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Levi Johnston Slams Sarah Palin -- Again!

Levi Johnston Slams Sarah Palin -- Again!

Levi Johnston is once again dissing her former future mother-in-law (and grandmother of his son) Sarah Palin. Here’s what the 18-year-old told Vanity Fair:

On Sarah putting her career above her family: “Even before she was nominated [for VP] there wasn’t much parenting in that house. Sarah doesn’t cook, Todd doesn’t cook—the kids would do it all themselves: cook, clean, do the laundry, and get ready for school. Most of the time [my ex] Bristol would help her youngest sister with her homework, and I’d barbecue chicken or steak on the grill.”

On Sarah fighting with her husband, Todd, who slept in a separate room during the Republican National Convention: “There was a lot of talk of divorce in that house … times when Sarah and Todd would mention it and sound pretty serious.”

On Sarah asking her daughter Bristol to keep Bristol’s pregnancy a secret: “She told me that once Bristol had the baby she and Todd would adopt him. That way, she said, Bristol and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Sarah kept mentioning this plan. She was nagging—she wouldn’t give up. She would say, ‘So, are you gonna let me adopt him?’ We both kept telling her we were definitely not going to let her adopt the baby. I think Sarah wanted to make Bristol look good, and she didn’t want people to know that her 17-year-old daughter was going to have a kid.”

On Sarah upholding a fake reputation that she hunts and fishes: “She says she goes hunting and lives off animal meat — I’ve never seen it. I’ve never seen her touch a fishing pole. She had a gun in her bedroom and one day she asked me to show her how to shoot it. I asked her what kind of gun it was, and she said she didn’t know, because it was in a box under her bed.”

On Sarah in Alaska following the election: “Sarah was sad for a while. She walked around the house pouting [and] a week or two after she got back she started talking about how nice it would be to quit and write a book or do a show and make ‘triple the money.’ She would blatantly say, ‘I want to just take this money and quit being governor.’ She started to say it frequently, but she didn’t know how to do it. When she came home from work, it seemed like she was more and more stressed out.”

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  • please

    Levi needs to go hand out with Jon Gosselin the two little whiney pukes can boo whoo together

  • Sarah

    OMG, what an A&& and so are you Jared. You have a closed mind and only agree with people who hold your views.

  • Kate bosselin

    Obviously Levi and his family are proven white trash and will evidently say or do anything to appear relevant. Go back to lumber jacking or whatever the h ell else you do up there in alaska

  • Sande

    Levi is gonna be in big trouble now. He needs to keep his diarrhea mouth shut. What goes on at the Palin household is not his information to be told to anyone. How on earth can he maintain any kind of harmony with Bristol in order to have visitation with his son now that he continues to blast that family over and over?? Levi needs to go back in the woods and hunt something–his 5 min of fame is OVER. Shut up you fool.

  • sean mannity

    if todd and sarah were always talking divorce then why would they both want to adopt levi’s baby together? nothing but lies out this kid’s mouth

  • asugirl

    LEVI you are a joke. Your a fame HOG! one day your son will hear about what an ass you are to his grandmother and he wont be on your side. Thats for sure. I can promise you that. Hes not going to up and take your side.
    As for sarah palin. people are people. Everyone can torment and make fun of her, and its only because they have hate in their heart. No one truly knows her and her family. The Media always blows things out of proportion and it needs to stop.

    Stop the hate!

  • loyal

    I am sure this waste of space kid is not privy to anything in the Palin household. What a joke. Why do you do this Jared? I am sick of other’s agenda being shoved down my throat.

  • Emily

    Every rational person knew that that pic of Sarah holding a gun and shooting it before the election was just for show, this just validates it.

  • mike

    how can todd and sarah be getting a divorce and then wanting to adopt levi’s baby together all in the same interview? lol f’n liar

  • 100mph

    Hahahahahahaahah yep! hahahahahaha ..thanks! JJ

  • dani

    He lived in the household for awhile, so there is probably some truth to everything he says. He wants his 15 minutes of fame.
    Plus folks I know in Alaskan government would probably agree with Levi. Sarah isn’t exactly what she seems.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    keep bashing that loser.

  • bella

    @dani: agree. I do not doubt that he is trying get his 15 minutes of fame, but bashing her is not helping . . .despite its entertainment value.

  • lol

    anyone with half of a brain knows Palin is a moronic subhuman, but thanks for the gossip anyway Levi…………………does that kid have Downs Syndrome? seriously

  • leah

    Say what you what about Levi, but I’m willing to bet there is a kernel of truth to what the kid is saying about Palin. She did after all quit her Gov. job, waiting for the big bucks such as books and radio talk shows. The talk about divorce and a child of Bristol’s being Palin’s isn’t new. And who trotted Levi out at the RNC anyway?
    Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin have got many things in common—fame h o s, greed, and exploiting their children to make themselves look good and they have to boss the men around in their lives. Narcissistic women.

  • Pretty miley

    Most of what he says sounds exactly like what I’d expect of the delightful Ms. Palin. Oh she’d have been a treat for a mother-in-law I’m sure.

  • jenny

    i believe every word out of his mouth, he did live with them, and she did quit her job, and in talks for show and books deals. and my god, she did not win so go away already, but she won’t because she is a fame seeker and wants the money and lime light. she just won’t shut up and go away quietly.

  • Jimmy

    Sarah Palin is just a normal, down to earth and intelligent person. Whom the left are petrified of because she’s capable of knocking off their chosen one – Obama. So they’re trying every dirty trick in the book to try and marginalise her, including paying this dimwit to make up rubbish to slander her.

  • Go Levi

    Sarah Palin is a deceitful loser and this boy has everything to gain by telling the truth, i.e. a lawsuit from the ignorant woman so I believe everything he is revealing about that family. I hope he makes a great deal of money, along with finishing school, takes that girl and their child away from the nightmare of being the daughter of such a crazy and ignorant woman, and they discover freedom together. Sarah Palin is a “user” and the desperate Republicans thought they could outsmart American society by adding that stupid woman to their ticket while overlooking the truly experienced and capable women of their party. Fortunately, most of America is not comprised of ignorant rednecks and it was, therefore, ensured that desperate and warmongering McCain and ignorant Palin were defeated.

  • Laura

    He is being used by Palin’s opponents and the left-wing media. They don’t care about Levi; they will pay him to spew dirt on Sarah Palin. He is a fool and he’s not thinking about his future, just a quick buck.

  • dundies

    lol omg he just threw palin under the bus and reversed about 5 times

  • paddisonluvr

    Right, we were saved from ‘that stupid Republican crew’ – I’m so glad Obama knows what he’s doing in D.C. – what Constitution?

    Anyway Levi needs to stop talking – keep the money he managed to get and shut up! All of this is hilarious to read – total lies. If any of this were actually true, we would have been watching people debate it on the news during the election, not hearing it from this interview in September 2009. The media dug up everything!

    Palin rocks. I hope she doesn’t have to waste her time responding to this garbage.

  • Mary

    What a complete loser. There is no way he could know half the things he claims to know. If the Palins were such fakes, why did he stand up with them and want to be part of their family??? All of a sudden he has some integrity? Please. He’s nothing more than a white trash high school grad who wants some easy money. I hope whatever Vanity Fair gave him for this ridiculous interview was worth his integrity and his relationship with his child and Bristol Palin….sounds like he has permanently ruined his relationship with both of them.

  • dundies

    normally i would find something like this to be funny, but i find it eerie that he is so gung ho on destroying what little creditability palin has left…and for what

  • martin

    anyone who says obama shouldn’t have been elected should read this.

  • Calvinsdad

    Hey- Wasn’t this they guy that Kathy Griffin took to the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards? So he had a relationship with Palin’s daugher too? Kathy’s gonna be pissed!

  • Jane

    He’s not dissing her. He’s telling the truth about her.

  • victoria #1

    @ Sande and Martin …LOL.LOL. Diahrrea mouth is funny for him.

    Everytime I read an interview that he does, the story changes about
    Sarah and her family. Every single time!!!! He cannot keep up with
    his lies. His own family tells a different tale also, so maybe they
    should all get together and decide on what lie they are going to
    tell the American public and ruin a family, before they open their
    sewer mouths for fame and money.

  • Emily

    I believe Levi when he said he was having sex with her daughter and Sarah knew. Such fake moral principles. Very good Levi, keep speaking the truth.

  • Ahh…

    @ Martin: Let’s see here – the leftwing trash are paying this idiot kid to try and destroy a family’s reputation. They are hurting everyone involved, and most of it is probably nothing but lies. So…who do you think are the bad guys in this?

    And don’t even get me started on the f*cked up lives of the Democrats. The Palins would be hailed as the ideal of family togetherness compared to some of them.

  • cutie pie

    they have the nerve to talk bad about Obama and this nut job was trying to run for Vice President.. pleaseee!!!

  • zara

    He has ZERO credibility… he should stop peddling these stories

    Be a father to your child & show some respect what a punk looking for fame.

  • mickey

    They’re all so ghetto.

  • zara


    If he would have mentioned her wanting to quit earlier then maybe there is truth but there is no credibility after the fact he is only trying to look relevant

  • LYNN

    To:Laure 09/02/2009@4:33pm
    Laura the boy is only 18 and sure he is looking for the quick buck just as Sarah Palin. Why do you think she quit her job as governor? H*ll you cant make a million dollars a year as governor unless you are doing something crooked and you will go to jail. So why dont you blame both of them for being greedy…He is too young to know better but she is old enough to nows better.

  • twpumpkin


  • connie

    HAAAAAhaAAA! Levi is telling it like it is! both sarah palinand levi’s fam.are white trash! this dumb azz womanreally believed the hype that she could become president. the real smart consevatives, said hell no. The people who were supporting her were the racists, dummies like joe the plummer and all the crazies. Ever since Obama became pres. all the racists are coming out of the closet. I have never ever seen so much racism in my life, against all people of color, even on this site , sometimes the comments are so 50ish! alot of whites have that leave it to beaver mentality, of the 50,s where blacks were seperate and unequal. I’m not saying all whites, the younger generation are way smarter than their parents and are not prejudiced they are more tolerant, they don’t give a crap if you are gay or if you are brown or black, that is why i love the youth who are going to run this great country in the future. Those old farts in the senate and congress of both parties should all retire.

  • LYNN

    **correction** know better”

  • leah

    Sarah Palin is a quitter and she does have books and possible radio talk shows, etc. in the works. Palin enjoyed the $$$ and attention thrown her way during the campaign. She doesn’t enjoy following the rules as apparent by all the ethic complaints against her. Kernel of truth, yep….I believe Levi. Sarah Palin is a narcissist.

  • ganymede30324

    Levi and Sarah were alone in a room with a gun? And he’s still walking and talking? I can only suspend disbelief so far. Comparing Palin’s supposed ‘white trash’ family hangers-on with Obama’s hut-dwellers and public-housing users? I don’t see where Palin comes off badly. Her daughter was dumb in choosing a boyfriend. It happens. This was yet another attempt on Levi’s part to stave off the inevitable gay porn career that’s knocking on his door. Don’t worry, Levi. Just close your eyes and think of Sarah. Like you always do.

  • Michelle

    The Palin’s aren’t use to someone telling the truth! Keep it coming Levi.

  • Amy

    Levis is just dissing Palin every chance he gets because he knows nobody cares about him otherwise.

  • Carol

    I knew that Palin was fake.

  • diane

    This kid is sick!!!!! what a kiss and tell boy!!! Girls out there, don’t date a guy like this!!!! watch out who you date this kid is wacko!!! yuck!

  • Halli

    Most people already know Sarah’s a liar, a fraud and fake.
    That woman has a fresh French Manicure on all the time. Aint no way she goes fishing, hunting or cleaning the house with those nails!

    Levi is a scumbag too but he makes me laugh becuase they are ALL scumbags and trash

  • Jona

    @Go Levi:

    I agree, Levi has NOTHING to lose and everything to gain. I believe this is all true and it seems to jibe well with similar stories former John McCain staffers told Vanity Fair two months ago. That Sarah Palin is a crazy self-obsessed DIVA and her sheeple supporters would love to lick the crusty toejam from her feet. That is how obsessed they are with her. Its so f*cking hilarious!

  • Dustin

    Palin’s are ghetto trash.

  • PUKE!

    He is a complete waste of space. And why is he even in the news? I don’t get it….

  • PUKE!

    Oh, and what comes around goes around loser. Your messin with the wrong family.

  • Leni

    Jared you are lowing yourself down to dirt.. stop posting anything there’s got to do with this loser idiot. He is nothing but a white trash.