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Mischa Barton: Not a Nervous Breakdown

Mischa Barton: Not a Nervous Breakdown

Mischa Barton takes a cigarette break with a friend in the West Village, New York on Monday (August 31).

In July, the 23-year-old actress was hospitalized before starting CW’s The Beautiful Life.

The actress recently shared that it wasn’t due to a nervous breakdown, but a wisdom tooth surgery.

“Before the show started, I was traveling abroad for contract stuff, and I went through a terrible surgery – a wisdom tooth surgery, all four removed,” Mischa told Time Out New York. “I went through a tough spot where everything compounded on me, and it was like a perfect storm, like everything was happening to me at once. I was down in the dumps about everything there for a while.”

10+ pictures inside of Mischa Barton hanging out in New York City…

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  • ANON

    Oh Mischa, how dumb do you think the general public is? You don’t get put on a psychiatric hold for bad wisdom teeth surgery. Sorry, try again!

  • Mike

    5150 lockdown for more then 36 hrs & the twat is blaming wisdon tooth..she needs to go back..she’s still insane.

  • mju8

    clearly she is in DENIAL!!!

  • zanessa4life
  • You/Me

    Sounds like a nervous breakdown to me. So okay what, it began with a wisdom tooth surgery? Who cares how it started the fact is she had one!

  • kari

    Mike…you are so right..Wisdom teeth and a 5150? I guess I missed that one when I had my wisdom teeth out….Either she is completely delusional, or she is actually thinking people are going to believe her..hummm..

  • archie

    She’s remains in denial because she’s still an addict. Once she realizes the gravity of her problems and admits that she takes drugs and boozes then that is going to be the first step in her recovery.

    She may have had problems with her wisdom teeth but her drug and alcohol taking exacerbated things. And as everyone has been pointing out, you don’t get sent to the psych ward against your will simply because of a toothache. Your own mother doesn’t call the cops to come and get you simply because of a toothache.

    Wake up Mischa before it’s too late.

  • crist
  • martin

    i got my wisdom teeth out and i was, like, SWOLLEN! OMG i, like, had a total mental breakdown.


  • nina

    With her constant chain smoking, she can also endorse cigarettes together with headbands and handbags.

  • abby

    I had my ingrown toenail removed and I ended up sectioned!

  • hilary

    i still love you mischa even though your a hot mess pull your self together

  • Oh please

    Just how dumb does she think we are? What a complete insult.
    She needs to go back in, she’s still a nut.

  • Corky

    Yesterday I stubbed my toe, everything came down on me after that. I am writing this from the 4th floor of crazy town….Watch your feet everybody, watch your feet….

  • Annie

    When I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out I just remember eating soup. And I never heard of having wisdom teeth taken out as a “terrible surgery”, thats sends someone into a 5150. What a squirrel head!

  • jana

    if she went crazy cause of her wisdom teeth she needs to toughen up a little bit i think this a cry for attention and if she has real problems get help

  • claire

    this is so silly.
    even i had my wisdom teeth removed and i didn’t end up in an hostpital… unless she removed them herself with her own hands, i don’t see how getting wisdom teeth removed could lead to that!

  • ANON

    Her fans are all like “OMG Mischa, I looooooooove you so much and I’m so glad you cleared that up. Of course it was just bad surgery. You aren’t an addict.”

    True story. Go to her page on Fan Forum.

  • t

    Mischa has had so many close calls you would think she would learn from her mistakes and change her behavior. Apparently not

    Read this

  • liz

    she is beautiful in those pictures.

  • All Women Stalker

    A “perfect storm” sounds like a mental breakdown to me.


  • ANON

    Liz-Beautiful or not, she is still NUTS. You can’t justify this because she is pretty. She is blaming a psychiatric hold on wisdom teeth. PLEASE!!

  • Fabienne

    She’s gone through a rough time. Give her a chance to get well.

  • adam & eve

    lmfao at all the comments.

    thanks martin, abby, corkey, annie and all woman stalker. also t for that bonnie fuller tweet.

    mischa barton is clearly crazy if she believes her own crap.

    i am never getting my wisdom teeth pulled, because i fear of becoming like her and ending up in a psych ward.

  • huricane katrina

    Thanks adam & eve for thanking everybody.I was going to do so myself .LMFAO!!!!!
    This girl,Mischa, is sick. She needs help.
    Wisdom teeth removal lands you up in 5150 w/police coming to chart you away????
    COME ON!!!!!

  • huricane katrina

    Being serious here,she needs help and medication instead of illegal drugs.Ifshe,her family/freinds/agents don’t address the real issues and make her get real help and quit show business for a while,she’ll be the next one offing herself.
    DJAM,Mischa is coming.

  • amy

    I think she’s stupid and probably lying, but it is posible.
    I have a friend who got two of the wisdom tooth removed and at the same time she was suffering because the other two where growing, plus lots of stress due to college and all the medication she was taking cause of the surgery. And at one point she seriously went MAD……like we were sitting in the grass at college and a friend sat in front of her and she “felt cornered” and started to insult this other friend…shouting in the middle of campus….IT WAS SHOCKING!!
    But she didn’t need phyquiatric hold…haha…..and like at the end of the whole thing she kind of realized she was getting angry and histerically over nothing…..

  • oliver

    ANON, you’re totally right about Mischa’s fans on FanForum. DELUSIONAL and LOCO just like their favorite actress. They refuse to believe anything negative written about her and claim haters planted it. Only Mischa and her publicist are telling the truth.

  • whatever

    Jesus Christ…I have a king charles cavalier dog and if that is what her dog is she clearly feeds her dogs WAYYYYY too much. Thier fat as sh*@! She must overcompensate for her starvation by feeding her dogs like crazy.

  • tiff

    Photog who shot Mischa had this to say about her

  • Halli

    She shouldn’t feel embarrassed. A lot of young people have suffered a nervous breakdown. Catcher in the Rye, The Bell Jar… having a nervous breakdown is as American as apple pie.

  • Zandra

    Just admit it already! There’s no shame in it. No one is buying your excuse anyway.

  • carlos

    She doesn’t want to admit it because she’s still in denial about it.
    She was put on a hold involuntarily, against her will, because Mischa didn’t think anything was wrong with her.

    This is just like when she was rushed to the hospital at a party at Nicole’s house and the explanation given by her publicist was she accidentally mixed antibiotics with alcohol.

  • sam

    After this, I bet Mischa will be required to take drug tests on her future projects by the film insurance companies.

  • sam

    After this, I bet Mischa will be required to take drug tests on her future projects by the film insurance companies.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Keep on coming with all the lies and cover ups Mischa!!! We know you’re a druggie and alcoholic!!!

  • istar

    ive got that ‘WHY?’ top! its from topshop :)

  • suppress your appetite

    she’s gorgeous. Love her!