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Kristin Kreuk: Chuck's Latest Star!

Kristin Kreuk: Chuck's Latest Star!

Former Smallville star Kristin Kreuk is joining NBC’s spy show Chuck, EW reports.

The 26-year-old actress will play Hannah, a new love interesting for Chuck (Zachary Levi), whom she meets on a flight to Paris. Laid off from her glamorous publishing job, Hannah ends up working at the Buy More (where Chuck also works).

Interestingly enough, Chuck also recently just hired Brandon Routh, star of Superman Returns. Gotta keep it in the “S” family!

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  • ihavenolife

    oh, she’s adorable! too bad she isn’t in movies more.

  • jordan

    Sigh, it’s Jill all over again, I just know it.

  • nikomilinko
  • laurie

    chuck is the worst show…..just awful

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    chuck’s trash. lol.. sorry. and i don’t think kreuk would be considered a “star”… lol. she’s a cutie though. oh.. chuck’s awful. LOL

  • Jason

    Chuck has excellent taste in women.

  • Ian

    I stopped watching Chuck, I guess I have to start watching it again! Kristin is talented and hot and I’m glad she’s got a higher profile gig after Smallville!

  • mickey

    Kristin’s a great girl. Good for her.

  • kara

    uhhh Kristin Kreuk is such a boring actress playing boring characters… hope she won’t play another Lana Lang zzzzzZz zzzzz

  • Emily

    YAY!!!!! too bad i dont watch chuck :(

  • ganymede30324

    Love “Chuck”! But they’re stretching credulity by keeping the ‘Buy More’ subplots. Good for Kristin, though.

  • Halli

    Kristin’s the most gorgeous girl ,even though I hate that haircut.

  • maered

    She’s the worst actress ever.

  • Prophecy_projectz

    Awesome news, Kristin deserves to be better show than Smallville and Chuck is a fun show with an great cast.

    And no she is not a bad actress, she may have been stuck with some bad roles but I dont think she’s a bad actress.

    Hopefully the writers dont just leave as a love intrest.

  • Jane

    yay shes so pretty/ i like her

  • Alice

    go back to cananda

  • sami

    really? a new love interest? gosh, when will chuck and sarah get it on??

  • ehnso

    don’t think s he’s a good actress, but good for her. i like her. she seems very down-to-earth, and she contributes her time to some charitable causes.

    and why should she go back to canada??? hate her much?

  • meh

    Yuss! Finally some more Kristin. Love her.

  • chelsey

    why do they insist on hiring more actors for love interests for Chuck and Sarah. JUST PUT THEM TOGETHER ALREADY DAMIT!

  • HockeygurL

    @Alice: Umm its CANADA! if you’re going to diss at least SPELL RIGHT DUH !

  • marianne

    Yay, I’m excited about this coming season! Thanks Jared, for the casting news and for showing us Chuck fans some love!

  • JOSH

    She`s hot and good actress!

  • Diane

    Thanks for the casting news Jared! Can’t wait for Chuck to start, it looks like the third season will be quite interesting!

  • ANNA

    Heck yeah! Kristin is awesome, I just got even more excited for the new season of Chuck, if that’s even possible! Is it March yet? :(

  • Anastacia

    she’s really beautiful!
    and imo she’s also a good actress!

  • claire

    Ooh i love kristin kreuk! she’s such a cutie…hope to see her more

  • Dani

    I love Kristin, she is great!!! I stopped watching Smaville, and I’m gonna see Chuck now… I wish the best for her .

  • maered

    I hate her – her character ruined Smallville and she was “happy” with the arc of suck in season 8. Get lost!

  • ehnso

    oh look. it’s maered again. the same twit rambling on and on on the street fighter post. why don’t you get lost? she’s no longer in suckville. so, why don’t you get over it? it’s just a bloody character. sheesh. check into reality.

  • ehnso

    and yey for kristin! glad she’s going to be around on chuck. she may not be a good actress, but at least, there’ll be people like maered twisting their knickers. guess kristin has the last laugh.

  • maered

    How many times do I have to tell you, ehnso, that Kristin was happy about the arc of suck – and thought it was “empowering” and a fitting end for her character. She needs a reality check.

  • ehnso

    No, maered. YOU need a reality check. Suckville is a TV show. It’s not real. Get over her appearance in Suckville. It’s been awhile. She’s not part of the cast. So, stop griping and join the others in the real world, you fantasy freak. You need help. Whatever. Based on your obsessive posts from last time, it’s pointless dealing with the likes of you who obsesses over hating on an actress based on a character she played on a show that should be cancelled already. If hating her for being on Suckville is what gets you through the day then, so be it. You’re pathetic. Ciao. Reply if you want, but it’d be pointless considering I won’t even bother to check back on this thread. It’s more fun moving furniture than dealing with you.

  • Rock on K!

    Kristin was #1 Top search in Yahoo sept 4!
    She`s gettinh more and more popular right now whereas smallville…………well,you know!

  • anna

    @Rock on K!:

    Do people actually still watch Smallville?

  • Job

    apparently comic book geeks and fantasy freak like that maered poster are!

  • suppress your appetite

    she is cute

  • Tt

    Geez people stfu Chuck is an amazing show and kristin is a great actress. Totally agree that smallville sucks but shes still a great actress. They should really cancel smallville btw, its just so bad. Are they friggin serious though? Come on its getting tiring, they should just put Chuck and Sarah together already. Instead they’re gonna put Brandon Routh as a love interest for Sarah for eight damn episodes and Hanna for Chuck for three damn episodes. Hannah comes in later than Shaw (Brandon Rouths character) too and apparently shes supposed to be evil whereas Shaw isn’t. Sarah always gets the good guys and Chuck is always stuck with the evil girls. Geez, how annoying.

  • Nick

    Kristin is a smoking hot babe, just love her.

  • stevo

    can’t wait til Kristin Kreuk is in a bikini scene.

  • http://gmail jbark123

    Ok for all you chuck haters please listen up. Chuck is a great show its not for everyone but i have watched several shows of all categories and in my opinion this is the best show. It has a great cast a funny yet great story line great love story and Yvonne Strahovski is the hottest chick on TV no all of hollywood. Also Kristen Kreuk is a good actress im looking forward to seeing her this season.


    she is perfect and chuck needs it. sara is holding him back, she’s like a mom, but as we all know that she is only in for multiple episodes so she will either leave him or they will be over or she is an agent. the question is good or bad? i mean remeber when she was making chuck look at all the people and then shaw asked if he flashed? yeahhh and when they were testing sara? she tested chuck as she was getting off, he passed.

  • gokk

    maered, Kristin left the awful Smallville over a year ago. Do yourself a favor and move on, fool. She’s beautiful and talented and should grace our screens – big and small – more often. I know she’s selective with her acting jobs though.