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Violet Affleck is a Wide-Eyed Wanderer

Violet Affleck is a Wide-Eyed Wanderer

Violet Affleck gets wide-eyed and excited as she departs LAX airport with her mom Jennifer Garner and sister, Seraphina, on Tuesday (September 1).

Seraphina is now almost 8 months and Violet turns 4 in December. The girls have gotten so big!

Jen‘s former Alias co-star Victor Garber spent quality time with Violet on Monday!

10+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck, the wide-eyed wanderer…

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violet affleck wide eyed wanderer 01
violet affleck wide eyed wanderer 02
violet affleck wide eyed wanderer 03
violet affleck wide eyed wanderer 04
violet affleck wide eyed wanderer 05
violet affleck wide eyed wanderer 06
violet affleck wide eyed wanderer 07
violet affleck wide eyed wanderer 08
violet affleck wide eyed wanderer 09
violet affleck wide eyed wanderer 10

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  • leslie

    Seraphina looks a lot like Ben! :)

  • meemee

    i did not think she’d be this pretty. cute!

  • peppa

    Why doesnt Jenifer carry her own child?

  • emma


    Because she favours Violet

  • modesty blaise

    xaxaxaxaxa, i bet that the missus saw the photos from the set in Boston yesterday, packed her bags and the kiddies and left for Boston on the first plane available. Good work, sister. Damage control and leave no prisoners!

  • team_violet

    Poor Violet and Seraphina dont have their daddy around,too busy chatting up and flirting with 20 year old blonde bimbos half a world away

  • Mousse

    I hope Ben thinks with his heart and not with his *****. He has a beautiful family and I feel pity for Jennifer after those pics from him yesterday.

  • TR

    You guys are CREEPY to the max. He was making jokes with his costar. My god its people like you that have husbands who run away. Your leashes are too tight and you are INSECURE. He is allowed to have friends- female or not. And lunch with his costars is NORMAL.

    Seraphina is adorable.

  • zoe

    i KNEW it! Jen G. is so insecure about losing Ben that the minute blog rumors start, they have to go and make sure she reminds him of his kids. She looks really miserable. I’m sorry Jen, you cannot control what is coming. This marriage is over…men don’t stay with a woman b/c of the kids. He’s just not that into you anymore.

  • zoe

    i KNEW it! Jen G. is so insecure about losing Ben that the minute blog rumors start, they have to go and make sure she reminds him of his kids. She looks really miserable. I’m sorry Jen, you cannot control what is coming. This marriage is over…men don’t stay with a woman b/c of the kids. He’s just not that into you anymore.

  • suzy

    I used to think Jen and Ben looked so happy together but after seeing how happy he was with his costars and those pics, it’s obvious to me now that he’s not in love with Jen anymore. You can see it in her eyes here too. I’m sure she’s going to Boston to remind him that he’s married to her but she sure don’t look happy. Probably embarrassed by the pics of him and Blake, although innocent everyone seemed to notice how happy he is without Jen. She need to not use her kids to keep him tho, it’ll only make it harder later.

  • Nancy

    Jen is naturally beautiful; she does not need a lot of makeup at all. It seems like her marriage and her family is intact. Not everyone wants to bask in the glory of the paparazzi.

    I’m not sure where all the hate is coming from… my guess is from people that are losers in real-life but feel high and mighty when they come online and make accusations without any backup. It must be easy to be brave when no one knows who you are.

  • suzy

    Oh Nancy, get a life. And stop being in lala land. Just look at the pics before when they used to be in love and look at them now. The loving feeling is just gone. Sorry. It’s the truth. If they stay together, that’s their priority. But why the angst w/Ben leaving Jen? Are you afraid that her popularity will go down with being Mrs. Ben Affleck? Do you really think they’d stay together forever? She had a nose job and lip injections (nose tip plastic surgery but her nose looks less long and much better now) so no, she’s not “ALL NATURAL’ you disillusional fanboy.

  • suzy

    And I bet you think it’s JUST a coincidence that right after the pics of Ben and Blake came out and everyone on the internet noticing how happy Ben looks again, that they are RUSHING to the airport to fly over there?! hahahahahah….wake up. She’s soooooooo afraid.

  • come here

    Violet is probably smiling because she has just heard how her daddy has been inside Blake today. Daddy Ben’s spoof might just have made another Violet for all we know, although hopefully not one with a gappy grin. Ben should eject himself from the cockpit and give his marriage another go. Cumma cumma cumma carmellion, you cum and go, you cum and go, oh oh oh.

  • Crimson hater

    No. 15 you are funny. Violet is probably smiling because she realises she will soon be rid of her Daddy and with all the alimony fugly Jennifer will get, she will be able to afford to get her teeth fixed. And she may just be able to get rid of the nappies she is still wearing at her age and go into real girls pants. She also knows she will soon have enuf money to get implants which her mother ought to get too as her and Sarah-Michelle Gellar are both in desperate need of them. Don’t even get me started on that whore.

  • peanut

    Violet is getting fat by the way and I’m not just talking because she has nappies on.

  • emma


    Violet is no were near getting fat. If that’s what you call fat I would hate to see what you think normal is. You most likely think that sixe 0 is normal.

  • jaylow’s fat ass

    ben affleck is a male slutt bitchezz! He’s a male slutt!! And my stinky butt is soo classy!! ben affleck has kissed it many times and LOVED IT! And I loved it when he was kissing it that’s why i wrote all those love songs about him.

  • Kækfæis

    I like this blog better
    anyone know of something like that? Something like a art-blog thing?

  • Pippi

    OMG! Violet Anne Affleck has got to be the cutest little girl in LaLa Land. She is so delightfully adorable. Ben is a lucky man with all his beautiful lady loves.

    What a great time they are going to have tonight. All you haters, eat your hearts out. It’s plain to see you idiots don’t know Ben at all. If he wanted just another Hollywood type for a partner he would’ve stayed with JLo. He saw what he wanted, waited for his chance and WHAM! He really hit the jackpot. I always knew Ben was smart…I just didn’t know how smart. That’s why when asked to describe the girl of his dreams he said and “I married her”. You children should look for a guy that you can trust and you won’t have to be so suspicious of him all the time. I guess you never had a guy like that. So sad.

  • miami heat

    Violet is sooo cute. I wish I had a little girl like her. I know Ben will be so glad to see her. He and Jen make sure she does not feel neglected because she has a little sister. That’s how it should be. Gwen Stefani just forget about Kingston after Zuma was born and Britney never ever holds Sean Preston since the day Jayden was born. The older kids always needs more attention in the beginning than a new baby who doesn’t feel the loss of attention.

  • miami heat

    This trip to Bean town was sooo planned ahead. I guess Jen finished filming her role in Valentine’s Day so it off to unite the family. I know she and Vi’s really missed Ben. Little Sera probably did too. I agree they will a joyous time together. Such a beautiful family. The best celeb couple ever. Jen seems unhappy with the crazy @$$ paparazzi and who can blame her.

    Oh well, without them JJ couldn’t provide us with these lovely pics of the Affleck girls. Thanks Jared.

  • Pippi


  • jj a

    Blake, 22, and Ben, 37, were reported to have just shot a steamy scene with one another. The pair then grabbed up lunch together.

    Pippi, I´m really sorry for you. Blake is 22. Jen-”jackpot” is almost 38. And look how happy Benny is with his YOUNG blond co-star and how unhappy he looks with his wife (Jen is older then him). Your fairy tale “The happy Garfleck” is so over.

  • connie

    Oh my God Tell me that is not a man! look at that close up it is scary it truly is a man trapped in a half women’s bod.J.J. you should be ashamed of yourself, you are posting to many pics. of violet there are alot of predetors out there. she is not the celeb. I guess it is fugly’s fault for using her and putting her in the spotlight, to make herself the best mommy in the world so that her fans could go out there and see her talentless acting. it’s an image she wants out there.

  • connie

    Jack a s s # 25 Ben and Jen are both 37 and he is very mature for his age. He is doing this movie to pay for the 17 million dollar house he just bought for his wife and children. Ben is not into young girls, he even considered Liv Tyler to young for him and she is middle thirties. Since you don’t know Ben and Jen, why are you commenting on them. Are you one of those JLo fans or Vartan fans?. Why so animosity toward Jen?. What did she do to you? You make this sound personal. Grow the h.e.l.l up twit. You are one dumb person. He is playing a role dumbsh!t.

  • jj a

    I’m sorry. My bad. I lost my head. Please forgive me I know not what I am doing. I did not take my med today.

  • connie

    I am so dumb. How was Jen suppose to get Violet through the airport security. She should have put her in her luggage and the paps would not be able to take her pics. Silly woman. She should not take her to school or the park either (alway pimping her out) she should be just a good mom like Angelina and home school her or something. She should find a way to keep that child locked up so that the paps can not take her pic.

  • jj a

    connie a s s, sweety, I´m really really sorry for you too. Ben is very mature? Is he ? “Ben is not into young girls”- my God, that is so funny! Oh honey, you don´t know men at all.

  • zoe

    Jen is so pretty. I like her so much. She could do way better than Ben but I guess she loves him and he loves her so who are to interfere in their happy life. We should concentrate on our own lives and leave them alone.

  • heyu

    Poor liver lips aka jen garner has to reunite with her floozy husband aka ben affleck. Ben u shouldn’t been lookin like u were having too much fun. Didn’t u know jared’s cronies were hiding in the bushes recording the whole thing. Dumb Ben!!

  • jj a

    I’m still talking like a fool. I should go and take my meds. I put my foot in my mouth again. I think all men are the same. I guess that’s why I don’t have one of my own. I am so mixed up. Please somebody send help. I will pay dearly for any assitance. My father is rich in Dallas. He will pay whatever you ask.

  • heyu

    What? I thought Jen’s lips were fake? Liver lip is what this guy called her in high school. Did you g to school with her and did she steal your man? Is that why you come on every thread and talk sh!t? You seriously need help. Oh I know I know….my alias is Scott Foley.

  • ellie’

    This is holloywoods greatest family..just love them, also love Cruises..

  • ellie’

    This is hollywood’s greatest family..just love them, also love Cruises..

  • jj a

    #33 you are funny, baby!
    Do you have a man of your own? Or maybe you have two men and that´s why you´re so funny?
    Ben is a man. A Hollywood- man. He´s not castrated (yet) so it´s pretty normal for him to flirt with some young chick. And Jen is perfect wife for him because she won´t divorce him even if he cheats on her in her own house in her own bed. And we are happy for them, aren´t we?

  • mimi

    LOL!!! I knew it! The minute Jen saw Ben’s pic flirting with Blake, she took the next flight to Boston. Go ahead, Jen. Get pregnant again to keep Ben. As if making babies will keep a man.

  • So Cute!

    They are so cute. Seraphina really looks like Ben! I think they will be ok. Maybe they are having some struggles right now…all families & marriages do…especially when the kids are little. But Ben is a smart man. He won’t throw away a good woman and his family. If in the end, they separate…it will be because he has tried everything and knows he needs to move on. It won’t be because he wants a quick affair with a 20yr old. I hope they can work it out & stay together.

  • ace11a

    give it 2 years….then there might be a ben-Jlo part 2

  • Amy

    Jen and Ben are happy people. Get over it. They just aren’t in the same place because they are working. As far as the kids go, when have you ever seen them without a smile on either one of their faces? They’re a beautiful family.

  • Riley

    Does anyone else think Violet looks just like Anna Paquin?

  • M

    JG is so insecure of her self that she need it to get the first plane to Boston to check on her soon to be ex husband. get real and see around you, you were a rebound. this marriage is a matter of time.

  • just saying

    woah, with the closeup of jen i can now see the plastic surgery on her nose tip – more ‘perfect’ nose. Just like her marriage right? she seems like she’s in major denial and covers it up with her “acting” – fake i’m so happy marriage, talk like i’m 13, sarcasm, dressing like a homeless woman for the paps. you know her pr team told her to go and do a nice “family, we’re so happy” walk or shot to get rid of these rumors now that pics surfaced of ben being so happy w/o her. you can’t cover that kind of joy up…even though it’s innocent. i feel sorry for jen garner b/c she can’t own up to what is real but lives in denial, control and fear (of losing her a-list access ticket, ben). it’ll be ok jen! remember, your advice giver reese – look at how happy she is now! did you really think ben would stay with you forever, starter wife? i don’t think so. kids cannot be used that way. he likes you but not as his priority over his career, kids, matt, mom, causes.

  • camille

    Sorry guys, but how do you know they`re going to Boston? Were you all there when they boarded the plane?

  • office fan

    The girls are adorable! I have to laugh at all the posters on here who have nothing better to do act like they have clue what is going on in Jen and Ben’s marriage! Do you realize just how sad of a person that makes you? None of us know them personally, so quit pretending like you do and try worrying about your real life relationships, lol.

  • HA!

    Wow, you people have been saying they were unhappy and breaking up for two years now. Two solid careers and two happy children later and they’re still together and still going strong.

    Suzy, give me a break. I think you need a new hobby. isn’t there some other couple you can go be delusional and hypothesize about based on ten second snapshots of their lives??

  • HA!

    Whoever it is that keeps posting, could you just stick to one screenname? Please? Your tone and semantics indicate that it’s the same moron posting over and over and over again.

  • Gin

    Why are you cutting Ben Affleck out of the pictures? Odd.

  • lisa Harris

    NOTHING ..SHE IS FROM 2004 …

    Jen is also distancing herself from her kids too you see it in the pix
    THEIR OWN SEPARATE KIDS.. Jen is getting ready to promote
    her movie with Ricky Gervis… they are promoting it together forget
    about Rob Lowe her best friend in the movie…