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Jon Gosselin Speaks Out Against Kate

Jon Gosselin Speaks Out Against Kate

Kate Gosselin picks up her kids at the bus stop before dropping by the bank and UPS store on Monday (August 31) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old mother has been sharing her side of the story on various shows since announcing her divorce from Jon Gosselin.

For the first time since the announcement, Jon is finally speaking out. Talking with Good Morning America’s Chris Cuomo, the father of 8 shared his side of the story.

“I’m taking care of the kids,” Jon said. “She’s on book tours, she’s doing all these things. You know, she’s gone a week. You know, comes back. Unpacks, repacks, does laundry, packs up and leaves again. I’m standing there like, ‘Oh, okay. Your mom’s gone again.’”

Reflecting back on his marriage with Kate, Jon added, “I took a lot of abuse from her. I was put down.”

The full interview will air on ABC’s Primetime: Family Secrets on Sept. 8.

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119 Responses to “Jon Gosselin Speaks Out Against Kate”

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  1. 26
    Sharon miles Says:

    Who cares who was to blame for the end of their marriage or who is watching the children. The bottom line is they BOTH sold out to fame, wealth and did so off the backs of their children. Without the precious children, they would be NOBODIES. If either one of them think they will have a “career” without using their children, they are mistaken. Parenting tips, are you FREAKING kidding me? Dogs could raise their children better than these two clowns.

    They need to go away and fast. They don’t realize what a laughing stock they have become. Kate still believes she is the ONE!

  2. 27
    a realist Says:

    Kate is a nasty mean b*tch, who berated and abused her husband. I hope he finds happiness with a woman who can love and respect him.

  3. 28
    JustaGirl Says:

    I don’t know what some of you are talking about!?! Jon was suppose to be doing speaking engagements to but he was too stupid to do that and so Kate had to do it all!! He whines and whines about her actually working but he has no damn problem spending all the money she has brought into the family!! He is just a whiner looking for sympathy!

  4. 29
    rocky Says:


  5. 30
    Momof4 Says:

    Is it just me or does any one else think Jon is starting to sound like that Steve Eurkel character?

  6. 31
    No fool Says:

    If Jon didn’t like how Kate was “treating” him, then he should have address it in a timely manner. Playing the victim by feeling sorry for himself, but not PRODUCTIVELY WORKING ON THE PROBLEMS he had has served no one. It seems that Jon is the only truly happy person amongst the 10 people who are effected his his choices at this point. Considering that 8 of those people are completely dependent upon their parents for their stability and ultimate happiness, indicates who is truly out of line here. I believe that Jon is completely responsible for whatever unhappiness he felt in his marriage. Though Kate was in his face, at least she was honest and clear about her feelings and what her needs were. If Jon didn’t like her approach, or disagreed with her point of view, or where their relationship or family life was heading, then he clearly should have addressed those issues so that they could protect their marriage and their family. His passive-aggressive behaviour and whinny-pot attitude have only served to destroy the lives of 9 other people; 8 of whom are completely at the mercy of their parents for their stability, comfort and overall well-being. By not speaking up and addressing those issues, he condemmed his entire family to certain disaster. He needs to chug down a big ol’ glass of grow the hell up and realize that he is the sole source of his unhappiness, the stress on his children and the long term, far reaching ramifications that will no doubt be imparted onto their lives, as well as the hurt of a woman who clearly loved her husband. I’m certain that she would have done whatever was necessary to make Jon happy and comfortable in their marriage and family life had he just been man enough and adult enough to speak up.

  7. 32
    anonymous Says:


    Is it any of your business?

  8. 33
    anonymous Says:


    Is it any of your business?

  9. 34
    miapocca Says:

    I dont support verbal abuse in anyway, but these two had a sort ofverbal sparring..Jon was more subtle and thats the worst kind of abuse .

    The media is not the place to say things about the mother of your children. Obviously the twins had enough of their fathers whoring when they called their mother to come to the house during his babysitting episode. He didnt open the door and the cops were called.

    Frankly if you had 8 kids plus a dad who behaves like the youngest, what do you expect. I was always surprised at the lack of patience Jon had for the kids when he was alone with them. When Kate was around he seemed to treat them better….watch episode where he takes the 3 boys golfing. With Jon is always about him, it seems liek kate has to order him to do stiff just so things can get done…

    I say Bravo to kate…dont look back and focus on your kids…

  10. 35
    anonymous Says:


    You mean LOSER?

  11. 36
    anonymous Says:


    The stick remark was made in the living room while dressing the kids.

  12. 37
    bella Says:

    Kate is a control freak and Jon is a Manboy.
    These two are handling things poorly when it comes to the welfare of those kids. I do not doubt that they love them, but is difficult to see when they are pimping them out and putting there own needs before the kids. Money is not everything . . .it helps but can also ruin you. These kids have no sense of reality. Reality does not involve constant attention from camera, and getting whatever you want. Honestly what did Kate and Jon expect, they are two opposites, divorce is a reality. greed and money, lack of respect for one another and selfishness is what killed there marriage. The show only quickened the process.

  13. 38
    Hannah Says:

    what’s done is done between these two. the sad thing is that there’s a whole bunch of kids involved. it’s not a family of four its a family of 10!

    i think all viewers should learn two lessons from this:

    1. don’t verbally abuse your husband/wife then wonder why they want out at the end of the day. simply put “Check Yourself”. *cough KATE!

    2. grow a pair if your spouse isn’t treating you properly and say something, oh i don’t know right away?! or your bound to get that type of treatment for years to come. *cough JOHN!

    im 23 and im not married, but anytime i’m arguing with my boyfriend i say as a woman in the relationship “What Would Kate Do?” and i do the exact opposite, haha.

  14. 39
    GreedyGosselins Says:

    The stick remark was great. Good for you Jon. I have said the same thing a million times to Kate. Let’s all face it Kate is a witch, big time.

  15. 40
    Jean Says:

    Uh Hailey, Jailey, Uh barbaro, Uh seabisquit, Uh seattle slew told me to say all these, because Uh she let’s me go out with my friends and hang out with them. She is polar opposite of Kate and Uh, I don’t need any permission Uh to go out cause she is so cool. Uh I know she’s only 22 Uh or 23 and Uh I’m a father of eight but she’s so cool, you know Uh I love my kids, don’t get me wrong Uh, but I was abused because Uh all my friends and family said it was. You guys know what I mean, Uh.

  16. 41
    adam & eve Says:

    this guy is shuch a putz. wha wha wha my wife took my b-a-l-l-s.

  17. 42
    anthony Says:

    He is an Idiot..that’s putting it nicely. please make him go away

  18. 43
    Mary Says:

    Wow, Jon got treated like a weenie and now he’s….whining like a weenie.

    Grow up Jon. Real men don’t want to be cast as the victim. Get divorced and get on with your life but STOP trying to get pity for your boo-boos. You already have six 5 year olds….stop acting like one.

    As for Kate, at least she’s out working. This asshat wants to cry fowl over being a “stay at home dad” when that was HIS choice, he whined about it and blames the fallout for the ruination of his marriage – when clearly he wasn’t happy in the marriage to begin with.

    This guy is responsible for NOTHING. His only talent is pointing fingers at everyone but himself.

    No wonder the ladies love him…what a catch, right???? NOT

  19. 44
    abby Says:

    When is Kate going to get that stick removed from her saggy butt? Maybe Steve will can help her next time they are together. Which is all the time. Kate thinks that she’s fooling the public by denying the affair that she and Steve are having, but the truth will all come out real soon.

  20. 45
    Joanna Says:

    The Gosselins are slowly fading into the sunset. All of their kids will write books about how terrible their parents were, and maybe have reality shows of their own. But honestly, the show needs to end.

  21. 46
    Eva Says:

    I really do believe that Jon has been coached by either his girlfriends, his family members, his PR, or the lawyers. He really cannot think for himself, let alone 8 kids whom they rely on being their father. He’s not a freakin teenager anymore! How much more pathetic of loser can this guy possibly get? He not only buried himself with the GMA interview, he buried his own family! But most importantly his OWN kids. How much more of an imbecile can this guy possibly get?

  22. 47
    LuckyMe Says:

    I think they got so caught up taking care of their kids and maybe doing this show that they forgot to communicate with each other. The outcome may have not changed one bit, but if we had seen them trying to communicate their problems first, then maybe people wouldn’t be so harsh on them now. Because then everyone can say “Well we saw them discuss their problems over and over but they couldn’t ever get it together.” Maybe after the cameras stopped rolling, in the privacy of their bedroom they did discuss these things for all we know. I mean maybe it was discussed but repeatedly ignored. Maybe the show should have seen the dysfunctional relationship and offered to get them counseling much earlier and that could have been part of the show too. There are other ways it couldn’t have gone down. But if it wasn’t meant to be it wasn’t meant to be and perhaps nothing would have saved it. Best thing to do now is to act the way they should have during the marriage and be sure the kids are happy. Might take individual counseling for both to do that. I’d go crazy if I had 8 kids so I can’t judge them at all. Just pointing out some things.

  23. 48
    TLC Listen Says:

    TLC, the fan’s of the show is totally turned off my Jon’s behavior. We will not see this show if this disgusting man, putting it loosely, is on the show. I’m not speaking for myself and our family but to all the fans of this show. Please do the right thing and give him the walking papers. It’s just gross by even the sight of this guy. If people at TLC were wise, which I presume they are get rid of this guy by any means because the most if not all of the fan’s of this show will tune out.

  24. 49
    gokatego! Says:

    It doesn’t look like Kate is the one gone all the time when SHE is the one getting the kids on the bus and such! Jon is such a loser. Blah Blah Blah….I can’t keep my ***** in my pants….Blah Blah Blah…..I cheat on my wife….Blah Blah Blah….I didn’t get to party in my 20′s….. Blah Blah Blah. Shut up whining Jon. Kate is the WO-MAN. It doesn’t matter if you are put down, and she should’ve been a tad bit nicer to you, NOBODY deserves to be cheated on. Go whine to Hailey.

  25. 50
    LuckyMe Says:

    @gokatego!: Yeah. I think they both did stuff that was not okay. I think Kate pushed him to the edge and then I think he made the mistake of jumping off. If she hadn’t have pushed him that far he wouldn’t be anywhere near the edge to jump off. Ultimately they both have to live with the stuff they did. Neither is squeaky clean but that is water under the bridge now. I’m sure the kids will grow up and see how their mother yelled at their father on all those shows then they will see his unhealthy reaction to it all. Hopefully they both get some counseling and make up for it all by having a quality relationship from this point forward. With 8 kids and the statisitcal divorce rate, I would say at least a couple of the kids one day will go through a divorce perhaps, and at least they will have parents that will understand that and be open, available, and maybe more informed to talk to them about it if nothing else. Hopefully each remarries and sets a good example to the children of what a good marriage is suppose to look like.

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