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Sarah Jessica Parker: Sex and the City 2 Begins Shooting!

Sarah Jessica Parker: Sex and the City 2 Begins Shooting!

Carrie Bradshaw’s back!

Sarah Jessica Parker began shooting the Sex and the City 2 movie in New York City on Tuesday morning (September 1).

Wearing a semi-sheer white dress and a pair of sparkly Christian Louboutin gold heels, the 44-year-old actress looked thrilled to be back as the Big Apple’s favorite fictional columnist.

SATC2 is scheduled for a May 28, 2010 release and Victoria Beckham is rumored to make a cameo appearance.

FYI: SJP is carrying a Chanel gold metal clutch.

15+ pictures inside of Sarah Jessica Parker shooting Sex and the City 2

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sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 01
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 02
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 03
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 04
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 05
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 06
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 07
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 08
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 09
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 10
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 11
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 12
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 13
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 14
sarah jessica parker sex and the city 2 15

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  • nina

    can’t wait!

  • stellartes

    OMG…..I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!

  • lalara

    Why did they put an end to this series when they keep making movies about?

  • zanessa4life
  • Roxanne

    SJP is very ugly and unattractive…I find nothing appealing about her. Her nose is huge and her entire looks so hard almost like an old wrinkled, dried up prune…She can play Rumer Willis’ mom.

  • kara

    I hate the character of Carrie Bradshaw so much. She is so superficial, thinking the world has to turn around her. I can’t stand her immaturity.

  • BoomBoomPAU#16

    Great!! I cannot wait! I just watched the 1st S&TC the other day and I LOVED IT!! These ladies rock! Carrie is my hero!

  • Carrie

    per @OLV filming at the met now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abby

    Ewe…..too boney.

  • ReN

    @kara: Did you even watch the show? Carrie is an amazing character, the world hardly turned around. But being the main character of the show it may look like that to you. And clearly you are the immature one for hating a fictional character.

  • T.

    she looks AMAZING

  • kayla

    ok i liked the show and the movie but they need to put an end to this

  • Where’s Charlotte?

    Sarah Jessica looks beautiful. Carrie wasn’t my favorite but I still thought her role on the show and film was great. I’m excited for the sequel.

  • katie n

    my god, the heels!!!

  • nyob

    She looks great. I will never understand why so many men think she is unattractive.

    But I agree, enough of this. The show is over . . . time to let it go.

  • Lekili

    Watch the reruns over and over, the movie was well done, can’t wait to see what happens this time around.
    As for SJP, love her.

  • LisaJane


    Actually Kara merely expressed her opinion about a fictional character in a TV show. You however got defensive about that FICTIONAL character and actually insulted a REAL person for expressing her opinions. I put it to you that you are the immature one.

  • awesome

    I enjoyed the show very much and I’m excited to see this movie. I agree the characters werent’ exactly the best, but hell it was a show.

  • Tess

    I think most women will lap up anything SATC regardless of quality of content. I liked the show when it aired on HBO. When I watch it in reruns, I see what Kara is saying. None of these woman were likable, including Carrie. This was especially true during the Aiden years.

    The movie was abominable and was not empowering to women at all. A man who has led you on for years dumps you at the altar, you blame yourself for a year for planning a big wedding, your first. Man reappears, after a roll in the hay, or in this case multi million dollar apartment, you marry at city hall. All is forgiven. Great movie!

  • LisaJane

    So is Katie Holmes in this film or not? It would be a great career move.

  • Topdog

    You’d like the TV show and the movie, if you’re not a single woman in NYC. That’s all I have to say about the SATC’s fans.

  • angel hair

    stunning combination!

  • jeremy

    OMFG!!!! it’s great, she’s gorgeous <3

  • dany

    OMG I´m sooo happy!!!!!

    Love Sex and the city!!

    she looks beautiful as always!!

  • Dee

    I don’t think women take the series/movies seriously. We just enjoy watching it and don’t think that real life is like that or that it should be. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. SJP is cute and I don’t think that she tries to be beautiful. None of the girls in SatC look like a model à la every other show on TV and most of the time, the men they had relationships with weren’t pretty boys either. I guess that’s made the show interesting.

    I’m looking forward to the movie. I just hope that they won’t break up Big and Carrie again.

  • deede

    YAAAY!!! me likie:D

  • francesca

    i adore the show and first movie!
    i want that outfit.


    more $$$$$$$$$$$ for the crew
    so greedy!!!
    they were paid very well for the last movie
    but i guess since we (the viewers) ate it all up the last time
    they see more $$$ signs for them

    i will see this one on video

  • Emelie

    I really looking forward to see it! Sarah looks great as always =)

  • colin

    @roxanne, what a disgusting thing to say about another person, do you get a kick out of insulting famous people? jealous are we? get over yourself for gods sake! its pathetic

  • Kara

    @ReN: Of course I watch the show but she is not my favorite, I would have someone like her around me always talking about her little problems “ohhh my shoes, someone stole my shoes bouuuu bouhhh” I would kill her. Immature hating about a fictionnal character? And what about you who like a fictionnal character? Your argument is as stupid as you are.

  • Lolah

    This girl is so unattractive .. should play horror movies :-D

  • Lara

    She looks great in these pics! Can’t wait to see the movie!

  • dani

    LOVE those Louboutin shoes! Dress does nothing for her though. White isn’t a good look for her!

  • SATC fan

    no ring! does that mean she and Big split????

  • LOVESsjp

    If you’re a fan, I read on celebsession that she’s filming right NOW on 85th street near 5th ave in manhattan, and will be filming another scene later in midtown: I want to go see her in person!

  • Jo

    Looking Hot ! can’t wait for the other movie ! it’ll be better than the first one (even though it was great) since it’ll be funnier and shorter according to the producers ! CANT WAIT!

  • gisele

    YES!!! I can’t wait! I <3333 SJP!

  • sadithya

    eh, i don’t get this series (or movies), never like it. there’s nothing valuable about it except for the fashion thingy. they only emphasize brands–too expensive not even affordable– if exclusive brands were their target in the first place then why not make a fashion show about it? instead of making this shitty movies.

  • lakers fan in boston

    dang look at those veins 0.0
    cute dress, altho i think it would look better on a girl who had some more boobs
    i think the 2nd 1 is gonna be even worse than the 1st

  • rosie

    I hate the idea that Victoria Beckham will be in the 2nd movie. Victoria Beckham has considerably less personality than her clothes. What’s more, she’s anorexic-thin, and I’m morally opposed to seeing someone like that admired. Unless she’s just doing the cameo so that the SATC girls can throw burgers and sandals at her, I’m not interested.

  • Lisa too

    I wonder why she isn’t wearing her wedding rings while filming? Hopefully her and “Big” are still happily married in the movie.

  • anna

    LOVE THE OUTFIT & THE LOUBOUTINS! yayy!! sex and the city is one of my obsessions, I hope the sequel is better and lives up to the show!

  • Bee

    Love it already, cant wait to see it!! Love the entire outfit, especially those CL Heels!


    love her & the show and the 01st movie, cant wait, the clothes Pat Field wow!

  • http://WWW.COMCAST.NET Paul

    Love SJP Love SATC the 6 seasons the movie, cant wait to see this new one, the clothes Pat Field Wow!!!

  • Michael Davenport

    I love Sarah Jessica Parker and think she is beautiful! Would love to meet her. And at 61, may be one of her oldest fans.

  • Frederik zimmermann

    Sarah´s Sunglasses from MYKITA @ or

  • Freddy

    Sarah´s Sunglasses are from MYKITA and Bernhard Willhelm.

  • xaviervuitton

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 theres more carrie bradshaw im only 14 and loving the movies and series omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cnt wait