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Carrie Underwood - 'Cowboy Casanova' Lyrics

Carrie Underwood - 'Cowboy Casanova' Lyrics

Cowboy Casanova” is the name of Carrie Underwood‘s first single off her upcoming third album Play On, out November 3.

The 26-year-old American Idol champ shot the music video today! Carrie co-wrote this song with Mike Elizondo and Brett James. Release date still unknown.

Click inside to listen to “Cowboy Casanova” and to check out the lyrics…

Carrie Underwood – ‘Cowboy Casanova’

Carrie Underwood – ‘Cowboy Casanova’ Lyrics

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  • marebear

    Wow Love her!

  • marebear

    Wow I love her! she so talented!

  • chelsey


  • jo

    Link to this one it’s the official version with better vocals. It’s more country sounding too. The one posted is not the correct version.

  • Belle

    This is the WRONG VERSION. Here’s the correct version from Carrie’s official YouTube:

  • Ashley

    Incredible!!!!! :)

  • aimee

    I LOVE ITTT! SHES THE BEST :D sooo talented!

  • Brittany

    i am absoultely IN LOVE with this song!
    i can not wait for november 3rd!!

  • Sunja

    Love it! Can’t wait for her cd to come out.

  • pete


  • meemee

    she is SOOOOO overrated! what happened to tammy winnette and loretta lynn types? the really talented (NOT over-rpoduced) country singers? country is a joke now. it’s just pop with a twang. please. garbage and she looks like a miss america pageant girl. plastic and kind of old. ok, can u tell i am not a fan. i am just sick of how she has been shoved down our throats. bring back real country. seriously. this is noise.

  • meemee

    bring back dolly parton!!!!!!!!!!! a real country singer with talent!

  • Gaby

    Love it!! This is a great first single from her!

  • ash

    Loooove this song!!

  • jenna

    @meemee: carrie’s awesome. music evolves. everyone will always love and listen to the classics, but music is constantly changing.

  • Al


    Its Tammy Wynette. :P

  • Nina

    @jenna: couldn’t have said it better!! music is always evolving.

  • meemee

    Jenna: I have not felt music has evolved for decades. Nothing innovative and nothing outstanding. Particularly in genres like country. The Producer is King nowadays and they go to a studio and monitor people’s voices and have cookie-cutter songs and shove down people’s throat with artists that are styled by stylists and pushed on us by publicists. I was just watching a documentary on Woodstock and Janis Jolin came out there, sweaty, long hair , a mess and belted out a song from the gut. No studio mani[ulation. And Tammy Wynnette (thanks for the spelling correction) really sang from the heart. Dolly Parton wrote almost all her songs and really sang about her pain. She was not fabricated. But what can I expect from a girl who won American Idol? Enough said. Carrie is a product not an artist. IMO.

  • Kimberly

    To me that doesn’t sound very country unless you want to call it country with a rocky edge…

  • jenna

    @meemee: that is your opinion, and i respect it. it is true that the classics are incredible. music was at it’s peak then, no doubt about it. i think that the music business has steered off the track these, looking for a sound to house THIS generation. but that doesn’t mean everyone who puts out music is talentless these days.

    i think carrie has a great voice, and i think you should wait and judge her whole album, instead of a single. the first single from an album is always a little more ‘radio-friendly.’ i like more of her songs that haven’t been singles, personally.

  • Nicole

    She is INCREDIBLE!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!! And I’m SO happy the song finally came out I’ve been dying to hear it!! I haven’t stopped listening to it ALL DAY!!!!!!

  • meemee

    jenna: ok, i’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. ur right, not fair to judge too early. btw, i say the same thing about pop and rock so it’s not just country. music as a whole. great band called “the noisettes” – english band. i like them. they are on youtube. amazing. i like jewel a lot and think she should go country. her voice is pretty. and i love coldplay. so there is good music these days still.
    here is the noisettes link – i was in london this summer and they are all the rage:

  • jenna

    @meemee: they have a great sound. i dig it. i love coldplay as well. saw them in concert, and they were incredible.

  • LuckyMe

    @meemee: I was just watching a documentary on Woodstock and Janis Jolin came out there, sweaty, long hair , a mess and belted out a song from the gut. No studio mani[ulation. And Tammy Wynnette (thanks for the spelling correction) really sang from the heart. Dolly Parton wrote almost all her songs and really sang about her pain.

    ***I agree with this ^^^ It would be so fun to see what was out there in it’s natural form. Perhaps there will be a revival of that in the future. I love seeing offbeat and unique in a truly unstyled, unkempt way.

  • LuckyMe

    @meemee: Thanks for the link! They’re awesome!! I want that song :)

  • LuckyMe

    And the sequel to this song reveals this guy hooks up with the last girl you would ever suspect who is probably not good looking and has 5 kids with her and is married for 50 years. Everyone sits around wondering how this girl tamed him…especially with the way she looks. Am I right? Am I right?

    LOL This song sounds awesome. Can’t wait to hear it :)

  • tog


    if you have heard her sing I Know You Want shes far from just a product. She can sing and sing live as good as anyone ever has

  • dorie

    The only thing that’s evolved in the music business is the technology. Before all that, artists were allowed to develop their unique gifts because there was no digital sweetening available. I know there is a great singer in Carrie waiting to come out, but if money and mainstream success is all she cares about, the music industry will keep her stuck in the same rut. This song sounds way too much like stuff she’s already done. Hope the rest of the album takes a few risks and tries something new.

  • meemee

    Lucky Me, Tog and Jenna: thanks! Yes, I bought the Noisettes song – I have it on Itunes. I hope they perform here. It’s very catchy. Like a normal Amy Winehouse sort of. A sober Amy. lol!

    Coldplay rocks. I guess I am an old soul cause I find myself listening to really old Motown and wishing people sounded like the Temptations again. Maybe every generation goes thru this. I bet when Elvis came out or the Beatles people complained about something. Lol.

    Glad to send the link your ways. If we hear good music, we should spread the word!

    Here is another great band – English also (I like Brits. lol). The singer is so cute:

  • meemee

    ***I agree with this ^^^ It would be so fun to see what was out there in it’s natural form. Perhaps there will be a revival of that in the future. I love seeing offbeat and unique in a truly unstyled, unkempt way.
    Lucky Me: It seems men can get away with being in the “rough” more than women these days. Everybody is so coiffed. Joplin was not. Then again, look how she ended up so maybe she was too raw? I can’t think of an equivalent to Janis Joplin. Maybe from American Idol: Allison Iraheta. She has potential. But she came from Idol so dunno. Adam Lambert too but he came from Idol. Oh, my other guitly pleasure is Kanye West w/o the

  • lillie

    I like Carrie….but they definitely were channeling Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” at the beginning for the beat.
    Just switched it up ever so slightly….
    (still took the beat, tho… not original)

    yeah…..not really country….but she’s still very talented.
    I’ll definitely listen to it if it comes on the radio! ;)

  • lillie

    okay…just listened to it again on the official CU youtube website and it’s def better 2nd x around….would def listen to it on the radio and maybe jam to it, too! LOL!

  • tot-tot

    meemee it’s people like you that give me my laughs everyday. Why must people like you be so ignorant? If you don’t like Carrie Underwood that is fine, but the majority of the people who are reading this are doing so because they are a fan and enjoy reading articles about her. As for you, the world doesn’t need to know that you’re stuck in the 8o’s and 90′s wishing that the world would stop so you can catch up. This is a new generation of singers. This is a new century and believe it or not times have changed. We don’t want to hear your nagging. Carrie is the best in the industry today and her fans are too. Therefore, no matter what you say in response to anything about her is going to change the way we already feel. So please take your comments somewhere that people might actually care what you have to say.

  • Tiny

    I LOVE this song, so catchy, and she sounds great on it.
    cant wait for Novemeber 3rd for more of her great music!

  • meemee

    tot-tot: I am not the first nor the last person to claim (and truthfully so) that the world of music is at a standstill right now. People are being packaged and promoted without the hard work or creativity of music past. You can get on a show like American Idol and within three months become a multimillion selling artist. In the days of the Beatles, etc, artists honed their talent while playing gigs every night and writing their songs. And listening to music from all walks of life and really focusing on creativity. Someone like Jimmi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, or Dolly Parton – they really truly made creativity their own. That is why they were so extraordinary. I am sure Carrie is a nice girl and I am sure she is talented. I am referring to music as a whole and how talent such as hers is being promoted. There is not this sense of focusing on creativity. You find a look, a market, a sound and you regurgitate over and over again and make millions. That is why people make an album like every 6 months – it’s easy. Whereas John Lennon took time between albums. Why? Because he had to discover his creativity through living. And every Beatles album was different and fresh and innovative. Why? Because they pushed boundaries. But if you want to sell sneakers and coca-cola these days, you have to play it safe. Artists are commodities now. And that is fine. But let’s not pretend they are engaging in some amazing artistic soul searchin thin. They are selling a product: themselves. And as long as people keep buying, they’ll keep selling the same stuff. Gone are the days when a person under 30 could write “Hey Jude” or “Let It Be”. That’s a fact. That is until we go from commerce to art again. Right now we are at commerce. Let’s not pretend.

  • che

    Great Song!!
    Great Voice!!
    Can’t wait for the album!!

  • Gretchen

    Why are people acting like Carrie is some sort of robot that is just singing “overproduced” stuff people hand to her??? She co-wrote the song, she’s not some little naive girl that can just be marketed however and she has the best voice in country music (yeah I said it! It’s stronger than Martina’s!).

  • janie

    For any of you haters, this is a great song and you know it if you were being honest.

    Another wonderful song Carrie. Very catchy and fun.

  • kamz


    great way to start the album!

  • cory

    This song is Tony Romo! He’s tells such lies and then you can’t get away from him for two yrs OR MORE in the media.
    Jessica didn’t want to listen to what he was doing and finally she did!
    Run away Candice Crawford. You are making a mistake getting involved with him. He’ll be talking to multiple girls behind your back.

  • Kym

    Sounds like a Shania song.

    Her voice is annoying

  • flutters

    Thanks for posting Jared!

    I love it! It’s a great combination of rock and country, so catchy! I love the lines “he’s a good time cowboy Casanova leaning up against the record machine, looks like a cool drink of water but he’s candy-coated misery.”

  • Miss Canada

    Love it! Love it! This is “KILLER” yeah for Carrie!

    And it does sound like a song bout Romo. Treats girls like crap!
    Pretty much a disease.

  • http://123 TY

    Meemee-you mentioned Carrie on AI and kind of dissing for it. Did you know that the great Patsy Cline was on a talent show? Others on talent shows are the great Celine Dion, Martina McBride , Leeann Rimes, Miranda Lambert , Abba and many others. A LOT of great artists got their start on talent shows and I am happy they did because I get to listen to good music. I love Carrie’s new single. I think it rocks and would be easy to dance to. Carrie has one of the best vocals in the business today. Music, like everything else, is constantly changing. Conway Twitty, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis and others started the country pop thing many years ago. Don’t blame Carrie. Her peers started this before she was born. I will buy her album when it comes out November 3rd.

  • anonymous

    Sounds like another hit at ROMO to me but he deserves the hit too. Women beware of ROMO & hopefully Mike is able to pick up the pieces to Carries heart. Its been two years & it’s looking like Mike is doing all the right things. Something Tony still has to learn.

  • LuckyMe

    @meemee: There is not a “too raw” for me. Okay there probably *is* but I wish more people would stick to who they were when they started making it big. I bet a lot of good people have been passed over because they didn’t look right. In the days before videos, it didn’t matter. I like seeing people’s names be the ones they were born with. I like seeing people look like how they want to look. I actually don’t like it on idol when they change everything around on a person and make them look like everyone else or a specific “brand”. And then they take it a step further and change *who they are* by making them date this person or that and adopt a persona. We don’t even know what’s real anymore. But that is marketing, production, and selling nowadays. ART is no longer valued so much, neither is keeping it real :(

  • Laura

    I love this song! I heard it once and couldn’t stop playing it! Carrie is amazing! I love her! I saw her in concert and she was amazing!!!!

  • LuckyMe

    Love the song, it’s very catchy :)

  • Amanda

    AHHHHHH such a GREAT & AMAZING song, i have awaited the release of her first single from her third album for a very long time!!!! this is sooooo exciting, can’t wait until November 3rd, when the full CD is released!!!!! She is the absolute best female country singer of today, without a doubt!!!! ahhhh i love herrrr sooo much!!!

  • miss usa

    Carrie can sing anything and her voice is so flawless. She pulls it off.
    This will go #1 for sure. The video is probably going to be a work of art for this. Lots of fun things to do with this song.
    I hope Romo has learned how to treat a lady.