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Daniel Craig & Diddy Meet Up In Manhattan

Daniel Craig & Diddy Meet Up In Manhattan

Mustache man Daniel Craig and his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell go in for a meeting an office building in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon (September 2).

Who did they run into on their way in? None other than Diddy!

Craig reportedly has demanded security trail him at all times while he’s in NYC while his Broadway co-star, Hugh Jackman, hasn’t asked for any protection at all.

A Broadway insider also tells Page Six, “Security and secrecy around the show are so tight that Jackman and Craig are rehearsing at a secret location outside the city.”

Jackman and Craig‘s play A Steady Rain starts previews on Sept. 10, has an official opening set for Sept. 29 and is scheduled to run through Dec. 6.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig and Diddy‘s Manhattan meet-up…

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Credit: Michael Swarbrick; Photos: INFdaily
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  • mike

    while hugh jackman what…????? finish the sentence dee dee dee

  • Jane

    not digging his stache

  • first

    It doesn’t look like she is wearing that band again.

  • brush yo teefs!

    didnt diddy want to play bond

  • to 4

    P Diddy lives in Imperial West, the same place Daniel is moving into. Maybe it was an office to do with signing the lease for it?

    So he is with Satsuki still. That will upset many people but I do not see a wedding band on either hand.

  • while HJ didn’t request any

    That’s what Jared wanted to say. It’s all over the news today.
    Btw, Daniel acts like a diva. Jackman is by far a biggest star and by far more likable to american audiences (and all audiences anyway) and he NEVER shows up with bodyguards and stuff. Search him on gossip sites and you’ll see that he always walks alone, just him or with his wife/kids. That’s why he is so much more popular.

  • re satsuki

    hard to tell, does satsuki look visibly pregnant? dont think so.

    her hair looks messy again.

  • ha ha

    Ha ha! Look at Diddy’s face meeting the Gonk.

    It’s like “OMG, who the hell are you? Not the same girl I met at the VMA’s in 06? You’re still with her Daniel?”

  • Mess

    Gonk looks her usual mess. Daniel is being called a diva all over the place. Hugh is much more popular and approachable-can’t say the same about snotty DC . I bet he wishes he were that big of a star.

  • karebare
  • PR hotline

    Craig hasn’t been seen for months and suddenly he appears bright and smiling the same day as bad press. Loves it 11!!11!!

  • to mess

    Hey, as long you Hugh supporters dislike the Gonk then we will get on fine. LOL!

    I wanted to see a picture of her face to see how sour it looks but you can just tell even through the crap she’s carrying that she is scowling.

  • no name

    @Mess: Agree. Daniel is not even close to Jackman’s superstar status and likability. Maybe he wish he was. Maybe he is the one who set up all this bodyguard thing to gain some attention, even if that’s not for good cause everyone today calls him snotty and diva. Poor guy… You’re not Hugh Jackman and you’ll never be…

  • no name

    @to mess: It’s not a Hugh supporters thing, I wouldn’t say so. It’s plain reality.
    And yeah! I always read about Daniel’s girlfriend but didn’t know how she looks like until now!!! Yak!!!!! 8-O

  • to 12

    It is funny how the name gonk just fits-I don’t know why?!! Sorry to be so negative about DC but he just seems like he has gotten more and more diva-like. I love him in Bond (and Layer Cake) but him and his gf seem like two arrogant people. And the gf is famous for……???

  • to 15

    And the gf is famous for……???

    F*ck all and f*cking.

    Pardon the crudeness.

  • P diddy Bond

    Combs says, “Nobody’s called me back yet. Bond people, I’m here waiting. My number’s listed. I’m waiting to get a crack.”

    He even has an audition tape.

    *slaps forehead* Now we know why Daniel Craig wants more security.

  • jess

    Well I guess this settles the question of whether they are split or not. But yes, interesting how no pap pics forever then suddenly pap pics on the day bad publicity comes out, gf in place and all.

  • satsuki

    well, satsuki is there with daniel. can’t see her face though. maybe because she’s hiding her face behind the flowers. they want us to know that sats is still there but they wont let us see her face. interesting. as for being pregnant; cant tell. she’s got her stomach covered up by those bags. and i dont see the wedding band either.

  • socultural

    Why is Diddy smiling? He’s a cornball!

  • boo

    If one of the two should ask for security that would be definitely Hugh Jackman. He is arguably by far the biggest star and certainly more A-Lister than Craig. Flops or not, in his movies Jackman is ALWAYS the lead but I wouldn’t say so for Craig (Invasion, Golden Compass etc). His only leading role has been James Bond. Anyway, Jackman is not just a big, fat superstar but also more likable to the public and still he has hired not even one bodyguard. To say it simply: Jackman rules (a modest, easy going mega star) while Craig sucks (an arrogant snob, who still tries to make a career and a name in US)

  • to 19

    Well I guess this settles the question of whether they are split or not. But yes, interesting how no pap pics forever then suddenly pap pics on the day bad publicity comes out, gf in place and all.

    Yes isn’t it? How did they know he was going to turn up to an office anyway?

    Tipped off? You betcha.

    Hot on the trails of ring gate where Satsuki is now not wearing the band and no security in place that we can see or teams of them anyway!

    Too obvious.

    Damage control I talked about earlier on last thread I think! ;)

  • bollocks

    someone tipped the paps off, way too blooming obvious to counteract the gossip about him being a diva with all this security.

  • 2 so cultural

    coz he hasn’t seen an asian chick that looks like a man before.

  • to 22

    yes and have you noticed that her face and her stomach are hidden behind packages. could she be pregnant and doesn’t want anyone to know? as for hiding her face; what’s the point if she’s now out with daniel? for the premieres of the dream house and the next bond you can bet satsuki will be photographed beside daniel on the red carpet just like before. she wont hide away.

  • no band!!

    Damn, her left hand is covered and in one snap its blurred but I do not see a band if i squint hard enough.

    What DOES this mean?

  • Daniel is hot

    Great to see new pictures of Daniel. He looks rested, healthy and happy and hot.

  • re: # 18

    The actions of two arrogant people who pretend not to care what people think of them but secretly do.

    On the day of major anti-Craig slamming and the usual Sats slagging, out they come, (and I don’t mean her raisin t*ts or his n*uts).

  • to 27

    I disagree, he looks like he has a black eye.

  • maybe it’s not true..

    Daniel’s DAMAGE CONTROL is already in play.
    From the photos above, it doesn’t look like he is too worried about his or her security.
    And although it is so hard to tell from the photos, i don’t see the security bodyguards with him, but maybe they are hanging back a bit, and they are not in the photos.
    But Daniel looks pretty relaxed in these shots..

    Also I have to agree with poster #11= PR hotline- YES Daniel and his PR must ahve the paps on speed dial!!
    The same exact day the bad press comes out on him, the gf is seen carrying flowers (perhaps given to Daniel by one of those ‘NY crazed fans’) and he seems pretty chilled out.

    Interesting that the girlfriend seems to be purposely hiding her face behind both Daniel and the flowers.
    And there also is no wedding band.

    (Maybe she bought a few bunches of flowers to hide behind, knowing as she would that the paps would be snapping away at them, as the paps may have been called by Daniel’s PR ahead of time??)

  • XD

    @re: # 18: Lol! Nice said! And btw, the fact that Craig is such a snotty stresses even more the fact that Hugh Jackman is so much more nice and modest, despite being a much biggest star as others already mentioned. Hugh, you rule man!!!

  • to 30

    You summed it up nicely.

  • satsuki

    why is she hiding her face? no i think it’s the angle of the well placed paps. maybe they’re asked not to snap her now unless at a premiere because of all the “hate’ for her?

    i think she learned a hard lesson as i see no band either.
    maybe she was told to take it off during the run of the play?

  • jerk

    Man, who does he think he is? He should take a lesson or two from Jackman in my opinion. Hello! Jackman is the big name, Craig! Not you! And he is far more down to earth than you! I can’t stand those stars who act like b****es…

  • to satsuki

    She is still wearing that onyx ring though that she wore in St Barths and he wore a similar one in FOAF where, remember, he goes back to his P.A.

    I think that means something.

  • Home boy

    @to 30:

    I especially like how he has his house keys on a neck strap.

    Total photo op down to the open Amazon box and tall flowers detail.

  • Jaxon

    Daniel Craig looks so short and dumpy. I read he’s supposedly 5’10″ but I don’t believe it for a minute. Look how short his legs look.

  • to 37

    In his dreams he’s 5’10″. He’s cute but Hugh is much more handsome and has a great personallity-I would think he needs the extra security. Regarding the gf-ugly, boring, and seems like your everyday Hollywood chick who loves the famegame.

  • to 30

    Agree with your take on things. I guess the Dan and Sats show begins in NYC-the paps are there and they are ready to perform. Too bad Sienna wasn’t walking by!!!

  • come on people

    Let’s not bash Craig. If you were him, I’m sure you would hire a bodyguard or two. Hugh Jackman’s home is in NYC so naturally he feels more comfortable walking in the city than Craig.

    I’m a Hugh Jackman fan, and I think he is a great actor, but Craig is great too, even though I’m not a fan.
    And for those of you who think Craig’s only lead role’s James Bond, you’re wrong. He’s been in several other movies where he was the lead.

  • to 24


  • cari

    Hugh lives in NYC and walks around without security all the time…and he has survived!!

    Craig is a stupid idiot if this is true.

  • to 40

    I think people are bashing his diva behaviour as it has gotten worse and worse over the recent years. It is not this one incident-he has been filmed being very arrogant, unfriendly and rude. I think people like Hugh so much that DC just seems like a big fussypants.

  • Kim

    This is what I LOVE about Hugh Jackman!! He doesn’t think of himself as highly as most other celebs who feel the need to be accompanied by bodyguards everywhere they go!

    Kudos to you Hugh, no one would ever even think of killing you. You’re too amazing.

  • to 42

    And he walks around with his children. I think Hugh gets it that the paps are pesty but not a threat to him and his family. It’s the creepy loners who stalk celebs who are the real threats. I think DC is talented but believes he’s royalty.

  • maybe it’s not true..

    to Bollocks….And there is certainly NO DIVA-tude here with Daniel carrying all of the boxes himself, and the gf hiding behind Daniel and the flowers.
    Daniel does not seem to be nervous or scared of anyone walking on the street and I don’t see anyone trying to sneak up behind him to ask for a John Hancock.

    But Daniel running into Diddly-dee-dunkins is way too coincidental!

    I smell “‘Double O Damage Control! starring Daniel Craig and Diddly-doodlekins. making a guest appearance”

  • worldly

    @come on people:

    Now Daniel doesn’t know how to walk on a street?! Poor Lamb, maybe he does need protection.

  • monkey do

    Strange how he has become the diva when Satsuki appeared isn’t it?

  • its a f*cking set up

    lol, he appears carrying (un-diva like) his own things and then diddy appears, way to contrived.

  • re ring

    i see the engagement ring but hard to tell if a band is there. remember its the left hand we want to know about.

    deliberately out of focus?

    anyone can make it sharper?