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Jon Gosselin Speaks Out Against Kate

Jon Gosselin Speaks Out Against Kate

Kate Gosselin picks up her kids at the bus stop before dropping by the bank and UPS store on Monday (August 31) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old mother has been sharing her side of the story on various shows since announcing her divorce from Jon Gosselin.

For the first time since the announcement, Jon is finally speaking out. Talking with Good Morning America’s Chris Cuomo, the father of 8 shared his side of the story.

“I’m taking care of the kids,” Jon said. “She’s on book tours, she’s doing all these things. You know, she’s gone a week. You know, comes back. Unpacks, repacks, does laundry, packs up and leaves again. I’m standing there like, ‘Oh, okay. Your mom’s gone again.’”

Reflecting back on his marriage with Kate, Jon added, “I took a lot of abuse from her. I was put down.”

The full interview will air on ABC’s Primetime: Family Secrets on Sept. 8.

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119 Responses to “Jon Gosselin Speaks Out Against Kate”

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  1. 76
    LuckyMe Says:

    @Denise: Thanks for posting that. Seeing it in black and white is pretty convincing.

  2. 77
    LuckyMe Says:

    @yogi hani maresh yaga: So interesting if you read Norse mythology and see what worms were really suppose to represent. Actually they were the dwarfs in the Snow White fairytale, however if you go back and see how the dwarfs were originally depicted in grims fairytales it’s weirder yet.

  3. 78
    lully Says:

    And what did you quit your job for Jon?, at least she is smarter than you and she knows how to make money beside the tv show to give those 8 kids of you a good life. and you couldn’t even do the laundry while she was away?? shame on you, I bet you forgot to mention that before she left she probably left the refrigerator full of healthy meals for her kids just like she did when she was going to have that tummy tuck done, cause if it was up to Jon he will be feeding does kids on fast food every day.

  4. 79
    twpumpkin Says:

    What a friggen baby! He should be glad that he gets to spend time with his kids. Its not like he has a real job. I hate this worthless fat ugly mute!

  5. 80
    Lucas Says:


    yep. he is the one that was all “I don’t want my kids reading about us on the Web” and yet he won’t take the high road and shut up.

    also, book tours are like 4-6 weeks, not months or years. and Kate made a fair bit of money off them. what has Jon done for the family. outside of being on television. doesn’t seem to me to be much.

  6. 81
    man hating feminists suck Says:

    Apply every comment bashing Jon to female abuse victims and you have the reason why I detest modern day “feminists”. Abuse is abuse.

  7. 82
    watch Says:

    Kate really has someof you fooled. She is not the same woman that started this show. Now she is a hollywood star. She doesn’t cook anymore (she has a chef)……she doesn’t do housework anymore (she has a maid). Kate goes to the tanning salon and nail shop. She runs her errands in mini skirts and heels now. Kate does not identify herself with you anymore. She is an example of white trash gone wild. Jon should have pimped slapped her along time ago. He wants the public to like him. Poor thing……the Kate worshippers will never like you. Kate did what many women would like to do. She put french panties on her man and made him her *****. Learn a lesson from her ladies. If you make your man your *****, he will leave you for a 22 yr old just like Jon did. TLC needs to take the TRUMAN SHOW off. The children are already messed up!

  8. 83
    Helloyo Says:

    Is he angry because he had to stay with HIS kids while his wife worked? What kind of f….d up thing is that? No matter how angry you are, nobody should talk badly about their exes in national television. It will hurt the kids!!!! Personally, I think Kate is a wonderful mother. She does the best she can. Jon is a loser. Never liked him. By the way, people judging Kate because she does her nails and her is ridiculous!!! If I could I would do the same . I also would have my chef and my maid. If you can’t do that when you are rich what’s the point?

  9. 84
    victoria #1 Says:

    @ Anonymous, Who are you, that you won’t use your real name? Why
    do you pick everyone apart, when we all are entitled to our own

    @ TopDog— A neighbor stated she went to the UPS store daily
    because that is where their post office box is. Fans and the
    paparazzi were stealing and going through their mail ( according to
    X-17 online ), so they removed the mailbox, and took a postal box
    there. I guess she checks it daily, since it is close to her house.

    Mertz, where are you? Mertz? This is way too funny! Jonny douchey
    picking on Kate, while smoking on his Marlboro ( I assume ), and
    hanging out with stringy haired Hailey and his BFF Michael Lohan.
    I did not know he was so perfect, did you? When his Majesty,
    the King of Nicotine and Yellow Fingers, and Beer Belly’s, visit his
    children, he is always on his cell while they play, or smoking a cancer
    stick in front of them. Then he tries to kiss them on the mouth with those wet and nasty lips of his. UGH !

    He said last year in an interview that he had always thought in this stage of his life, that he would be dating ” a 19 year old and living in
    a cool apartment while driving his Harley or a sports car.” But ” God
    had other plans for him. ”
    Well, NOW he obviously has made some of his dreams come true, didn’t he? And Kate is being the good little actress by following
    her attorney’s advice and order’s, by being nice and playing the part
    of the ” good mommy ” so Jonny douchey will come off looking like a
    cad. The thing is, neither are coming off looking good at anything.

  10. 85
    anonymous Says:

    @victoria #1:

    Oh, okay. My name is Taylor. Do you know better, now, “victoria”?

  11. 86
    eileen Says:

    I agree. She was abuse to her husband. If a husband had been treating his wife this way for the past 5 ‘seasons’ , how many woman’s groups would be up in arms???? @stella:

  12. 87
    Sue Says:

    I agree, Kate was mean to Jon but Jon was also mean to Kate, just in a quieter, behind her back way. Face it, Jon’s a loser. He got jealous his wife wrote a book and got to go on tour to promote it while he got stuck taking care of his own children. He actually had to do some labor instead of leaving it all to Kate. He’s always been a laid back lazy ass, blaming Kate for all of his short falls AND he’s getting uglier by the day.

  13. 88
    sonia Says:

    Jon is now going to stick to the “I was abused by Kate” excuse for his ridiculous behavior. I have watched the show from the beginning and there were plenty of times that Jon was awful to Kate…and who knows what was happening behind the scenes. I am sure if he didn’t have people spewing their stupid Poor Jon comments at him he would not have come up with such a stupid excuse as leaving his family because his wife had to bark orders at him because she didn’t need a 9th child to look after. Poor, poor Jon…the more he speaks the more he reaks…and I hope she takes him to the cleaners with their divorce…stupid a-hole that he is deserves it.

  14. 89
    payless Says:

    Listen people ,stop saying hateful things about these kids. They are not actors, this is their life. They didn’t ask for this,they have no say in the matter. They are not ugly,they are not retarted,they are precious children who will remember this long after we have forgetten it all.

  15. 90
    Malyn Says:

    Puh leese! While I don’t think they ever had the healthiest of marriages with the on camera bickering and yes she was verbally abusive at times. It still doesn’t excuse his behavior since he went to visit his mother last year and wound up in the tabloids by visiting a college party getting drunk and cozing up to a bunch of college girls. Who does that at his age with 8 kids? It all went down hill after that & when he got caught coming out of the bar in Reading with the school teacher girlfriend. Kate was out of town then; so who was watching the kids because he sure wasn’t. This was like 2am. And the school teacher accompanied him to Utah as well after that while he had one of the twins with him. And again he got a baby sitter and met up with the school teacher girlfriend too.
    If Kate is the one to have to earn the money; which I believe she has all along. Remember she was a nurse for years and worked even after the kids were born and Jon has gone thru 3 different jobs since they’ve been on the air. Maybe he’s the kind of man that needs to be told what to do, because he certainly can’t make rational decisions on his own. For someone that hasn’t worked in years and living off his wife and kids I think i would just keep quiet and go back to NY to my nice apartment and my new car and my new (girlfriends). Oh, and keeping your picture out of the tabloids might help too!

  16. 91
    just a test Says:


  17. 92
    just a test Says:

    testing again

  18. 93
    kim Says:

    @jared fan:

    Would you take this man back after he has been sleeping with so many women? NEVER!

  19. 94
    Sarah Says:

    Kate was out of town WORKING and here Jon sits on his lazy butt crying like a sissy because she was hard on him, give me a freaking break. Has it ever crossed this self serving LOSER’s mind that maybe just maybe IT WAS HARD ON KATE TOO, being clearly the only adult willing to work and support those 8 kids while little JON-BOY got to ride his bike, sleep with every cheapass ***** stupid enough to sleep with him and of course between ****** have help take care of his kids. Good gosh I sure wish someone would put their foot up his wimpy ass and maybe just maybe tell him to GROW UP! Booo-Hoooo, so Kate was hard on you, so what, if you were any kind of man you would also be out there working to support your kids too instead of bedding every cheap ***** on the planet.Jon-boy you say you love your kids then prove it, stop acting like a 14 year old, GROW UP, get some self respect, GET A REAL JOB and maybe just maybe Kate won’t have to bust her butt so hard and be able to stay home herself instead of being the ONLY bread winner in the family adult enough to want to make sure your kids have every chance in life, unlike you dipshi# who seems only interested in one thing,. sleeping with every cheap trick there is. GO AWAY JON,. NO ONE IS ON YOUR SIDE YOU PATHETIC LOSER!

  20. 95
    Axxul Says:

    I used to feel sorry for John…but he’s a whiny ****!
    He makes moster Kate look like the good one now.
    Grow up cry baby!! Shut your mouth for the sake of your kids who’ll be reading this stuff when they’re a little older.

  21. 96
    laura Says:

    Yeah I didn’t see his 8 kids among all those girls in bikinis at that pool party. Oh wait I think I do see some of the kids in the hot tub with a huge bong!

  22. 97
    yougogirl Says:

    Jon whines all the time. He said on an episode once that he and Kate did public speaking together and traveling. But he didn’t like it, that Kate was better at public speaking (work) so HE decided that HE wanted to stay home and begged Kate to continue their public speaking obligations alone. Someone had to honor their committments. He also admitted to starting the rumors about Kate and her bodyguard. It seems Jon suffers from a convienient memory. When it serves him better to not remember the truth, then he just makes it up as he goes. What type of honorable man whines about his wife being verbally abusive to him?? What type of honorable man also ho’s around behind his wifes back, parties all night long, buys cars without discussing them and allows his then girlfriend to not only drive it, but to be photograhped in it. Karma is a bitty Jon and I believe it will catch up with you sooner or later. It always does. Go Team Kate, you make all women proud. You go girl!!!

  23. 98
    sasha Says:

    Joh wasn’t gettin any…so he decided to blame Kate for verbally abusing him just to become the world’s infamous man HO…! deep down he was feenin them blondies he apparently adores… too bad for Kate…she needed a good man that challenged her and supported her and the children….jon was a ditz and obviously a push over…i guess deep in his ancestory roots he is thinking about collecting his concubines…!!!!!! too bad for them cute babies… dang horny dad of theirs….

  24. 99
    ANONyMOUS Says:

    @Topdog: Can someone explain to me why this woman goes to UPS all the time??

    ———————————————————————————————– How else is she supposed to get her weekly supply of raccoon pelts,that make her hairdo possible?LOL

  25. 100
    Pancea23 Says:


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