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Princess Rihanna Flaunts Extreme Couture

Princess Rihanna Flaunts Extreme Couture

Princess Rihanna sits atop her throne and holds onto her scepter in this new shot from the September 2009 issue of Italian Vogue.

Check out the full 20-page photo spread at Each shot is so fierce!

Yesterday, the 21-year-old Bajan babe, her publicist Jen and a few friends had a blast at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif. Rihanna hit up one of the craziest roller coasters in the park — Tatsu.

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Photos: Steven Klein
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  • meme

    Ewww…They made her look like a man.

  • fashionista

    Who’s the photographer for this one?

    What a crap……. and riri looks like a zombie!

  • kevin

    She looks greasy.

  • berry

    Gee, the paps were able to find her at Six Flags?
    Jen must be earning her pay.

  • mike

    They tried to be artsy but ended up making her look like a tranny.

  • Andrea

    Rihanna in these photos copy beyonce
    The look in the photos is much like ”Sweet dreams” and ”Ave Maria”

  • umm…..

    Um…they didn’t make her look like a tranny, that is what she always looks like.

  • pomm

    Steven Klein shot this. Not his best work but the rest of the issue is crap, so this looks like gold in comparison.

  • stella

    Brings a new meaning to DIRTY!

  • _Riri_

    Who is the best?She is the best?Who is so hot?She is so hot?Who is so Fierce?She is lookin Fierce?Who is the Bad?She is really so Bad!!And This is RİRi,baby!

  • bryan

    She is not a Bajan Babe. She is more like a Barbarian.
    Rihanna needs to work harder otherwise she could risk getting broke again.

  • Adam

    Well, at least her balding hairline was put to good use. She looks better in that photo than she does in her every photos.

  • ….

    Rihanna and Chris Brown Forever.

  • anna

    I wouldn’t say fierce, I would say mor like fugly!

  • xavier

    Is that a woman or a man?

  • G

    Still tonedeaf!

  • opus

    I only see one pic.

  • rascal

    How did the press know Rihanna was at the park? Does her management notify them or something? It looks like she’s posing in the TMZ pictures.

  • Steph

    Sorry, she doesn’t look fierce there. More like a lubed-up Grace Jones wannabe.

  • Paulie

    Grace Jones called.

    She wants her style back.

  • idky

    Princess Rihanna?
    More like Princess Rooster.

  • Cammie

    Her face looks deranged, she didn’t do a good job pretending to be Grace or Fierce..

  • Cammie

    Her face looks deranged, she didn’t do a good job pretending to be Grace or Fierce..

  • Drea

    The Grace Jones look does not suit her. It’s a bad hommage. They should have just gotten the original to do the shoot. That would have been interesting!

  • G-UNIT


  • You/Me

    She looks like that chick from the Conan the Barbarian movie with Arnold Swar..however the hell you spell his name,lol, the damn Cali governor….anyway that wild chick at the beginning that he rescues.

  • HJ

    She can’t pull off couture. Leave that to the models PLEASE.

  • Ingrid

    All you haters can’t even take a nice pic with all the make-up in the world so why all the hating on Ri Ri. It makes you guys look extremely ugly. Check yourself first or then again asked yourself why am i hating am i jealous? YEAH I AM. No haters for 2009

  • So True

    @Ingrid: I have no idea what everyone looks like so I’ll refrain from commenting and speculating on the looks of people I CAN’T see and playing the jealousy card just because someone doesn’t agree with my opinion. That said, I don’t like these images. Just because it’s artistic does not mean it looks good. Agree with whoever suggested using the real Grace Jones. Wouldn’t that be something to see? Unfortunately, you rarely see women her age on the cover of magazines like Vogue.

  • JJ

    she looks gorgeous.

  • annie


  • enoughalready

    These pics are so photoshopped to were it’s not even funny and her stans are getting mad at us? Her head looks like it was put on someone else’s body and the body is a box and her one arm looks like it was stretched out of shape. I saw these pics on another site and she has the same look in all of them, even where there is no large amount of eye makeup on them. She cant even do this without copying!

    This girl has no originality what so ever, I’ve seen this look too many times before on Grace Jones, Beyonce and more, she is always trying to prove something and fails all the time. Can I say LADY GAGA!

  • pablo

    Se ve muy bien, creo que es un buen trabajo. Parece un verdadero maniquie, es altamente bella, sexy , y muy arriesgada. RIHANNA ERES LA MEJOR…..TIENES LA MAYOR SUPERACION DE ETRE TODAS LAS ARTISTAS EN TU LOOK…….

  • fran


  • Benadra

    Hello people,
    It’s called couture which also means high fashion. Are you serious people this is amazing lets try to learn something in our lives!

  • emmaa

    Why is she suddenly some “princess”?

  • black beauty

    people are really taking time out of their “busy” day to hate on this beautiful woman! hating will get you nowhere. you people need to stop!

  • Leeland

    Wow you looks amazing. She is a gorgeous black woman. Can’t wait for the spread.

  • zeto

    Nice photographer. Ugly girl.

    Thank you photoshop…

  • Adam

    ITA, too much photoshop, they should have just used the original or a real model. This is a celebrity blog. We’re allowed to take time out of “busy” lives to comment if we want. If you want to moderate everyone’s posts and censor opinions, create a fan site.

  • buderz

    to you all guys!!! you all not have arts soul!! this is photography!! look anothers photos and u ain’t lying!!!

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks really cute!