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Victoria Beckham: Happy Birthday Romeo!

Victoria Beckham: Happy Birthday Romeo!

Victoria Beckham and her sons celebrated Romeo‘s 7th birthday at Fogo De Chao in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (September 1).

Brooklyn Beckham walked ahead of the group while little brother Cruz was dressed up as an astronaut. Victoria looked especially after Romeo to make sure he didn’t drop any of his stuffed animals as she followed behind her sons.

David Beckham (not present at the birthday dinner) recently shot a tourism commercial on a beach in California after he was asked by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

15+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham wishing a happy birthday to Romeo

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  • keltu

    So cute, he looks like a little michael jackson

  • Wendy

    What a stunning dress, she is totally rocking it, and those Miu Miu heels are INSANE, her haircut is beautiufl, another great look from VB.

  • Seth

    Most of her hair is fake – she has very little of her own hair (on her head) due to her excessive warned!

  • leslie

    Brooklyn is the best looking of them all

  • jett

    ummm..from looking at the photos….the 7 yr old boy with stuffed animals ….looks and acts very gay…..and with a name like Romeo……interesting.

  • My opinion…

    Nice to see that she actually dressed appropriately for her 7-yr. olds birthday- NOT! She’s Pathetic… can’t even enjoy her child’s birthday celebration without playing up her “image”… what memories are these boys’ going to have of their Mummy- she was too consumed posing and preening for the camera’s than she was in interacting/playing/being comfortable with them… Pathetic!
    The older one looks like he’s had it with the attention
    The middle one is by far the most handsome out of the three &
    the little one looks like a typical spoiled Hollywood BRAT!

  • Beautiful Boys

    Her boys are just so, so, so, so adorable! Brooklyn seems like the mature, responsible one. Romeo is so handsome. And Cruz has that little spitfire personality. They are so sweet & really seem to love their mama. Whatever problems people say Victoria & David have, the boys seem to be equally close to each parent. I hope they all stay together and make their beautiful family work. BEST WISHES!!!

  • -xxx-

    loving her look here…i totally love her and her family….and her hair is real….happy birthday romeo…god bless the whole family.

  • Jess

    Is it only me or is David always MIA at the family birthdays?

  • lolipop

    love the boys shoes!!

  • **Jamie**

    always wearing bloooody black

    always wearing heels for no apparent reason

    always wearing cocktail dresses at the most inappropriate times

    even her short hair has extensions in it

    always wearing a load full of make-up on her face

    always going to fancy resturants for a photo opportunity, yet she never eats.

    pathetic, David should have left along time ago

  • Saudia

    aww what a stylish family.. love that little Cruz is an astronaut .. LOL.. they look great.. HBD ROMEO!

  • Dance Teacher

    Beckham and Arnold making a tourism commercial???!! That’s rich.. he’s British and Arnold is Austrian!!! LOL

  • out of control

    Her children are really cute but they could use some structure and discipline. Her children are bullies and get in trouble at school. They also hit and yell at their parents.

  • Moon

    So cute..and so adorable. All boys are handsome! And Victoria looks gorgeous! Love her dress. And her heels. And her hair. I love this hairstyle on her. It’s just a shame that everytime it’s a birthday, it fell on the time when David was away. least all of this years’ birthday. I guess David has celebrated it earlier at the Skater Park last weekend before he flew to England. And all of the boys seems happy regardless. So obviously, they know David will or had already make up for them.

    Love to see Romeo so stylish there, while Brooklyn looks so mature and handsome. And Cruz with his costumes. I wonder when he will grow out of it. LOL. Hope the boys can flew out to England to see their Dad playing, and perhaps score some goals (it’s about time for him!), in Wembley next week.

  • pee

    she always wears the similar styles.

  • Moon

    @out of control:

    WTF are you talking about??! Bullies? Get trouble in school? And worse..HIT and YELL at their parents??! Whether you are on drugs or you have trouble hearing or seeing or you just confused. I think you have mixed up on the celebs kids dude! What you HEARD is obviously about another persons’ children. NOT the Beckhams! Maybe you have mistaken them with the MJ’s kids? *roll eyes*

  • Pie

    LOVE her never trashy always classy!!!!!! The kids are adorable!

  • Jessica

    Aww…happy birthday little Romeo. I think Romeo is the best looking…he looks just like David, and always smiling. But the other boys are cute also. I love victoria’s style, very “POSH”.

  • natasha

    she looks cute
    happy birthday romeo

  • http://justjared soprano

    She really needs to EAT! She is painfully thin. I don’t know how she keeps going. She is almost skeletal. She must have a problem. She has said previously that she does eat properly. Who is she trying to kid? Just look at photos of her when she first started in the Spice Girls. Enough said………..

  • poor thing

    She is a great mom, but not good looking. She looks 10 years older than she is. The thing about plastic surgery is that it stretches out and thins your skin… so even though you have no wrinkles, you end up looking like a freak. Without the breast implants on her boyish rail figure, there would be nothing to look at.

    HINT HINT… Ladies marry men 10 years older than you, because when you hit your thirties, if they are less than that, you will slowly start looking like you’re their mother,

  • pooter

    spoiled BRATS!

  • Jen

    I don’t know why people are always complaining about what she wears. I think her dress is amazing and so are her shoes and new hairstyle. I rather see her like that then looking all trashy or wearing jeans and flats 24/7. Since she has the money to do it, if she wants to get dressep up everyday, than I say good for her, I’d totally do the same thing if I could, not to be seen but because it’s fun.

    Her kids all look so cute.

  • victoria #1


    Of course, I was just jealous that she copied MY look that I wore for
    my 4 year old grand-daughter’s birthday. It just really tick’s me off
    that I shop all day, then spend hours at the spa getting my gorgeous
    extensions put in, then lay there getting pampered during my facial
    and mani/pedi, and complete make-up session…….ONLY to see
    MS. Victoria Beckham out in public in the exact same thing!!!

    My stylist and publicist is FIRED !!!! Help me JAMIE !!! LOL

  • Jen

    how does Romeo look gay because he carries around teddy bears? so are all the kids who are male who buy teddy bears from build a bear gay now too? people can be so mean sometimes

  • OMG

    Where is that husband? he leave his family again. he can’t even make birthday’s. Why is not the tabloids put this on the cover? oh I forgot no one cares about them in US.

  • lakers fan in boston

    there is not 1 day i dont see this woman in some heels
    i seriously wonder if she works out in them
    once, as far back as i can remember, i have seen her with some sneakers on
    she’s ridiculous
    honestly if i was david, id think there was something wrong with her

  • at the end of the day….

    It doesn’t matter how many designer clothes/accessories/bling she parades around in… at the end of the day she’s still a Hideous looking human being, never mind her elitist attitude! Hideous!

  • Stephanie Chu

    Weird that Romeo is wearing a pari of Nikes when David is sponsored by adidas!

  • emmaa

    Cruz is so frikken cute!!

  • Erin

    Romeo is such a cutie and Looks just like David. PPL need to lay off Victoria she is a great mum, this Family is Amazing

  • suppress your appetite

    HOT and intelligent!

  • CookieDough3

    I miss Victoria when she was Posh Spice, she always looked so healthy, and pretty. :( I really wish she put on a little bit more weight, because I don’t like seeing her like this, it’s sad. I hate eating disorders, no-one should have them, people should be happy with the way that they look, and if they don’t, that’s what the Gym is for!!
    Hmmm, I hope she doesn’t always stay this way.

  • http://@jackstep01 Jack

    Her son ROMEO IS SO GAY! Poor thing he’s brother brooklyn is hot.