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Amber Rose Aligns With Equinox

Amber Rose Aligns With Equinox

Amber Rose dons head-to-tie Nike as she gets in a sweaty workout on Tuesday (September 1) at an Equinox gym in West Hollywood.

The 26-year-old girlfriend of Kanye West, who carried around an iPod and BlackBerry, smoked a cigarette the moment she got into her car.

Other pictures include Kanye and bikini-clad Amber soaking in the sun around Miami Beach on August 18.

20+ pictures inside of Amber Rose aligning with the Equinox…

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amber rose equinox gym 01
amber rose equinox gym 02
amber rose equinox gym 03
amber rose equinox gym 04
amber rose equinox gym 05
amber rose equinox gym 06
amber rose equinox gym 07
amber rose equinox gym 08
amber rose equinox gym 09
amber rose equinox gym 10
amber rose equinox gym 11
amber rose equinox gym 12
amber rose equinox gym 13
amber rose equinox gym 14
amber rose equinox gym 15
amber rose equinox gym 16
amber rose equinox gym 17
amber rose equinox gym 18
amber rose equinox gym 19
amber rose equinox gym 20
amber rose equinox gym 21
amber rose equinox gym 22

Credit: Kadena Pix; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Mavrixonline
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  • marissa

    i like her body :) especially her backside

  • gisele

    who is this person?

  • Jill

    you’ve got to stop posting about this…thing. she’s not a celebrity, she’s just a starf**ker.

  • Wendy

    Ya i dont see how she is famous, even by todays standards, but her body is PERFECTION!

  • Knox

    wow the “bald” trend is in again? i just find bald women weird don’t you think so? Well just a personal point of view :)

  • Ilia

    Yeah, I would do her, but not without camouflaging that she-male face. Also, isn’t Kanye GAY?

  • blondie

    Oh, just let her get pregnant,
    and watch how fast he drops her,
    just like Eddie Murphy dropped
    Scarey Spice.

    Haaa haaa ha. (Just kidding.)

    I think that he ought to marry her,
    with a clear pre-nuptual agreement.

    I really am getting use to seeing
    them together, and I hope that
    they are happy together.

    They seem very very happy.
    Just don’t hit her. The bruises will show.

  • snore


  • whatthef

    STARF*CKER.. and nothing more.

  • kenza

    Why are you posting about her?

  • Marissa

    She only looks good with sunglasses and when she doesn’t smile.

  • Kardashian Sisters

    I guess she’s paying Jared big bucks to write about her on a daily basis.

  • gGlam

    OK, her style is.. weird. But her body is really hot! and she seems to make Kanye happy (she’s probably as arrogant as he is.. or a gold-digger).

  • whatever

    ummmm…no, this is not “hot”…this is really really gross!

  • Parker

    She has got a really, really nice body, and I love her hair. I think she’s a great match for Kanye.

  • http://Justjared style1

    Would they stop putting her in spotlight because she makes me want to frow up every time I see her.

  • cecile

    her f*cking fat ass doesn’t even fit in her tanga, she’s not hot she’s gross!!

  • In My Dreams…I’m so jealous

    Curve perfection. Not shape like a boy stick figure. She look like she is soft. So sexy.

  • laurie

    OMG lady grow some hair.

  • jasmine

    why hasn’t anyone mentioned about her running around topless when she clearly sees the paparazzi and whats that point of the bottom when her ass is hanging out??
    I did think she was classier then that.

  • Heather ♥

    No one famous.

  • Jen

    could she be any more classless?

  • _____

    She’s a wh0re and proud of it – two THUMBS up!!!

  • Wtf

    This chick is seriously a disgrace to society! Excuse me while I go vomit….

  • gold

    OH PLEASE!!! there are lots of women with sexy curves and a big ass but this chick looks like a coke whore!!! nothing sexy going on there. girl! go buy your self some hair.

  • twpumpkin


  • lakers fan in boston

    hate this bitzch, i cant even stand her 1 bit
    those g string pics r like 2 weeks old jared….really late
    i dont think she has a good body personally
    never been a big ass guy and that bald head and her attention whore status is a total turn off
    f u ho

  • unknown


  • jess

    I think she looks SMOKIN HOT HOT HOT

  • emmaa

    Its fine to flaunt your body…but certainly not to this degree!! OTT!
    The g-string is gross not to mention its fkn gay.

  • Macedonian Girl

    Nice up-front. ;)

  • madge


  • Shurly

    She’s Hot ! she has the body to pull this off. Gosh I’m jealous. Not of her horrible shaved head, but the rest… you go girl ! You don’t care what people think !

  • angie’s old nose

    This bald betch is nothing but a brown skinned Coco wanna be. How fricking original *eye roll*

  • liverwurst

    So this bald bunny is dating Kanye? How embarrassing for Kanye…he must have a really little peen to lasso such a low class talent as this one.

  • la sigh.

    eww. Looks like her butt drifted down her hamstrings.

  • pffft.

    @Shurly: Obviously her life revolves around what people think.

  • breathinliveout

    She could loose about 10lbs. Then her stomach wouldn’t have dimples on it like her ass is on the verge of doing. Those arms could use some toning too.

  • Sema


    Lmao What dimples? You mean her RIBS?

  • Callie

    she looks like a fat-assed mannequin

  • Ali

    while i think its good to see a celeb going out with a much more normal and realistic looking girl – ie; not skin and bone – is it just me or is her body really weird and disproportionate? her hips and thighs, not to mention ass, are sooo huge and disproportionate to the rest of her (in my opinion).

  • Amy

    Jeez, she might as well be naked!

  • xo

    iLove how everyone talks sh*t but yet shes got $
    &shes doin it big while yu`s are brokeeeeeeee .

    shes hot -ponit bLank .

  • ajhoney

    please excuse the dumb ass people that is talking shit the girl never ask for nothing she young she is beautiful everytime a black sister is begin notice everybody think that she is a whore she happy she is not hurting anybody at all there are so many tthings happing in this world for this one person have so much attention. because like you asshole give her that time so why enjoy it for me she is pretty.

  • Thesilkman

    Of course Kanye’s Gay. Havent you guys seen South Park? Kanye eats Fish Sticks(Dicks).

    Such a waste of a beautiful Girl on that one. Imagine what she looks like with hair?

  • suppress your appetite

    Go Go Amber!

  • Annah

    I think she has a very unique look. I personally would not cut all of my hair off, but it takes a lot of balls. Sexy swimwear I do like from World Swimwear.