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Spencer Pratt: King Me!

Spencer Pratt: King Me!

Spencer Pratt is legally changing his name to “King Spencer Pratt.”

“I’ve decided since there is a Queen of England and a Prince William that there should be a king of America,” the 25-year-old Hills star tells Us Weekly. “I nominate myself for that role.”

Spencer‘s wife Heidi Montag tells Star via her rep: “If I am married to the king, doesn’t that automatically make me a queen?”

DO YOU THINK Speidi deserve royal titles — YAY or NAY?

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  • Jay


  • Melissa

    i never thought that he could get any dumber than he already was…and then he decides to do this. god i hate attention whores.

  • t

    Oh man I hope they really do this. They just keep taking it to new levels of ridiculous. I love how shameless they are in their quest for fame.

  • Kay


  • funkymonkey


  • Bailee

    Lord help us all.

  • brooklyn


    just dont bother posting things about how stupid/annoying/dickfaced he is. hes just a joke, i can never take this guy seriously

  • brooklyn


    just dont bother posting things about how stupid/annoying/dickfaced he is. hes just a joke, i can never take this guy seriously

  • jenny.canada

    no i do not think speidi or whatever they are called deserve royal titles, they are upper class hilbillies

  • dfg


  • Amy

    Haha seriously right?

  • Pac


    Best Post Ever…..make it so.

  • szmi

    Why can’t they just die already.

  • bestdamnthing

    he is a totally idiot!!!

  • drey

    It’s amazing the levels of low they are willing to go just to become Alist celebrities. They really make me sick with their stupid antics and ridiculous statements. By the way, why does she have a rep??

  • lala

    fart on his face!!!

  • Lilka

    They are probably the dumbest , the most pathetic and desperate people in the world. I’m ashamed for them when I read their statements because everytime they overstep all limits of absurd and stupidity.

  • mgrl

    hes the king alrite…king of the no talent lazy ego centered pricks of the world
    and that makes her the queen…of the shallow pathetic wannabes who cant make decent music if it smacked her across her butt like at her late nite poll dances

  • K

    How deluded can these two get?

  • lala

    Wow what a F U C K I N G! MORON!!

  • burton

    …..his royal “heinous”!!!!!!!

  • Charlotte

    I think I’m gunna vomit.
    On him.

  • amina


  • 0cl0ver

    how stupid!

  • laura

    I’ll do away with one and you can do the other.

  • kaaatyyyy

    man how stupid is he?


  • Valen

    Rídiculo… ^^” eles conseguem chegar ao cumulo do ridiculo ¬¬

  • sarah

    I wish these two would be eaten alive by sharks. But, then again, I don’t want innocent sharks to die/get sick from food poisoning.

  • ********

    What are these two on??? please someone tell me. He’s not going to change his name to King…he’s just trying to get noticed again!

  • Jax

    & just when we thought they couldn’t get any dumber..
    I feel sorry for their kids, if they ever decide to have any.

  • Mel

    The only thing ‘royal’ about them is that they are both major ‘royal’ pains.

  • ethansays

    HE IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER IDIOT….and completely delusional.

  • Hrh

    What a schmuck! Scum of the earth… can’t they just go crawl in a hole and die?

  • Mel

    @sarah: Good one! :)

  • pokeman

    DO YOU THINK Speidi deserve royal titles — YAY or NAY?

    They deserve to be shot that’s what i think.

  • Wondering

    What do they talk about when their home alone? The next plublicity stunt? I don’t know what made them celebrities.

  • Megan

    Yea.. King PRATT is just right for him.

  • Jennifer

    hell yes. they’re ROYAL pain in the a$$

  • kim Vandecar

    Please stop posting anything about these two morons.

  • gulliver

    The cruelest punishment for these two would be if the media just stopped caring.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..hahahahahahahahah.. these two will go down in history as the two biggest loser fame chasing talentless douches.. and i think that’s exactly what they want. they wanna be known and remembered for something.
    i think it takes big fcuking balls to do the type of embarrassing shiit they’ve done (to themselves). i applaud them. they’re millions of people in the world who want to be famous yet they’re to scared to put themselves out there because of what people might think, and say. these two don’t give a flying fcuk about what people think. hahahahahahahahaha..

  • pineapple

    Maybe he should just change his name to “Pratt”…

  • martin


  • Gabs

    People complained about them and their continuous ridiculous life styles, yet we watch, and comment, and give them attention somehow… Bad attention is better than no attention, I guess.
    They maybe smarter than we give them credit for. They’re living the good life to some standards. They’re rubbing elbows w/ some of the rich and famous. And if not for their existence, we wouldn’t waste our time blogging / commenting about their inane life.

  • charlie


  • Ihatespencer

    They need to be shot! ASAP! Someone make it a ‘happy’ accident. (as in the world will be overjoyed that they don’t have to hear about them anmore)
    Such a waste of space.

  • k

    What a loser, all i gotta say, LOSER…like who is this person and his so called wife is no better…GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

  • wildcats

    OH MY GOD…CAN U SAY RIDICULOUS????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • ugh

    that guy always manage to make all those retards look smart.

  • adam & eve

    my stomach is signaling to me that i’m about to chuck.

    why is this happening God, why? why when we need you do you foresake us?

    i thought we had already mentioned very loudly heidi montag spencer pratt threads that we would really like it if these people weren’t posted on this website. please please please someone try and make jj know that we do not want to see them on this website.

    and drey…they are not trying hard to be a list stars…they are barely out of the z list.