. Kids and stable home life free of Hollywood glitter. In walked Ben Affleck, who wanted the same thing. And thats the rest of the story. So people get you heads in the game and stop being unfair to Jen Garner.

    She is the most amazing woman in the business. Did I mention that she is not only drop gorgeous but very talented. Take you hate somewhere else. It is not welcomed here.

  • Pippi

    To lakers fan in boston #15, FYI Jen does wear a little black dress in this movie. I noticed by your comments ( in other threads as well) that you are obsessed with clothes. Is this due to the fact that without them you would be just another ugly duckling? There is much more to life and you will see that as you grow older and become a little wiser.

  • Carrie ann

    pippi, you must be in jen’s family always defending her and imagining things. just admit it, her husband doesn’t like to be around her, she can’t act and is two-faced plus dresses like a sack of potatoes for attention, even though she’s a hollyweird star with millions and a $20 million dollar home overlooking the ocean. So, yeah, there’s something not right with this chick and her marriage – everyone sees it but her diehard fans defend her fanatically and in disillusionment. she says she gets advice from reese so does reese also tell her that being in denial about your bad marriage is not good and eventually you can’t control it? media would be so much better without jen garner. Let’s get some fresh blood in please than this desperate actress.

  • laura

    I wanted to see this movie until I found out they cast her and as Ashton’s love interest? So unbelievable that Ashton would dump Jessica Alba in the film for Jen G? They should fire the casting director. She’s washed up and a terrible actress. Only famous for being Ben Affleck’s wife and apparently that’s not going well at all either.

  • lLisa

    “Apparently not going well”, like you would know? Like anyone would know? Becuase Vartain fans cant understand why she wouldnt want to be with him instead of Ben for FIVE years now they have been wishing her relatinoshihp with Ben wouldnt work out. WIshing doesnt make it true Carrie Ann. Vartan &JLo fans remind me of Jenn Aniston fans they cant stand that Angelina has Brad so they continually make up stuff about their relationship, stuff they have NO IDEA about, like Jen haters dont have any idea what her relationship with Ben is like, they jsut make up stuff they want to believe. He says theyre happy (to Ryan Seacrest, she says their happy (in an interview) and I myself believe tghem over people who dont know them like you Carrie Ann and laura.

  • Chill

    This is NOT a Jennifer Garner Fan club, it’s a gossip website. And unless Just Jared says otherwise, I do believe EVERYBODY’S opinions are welcome, unless Pippi bought the rights to all the Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck threads. She sure acts like it.

  • mimi

    Not everyone is right for a silver screen career.
    I don’t blam her for having such body and face, but she should have understood her limitations and choosen a different profession.
    Once someone so big and unattractive is trying for this sort of things, it’s only natural people will comment and notice how she doesn’t belong.

  • laura

    Llisa, what fairytale fantasy island do you live in? I am not a M. Vartan fan, I don’t even care about him or what he’s doing these days. I liked Alias as well but ever since she married Ben, she seems so calculated and fake in her interviews, etc. AND Ben LOOKS miserable with her – his eyes don’t lie. Your reasoning that you believe whatever Hollyweird actors tell you just shows you’re not from CA or know anything about the industry. Did you believe it too when Reese and Ryan, Tom and Nicole, Britney and Kevin, Jen and Mr. Vartan (since you bring him up), rachel and ryan all said they were fine as well before they dropped the bombshell and divorced? Wake up and smell the coffee.

  • I understand you, Jen-fans. You want to believe that she´s happy with this man, who dated oh-so-many women and who´s on the film set flirting with yet another beauty. But do you really think she is happy with him? Do you really think he will stay with her?
    Jen said that everything´s wonderful in her first marriage, that her first husband´s the best and then suddenly they were divorcing. The same with Vartan. Now if something happened in this marriage whose side you´ll be on? I´m sure you´ll blame Ben for everything that´s wrong in their marriage. Deep down you know that you don´t trust Affleck , some of you don´t like him (Pippi) and you´re right.

  • Pippi

    What has Jen’s relationship to do with whether or not you like her? Since when can’t a celeb’s personal life be separate and apart from their professional life?

    Some say they don’t like her because she traded up. Did you want her to trade down? Others say they don’t like her because she cheated on her loser husband and worthless boyfriend. If she had stayed with Vartan or Foley, she would not have two beautiful little girls. How many children do Foley and Vartan have? What is going on with their careers? Is Jen to blame for their lack of ambition

    She cares more about that than any movie career. Others say she is not a good actress and so on and so on. Who the fcuk cares, there are no good actors and no good movies. So what’s the hell are you idiots b!tching about? To those that say her marriage is not a happy one, is that a reason to dislike somebody even if it were true, so what?

    I would love to answer some these questions posed to me but I swear they make no sense. I can’t read your minds. I really want to know what causes some of you to hate her so much.

  • Pippi

    Mimi @22 you don’t think she is right for the silver screen? So that is your opinion. Move on she is not going to quit her job simply because you think she is not right for it. I see your hateful comments on all of her thread. There are a lot of us that happen to like her acting and support her. Is your life so empty that you have to read and comment on the thread of some celeb you don’t like? Get a hobby or something to occupy your dull and boring life.

  • suppress your appetite

    I love her