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Jon Gosselin Speaks Out Against Kate

Jon Gosselin Speaks Out Against Kate

Kate Gosselin picks up her kids at the bus stop before dropping by the bank and UPS store on Monday (August 31) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old mother has been sharing her side of the story on various shows since announcing her divorce from Jon Gosselin.

For the first time since the announcement, Jon is finally speaking out. Talking with Good Morning America’s Chris Cuomo, the father of 8 shared his side of the story.

“I’m taking care of the kids,” Jon said. “She’s on book tours, she’s doing all these things. You know, she’s gone a week. You know, comes back. Unpacks, repacks, does laundry, packs up and leaves again. I’m standing there like, ‘Oh, okay. Your mom’s gone again.’”

Reflecting back on his marriage with Kate, Jon added, “I took a lot of abuse from her. I was put down.”

The full interview will air on ABC’s Primetime: Family Secrets on Sept. 8.

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  • Pancea23

    Umm who took care of the kids when Jon worked? Yeah Kate did & it was mostly alone(before the glory & fame). Jon had to watch the kids with the help of a sitter while Kate was working & he couldn’t handle that?! That is immature & childish. I know he hates Kate for always shaming him on national television but she was around kids all day long & it does become a habit when u spend all day talking to children to all of a sudden switch it off when ur talking to your husband. I don’t think she meant to hurt at all it’s just with 8 kids she had a lot to maintain and had a system of parenting & household stuff that worked for her & then Jon wud come home & not really know what she had going on & so she maybe felt that she always had to tell him where to pick up at, what needed to be done & how. She did have a lot of stress & never reacted by cheating r partying it up like a DB!!! & Jon shud have handled this better & got counceling with her r got a job!!! Plus now all of the kids r n school so that’s a ton of stress gone & maybe they wudve gotten along better when they had more alone time to maybe reconnect & work things out. & yes Jon this IS a midlife crisis u r experiencing!!! The whole world sees it, ur children included!! First psych class they take & learn about mid life crises they WILL realize it!!! Team kids!!

  • Puddin


    WRONG Katie Irene continuously emasculated that man in front of his children and told them not to listen to their father. Bitch has such a deep hatred for males. I worry for those little boys who are treated like second class citizens!

  • Dianne

    So is she just supposed to stay with you Jon and forget about the book tours and prior commitments? You really are one dumb, stupid, idiot and I could go on and on but you are beyond belief. O.K. now she’s at home with the kids all the time, what’s your next complaint? Maybe if you stop doing all ther drinking, partying, womanizing, gambling, and I could go on and on, then maybe you could get a real job and provide for your family. You take the cake as one of the worst parents on the face of this planet.

  • Michelle

    When is TLC ever going to drop this pathetic loser out of the show. Don’t they realize he’s cancer for the show, himself, and his family! TLC take whatever necessary steps needed to get this loose cannon no good of a person OFF the show. I know it could happen, you guys hold all the cards. As a fan, our family just cannot and will not support this show as long as he is on it. Do the smart and wise thing.

  • Jill

    This douchebag needs to stop whining like a ten-year-old and STFU.

  • Lala

    he seems abused, and put down by her!. its so sad. i really never liked her

  • Roxxy

    Any good man with half a brain wouldn’t wipe his ass with Kate!!! Her ugliness has been displayed for all to see.

  • Roxxy


    Maybe you should direct some of those comments back at yourself there Kate…I mean Katey!!!


    @Puddin: Puddin @ 09/05/2009 at 11:14 am @ted:

    Oh give me a break! The kids are the only true victims in all this,not some idiot without a spine or balls. He was treated the way she allowed her to treat him. BOO HOO!


    When all the divorce stuff was starting & they announced their seperation,Jon said that what helped push them to the point of divorce was when he started standing up for himself. Is that true? Who knows what to believe at this point from either of them. They are each trying to put the spotlight on the other as the bad parent & in the process making themselves look ridiculous.


    I realize you’re human & make mistakes,but since I’m perfect I’m able to not give a shittt about your problems.

  • anonymous


    No such word as genitaled

    ##################################################### Way to focus on the important issues at hand. That spelling thing is so often swept under the rug. It’s a relief that you’re handling this important detail.

  • anonymous

    @payless: AMEN!!

  • bob

    He acted brain dead the majority of the time and she did belittle him so It’s best they are divorcing. This show needs to be canceled they have more than enough money after 5 years to care for these kids.

  • Soaplover

    Love you Kate!!!!!!!! You’re awesome, Everyone knows you didn’t cheat on Jon, he was just jealous that you got to go out and he had to stay home with the kids. I’ll continue to watch you’re show, buy your books, and buy a few magazines that you’re in. JON, YOU”RE A PATHETIC SCUMBAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • speak from the heart

    people often do the most harm when they are believing they are doing the right things. I believe Jon and Kate are no different than the rest of us if not better than most of us. we have to remember they are human beings with complex emotions, and fragil. I believe Jon loves Kate deeply. His radical behavior is in many ways explained by Jon himself. He mentioned how kate made him feel like a lame duck. To any man, hearing this from the women they love is not only hurtful but can be frietenning. He must hated viewing himself through Kates eyes. this fear i believe is the cause of Jon’s radical change in behavior -to appear less like a lame duck. He want to be the Badboy who he believe Kate desires. He realized by being passive is not buying love from kate the women he loves. He needed to stand out and have Kate view him in a different light. i dont believe we should take Jons words lightly. specially when he commented on Kates verbal abuse and that he has feelings like the rest of us. verbal abuse dont come from strangers or people we dont care for or love. they often come from those we love the most. and if Jon was uninvolved and cold, he would never have felt attacked or abused by a women he did not love. He would simply not care. the only way he could be affected by Kates words is beacuse he loves her and what she says means a lot to him. Kate seems to be a exceptional modern women. She is strong willed, intelligent, a loving mom, and definitly have what it takes to provide what she believes to be a better life for her children. I dont think she have bad intentions. she seems uncompromising in her persuit of a better life for her and her family, and there is strength and beuaty in that conviction. I wish these people luck. i wish Jon & Kate can fall inlove with each other again. i wish they have the curage to not just be good parents but also good lovers or husband and wife. It is good parenting to show the kids mom and dad hold this family together by not just loving them, but each other.

  • Soaplover

    @speak from the heart
    Good point of view……

  • Hotmomma

    I think everyone should stop blaming Jon. if you get verbally abused like that on a daily basis then you can judge but if not you need to shut your mouth. a person will tend to start fighting back after a while of being abused and they way she is a control freak didn’t help either. the kids are the ones that are really suffering but kids are strong and will bounce back. People just grow apart it happens to alot of couples the only sad thing is that we watched it happen.

  • suppress your appetite