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Daniel Craig & Diddy Meet Up In Manhattan

Daniel Craig & Diddy Meet Up In Manhattan

Mustache man Daniel Craig and his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell go in for a meeting an office building in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon (September 2).

Who did they run into on their way in? None other than Diddy!

Craig reportedly has demanded security trail him at all times while he’s in NYC while his Broadway co-star, Hugh Jackman, hasn’t asked for any protection at all.

A Broadway insider also tells Page Six, “Security and secrecy around the show are so tight that Jackman and Craig are rehearsing at a secret location outside the city.”

Jackman and Craig‘s play A Steady Rain starts previews on Sept. 10, has an official opening set for Sept. 29 and is scheduled to run through Dec. 6.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig and Diddy‘s Manhattan meet-up…

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169 Responses to “Daniel Craig & Diddy Meet Up In Manhattan”

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  1. 76
    to 75 Says:

    feathers?poodle curls?hairy Wolverine shoes? Do you think we will see the limp wrist come out for the paps?


    That’s insulting to birds.
    That’s insulting to dogs.
    That’s insulting to Wolverines. Oh hang about, they don’t exist but nevermind.
    Yes, the limp wrist is always there, it’s a syndrome of the jumped up and arrogant.

  2. 77
    kayne west Says:

    Hey I think you all are forgeting that Daniel wouldn’t be the only actor who hates the paps! Actually Hugh would be in the minority…..alot of celebs like their privacy and don’t see why they should spend 24/7 dedication to fans.. might seem ignorant in real life……. but wouldn’t you if you were constantly hounded if you know what I mean….

  3. 78
    re ring Says:

    You are correct there are 2 rings, a wedding band and engagement ring.

  4. 79
    greenapple Says:

    Satsuki is his fiancee not girlfriend

  5. 80
    re ring Says:

    I think she might be wife already

  6. 81
    To all the ladies Says:

    So you ladies walk with your bags to the side of you or in front of you the way Satsuki is holding her bags. That seems odd to me and would be diffiucult to hold that way.. My flowers are usually cradled in my arms and my bags to the side. Unless i want to show off my rings LOL

  7. 82
    no fairy tale Says:

    wow, so they got married? i’ve been reading all the posts in the last couple of days, so entertaining! haha i guess they’re stable couple. Lucky her! This is one gorgeous man, but who knows how he really is in real life :P

  8. 83
    satski Says:

    satski got her fairytale.

  9. 84
    hand act Says:

    I laughed I saw the gesto of Satsuki. She handed to Diddy like first. It should be Diddy who hands and says to Satsuki bye bye.
    Different case is if a woman meets a man so she is the one who rightly hands to new man, but during saying bye bye is the man who hands to woman. Maybe Diddy wanted to ignore her like did Jerry Seinfield, Tom Ford, reportert of Bafta 09 and other many people in the film industry.

  10. 85
    LOL Says:

    She tries to shake Diddy’s hand and he is focused on Daniel LOL

  11. 86
    no fairy tale Says:

    *SIGH* somehow I feel like Satsuki is too lucky, TOO lucky. I mean she hasn’t done much in life, and look where she is, shaking hands with Diddy, She goes to premiere, red carpets, travels, buys expensive stuff, lives in nice house. Life’s not FAIRRRRRRR. LOL. Don’t mind me, am just a medical student who’s stressing out about her exams :D

  12. 87
    whaa Says:

    her hair is short?!
    he got more muscles!!
    why is she carring flowers??

  13. 88
    mickey mouse ears Says:

    on six pic Satsuki reminds with her sunglasses Mickey Mouse.

  14. 89
    Kat Says:

    Hehe Once I saw Daniel Craig I said , ew needs to shave that, lol.. I wish there were some photos of Hugh Jackman, I love Hugh Jackman, I saw a photo of him throwing hid daughter in the air, it was hilarious, lmfao that was funny, it was in Star magazine like the July issue

  15. 90
    Guinness-points taken agreed Says:

    1. It does look as if they are coming “home” to the Imperial–cuz Diddy is there–and they are carrying items home. if this is the first time meeting b/t her and diddy-maybe she just came to NYC as her job to make him look attached. It looks as if Diddy and Dan already met…AND why is Diddy standing outside waiting for them?
    2. uumm, did anyone notice the jeans?? close up anyone…surry, his sea cucumber is just there all the time i can’t miss it. just me. gowd he is a gowd. dont care about the mustache–he had me at “The Ice House.” I love love more hair on him….hat. damn, is there a frontal anywhere?
    3. And who is that next to him? hhhhmmmm. cant see her face. contrived, people got paid.
    4. Nice job Dan, this is a very subtle and reserved Englishman resonse–good for you.
    5. What is WRONG with being a diva? as a woman diva it is a compliment—what can we name as a man diva? hmm. that may be my task today.
    6. I am not kidding that stupid KOL use somebody is playing again. uuugghh. hate that song. jeevus.
    7. where is the body guard entour-rage?
    see you in 16 days dan. enjoy your weekend ‘fore the big day. You are gonna rock NYC and rule the world again.

  16. 91
    Celebwatcher Says:

    All I know is that Quantum of Solace sucked peaches! Anyway

    Check out my Jen Garner and Ben Affleck psychic reading it full of explosive stuff And get a 7 minute free psychic reading while you’re at it.

  17. 92
    Guinness-dan is hot Says:

    Saw your post through the garbage Dan is Hot……yes yes yes. Hot, fit, his face is so gentie and inviting even in the side view. I even love his shoes. and so chic is the black shirt. ok…is that everything he is wearing? OH! commando? probably. look at his jeans already. I would have posted that shot on d 2 d in seconds….!

    the ring(s) is still there on her LEFT hand people. still doesn’t mean anything. I have a friend who wears hers because they bought it as a set both the engagement ring with the wedding ring SO THEY MATCH. and they didnt get married because they had a kid and they didnt have the money or the time, so they really never got around to it–other priorities…but she still wears both rings because she can and because they are fricken beautiful together so she wears them and everyone thinks they are married. ok. there i said it. Sats may just wear them because of that.

    oh! um, the lanyard kills me….looks like a cow pattern!! it is funny. are they really his keys? He needs identification to get in somewhere probably….

  18. 93
    to 92 Says:

    always ranting and knowing nothing…
    He has met Diddy before. There are pics on the net, they met at the MTV award. And Diddy is not waiting outside, he just came out the door, he’s living there, too….

  19. 94
    Guinness to Mendel Says:

    You are missing lots Mendel….everyone except you and me was up late last night…and not all the crazies it seems!!! How do you like the hat with the longer hair and David Soul ‘stache??

  20. 95
    to 74 Says:

    I’m surprised Satsuki allowed Diddy to get near.

    that’s because diddy is a guy. now if it had been another woman satsuki would have made sure she got no where daniel. her insecurities would never allow that.

  21. 96
    to re ring Says:

    Anyone have a close up of the wedding band instead of just guessing, I can only see the engagement ring on her left finger. It’s blurry.

  22. 97
    to 85 Says:

    what fairy tale? i see no wedding band on satsuki’s hand; at least in those pictures.

  23. 98
    Guinness-ya dont get it. Says:

    to #95. yes, I agreed the points made and reiterating them TO MAKE A POINT. You don’t make any sense. but thanks for the compliment of reading my rants!! ~cheers

  24. 99
    wedding Says:

    Look unless a wedding certificate is found or someone close to them leaks a story (which no paper has picked up because none of the stories they have heard have feet) then we will never know about the marriage.

    People can wear bands with their rings and not mean anything.

    If she is wearing one then nothing was learnt from ring gate and the pictures on Rex were then removed as they simply invaded privacy laws near his home in Regents Park.

    Personally I do not think she will “take off” any band to appease any fans. If she is married, the band will be worn and somehow during this play, we will hear something I’m sure.

  25. 100
    other woman Says:

    He did marry her. He told me it was too late for us.

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