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Nicole Kidman: 'Rabbit Hole' First Look!

Nicole Kidman: 'Rabbit Hole' First Look!

Nicole Kidman and her country superstar husband Keith Urban pick up coffee and hit the gym on Sunday morning (August 30) Nashville, Tenn.

The New York Times has two new stills from Nicole and Aaron Eckhart‘s new movie Rabbit Hole about a suburban mother dealing with the loss of a child. Check it out at

“This is a passion project for Nicole,” said Eckhart, who plays her husband. “The reason why I’m in the movie is Nicole. If she wants to work with somebody, then that’s what happens.”

20+ pictures inside Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban living the simple life…

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nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 01
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 02
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 03
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 04
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 05
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 06
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 07
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 08
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 09
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 10
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 11
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 12
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 13
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 14
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 15
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 16
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 17
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 18
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 19
nicole kidman rabbit hole first look 20

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • jen

    Why is Nicole relevant and how exactly is Urban a “superstar.” This must be a “passion” project for Nicole because you can’t get anything else.

  • Kate bosselin

    she looks like a walking piece of chalk with lipstick. “yuks”

  • Billie

    jen: what a bitter person you are! Take a freakin’ chill pill. These two people are more relevant than you’ll ever be..get over it!
    What a loser!

  • Anna

    they are awesome!!

  • nikomilinko
  • Marcela

    @ jen 09/01/2009 at 3:34 pm

    Nicole will always be relevant for people who admire great and successful actresses…About her husband, the post clearly says “country superstar”. He’s really big in the Country Music world. The right question should be: Why are you even here when it’s obvious they’re not relevant for you anyway?

    Thanks for the pics, JJ! Nicole looks lovely even in the most casual outfit :)

  • HA!

    How is Nicole Kidman relevant? What a moron. I’m sure there is a Kristen Stewart thread out there just screaming your name. Go find it.

  • margareth

    I love to see this couple together, so happy.

  • dinna F

    She is beautiful! I love this couple too.

  • lioness

    As far as I’m concerned Keith is a superstar, period! I love this couple. A friend and I were in Nashville this weekend and ran into them at a restaurant and my friend started talking to them and they were so gracious and friendly and signed an autograph for her! Chicken me stayed in the car! We attended Keith’s concert the night before and it was fantastic. He’s a wonderful entertainer. Jen and Kate….grow up and get some manners.

  • Liev

    Nicole has given great performances and I can’t wait to see “NINE”. What I truly hate is the fact that you imply that everyone who likes Twilight is a moron, that’s just irrespecful.

    LOVE NICOLE. LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liev

    Nicole has given great performances and I can’t wait to see “NINE”. What I truly hate is the fact that you imply that everyone who likes Twilight is a moron, that’s just irrespecful.

    LOVE NICOLE. LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 416

    Love her, but those jeans are WAY too short. She needs a longer inseam.

  • trish

    Lovely couple, wish Sunday was with them, miss her adorable face!!!!!!!!!!

  • carrie

    she’s too skinny with her new bigger lips! LOL but i like her red hair

  • Jacquie

    What a fun loving, in love couple. It is good to see they are able to lead a semi-normal life in Nashville and be so relaxed. Keith is an awesome entertainer. He is labeled country genre, but he can sing and play anything. He is a walking music encyclopedia. He plays a guitar like only the greats. Nicole is an extremely talented actress; academy award winner and if some of her films do not do as well in the USA, well, she is a box office hit internationally. There is a world beyond the USA. They are good, kind people and should be treated with respect. People who say evils things of others, have some emotional problems.

  • taco

    great actress, lovely woman.

  • yttr

    sweet couple!! nice to see a genuine and natural couple in the fake hollywood world

  • andres

    l like her…

  • jillryro

    Good actress, like her in movies.

    But in real life….her lips are HORRIBLE, those injections need to stop. And lovely face (minus the lips), but she has to have the worse hair in Hollywood, unless it’s styled professionally, she has no clue how to style curly hair and it always looks ratty, even in a ponytail it looks stringy, dry and ratty. And it’s not cause she came from the gym, her her hair always looks horrid, only looks good on red carpet.

  • May

    They always look amaaazing! Nicole is elegant even in the most humble outfit, how is that possible?
    And for Nicole’s haters, get over yourselves!

  • loveeee!!!

    They are awesome!!!! I love Nicole! !! I love this couple!!!

  • brenda

    OH! So sweet couple!

  • mary

    They look wonderful.

  • twpumpkin


  • wm


    Jacquie: I couldn’t of said it better myself! Nicole is a great actress and Keith is an awesome perfomer. I’ve been to many concerts and he’s beyond amazing. Most importantly, they are both kind, gracious people and truly in love. I have alot of respect for both of them. If only the nasty haters had a fraction of the class this couple has the world would be a happier, better place.

  • brigitte

    I love this couple !!!

  • dabu

    People who don’t know country music don’t realize just how big Urban is in the music world. And country music is huge in much of the states and much of the world. Urban is a BIG BIG name.
    And Kidman–she is truly one of the most versatile and talented actresses of our time.
    Those criticizing her don’t realize her scope because they don’t have the desire to experience the range of films she acts in–indies, action, comedy, romance, adventure. Most actors stick to a couple of genres and rarely stretch themselves by acting in all of them. She has a ton of awards both for stage and screen. She truly is talented.
    I can’t wait to see this film. It isn’t going to be for everyone, but those of us who appreciate good drama and acting will like it.
    And now that reports are leaking out that the Church of Xenu orchestrated Tom’s divorce from Nicole because they felt she took him away from Scientology–maybe she can put the little idiot totally and completely behind her. Unfortunately tho they have their tentacles in Bella and Connor.

  • joy

    Nice to see a couple happy and trying to make their marriage work despite all the negatives around out there. Keith is a poetic lyricist, a masterful musician and a soulful singer —-triple threat. He married Nicole, he loves her. They have a precious daughter and I pray they have MANY healthy, happy years together as a family. As far as looks go no matter who they are it’s what’s in their hearts that matters most.

  • Annie

    I love her! Total class.

  • Annie

    And #1, Urban IS a superstar. Have you ever seen him play the guitar?? His “radio” songs do NOT do him justice, he rocks like Stevie Ray.

  • I love her but..

    She needs to quit the botox..way plastic head. Your better than that Nicole. Come on!

  • huricane katrina

    Lovely couple.Good luck.may they make it work.One way is for to really quit movies toonew ayror less unless it is something extradinary. She has it all and earned it all.After you get an Oscar,there is now way to go.
    I like Urban and Kidman.She isa good actress.

  • COgirl

    Good god people, get over yourselves. These two people aren’t any more relevant or special than the rest of us. It’s no wonder, when there are clowns like you, fawning all over them, thinking they are something special, that they then think they ARE special. They’re NOT. The whole Hollywierd crowd is a bunch of narcissistic people with low self esteem who want to think they are better than everyone else. None of them would give you the time of day, but they’ll sure take your money.

  • get over yourselves

    why don’t they install a gym in their home? oh I forgot they LOVE THE MEDIA ATTENTION. I wonder if the gym closes for them or people are told NOT TO MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE SUPERIOR ONES!

  • muther moron

    Anorexic is carrying her bundle of joy in her purse. she always wants to be near her kid, what a hands on mother!

  • Victoria

    Worst. Actress. Ever.

  • dodo

    I love seeing her candid pics !!
    Love u Nicole

  • Michell

    Go to one of Keith’s concerts and you’ll see why he’s a superstar. He is just as good live as on the radio, if not better.

  • My

    Stunning couple!!

    I love them alway seems very key-low!Gorgeous nicole,i can’t wait to see your “NINE and “Rabbit Hole”!!!!!

    You are amazing in these films!

  • eliza

    Lovely couple loaded with talent and class, so refreshing compared to the typical Hollywood celebrities. Some envious people can’t stand to see them happy and successful so they’re always on the attack. Theyre the losers, not the Urbans.

  • My

    The reason why I’m in the movie is Nicole. If she wants to work with somebody, then that’s what happens.”said Eckhart


    It’s amazing what he talk about Nicole.Nicole is one of the best actresses in this world!!absolutely!!!!

  • daisy

    Oh yeah they like the media attention so much we normally get one or two sets of pictures a MONTH, if that. Especially when they are in Nashville. People talk to them all the time in the gym & restaurants, etc.

    Why should they install a gym in their house, they have just as much right as anyone else to go out & do things in public. We see Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, & many other celebs go to the gym in LA where there are more paps. Why don’t they install gyms? Because they have the right to go out in public & do normal things, too. They are all human. They just have great jobs!

    Some people would just like to believe Nicole & keith are “seeking” out the paps, they are not!

  • hoolahoop

    @COgirl: Bravo! Well said! Who can look at this mess that is called her hair and those lips and say she looks beautiful, wonderful, amazing, etc. She looks horrible! It amazes me everyday how crazy fans will put overpaid celebrities on such a high pedestal.

  • dani

    You said it! You are absolutely right!

  • rae

    She looks so pretty! I love the casual tennis shoes she always wears. The Rabbit Hole pictures look great. I loved the whole article.

  • Celebwatcher

    I really love Keith and Nicole together they are truly a breath of fresh air. I am not exactly sure what Nicole is waiting on to have another baby though–maybe fertility issues???


    Check out my other celebrity psychic predictions at

  • http://love45 arlene

    que horrible se ve cuando sonrie con la bonita sonrisa que tenia nicole antes de usar el maldito botox y lo mas que meda coraje es que los fans no acepten que nicole kidman jamas tiene la belleza que tenia antes que a aruinado todo Hasta la carrera de actriz por el uso esesivo de botox que pena era una de las actrises mas bellas y de las mas talentosas del cine haora solo le queda un bonito cuerpo por que de cara se ve espantosa ella no se acepta con su fisico de antes quiere ser de plasico haora uy me asco su cara tan artificial ,cuando mejor se veia era cuando estaba con tom cruise.

  • tuy

    Wrost. Comment. Ever.

    @ 34, and @ 44. Envy is a bad thing.

  • Shelby

    Keith looks incredibly hot. He is a very attractive man.