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Jon Gosselin Speaks Out Against Kate

Jon Gosselin Speaks Out Against Kate

Kate Gosselin picks up her kids at the bus stop before dropping by the bank and UPS store on Monday (August 31) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old mother has been sharing her side of the story on various shows since announcing her divorce from Jon Gosselin.

For the first time since the announcement, Jon is finally speaking out. Talking with Good Morning America’s Chris Cuomo, the father of 8 shared his side of the story.

“I’m taking care of the kids,” Jon said. “She’s on book tours, she’s doing all these things. You know, she’s gone a week. You know, comes back. Unpacks, repacks, does laundry, packs up and leaves again. I’m standing there like, ‘Oh, okay. Your mom’s gone again.’”

Reflecting back on his marriage with Kate, Jon added, “I took a lot of abuse from her. I was put down.”

The full interview will air on ABC’s Primetime: Family Secrets on Sept. 8.

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119 Responses to “Jon Gosselin Speaks Out Against Kate”

  1. 1
    Lawrence Says:

    *YAWN* This saga has become increasingly tiresome.

  2. 2
    Topdog Says:

    Can someone explain to me why this woman goes to UPS all the time??

  3. 3
    galpal Says:

    Pot calling the kettle black. Weren’t you just hosting a pool party? Honestly, no one cares about your pathetic lives. My heart goes out to these kids.

  4. 4
    galpal Says:

    Pot calling the kettle black. Weren’t you just hosting a pool party? Honestly, no one cares about your pathetic lives. My heart goes out to these kids.

  5. 5
    jared fan Says:

    I know there’s so much that’s happened, but I so wish they could get some major counseling and make this work, especially for the kiddos! They looked in love in the beginning, and I’m sure they could get that spark back. Maybe now she’s learned you can’t treat your spouse that way, and maybe he can get over his wild phase and settle back down and make this work!! Everyone’s answer is just to leave nowdays, and it’s just sad.

  6. 6
    pukey Says:

    what else does jon have to do while kate is out making money to support the family he should be watching the kids not hosting parties and whoring around i know jon why don’t u get a job……..LOOSER

  7. 7
    laurie Says:

    For the sake of the kids Jon shut up.

  8. 8
    stella Says:

    I don’t condone Jon’s behavior over the past few months at all. But what I did watch over the past 3 years WAS a woman verbally abusive to her spouse. I believe he really did get in over his head in unhappiness. Once he broke free, he never looked back. I also think he will come back full circle and be a good father again, and act normal. Right now, he has tunnel vision, and it has nothing to do with his past. Kate is no angel, and for everyone that watched the show……were questioning why he stayed with such a brow beater.

  9. 9
    Hmmm Says:

    He sure likes to Whine alot!!!! Has’nt he been galavanting around the world hosting parties, and hanging with his many girlfriends??? He just needs to disappear, and give it a rest!!!

  10. 10
    Team Kids Says:

    Jon IS at home watching the kids when she is off with the bodyguard, that is where all the trouble started. She needs to do what she says is the most important thing to her and put her kids first for once.. Kate lost the plot when she put money and notariety before her family.
    Rent the series and watch from season one

  11. 11

    Hey Jon ….GROW UP and TAKE RESPONSIBILTY for your life and quit blaming everyone else. You have major issues in which you DON’T WANT TO GROW UP. Seek Counselling.

    Blaming Kate at this point is just plain pathetic because you know what? We’ve seen your spots and know what you’re really like!

    Go ahead blame Kate for making money for the family. Looks like you don’t really hate all the money for your partying, bimbo’s of the week, fancy cars, apartments or UGLY shirts. Do you?

  12. 12
    Momof4 Says:

    Having watched the show from the beginning I believe the abuse was mutual. He was just as nasty to her and she was to him, he just did it with a quieter tone, but the words used were just as abusive. As she has stated before he plays the victim…and is continuing to do so. I use to be pro Jon, but I now cannot stand “Sir Whines Alot”. He needs to grow up and think about his children.

  13. 13
    ted Says:

    IMO Jon was equally abusive with Kate, he was simply more subtle. He was constantly rolling his eyes and mocking her behind her back. Point of interest – usually Kate made her cracks against Jon when the kids weren’t around – the kids often saw Jon mocking Kate. He would walk behind her and mimic her – all kinds of things like that. I remember a couple of episodes where he commented on how her looks were going downhill (mused about how he liked her better blonde etc.).
    I’m not defending Kate, she had no call to talk to him the way she did, but from what I saw he was almost just as bad. And, who knows what went on between the two of them behind closed doors?
    It’s just not our call to assume that only one party was guilty of abuse.

  14. 14

    @Team Kids: And I don’t believe the bodyguard thing for one second. SHOW US SOME PICTURES! Kate just had his whole family over to the house on Sunday for a barbeque. Would you go over to some woman’s house who was reportedly fooling around with your husband? NO Plus Kate’s good friends with his wife.

    This rumor came from Jon’s camp to help him look better.

  15. 15
    Amanda Says:

    rightttt… isn’t he the one parading his twenty girlfriends around like he’s never gotten laid before? She does seem a bit psycho, but I seem to see her with the kids more often than I see him with them

  16. 16
    amymo Says:

    Yawn….double yawn.
    Who cares anymore.

  17. 17
    Lauren Says:

    Kate is abusive, and yes Jon mocked her at times. I”ll say they are even in the blame department. But he did take care of the kids while she was out on her tours. And he does show up on his days to take care of the kids. Kate does her thing (interviews and such) on her days off, and Jon does his thing (could make better choices here), but they do show up for the kids when it is there turn. I see Jon’s side clearly. He was abused and eventually he will come around to be a decent dad. Most of his mocking was done in defense. And I certainly do not blame him for firing back. As far as the job goes, I think he wanted to have one all along. Kate was the one who thought he would be better off at home doing their “family job.” Well, he stayed at home, being called a “lame fish” for doing what she asked him to do. At least he cared enough to stay home with the kids, Kate was hardly ever there due to her tours and interviews. Stay at home moms deal with this kind of stuff all the time. Why should he take crap from people for staying at home just because he is a man? Someone has to take of the kids, and if you are lucky enough to do it on one salary, then that is wonderful! Most people do not have that option. I think Jon will find a job, maybe not what is considered a normal job. I just want him to start looking at the whole picture before he dives into something.

  18. 18
    anon Says:

    Kate’s behavior was THE reason I stopped watching the show a long time ago and from reading many comments over time Im far from alone. TLC is under the Oprah Discovery Health Channel wing and she is also a good friend of Maria Shriver’s so for now the show, and Kate, are under the Big O’s powerful wing to protect profits. Jon may score a tell-all sit down with Ms Oprah where he could rec’v her blessing and therefore that of the mini-van moms and middle America again.

  19. 19
    marla Says:

    They’re both as…les . Money and fame made them lose their focus and made them sc…g parents. No wonder Maddy is acting out by the rate of this event they will be lucky if she’s the only one among the kids who will need a professional help.

  20. 20
    roseanna Says:

    This crap is really getting old. The Gosselins have worn out their welcome. They need to go away, far, far away.

  21. 21
    ashleigh Says:

    @marla: Mady ALWAYS acts out. She just like Kate.

  22. 22
    Joy Says:

    Ted is right. I saw many times he was not very nice to Kate. Like one time he told her to take the stick out of her butt. He said that in the kitchen right in front of the kids. He also said he was glad that she was a neat freak because he didn’t have to clean up things. He also told her in the beginning that he didn’t like brunettes (this was right after having the kids and her hair was it’s natural color) only blonds. She asked him if he would have married her if she hadn’t been blond and he say “probably not.” Now what kind of guy would say that to a wife who just had 6 kids. Isn’t the babysitter brunette? Most of the time when she was yelling at him he was doing something stupid and not watching the kids or doing anything to help. He wants to be a young kid again with no responsibilities and no kids. You can tell that by the way he acts. He gets no sympathy from me at all.

  23. 23
    You/Me Says:

    If Jon wasn’t man enough to stand up to this wife when she was verbally “abusing” him then he has no one to blame but himself. Going around blaming Kate only adds to his disgusting childish ways, he needs to suck it up and be more responsible for himself instead of playing the victim. If Jon really thought that Kate was away too uch then he should have taken over more of the responsabilities outside of the home in regards to work, and NO WAY can he say “well she wouldn’t let me do it” because he is not a d*mn kid, he could have stood his ground and said “NO, this time I am the one going”…. on the interview or whatever. He is a freakin wus and the only way he can stand on his own now is by putting Kate down and standing on top of her, he is not man enough to do it on his own.

  24. 24
    ha Says:

    it’s great to hear his perspective. everyone’s so quick to villify him without hearing his side. i have watched every season of the show and the abuse from kate’s side was constant. she’s one of those women that will yell at you for an hour and when you finally yell back she says ‘what did i do? why are you yelling at me?’
    marriage is a partnership. you have to love your partner & let go of the small stuff. nobody’s perfect but kate can’t seem to let that go.

  25. 25
    daycaremom Says:

    Jon and Kate plus 8 might as well be the world. Everyday someone gets divorced with or without kids. They are making lovely memories for the kids to relive all their lives. They both need to remember everyone is watching. The kids will end up repeating this mess if its not handled better. Great time to take “Children in the middle” class hopefully it’s required in Penn. Jon and Kate are both only thinking about the hurt they feel, not the hurt the kids are feeling and will be feeling from now on. Wake up and take care of your kids first, then yourselves.

  26. 26
    Sharon miles Says:

    Who cares who was to blame for the end of their marriage or who is watching the children. The bottom line is they BOTH sold out to fame, wealth and did so off the backs of their children. Without the precious children, they would be NOBODIES. If either one of them think they will have a “career” without using their children, they are mistaken. Parenting tips, are you FREAKING kidding me? Dogs could raise their children better than these two clowns.

    They need to go away and fast. They don’t realize what a laughing stock they have become. Kate still believes she is the ONE!

  27. 27
    a realist Says:

    Kate is a nasty mean b*tch, who berated and abused her husband. I hope he finds happiness with a woman who can love and respect him.

  28. 28
    JustaGirl Says:

    I don’t know what some of you are talking about!?! Jon was suppose to be doing speaking engagements to but he was too stupid to do that and so Kate had to do it all!! He whines and whines about her actually working but he has no damn problem spending all the money she has brought into the family!! He is just a whiner looking for sympathy!

  29. 29
    rocky Says:


  30. 30
    Momof4 Says:

    Is it just me or does any one else think Jon is starting to sound like that Steve Eurkel character?

  31. 31
    No fool Says:

    If Jon didn’t like how Kate was “treating” him, then he should have address it in a timely manner. Playing the victim by feeling sorry for himself, but not PRODUCTIVELY WORKING ON THE PROBLEMS he had has served no one. It seems that Jon is the only truly happy person amongst the 10 people who are effected his his choices at this point. Considering that 8 of those people are completely dependent upon their parents for their stability and ultimate happiness, indicates who is truly out of line here. I believe that Jon is completely responsible for whatever unhappiness he felt in his marriage. Though Kate was in his face, at least she was honest and clear about her feelings and what her needs were. If Jon didn’t like her approach, or disagreed with her point of view, or where their relationship or family life was heading, then he clearly should have addressed those issues so that they could protect their marriage and their family. His passive-aggressive behaviour and whinny-pot attitude have only served to destroy the lives of 9 other people; 8 of whom are completely at the mercy of their parents for their stability, comfort and overall well-being. By not speaking up and addressing those issues, he condemmed his entire family to certain disaster. He needs to chug down a big ol’ glass of grow the hell up and realize that he is the sole source of his unhappiness, the stress on his children and the long term, far reaching ramifications that will no doubt be imparted onto their lives, as well as the hurt of a woman who clearly loved her husband. I’m certain that she would have done whatever was necessary to make Jon happy and comfortable in their marriage and family life had he just been man enough and adult enough to speak up.

  32. 32
    anonymous Says:


    Is it any of your business?

  33. 33
    anonymous Says:


    Is it any of your business?

  34. 34
    miapocca Says:

    I dont support verbal abuse in anyway, but these two had a sort ofverbal sparring..Jon was more subtle and thats the worst kind of abuse .

    The media is not the place to say things about the mother of your children. Obviously the twins had enough of their fathers whoring when they called their mother to come to the house during his babysitting episode. He didnt open the door and the cops were called.

    Frankly if you had 8 kids plus a dad who behaves like the youngest, what do you expect. I was always surprised at the lack of patience Jon had for the kids when he was alone with them. When Kate was around he seemed to treat them better….watch episode where he takes the 3 boys golfing. With Jon is always about him, it seems liek kate has to order him to do stiff just so things can get done…

    I say Bravo to kate…dont look back and focus on your kids…

  35. 35
    anonymous Says:


    You mean LOSER?

  36. 36
    anonymous Says:


    The stick remark was made in the living room while dressing the kids.

  37. 37
    bella Says:

    Kate is a control freak and Jon is a Manboy.
    These two are handling things poorly when it comes to the welfare of those kids. I do not doubt that they love them, but is difficult to see when they are pimping them out and putting there own needs before the kids. Money is not everything . . .it helps but can also ruin you. These kids have no sense of reality. Reality does not involve constant attention from camera, and getting whatever you want. Honestly what did Kate and Jon expect, they are two opposites, divorce is a reality. greed and money, lack of respect for one another and selfishness is what killed there marriage. The show only quickened the process.

  38. 38
    Hannah Says:

    what’s done is done between these two. the sad thing is that there’s a whole bunch of kids involved. it’s not a family of four its a family of 10!

    i think all viewers should learn two lessons from this:

    1. don’t verbally abuse your husband/wife then wonder why they want out at the end of the day. simply put “Check Yourself”. *cough KATE!

    2. grow a pair if your spouse isn’t treating you properly and say something, oh i don’t know right away?! or your bound to get that type of treatment for years to come. *cough JOHN!

    im 23 and im not married, but anytime i’m arguing with my boyfriend i say as a woman in the relationship “What Would Kate Do?” and i do the exact opposite, haha.

  39. 39
    GreedyGosselins Says:

    The stick remark was great. Good for you Jon. I have said the same thing a million times to Kate. Let’s all face it Kate is a witch, big time.

  40. 40
    Jean Says:

    Uh Hailey, Jailey, Uh barbaro, Uh seabisquit, Uh seattle slew told me to say all these, because Uh she let’s me go out with my friends and hang out with them. She is polar opposite of Kate and Uh, I don’t need any permission Uh to go out cause she is so cool. Uh I know she’s only 22 Uh or 23 and Uh I’m a father of eight but she’s so cool, you know Uh I love my kids, don’t get me wrong Uh, but I was abused because Uh all my friends and family said it was. You guys know what I mean, Uh.

  41. 41
    adam & eve Says:

    this guy is shuch a putz. wha wha wha my wife took my b-a-l-l-s.

  42. 42
    anthony Says:

    He is an Idiot..that’s putting it nicely. please make him go away

  43. 43
    Mary Says:

    Wow, Jon got treated like a weenie and now he’s….whining like a weenie.

    Grow up Jon. Real men don’t want to be cast as the victim. Get divorced and get on with your life but STOP trying to get pity for your boo-boos. You already have six 5 year olds….stop acting like one.

    As for Kate, at least she’s out working. This asshat wants to cry fowl over being a “stay at home dad” when that was HIS choice, he whined about it and blames the fallout for the ruination of his marriage – when clearly he wasn’t happy in the marriage to begin with.

    This guy is responsible for NOTHING. His only talent is pointing fingers at everyone but himself.

    No wonder the ladies love him…what a catch, right???? NOT

  44. 44
    abby Says:

    When is Kate going to get that stick removed from her saggy butt? Maybe Steve will can help her next time they are together. Which is all the time. Kate thinks that she’s fooling the public by denying the affair that she and Steve are having, but the truth will all come out real soon.

  45. 45
    Joanna Says:

    The Gosselins are slowly fading into the sunset. All of their kids will write books about how terrible their parents were, and maybe have reality shows of their own. But honestly, the show needs to end.

  46. 46
    Eva Says:

    I really do believe that Jon has been coached by either his girlfriends, his family members, his PR, or the lawyers. He really cannot think for himself, let alone 8 kids whom they rely on being their father. He’s not a freakin teenager anymore! How much more pathetic of loser can this guy possibly get? He not only buried himself with the GMA interview, he buried his own family! But most importantly his OWN kids. How much more of an imbecile can this guy possibly get?

  47. 47
    LuckyMe Says:

    I think they got so caught up taking care of their kids and maybe doing this show that they forgot to communicate with each other. The outcome may have not changed one bit, but if we had seen them trying to communicate their problems first, then maybe people wouldn’t be so harsh on them now. Because then everyone can say “Well we saw them discuss their problems over and over but they couldn’t ever get it together.” Maybe after the cameras stopped rolling, in the privacy of their bedroom they did discuss these things for all we know. I mean maybe it was discussed but repeatedly ignored. Maybe the show should have seen the dysfunctional relationship and offered to get them counseling much earlier and that could have been part of the show too. There are other ways it couldn’t have gone down. But if it wasn’t meant to be it wasn’t meant to be and perhaps nothing would have saved it. Best thing to do now is to act the way they should have during the marriage and be sure the kids are happy. Might take individual counseling for both to do that. I’d go crazy if I had 8 kids so I can’t judge them at all. Just pointing out some things.

  48. 48
    TLC Listen Says:

    TLC, the fan’s of the show is totally turned off my Jon’s behavior. We will not see this show if this disgusting man, putting it loosely, is on the show. I’m not speaking for myself and our family but to all the fans of this show. Please do the right thing and give him the walking papers. It’s just gross by even the sight of this guy. If people at TLC were wise, which I presume they are get rid of this guy by any means because the most if not all of the fan’s of this show will tune out.

  49. 49
    gokatego! Says:

    It doesn’t look like Kate is the one gone all the time when SHE is the one getting the kids on the bus and such! Jon is such a loser. Blah Blah Blah….I can’t keep my ***** in my pants….Blah Blah Blah…..I cheat on my wife….Blah Blah Blah….I didn’t get to party in my 20′s….. Blah Blah Blah. Shut up whining Jon. Kate is the WO-MAN. It doesn’t matter if you are put down, and she should’ve been a tad bit nicer to you, NOBODY deserves to be cheated on. Go whine to Hailey.

  50. 50
    LuckyMe Says:

    @gokatego!: Yeah. I think they both did stuff that was not okay. I think Kate pushed him to the edge and then I think he made the mistake of jumping off. If she hadn’t have pushed him that far he wouldn’t be anywhere near the edge to jump off. Ultimately they both have to live with the stuff they did. Neither is squeaky clean but that is water under the bridge now. I’m sure the kids will grow up and see how their mother yelled at their father on all those shows then they will see his unhealthy reaction to it all. Hopefully they both get some counseling and make up for it all by having a quality relationship from this point forward. With 8 kids and the statisitcal divorce rate, I would say at least a couple of the kids one day will go through a divorce perhaps, and at least they will have parents that will understand that and be open, available, and maybe more informed to talk to them about it if nothing else. Hopefully each remarries and sets a good example to the children of what a good marriage is suppose to look like.

  51. 51
    Liverwurst Says:

    Nice try John. Proof is in the photo’s. Kate is always with the kids and YOU are ALWAYS with your girlfriends. I don’t blame her for treating you like crap, cause that’s exactly what you are. Eat another donut.

  52. 52
    Erica Says:

    Jon is a pathetic whiner. Kate was working all the time, so of course he should take care of the kids. But I guess he didn’t want the responsiblity, and wanted to party all the time, like he is doing now. He is a weak, lazy and pathetic being and I feel sorry for their kids. Kate might have made some major mistake, but this man proves everyday that he is irresponsible and whiny. Own up to your actions and responsibilities man!

  53. 53
    Wendy Says:

    Some people like to run their mouths.; they are the people that know everything there is to know about someone else s life. Unless you can walk in someone else s shoes and go through what that other person went through then you should just shut up. All the better than everyone else people should give the rest of us a break. You perfect people should realize that the rest of us are only human and we make MISTAKES.

  54. 54
    Katey Says:

    oh Jon, please stop.
    I know you can’t help it because you are an inferior dull-witted immature, inferior cheap beer guzzling, small genitaled slacker, but just try to think of your children’s future for a change.

  55. 55
    SARA Says:

    Wow, somebody needs to get a life. A good doctor might be able to help.

  56. 56
    Denise Says:

    Here is a list of questions to help men determine if they are being abused:

    Did she embarrass or humiliate you in front of other people, including your friends or family?
    Did she insist that anything you wanted for yourself was selfish and/or wrong?
    Did she withhold affection to “punish” you for any violations of her rules?
    Did she intimidate you in any way?
    Did she threaten you, or threaten to harm herself or anyone else, if/when you left?
    Did she force you to ask her for money, or take your money away from you? Did she have control of the family finances, so you didn’t even know what or when money was being spent?
    Did she prevent you from taking a job you wanted, or going to school? Did she force you, either directly or through manipulation, to quit a job you had?
    Did she make jokes about her treatment of you, insist that she never did anything to hurt you, or blame you for her behavior?
    Did she treat you as if you were her servant?
    Did she ever make you do things you felt were wrong or illegal?
    Did she ever belittle your beliefs, or tell you that your faith is wrong?
    Did she make you leave social gatherings, or restrict your contact with your friends or family?
    Did she make you feel afraid, or like you needed to be “careful” around her?
    Did she make you feel guilty or ashamed about yourself, your feelings, your beliefs, or anything else that makes you a unique individual?

    Any one of these is a sign of abuse. Only you can decide how many it takes to add up to proof that you were abused.

    Think back to some of the old shows. Jon was a classic abuse victim.

  57. 57
    StaceyLacey Says:

    PLEASE fnas of thesepeole,don’t start a
    “Who is the better parent thread?”

    THEY are both equal. Neither one is better than the other.
    They both are wrong.

    Kate is winning the public support because of Jon acting like he is 22 yrs.old and just grad.from college.

    Kate is keener.
    Both are sorry excusses for parents.Both are making their own millions off their kids no matter who, what, where,when how or why.
    The kids are the bread winners.

    The parents expose the kids at all cost at anytime.The kids NEVER have and time off cameras.

    Both parents USE the front yard of the house which sits on a few acres,so that the kids along with the parent du jour ,can get maxium paparazzi benefits.

    Both are parents ain’t worth a sh i t!

  58. 58
    Celebwatcher Says:

    I’m tired of seeing these rich famewhores on my laptop screen. They have enough money to cover therapy for 100 years–go away.

    Check out my celebrity predictions and get a free 7 minute psychic reading at–no strings people!!!

  59. 59
    mike Says:

    He needs to grown up? It sounds like most of you think when you have kids you should be on lockdown 24/7 with the kids and your life is over. He hosts one event and he is the bad parent and Kate is gone 24/7 bad talking Jon and she is the good parent…. WTF! If you think Jon is a bad parent and Kate is the good one then I would bet that you have no clue about raising kids or have none. Anyways.. Some of you and Kate need to come back to real life and realize that she is famous for having 8 kids and getting free crap and now she is famous for talking crap and acting like a victim do you see the next step????

    She doesn’t need money what the H are you talking about so don’t get it confused she wants the attention from the paps and if you can’t see she is using those kids for personal gain then I can’t help you. GO JON!!!!!!!!

  60. 60
    maran66 Says:


    don’t condone Jon’s behavior over the past few months at all. But what I did watch over the past 3 years WAS a woman verbally abusive to her spouse. I believe he really did get in over his head in unhappiness. Once he broke free, he never looked back. I also think he will come back full circle and be a good father again, and act normal. Right now, he has tunnel vision, and it has nothing to do with his past. Kate is no angel, and for everyone that watched the show……were questioning why he stayed with such a brow beater.

    that”s the same i think .
    and she was the same mad way all the times with the kids to ,but now she is the victim ,and the abnegate mother ????$$$$.

  61. 61
    lisa Says:

    Kate’s a fraud, everyone with a brain knows,and thanx to her mentally challenged fans she has made some loot.

  62. 62
    anonymous Says:


    No such word as genitaled.

  63. 63
    katie n Says:

    It’s nothing new. She really verbally abused him. Whenever I stumbled upon the show I cringed at the way she trampled him at every corner. There were moments I wished he would stand up and abuse her back. He took a lot and has lot of repressed pain and anger.

  64. 64
    katie n Says:

    I also think he would need some serious therapy to get over the damage to his self esteem. Until he does that he is going to act immature. Hope there are some wise old people in his life who would propel him toward therapy and get him back to his kids.

  65. 65
    VanM Says:

    So why didn’t Jon write any books or offer to be a guest speaker???????? I’m sure there would have been a lot of people out there who would have been just as happy to hear what he had to say, they could have taken turns….Could it be that he just plain lazy???? And chose to quit his job to take care of the kids so Kate could go out and bring home the bacon…. From what i’ve seen everything was fine and there were no complaints until JON got caught cheating and even after he got caught the first time it seemed to have been swept under the rug without getting out of control but when he got caught the second time that was when EVERYONE turned on Kate…..But then he got caught again with Hailey and the tables turned…..I don’t feel sorry for him, he had a choice and unfortunately he did not use his head…well not the right one anyway and now he is grasping at anything including the I was abused by Kate card to try and gain sympathy….Sure Kate was nasty but so was he and he wanted to be free of having to be there with his kids everyday….He had a choice to stay with Kate and the kids and try to work things out or he could leave Kate and the kids and party, smoke cigarettes, pot and drink…obviously he chose the latter…..He did not want to have the responsibility of being a full time dad and even when it is his turn all I ever see is him talking to the paps signing autographs talking/texting on his phone and looking for the next opportunity to bash Kate…And for all those saying that Kate is having an affair with the bodyguard where are the pics of them leaving their lovenest, handholding during romantic dinner and her leaving out the back door…etc……?????

  66. 66
    ebmo Says:

    Denise @ 09/03/2009 at 2:26 pm Here is a list of questions to help men determine if they are being abused:

    Did she embarrass or humiliate you in front of other people, including your friends or family?
    Did she insist that anything you wanted for yourself was selfish and/or wrong?
    Did she withhold affection to “punish” you for any violations of her rules?
    Did she intimidate you in any way?
    Did she threaten you, or threaten to harm herself or anyone else, if/when you left?
    Did she force you to ask her for money, or take your money away from you? Did she have control of the family finances, so you didn’t even know what or when money was being spent?
    Did she prevent you from taking a job you wanted, or going to school? Did she force you, either directly or through manipulation, to quit a job you had?
    Did she make jokes about her treatment of you, insist that she never did anything to hurt you, or blame you for her behavior?
    Did she treat you as if you were her servant?
    Did she ever make you do things you felt were wrong or illegal?
    Did she ever belittle your beliefs, or tell you that your faith is wrong?
    Did she make you leave social gatherings, or restrict your contact with your friends or family?
    Did she make you feel afraid, or like you needed to be “careful” around her?
    Did she make you feel guilty or ashamed about yourself, your feelings, your beliefs, or anything else that makes you a unique individual?

    Any one of these is a sign of abuse. Only you can decide how many it takes to add up to proof that you were abused.

    Think back to some of the old shows. Jon was a classic abuse victim.

    Read more:

  67. 67
    Khate Says:

    Next time Kate hits 90 on the highway let’s just hope she rolls that SUV so we all don’t have to look at that sour puss and rat’s nest hair any more.

  68. 68
    yogi hani maresh yaga Says:

    karma will come soon to smack her down to the ground where her kind live; worms and assorted vermin , by god.

  69. 69
    ebmo Says:

    Furthermore, Kate is doing what is typical of abusive spouses/partners. She is using every means she knows…trashing John in the media, their kids, people they know, she even tried to use the cops….to get him back under her control.

  70. 70
    kimmie Says:

    i saw the clip…i hope to watch the entire interview when it’s on. i think jon was probably telling the truth. not that that is an excuse to cheat or go party like he did in jan/feb etc. but i can totally see kate, with her personality, doing what he said.

    now maybe she needed to keep him grounded etc. but then again she knew the kind of guy he was when she met him. he was a *bad boy* with *no ambition* and i think at first it was fun for both of them. then when the 6 were born i think it was a have to survive mentality.

    when the show picked up and they got more financially secure i think she took to it like a duck to water; she is witty and funny and pretty and was the natural one to be the speaker etc. i can also see her feeling self-important…but i think we could all have a great tenedency toward that given the scenario of the last 4 years.

    with the book signings, speaking engagements i think it all got out of hand. i think they could have travelled together more often…even with the kids (with tutors) and eliminated a lot of what jon is talking about. i don’t know why that wasn’t something either of them thought of or if one did and the other didn’t want to or what but i think it could have been a solution for awhile.

    i also don’t know, but my opinion is that kate wanted/wants a man to take charge and be the husband. i think she pushed and pushed wanting him to stop her and take charge. he’s so laid back that he let her make the decisions and rule the roost (so to speak). so i see both of them at fault on this one.

    i also think if he had taken charge they wouldn’t be where they are. i think they would be doing the show as they used to but not have attained the monetary status they now enjoy. i think you have to have a lot of drive and ambition and he doesn’t…she definitely does.

    the worst part is they let it get to the point he was talking about on gma. one has to take just as much blame for allowing oneself to take that kind of put down and allow her to go about as she wanted and make all the decisions.

    i see them both as at fault…but i still don’t see them as evil and horrible parents etc. i think this same kind of thing goes on in non-famous families all the time. this family is just on tv and in the news so we see it more and form many opinions on their actions.

    again, not saying either of them are bad and evil just they have both made poor decisions for their family…and for a lot longer time than just the last 5 – 8 months.

    like my son would say…she got the big head. and to some degree i agree with that. she started out doing what she had to to survive and then had people fawning over her, wanting her autograph, booking her for speaking and then it just went to her head and fed her ego.

    some people have great ambition (kate) some do not (jon) but i don’t think either way is good…it has to be a balance in anyone’s life. lol hard to achieve.

  71. 71
    kimmie Says:

    ebmo @ 09/03/2009 at 3:17 pm

    Furthermore, Kate is doing what is typical of abusive spouses/partners. She is using every means she knows…trashing John in the media, their kids, people they know, she even tried to use the cops….to get him back under her control.

    i haven’t seen or heard kate trash jon at all.

  72. 72
    Betty Says:

    Kate is guilty of Domestic Violence. No jury needed. We all saw it live on every episode of their show. Kate has trashed Jon for years and continues to do so.

  73. 73
    Soaplover Says:

    Jon, you shouldn’t be discussing Kate like that to the public. The only thing she said about you is that you’ve made some bad decisions (which is the nicest way to put it!!!!). Jon, you need to be at home focusing on your children!!!!

  74. 74
    Red Spoon Says:

    - Can’t wait till Jon spills the beans on how Kate regularly beats her children and her dogs. It’s Kate who needs a sound beating..the wheelchair kind.

  75. 75
    Christy Says:

    This just confirms what a weeney this guy is. Shut up!, do something constructive and take care of your kids.

  76. 76
    LuckyMe Says:

    @Denise: Thanks for posting that. Seeing it in black and white is pretty convincing.

  77. 77
    LuckyMe Says:

    @yogi hani maresh yaga: So interesting if you read Norse mythology and see what worms were really suppose to represent. Actually they were the dwarfs in the Snow White fairytale, however if you go back and see how the dwarfs were originally depicted in grims fairytales it’s weirder yet.

  78. 78
    lully Says:

    And what did you quit your job for Jon?, at least she is smarter than you and she knows how to make money beside the tv show to give those 8 kids of you a good life. and you couldn’t even do the laundry while she was away?? shame on you, I bet you forgot to mention that before she left she probably left the refrigerator full of healthy meals for her kids just like she did when she was going to have that tummy tuck done, cause if it was up to Jon he will be feeding does kids on fast food every day.

  79. 79
    twpumpkin Says:

    What a friggen baby! He should be glad that he gets to spend time with his kids. Its not like he has a real job. I hate this worthless fat ugly mute!

  80. 80
    Lucas Says:


    yep. he is the one that was all “I don’t want my kids reading about us on the Web” and yet he won’t take the high road and shut up.

    also, book tours are like 4-6 weeks, not months or years. and Kate made a fair bit of money off them. what has Jon done for the family. outside of being on television. doesn’t seem to me to be much.

  81. 81
    man hating feminists suck Says:

    Apply every comment bashing Jon to female abuse victims and you have the reason why I detest modern day “feminists”. Abuse is abuse.

  82. 82
    watch Says:

    Kate really has someof you fooled. She is not the same woman that started this show. Now she is a hollywood star. She doesn’t cook anymore (she has a chef)……she doesn’t do housework anymore (she has a maid). Kate goes to the tanning salon and nail shop. She runs her errands in mini skirts and heels now. Kate does not identify herself with you anymore. She is an example of white trash gone wild. Jon should have pimped slapped her along time ago. He wants the public to like him. Poor thing……the Kate worshippers will never like you. Kate did what many women would like to do. She put french panties on her man and made him her *****. Learn a lesson from her ladies. If you make your man your *****, he will leave you for a 22 yr old just like Jon did. TLC needs to take the TRUMAN SHOW off. The children are already messed up!

  83. 83
    Helloyo Says:

    Is he angry because he had to stay with HIS kids while his wife worked? What kind of f….d up thing is that? No matter how angry you are, nobody should talk badly about their exes in national television. It will hurt the kids!!!! Personally, I think Kate is a wonderful mother. She does the best she can. Jon is a loser. Never liked him. By the way, people judging Kate because she does her nails and her is ridiculous!!! If I could I would do the same . I also would have my chef and my maid. If you can’t do that when you are rich what’s the point?

  84. 84
    victoria #1 Says:

    @ Anonymous, Who are you, that you won’t use your real name? Why
    do you pick everyone apart, when we all are entitled to our own

    @ TopDog— A neighbor stated she went to the UPS store daily
    because that is where their post office box is. Fans and the
    paparazzi were stealing and going through their mail ( according to
    X-17 online ), so they removed the mailbox, and took a postal box
    there. I guess she checks it daily, since it is close to her house.

    Mertz, where are you? Mertz? This is way too funny! Jonny douchey
    picking on Kate, while smoking on his Marlboro ( I assume ), and
    hanging out with stringy haired Hailey and his BFF Michael Lohan.
    I did not know he was so perfect, did you? When his Majesty,
    the King of Nicotine and Yellow Fingers, and Beer Belly’s, visit his
    children, he is always on his cell while they play, or smoking a cancer
    stick in front of them. Then he tries to kiss them on the mouth with those wet and nasty lips of his. UGH !

    He said last year in an interview that he had always thought in this stage of his life, that he would be dating ” a 19 year old and living in
    a cool apartment while driving his Harley or a sports car.” But ” God
    had other plans for him. ”
    Well, NOW he obviously has made some of his dreams come true, didn’t he? And Kate is being the good little actress by following
    her attorney’s advice and order’s, by being nice and playing the part
    of the ” good mommy ” so Jonny douchey will come off looking like a
    cad. The thing is, neither are coming off looking good at anything.

  85. 85
    anonymous Says:

    @victoria #1:

    Oh, okay. My name is Taylor. Do you know better, now, “victoria”?

  86. 86
    eileen Says:

    I agree. She was abuse to her husband. If a husband had been treating his wife this way for the past 5 ‘seasons’ , how many woman’s groups would be up in arms???? @stella:

  87. 87
    Sue Says:

    I agree, Kate was mean to Jon but Jon was also mean to Kate, just in a quieter, behind her back way. Face it, Jon’s a loser. He got jealous his wife wrote a book and got to go on tour to promote it while he got stuck taking care of his own children. He actually had to do some labor instead of leaving it all to Kate. He’s always been a laid back lazy ass, blaming Kate for all of his short falls AND he’s getting uglier by the day.

  88. 88
    sonia Says:

    Jon is now going to stick to the “I was abused by Kate” excuse for his ridiculous behavior. I have watched the show from the beginning and there were plenty of times that Jon was awful to Kate…and who knows what was happening behind the scenes. I am sure if he didn’t have people spewing their stupid Poor Jon comments at him he would not have come up with such a stupid excuse as leaving his family because his wife had to bark orders at him because she didn’t need a 9th child to look after. Poor, poor Jon…the more he speaks the more he reaks…and I hope she takes him to the cleaners with their divorce…stupid a-hole that he is deserves it.

  89. 89
    payless Says:

    Listen people ,stop saying hateful things about these kids. They are not actors, this is their life. They didn’t ask for this,they have no say in the matter. They are not ugly,they are not retarted,they are precious children who will remember this long after we have forgetten it all.

  90. 90
    Malyn Says:

    Puh leese! While I don’t think they ever had the healthiest of marriages with the on camera bickering and yes she was verbally abusive at times. It still doesn’t excuse his behavior since he went to visit his mother last year and wound up in the tabloids by visiting a college party getting drunk and cozing up to a bunch of college girls. Who does that at his age with 8 kids? It all went down hill after that & when he got caught coming out of the bar in Reading with the school teacher girlfriend. Kate was out of town then; so who was watching the kids because he sure wasn’t. This was like 2am. And the school teacher accompanied him to Utah as well after that while he had one of the twins with him. And again he got a baby sitter and met up with the school teacher girlfriend too.
    If Kate is the one to have to earn the money; which I believe she has all along. Remember she was a nurse for years and worked even after the kids were born and Jon has gone thru 3 different jobs since they’ve been on the air. Maybe he’s the kind of man that needs to be told what to do, because he certainly can’t make rational decisions on his own. For someone that hasn’t worked in years and living off his wife and kids I think i would just keep quiet and go back to NY to my nice apartment and my new car and my new (girlfriends). Oh, and keeping your picture out of the tabloids might help too!

  91. 91
    just a test Says:


  92. 92
    just a test Says:

    testing again

  93. 93
    kim Says:

    @jared fan:

    Would you take this man back after he has been sleeping with so many women? NEVER!

  94. 94
    Sarah Says:

    Kate was out of town WORKING and here Jon sits on his lazy butt crying like a sissy because she was hard on him, give me a freaking break. Has it ever crossed this self serving LOSER’s mind that maybe just maybe IT WAS HARD ON KATE TOO, being clearly the only adult willing to work and support those 8 kids while little JON-BOY got to ride his bike, sleep with every cheapass ***** stupid enough to sleep with him and of course between ****** have help take care of his kids. Good gosh I sure wish someone would put their foot up his wimpy ass and maybe just maybe tell him to GROW UP! Booo-Hoooo, so Kate was hard on you, so what, if you were any kind of man you would also be out there working to support your kids too instead of bedding every cheap ***** on the planet.Jon-boy you say you love your kids then prove it, stop acting like a 14 year old, GROW UP, get some self respect, GET A REAL JOB and maybe just maybe Kate won’t have to bust her butt so hard and be able to stay home herself instead of being the ONLY bread winner in the family adult enough to want to make sure your kids have every chance in life, unlike you dipshi# who seems only interested in one thing,. sleeping with every cheap trick there is. GO AWAY JON,. NO ONE IS ON YOUR SIDE YOU PATHETIC LOSER!

  95. 95
    Axxul Says:

    I used to feel sorry for John…but he’s a whiny ****!
    He makes moster Kate look like the good one now.
    Grow up cry baby!! Shut your mouth for the sake of your kids who’ll be reading this stuff when they’re a little older.

  96. 96
    laura Says:

    Yeah I didn’t see his 8 kids among all those girls in bikinis at that pool party. Oh wait I think I do see some of the kids in the hot tub with a huge bong!

  97. 97
    yougogirl Says:

    Jon whines all the time. He said on an episode once that he and Kate did public speaking together and traveling. But he didn’t like it, that Kate was better at public speaking (work) so HE decided that HE wanted to stay home and begged Kate to continue their public speaking obligations alone. Someone had to honor their committments. He also admitted to starting the rumors about Kate and her bodyguard. It seems Jon suffers from a convienient memory. When it serves him better to not remember the truth, then he just makes it up as he goes. What type of honorable man whines about his wife being verbally abusive to him?? What type of honorable man also ho’s around behind his wifes back, parties all night long, buys cars without discussing them and allows his then girlfriend to not only drive it, but to be photograhped in it. Karma is a bitty Jon and I believe it will catch up with you sooner or later. It always does. Go Team Kate, you make all women proud. You go girl!!!

  98. 98
    sasha Says:

    Joh wasn’t gettin any…so he decided to blame Kate for verbally abusing him just to become the world’s infamous man HO…! deep down he was feenin them blondies he apparently adores… too bad for Kate…she needed a good man that challenged her and supported her and the children….jon was a ditz and obviously a push over…i guess deep in his ancestory roots he is thinking about collecting his concubines…!!!!!! too bad for them cute babies… dang horny dad of theirs….

  99. 99
    ANONyMOUS Says:

    @Topdog: Can someone explain to me why this woman goes to UPS all the time??

    ———————————————————————————————– How else is she supposed to get her weekly supply of raccoon pelts,that make her hairdo possible?LOL

  100. 100
    Pancea23 Says:


  101. 101
    Pancea23 Says:

    Umm who took care of the kids when Jon worked? Yeah Kate did & it was mostly alone(before the glory & fame). Jon had to watch the kids with the help of a sitter while Kate was working & he couldn’t handle that?! That is immature & childish. I know he hates Kate for always shaming him on national television but she was around kids all day long & it does become a habit when u spend all day talking to children to all of a sudden switch it off when ur talking to your husband. I don’t think she meant to hurt at all it’s just with 8 kids she had a lot to maintain and had a system of parenting & household stuff that worked for her & then Jon wud come home & not really know what she had going on & so she maybe felt that she always had to tell him where to pick up at, what needed to be done & how. She did have a lot of stress & never reacted by cheating r partying it up like a DB!!! & Jon shud have handled this better & got counceling with her r got a job!!! Plus now all of the kids r n school so that’s a ton of stress gone & maybe they wudve gotten along better when they had more alone time to maybe reconnect & work things out. & yes Jon this IS a midlife crisis u r experiencing!!! The whole world sees it, ur children included!! First psych class they take & learn about mid life crises they WILL realize it!!! Team kids!!

  102. 102
    Puddin Says:


    WRONG Katie Irene continuously emasculated that man in front of his children and told them not to listen to their father. ***** has such a deep hatred for males. I worry for those little boys who are treated like second class citizens!

  103. 103
    Dianne Says:

    So is she just supposed to stay with you Jon and forget about the book tours and prior commitments? You really are one dumb, stupid, idiot and I could go on and on but you are beyond belief. O.K. now she’s at home with the kids all the time, what’s your next complaint? Maybe if you stop doing all ther drinking, partying, womanizing, gambling, and I could go on and on, then maybe you could get a real job and provide for your family. You take the cake as one of the worst parents on the face of this planet.

  104. 104
    Michelle Says:

    When is TLC ever going to drop this pathetic loser out of the show. Don’t they realize he’s cancer for the show, himself, and his family! TLC take whatever necessary steps needed to get this loose cannon no good of a person OFF the show. I know it could happen, you guys hold all the cards. As a fan, our family just cannot and will not support this show as long as he is on it. Do the smart and wise thing.

  105. 105
    Jill Says:

    This douchebag needs to stop whining like a ten-year-old and STFU.

  106. 106
    Lala Says:

    he seems abused, and put down by her!. its so sad. i really never liked her

  107. 107
    Roxxy Says:

    Any good man with half a brain wouldn’t wipe his ass with Kate!!! Her ugliness has been displayed for all to see.

  108. 108
    Roxxy Says:


    Maybe you should direct some of those comments back at yourself there Kate…I mean Katey!!!

  109. 109
    ANONyMOUS Says:

    @Puddin: Puddin @ 09/05/2009 at 11:14 am @ted:

    Oh give me a break! The kids are the only true victims in all this,not some idiot without a spine or balls. He was treated the way she allowed her to treat him. BOO HOO!

  110. 110
    ANONyMOUS Says:

    When all the divorce stuff was starting & they announced their seperation,Jon said that what helped push them to the point of divorce was when he started standing up for himself. Is that true? Who knows what to believe at this point from either of them. They are each trying to put the spotlight on the other as the bad parent & in the process making themselves look ridiculous.

  111. 111
    ANONyMOUS Says:

    I realize you’re human & make mistakes,but since I’m perfect I’m able to not give a shittt about your problems.

  112. 112
    anonymous Says:


    No such word as genitaled

    ##################################################### Way to focus on the important issues at hand. That spelling thing is so often swept under the rug. It’s a relief that you’re handling this important detail.

  113. 113
    anonymous Says:

    @payless: AMEN!!

  114. 114
    bob Says:

    He acted brain dead the majority of the time and she did belittle him so It’s best they are divorcing. This show needs to be canceled they have more than enough money after 5 years to care for these kids.

  115. 115
    Soaplover Says:

    Love you Kate!!!!!!!! You’re awesome, Everyone knows you didn’t cheat on Jon, he was just jealous that you got to go out and he had to stay home with the kids. I’ll continue to watch you’re show, buy your books, and buy a few magazines that you’re in. JON, YOU”RE A PATHETIC SCUMBAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. 116
    speak from the heart Says:

    people often do the most harm when they are believing they are doing the right things. I believe Jon and Kate are no different than the rest of us if not better than most of us. we have to remember they are human beings with complex emotions, and fragil. I believe Jon loves Kate deeply. His radical behavior is in many ways explained by Jon himself. He mentioned how kate made him feel like a lame duck. To any man, hearing this from the women they love is not only hurtful but can be frietenning. He must hated viewing himself through Kates eyes. this fear i believe is the cause of Jon’s radical change in behavior -to appear less like a lame duck. He want to be the Badboy who he believe Kate desires. He realized by being passive is not buying love from kate the women he loves. He needed to stand out and have Kate view him in a different light. i dont believe we should take Jons words lightly. specially when he commented on Kates verbal abuse and that he has feelings like the rest of us. verbal abuse dont come from strangers or people we dont care for or love. they often come from those we love the most. and if Jon was uninvolved and cold, he would never have felt attacked or abused by a women he did not love. He would simply not care. the only way he could be affected by Kates words is beacuse he loves her and what she says means a lot to him. Kate seems to be a exceptional modern women. She is strong willed, intelligent, a loving mom, and definitly have what it takes to provide what she believes to be a better life for her children. I dont think she have bad intentions. she seems uncompromising in her persuit of a better life for her and her family, and there is strength and beuaty in that conviction. I wish these people luck. i wish Jon & Kate can fall inlove with each other again. i wish they have the curage to not just be good parents but also good lovers or husband and wife. It is good parenting to show the kids mom and dad hold this family together by not just loving them, but each other.

  117. 117
    Soaplover Says:

    @speak from the heart
    Good point of view……

  118. 118
    Hotmomma Says:

    I think everyone should stop blaming Jon. if you get verbally abused like that on a daily basis then you can judge but if not you need to shut your mouth. a person will tend to start fighting back after a while of being abused and they way she is a control freak didn’t help either. the kids are the ones that are really suffering but kids are strong and will bounce back. People just grow apart it happens to alot of couples the only sad thing is that we watched it happen.

  119. 119
    suppress your appetite Says:


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