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Daniel Craig: Mustache Man

Daniel Craig: Mustache Man

Daniel Craig shows off his new mustache and glasses as he heads to rehearsals for his upcoming Broadway play A Steady Rain in New York City on Thursday morning (September 3).

The 41-year-old British actor walked out of a building wearing a visitor badge from the Steiner Studios, which is located at the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard. (That’s Daniel and co-star Hugh Jackman‘s secret rehearsal space!)

Daniel recently signed on to star in the psychological thriller Dream House. Variety states he’ll play a New York publishing exec who relocates his family to a small New England town, only to learn that their new home was the scene of a vicious murder.

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Credit: Brian Prahl; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • First

    hey i’m the first!!
    Love him! Are the glasses part of the reharsels or part of his guise?

  • hjfan

    Unless he’s doing something else for the play, he’s not rehearsing with Hugh since Hugh is in Japan this week for the Wolverine premiere.

  • http://justjared bond007123

    gorgeous— no matter what the man has on!!!!

  • mary

    don’t like the mustache much but he’s good looking no matter what

  • glasses

    in the twitter pic with Colin hay carries the glasses in his left hand, so I think he just does need them.

  • YEAH

    Drop dead gorgeous! What a man! Can’t wait to see the play, only 27 days to go. Yummie!

  • Mendel

    Wow, after weeks of no pics, we are now spoilt for choice! I haven’t even quite caught up with the last batch of new ones!
    I must admit though, that if he had been walking past me in the street, I wouldn’t have recognised him with the mustache and glasses!
    I guess the Harry Potter glasses are part of his disguise…and I do think they make him less noticeable, because they do distract from his gorgeous blue eyes…
    Guinness, is it lunchtime for you yet?

  • Guinness holy cow poop

    frontal—awesome. He looks great. He looks wonderful. He is gonna be great. thank you for letting these go Dan!! I love his attire all the time. damn

  • Guinness nice mendel

    Harry potter!! very good.

  • no wonder you’re single

    he looks better (and younger) clean shaven.

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    I love the clothes, too, but the mustache…still, he is gorgeous, no doubt about that :)
    This ‘look’ reminds me of something, but I can’t put my finger on it now…if he was playing a role, it could be ‘trendy consultant’ or ‘working in advertisement’ or possibly even ‘lecturer in IT’ (not quite ‘Chicago cop’ yet).

  • ali

    Very funky look-he does look like an older Harry Potter. Where are the extra security guards? Did they leave because everyone is calling DC a diva? I guess he needs extra people to fight off all the mobs surrounding him.

  • Guinness

    Hi Mendel–you read all my P0Rn0 references. Yeh. I am getting out of control..I will stop. Its not me. Its the anonymous writting. and that he is sex on legs. see? I cant stop—he is just sooo divine. and that he makes movies like that–nekkid. oh, great….can’t concentrate at work….17 days! still got a ticket-get your butt over here! . and man, are we gonna get inundated (sp?) with photos once SR starts!!

  • Daniel is hot

    Oh my God, he is so gorgeous! What a great look. Can’t wait to see him on stage; in 28 days. The way Daniel looks now, he kind of looks like my husband when he wore his mustache and glasses. Now he only has the same “harry potter” glasses.

  • dany

    I hope he gets rid of that moustache soon.

  • Guinness

    Yes! Dan is hot….very nice.
    MENDEL—-NIGHT COURT tv show over here. i have to go find a photo of the judge! wait!

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness,

    haven’t caught up with all your P0rn0 references, lol.
    Wish I could get over – I am joining any competition/ draw that offers tickets to NY at the moment, lol.

    to ali

    “Did they leave because everyone is calling DC a diva?”

    Looks like Dan is trying to show that he does not need extra security guards, and that it was just a nasty rumour.
    I’d say, with this disguise, he doesn’t need any security. Unless you stand close to the guy, you would just not recognise him – but now, of course, he has to come up with something new – any fan in NY will look out for mustachioed adult Harry Potter lookalikes.

  • Guinness

    this isn’t exact….I cant find one with His glasses on!!!

  • Guinness

    Mendel and any other sane people? these pics are from yesterday, right? he is wearing the same clothes with lanyard. yes, maybe he beat all his body guards and told them he can take care of hisself!! yeah. Good show! Get a boat Mendel!! NYC can’t cost that much!!

  • wow..

    Hugh is hotter IMO and looks younger than Craig, and I think Craig is older than Hugh.

  • All Women Stalker

    I thought it was Gary Oldman. Haha. He looks good.


  • Mendel

    to Guinness,

    that judge guy does look a bit like Dan, lol.

    JJ says the pictures are from this morning (NY time), the ones with Diddy were taken yesterday. Yes, the clothes look really similar in both sets, but I doubt he slept in them ;)

  • UK

    I thought someone said Daniel was coming back to the UK for a bit?

  • he looks very blond

    He pretty much does next to nothing between the Bond movies. He must get paid plenty so he can live on the paychecks from the Bond movies he made. Is he funny? maybe he should try comedies or something else to branch out artistically.

  • Daniel is hot

    It would be great to see Daniel in a comedy. Does anyone know if one is alowed to bring binoculars into a play? I want to see all the details of Dan.

  • guinness….he can DO funny

    OMG. Mendel, “…I don’t think he slept in them…” Do you know something I don’t…..aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh……thank you for the visual of Daniel not sleeping in clothes. cheers. we all know his clothes end up on the floor–’cept that beautiful leather “jacket”. (he hangs that up on the bed post!!)

    Um, the wolverine looks pretty frickin manly himself–thanks jay jay!

    to #24 Is Dan funny? hhmmm. he can definitely do funny.

  • guinness….
  • glam

    oh yaaaaa. Daniel is a new man, good looks, his eyes are beautiful and I love his glasses. o sculate him

  • glam
  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    thanks for the article – so Dan’s glasses are actually trendy??? And here I was, thinking that he wore them because they looked a bit old-fashioned and inconspicuous…

  • gonkless

    Nice to see him without Gonk.

  • glasses

    You can see the glasses are not real. there is no magnification. I think he is using them as a disguise…as if you can disguise that face and body.

    Satsuki really gives him away more but I see she doesn’t go with him to rehearsals.

  • re gonk

    I think the paps may not be taking pictures of Gonk and told not to show her ring finger as it causes problems. What does anyone else think?

  • jess

    @re gonk: Mr Papa ra zzi dot com has a picture that shows her ring finger hand pretty clearly, not the blurry one, and it looks like an altogether different ring, not even the diamond she’s been wearing for a long time, but more like an extra long marquise shape to it, like some sort of cocktail ring.

  • salmonela

    haha. Over at, they are saying that Danny hired security detail even though he is rarely approached and even though Hugh Jackman doesn’t have it. What a diva.

  • jess

    @salmonela: But Daniel has a history with a dangerous stalker, and I’m sure he or his team have their reasons as to why they feel that he needs the extra security. Maybe he was wrong to get the production company to try to pay for it, but if they refused I’m sure he will pay out of his own pocket.

  • Gonk stealing

    Maybe the extra security is so noone can bother the gonk-I would pay them extra to fly her/him back to Oregon. You know how dangerous it is to shop in NYC.

  • still rehearsing, still in NYC

    Thanks JJ for the most recent photos of Daniel here in New York City, on his way to rehearsals today.

    So Steady Rain rehearsals are still continuing on with Daniel working on his part while Hugh is in Japan, or maybe on his way back soon..

    And Daniel is still in NYC, not in the UK.

    hmmmmmmmmmm. Guess that ‘crew’ member was trying to mislead and give false information out.

  • anna

    EEEEEEEEEEEEWW!! HE’S SOO UGLY AND UNFIT FOR JAMES BOND!! OMG HOW CAN THEY REPLACE PIERCE BROSNAN FOR THAT! he’s the first ugly one and BLOND one, they just ruined a series of perfect james bond’s!! tehy should have picked henry cavill!

  • to jess

    Just looked it up. Yes it looks like a marquis cut diamond.
    Super expensive if its real. hard to tell if there is a band though.
    Another present?

    Can anyone help by blowing it up?

  • Guinness–my thoughts exactly

    to “Dan is Hot”….I will definitely let you know–I was already asking my hunter friends for some infared!!!! (note: IMO hunting stinks but i cant choose my friends!). there are some as small as a cell phone that are reeelay good. EMS. (eastern mountain sports/llbean)

    His disguise WAS good Mendel, I agree…I would be staring at him if i was to see him on the street thinking not knowing why he jarred my memory. Then maybe an hour later I would think–OMG that hair, the eye structure/color, the glutes, the shoulders…um, yeah, I know him. but I have never seen nor ever will see a swagger like his so I would think I would identify his gait immediately. and of course i would be a demure female fan and ask for his autograph. NOT. I am really chickening out…I still cant see myself pushing total strangers on their ass for an autograph…on my t-shirt. I will have to do some internal affirmation cues after the spectacular show….. “I am an adult, inside is a kid, no one knows me to make fun of my craziness, if I don’t ask for a signature now–when? I can’t go back to my friends without evidence of my attendance because i keep boasting!!” so i may just take a photo like one fan did of my face and DC in the backround. that may help. I may just watch all the other crazies and make my sister do it!!! and hopefully he will be signing after the shows (if his diva watching bloodhounds he hired allows him to)..sept 10th will give me guidance!!

    Looks like the crazies are on! ~ciao Mendel & friends.

  • Guinness-bad jess!

    …if it is real.! nice. I like you jess!! she bought it for herself…hhhhaaa. I would! she didn’t have that in her collection already? hhmmm….

  • re ring

    Maybe he simply upgraded her diamond now that he is married? People do change/upgrade engagement rings sometimes after the wedding.

  • to 39

    tehy should have picked henry cavill!

    no i don’t think so. first of all henry was born in 1983 which makes him only 26 years old. way too young to play james bond. can you just see M giving a 26 year old a liscence to kill. not likely.

  • jess

    Hey Guinness, I like you too!! But I didn’t post #40, someone else addressing me, “to jess”, but that was a funny remark! lol Kind of dead on here tonight. Maybe we’re on a roll now and will get even more pictures tomorrow!

  • Mary

    I love you guys! I don’t know anyone who thinks Daniel Craig is hot so its fun to come here, see new pics, and see what you all have to say. I didn’t know DC and Satsuki were engaged. When did that happen? In St. Barts? Does Satsuki have a job or is DC her sugar daddy?

    I do have tickets to see a steady rain. I’m wondering if he will sign autographs for fans. I’m thinking not considering his security concerns. I doubt that I’d have the nerve to approach him anyway, even if he was standing next to me. I am looking forward to the play though.

  • hee hee

    i love seeing new pictures of DC!!! so yummy yummy :D he looks good in anything. Very chic indeed.

  • eeek

    I used to love him but I’m over it after learning that he finally got married to that fugly girl. I believe he had lost his millions of fan base so I don’t think he needs security to move around New York. Nobody cares anymore. He’s no Robert Pattinson!

  • guinness….oops jess

    apologies! but i always read you anyway–are you going to steady rain??

    I am playing on photobucket—after this one, you are getting one Mendel!!! take a looksie! I cant believe I was there and I cant believe I am going back!!! Love NYC–still havent decided where to eat yet. I want to shop too….!! awesome!

  • guinness–cheeky