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Jennifer Garner: Boston Babe

Jennifer Garner: Boston Babe

Jennifer Garner and her adorable daughter Violet Affleck enjoy some quality mommy-daughter time on Thursday (September 3) in Boston, Mass.

Violet‘s lil sis Seraphina must have napped this one out!

Jen, 37, is in the hometown of her husband, actor Ben Affleck, who is also in town shooting his new movie The Town with Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively and Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm.

FYI: Jen is using her BOB Revolution Stroller!

15+ pictures inside of Boston babe Jennifer Garner

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  • Hillbilly mom

    She should be ashamed of herself. A 4 year old with a pacifier?


  • http://israel Lisa rose

    Jen comes to put an eye on Ben!!!! poor Ben!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    GOOOOOOODDD dont one to be mean, and dont like to say it a bout kids but….. Violet is one UGLY kid!
    hope that lil Seraphina is the beautiful one! lol

  • http://israel Lisa rose


  • candy

    That kid is homely and too big for a stroller.

  • What a loser

    Wow, she’s not even trying.. sad.. That’s why that kid’s teeth all go in different directions.

  • Buffy

    That kid could fly with those ears. A stroller? Really? JG needs psychiatric help.

  • All Women Stalker

    Isn’t she too big to be in a stroller?


  • luan

    Oh hey hillbilly mom, perhaps down in your neck of the woods, or mountains, you’ve never seen juvenile sunglasses. Not a pacifier. Silly fool.

  • Pattycake

    Word of advice to Jennifer, man pants only look good on a woman when they don’t make you look like a man. I won’t even say anything about a four year old in a stroller with a pacifer.

  • Sewgirly

    I love the Garner-Afflecks. I know they want to be normal and all, but c’mon. Does Jennifer have to look like all her clothes come from Walmart? She dresses her daughter the same way. Jen doesn’t need to look red carpet ready, but there are cuter casual clothes out there. Seriously, some of the women on “What Not to Wear” look better. Stacy and Clinton where are you?

  • Hillbilly mom

    Umm Luan, Nope, that’s definitely a pacifier. Look again. Silly fool.

  • annab

    Yeah….that pacifier should have gone a while back. It is true that it makes the teeth grow strange…but once you ditch the pacifier…the teeth do improve. Should be out of the stroller but at least it’s one of nicer big ones.

  • LuckyMe

    If you are going to do a lot of walking then it’s okay to put them in a stroller. Little legs can only go so far before they get tired out. That is why you will see older kids in jogging strollers and the like. Those strollers are meant to hold up to 100lb for moms that like to go on extended jogs or walks with little ones who can’t keep up. I see nothing wrong with it, but if you aren’t a parent and don’t think it through I can see why it would appear strange at first glance. Jogging stroller moms have inside jokes about this very situation ;) As for the paci, the paci fairy can visit and leave a present in place of taking all the paci’s when the time comes. It’s a comfort thing. I think she’s an adorable little and Jen is a fabulous looking mother.

  • Jennifugly

    WTF is she wearing? And those glasses, ugh! I’m surprised Ben’s lasted this long with her.

  • emma

    Does she ever hold or take Sera out. Sera was with Violet and jen at LAX the other day but she was being held by the nanny.

  • Donna

    OMG, a pacifier and a stroller at 4! Weren’t there pictures that revealed Violet was still in diapers? Lazy parenting. It’s easier to let them do what they want then actually put the time and energy to break them of baby habits. parent. Maybe Jen should stay home more with the kid to aid her development instead of parading her around for the paparazzi.

  • sunnies

    Do people really see a pacifier in these pics? Where? Those looks like babygirl sunnies to me.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @Donna: I’m soooooo agree with you!!! you said it right! (:

  • ?!

    The woman in black behind Garner looks much much nicer than this goofy “movie-star” Jen-no-style -Garfleck . See, Jen, it´s not about “being a mom” or “down to earth”, it´s about being a WOMAN. A real lady always looks nice and stylish.
    And again: where is Ben? And her second daughter? And why Violet´s not smiling? Guess, she is not happy anymore. LOL

  • me

    what about your REAL baby Jennifer?
    Ben kids was supost to be MUCH MORE beautiful, to bad that jennifer ganes are SO strong! )))):

  • me

    You don’t see other celebrity moms pimping their children like this woman. I think it is rather sad.

  • ding dang ugly

    ugly inbred backwoods west virginia hillbillies – both of them


  • dude

    she soooo went out there to kick his as$ after that pic with blakely or whoever/…to funnnyy

  • hey DUMBO

    shoot, those ears are amazing…just another inbred feature

  • wingnut

    that little wingnut is gonna fly away with those ears

  • Sallyanne

    Jeez some of you people are morons

  • 12 yr olds should not post

    Here we go again with the dumb comments. You guys must wait, like a bird stalking a piece of bread, and ready to make this silly, grade school comments.

    In none of the pictures does it show Violet with a pacifier. No where. She is holding sunglasses.

    When will you guys not accuss Jen of pimping her child? She can’t step out of the house with a pap following them. She suppose to live in a cave? She was followed to the airport, there are paps around in Boston because of the stars there fliming with Ben.

    Oh, and BTW, all the comments about Jen flying to Boston because Ben was talking with Blake. Well, guess what, in a few of those pictures you can see Jen’s bodyguard! That’s right the same bodyguard that she got on a plane @ LAX with. SO those pictures were made available AFTER Jen and the girls arrived in Boston.

  • 5th picture

    IDIOTS the 5th picture shows a pacifier
    you dumb sh!ts

    yeash get over yourself, i bet your from the same inbred hillbilly town as jeng

  • emma


    Not as much as Jen.
    The nanny is like Seraphina’s mommy. She kissed Violet and held Violet’s hand at LAX the other day but the nanny had to caryy Sera for her.
    Jen you look like a douche you could at least make the effort. You have two kids.
    I have an 8 year old, 6 year old, 4 year old and a two year old and I am pregnant with twins and I attempt to make my self look half decent when I go out. This is how I dress if i’m going to spend a lazy day in with the kids.
    Also who needs a nanny for 2 kids. Me and my husband manage just fine on our own. Sure its a lot of work but they are your kids and you duty to look after them not ship your youngest child off with a nanny while you shower your almost 4 year old with your love.
    All my kids were potty trained between the ages of 2 and 2 and a half. Violet is 4 in a couple of months and still in diapers. My kids also loss the pacifier at 2 years old.

  • ?!

    I just noticed how incredibly big Violet´s ears are. I´m sorry for her. Her sister seems to be much cuter.

  • Melissa

    The comments are totally crazy today: Let’s bitch about everybody else so we can feel better about our pathetic little life!

  • To #28

    @12 yr olds should not post: You need glasses. In the picture up above on the right, she clearly has a pacifier. You can see again the last picture.

  • http://u.s.a marry

    how its possible that Ben’s kids are so ugly?
    Ben is the sexiest and one of the best looking mans in the all world!!!
    Ben, you are an idoit for having your kids with that ugly man, named Jennifer Garner!
    what a weast of D.N.A……geesh….

  • ?!

    emma, all kids are different. I know kids who never used a pacifier and were potty trained when they were 10 months old. Yes, Violet´s still in diapers, yes, she has a pacifier, so what?

    Maybe Violet´s a little retarded. Maybe she´s jealous of her sister, maybe her parents have problems with each other and that´s her reaction. She´s not a perfect kid. She has a mother who is far from perfect herself. Her father is even worse. It´s not her fault. Give her a break!

  • carly

    Pac. or no pac. What difference does it make. Not our child. Plus we don’t know the reason for it. Perhaps an ear problem or something.

    #35 the use of retard is not nice. No matter of whom you would be speaking,

  • marry 4:21

    she trapped him in the beginning b4 he realized that her DNA is flawed by years of inbredding, West VA style
    but he was too drunk to figure it out

  • Jenna

    You are all soooo mean. Jen looks terrific given that she just had her second child and works on top of everything. I simply hate it when people start picking apart the children of celebrities. She’s just a kid. Leave her alone. Go Team Garner!

  • Family reunited

    Great that Ben and Jennifer are on the same coast. Sure it was hard for the children. Happy that Ben is directing again.

  • shamrock

    Seriously, have a heart everyone who knocks Jen and Violet? What did she do to you, to cause such dislike and ridicule towards her? I just don’t get it. Just maybe, she may be sick, not into getting dolled up to impress anyone, needs to have Violet in a stroller due to physical disability. Do you need to knock her at every chance or opportunity?

    It’s not about the exterior that makes one BEAUTIFUL, it is from the inside that shines to the whole self.

    Anyway, Good Luck to Ben on his project~

  • mimi

    Yes, she trapped him and forced fatherhood on him, but why on earth did he go with such homely and unattractive woman?
    It’s not like she is such a good person- she cheated and traded her men once she found someone more famous and with more $$$.
    Gold-diggers suck, but fame who-res are even worst.

  • lisa Harris

    Yeah but will we ever see them together again… so Sera will be calling

  • Soaplover

    Geesh, you guys are so mean. Yeah, she should probably be rid of the pacifier, but her mom’s not enforcing it, so it’s not Violet’s fault. It’s not like a four year old can think, “oh, I better not suck a paci because it’s going to make my teeth crooked.” It probably comforts her.

  • ?!

    Why on earth did he go with such homely and unattractive woman? Because she is a perfect doormat.


    This is becoming as hateful a celebrity website as Perez.. Thanks to shamrock, Family ReU, Jenna and Carly for making this not be a totally dismal thread. For the record I love JG, think both her daughters are beautiful and admire her for being a MOM, a real mom.

  • because

    he married her b/c he had to
    he is such an alcoholic he prob doesn’t even realize what he’ss done

  • coolperson

    I think the photographers should follow the classy blonde chick holding the door – around. What a nice person — manners are alive and well in the USA Way to go blonde chick!!

  • Pinkrose

    Have Mercy! , it’s a good thing that Violet cannot read. Hope by the time she sees these archives (or the kids in her class do) her parents would have schooled her into having a think skin.

  • getreal

    Please be nicer when commenting. Maybe something is wrong. She does have low-set ears which can indicate problems. Also school in Santa Monica she attends is for “special kids”.

  • ?!

    “special kids”? Are you serious?