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Natalie Portman Buys A Castle... Ish

Natalie Portman Buys A Castle... Ish

Natalie Portman just purchased this “rustic castle-like” historic estate in an exclusive, secluded enclave of LA, reports In Touch. “Natalie wanted a property that had character and integrity, something that was special,” says Richard Stanley, a Coldwell Banker real estate agent in LA who specializes in architectural and historic properties.

“This house is perfect for her,” he says of the gorgeous 1930s-era home that the 28-year-old actress paid more than $3 million for. “It’s a beautiful home and truly is something special. It’s the trophy home of the neighborhood.”

It has four bedrooms and a private courtyard. It also includes two guest houses, perfect for visiting friends from back East, as well as her parents – her father, Avner, a fertility doctor, and her mother (and former agent), Shelley, to whom she credits much of her success. “If my career stops, if I do badly in a role or if one of my movies is a total failure, I know I’ll still have my parents. It helps me not to be afraid and to take risks,” Natalie says.

Although the home is located in a gated community of less than 100 residences, Natalie‘s decision to leave her family, sell her trendy Manhattan condo (it fetched nearly $7 million last November) and move to LA surprised her friends. But for the actress and Harvard grad, the timing is perfect, as she’s now ready to take on Hollywood. She’s started a filmmaker-friendly web site,, and has launched an LA-based production company named after her dog, Handsomecharlie Films. Plus, she’s set to play the female lead in Thor.

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  • padme

    beautiful home for a beautiful gal….congrats, Nat!!!

  • EVAN

    Is it located next to Sean Penn’s house or maybe his hotel????



  • Essay writer

    She really thinks she is queen Amidala. In that case let me be the King

  • dundies still recovering from the Kevin Federline post…thanks

  • sweetie

    Lucky Nat. Her castle looks gorgeous! :-)


    Kevin Federline swallowed ADNON GALUB. Britney paid him to do it.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    a home with “character and integrity”?!? come on.. it’s just a crib. she cute and all.. but she strikes me as one of those kind of annoying, arrogant, smarty pants chicks who”re to good to have fun.

  • livindadream

    Love her, she’s so spunky!

  • j

    “.im still recovering from the Kevin Federline post…thanks”


    i love Natalie Portman. she hasnt done anything or said anything to make herself seem arrogant or rude. stop having stupid assumptions.

  • Funkey

    This is not a castle this is old news she bought a house in Los Feliz like in April it’s a large home with an office or mother in law unit in the back. Get real a castle would never sell for $3million and there isn’t any castles in LA. Nor is this a mansion it’s just a home is a trophy area of LF. Big deal doesn’t make her some punk ass as someone tried to say she can afford it, so more credit to her.

  • jamie

    I thought she wanted to stay in NY because she don’t want to enter in the world of “Hollywood,” and now she’s in LA, she lies in her interviews.

    PS: I love this house!

  • tim

    Not my preference for architecture, but whatever floats her boat.

  • B$tch Slap!

    To all the b*tches comparing her to Bilson. Know you know darn well Natalie is more talented and obviously makes a lot more money! A lot better looking and more stylish too! Boo Hoo Natalie haters!

  • pjfarmar5

    @B$tch Slap!:

    i agree! too much hate here! natile is very talented. so back off!!

  • Boom Boom PAU#16

    You peeps make me laugh. Natalie is very talented and has made many movies. She also is directing. She is not stuck up. I have seen interviews of her before. She is just very intelligent. Something some of the Bilson lovers fail to understand. They are stuck on stupid Bilson b/c they are stupid. Don’t have the comprehension of real talent and true beauty and true fashion sense. Some have never got past tweenhood in the hood from what it sounds like here! LOL!

    Go back to your d-lister friends haters! I think Natalie buying the castle like house has proved she is a success. Some of the jealous twits cannot stand that.

  • ann

    A Castle for $3 million – I don’t think so!

    Just a pretty house in a good neighbourhood for a very hard-working actress who is both very talented and beautiful. Why is she stuck-up -because she isn’t out drinking and doing drugs in clubs every night?
    Natalie is a class above all the other actresses in her age group, both in talent and good looks, and deserves her success.

  • realy

    I absolutely agree that Natalie is a class above all the other actresses in her age group, both in talent and good looks, and deserves her success. She supersedes all actors and actresses in her age range.

    I am very impressed with her. Some people can’t get a job, Natalie is practically running HW. What a girl.

  • Laura

    It is so true, Bilsons and Lohans and many others can not get a job and Natalie is picking roles and is directing and producing. She is amazing.

  • tina

    The picture is gorgeous of both Natalie and the room. I love the high ceilings and wood work and layout.

  • lexy

    Natalie’s amazing! Nice to see some talented and working actresses on JJ.

  • @ all

    This is old news, and I’ve seen better pictures of the house, has a very nice stairwell and lots of garden.

    @21 sorry but as much as she can act-she is not practically running HW the reports however about a lesbian affair on screen have got lots of notice, maybe the movie(Swan) will actually make more than 50 million just for that.

  • me

    So rachel bilson can’t at all and can’t grt a job, But natalie has done alot in her 28 years than rachel bilson will ever do. Natalie don’t need no man to take of her and get her jobs Rachel bilson do. Natalie has always shown that she can do things on her on. She has always shown her indenpence,Her and hayden has done well. Minue he getting hook-up with rachel bilson which jj gettting her cerdit for movie that not hers because hayden don’t want to be seem with her in LA.But hope she live a happy life in her new house and keep it getting good roles. Do you know Hayden or Natalie are directors? Don’t see rachel bilson doing anything like that do you? Keep up the good work natalie love you!

  • tina

    Natalie Portman is famous for being a straight A student all her life.
    She graduated Harvard with the Psychology degree
    She was offered to model but refused bc she wanted to act
    She was in the musical with Britney Spears
    She made her first highly acclaimed movie at the age of 12
    She was in 3 Star Wars prequels and the director Lucas signed her on for all 3 and than was looking for other actors to fit with her
    She won teen choice awards, golden globe, science fiction and was nominated for an Oscar, she beat Meryl Streep and other great actresses for Closer with Jude Law and Julia Roberts
    She is the founder of a website making of about making movies
    She runs FINCA
    She produces, directs and writes
    I can go on and on and on
    She is highly respected in HW
    Other 28 year old actresses are known for dating some one and can not get a job and try to praise Natalie in their reviews just to be associated with her name

    Read more:

  • @all

    why would anyone bring up bilson, when natalie never wanted to have anything to do with hayden and does not know who bilson is

  • the greatest

    @tina and all

    Natalie is the greatest, I love her.

  • magnificent

    The house looks magnificent. tasteful and unique. She has great taste and obviously lots of $. This is also the best time to buy.

  • magnificent

    Great mini castle, great girl.

  • @31

    Sorry, it is not that mini. Looks like a nice castle.

  • Funkey

    I see Natalie as eclectic she has taste that appeal to her and maybe her alone. She isn’t out to impress anyone in HW and no she isn’t single handedly running the town but, she is getting to be a big name in the business. I feel she wants to put woman in films on the map by not just acting but, directing, producing and writing reason why NYILU is her shot at this.

    Funny Bilson being brought up as so it seems the D-listers in NYILU need this movie to be noticed and when they pop up on JJ they promote the movie and their small insignifigant part in it to hell. these boards are the only place someone like Bilson can do it. I’m sure she is hoping that there is a director or studio head that will give her attention. Mainly for the lack of talent that she posesses. Bilson has none but she is on JJ as many times as her agent can call out the press to sell her and the former co-star of Natalie’s to the public. Both of those fools wish they had what Natalie does and just can’t get.

  • @Funkey

    Both of those fools wish they had what Natalie does and just can’t get

    Read more:

    I absolutely agree and could not put it better myself. Every young actor in HW dreams of Natalie’s recognition, but these two and I mean RB and HC could only dream, they will never get it.

  • lina

    Now it has been reported that Hayden’s brother got arrested. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would have been if Natalie was in that family. Thank got she never was interested in Hayden. He looks dark and dangerous, I thought he was just insecure, but there is more to that obviously. Father cheated on the mother. brother can’t get a job and is violent, fiance can’t get a job and is arrogant. HC is a loser who does not get cast anywhere and does commercials. NICE!

  • sweetness

    why would anyone want to live in a castle…it’s so old…and the maintence on keeping that property up will bankrupt she that rich?

  • @33 sweetness

    Natalie made 35 movies and has 5 more coming up, do the math.

  • lakers fan in boston

    it looks pretty nice, especially for 3 mil
    i hope now that she wants to be in LA, we’ll see more of her in some movies

  • tina

    Natalie would have been doing movies regardless of where she lives, she is in very high demand. Move to LA is more beneficial for production probably, than acting.

  • pups mccann

    And Portman is so excited about the recession, when people are forced to work jobs they hate! Wee so much fun!

  • oriana

    another pinhead from hollyweird.


  • really

    Natalie with her creative wisdom found something positive in all this negative, I think she is right that people can’t make money now days so at least they find what they love to do. Many were busy trading on stock market, now they have to work and apply themselves and see what they like to do.

  • @38

    Oscar nominated actress; producer, writer, Harvard graduate, pylontoropist at 28. There is no one like her in HW at 28.
    LOVE HER, she is Hollywood’s pride and joy.

  • sexy

    follow me

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  • how to swim triathlon

    The picture is gorgeous of both Natalie and the room. I love the high ceilings and wood work and layout.

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    Natalie Portman is very beutiful woman and moreover she is talented.

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    Natalie would accept been accomplishing movies behindhand of area she lives, she is in actual aerial demand. Move to LA is added benign for assembly probably, than acting.