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Jon Gosselin Replaced -- By A Vampire Series Star!

Jon Gosselin Replaced -- By A Vampire Series Star!

Jon Gosselin had to pull the plug on his Harrah’s Resort appearance in Atlantic City, N.J., this Sunday (September 6) and is being replaced by super-hot Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on HBO’s True Blood.

“TLC forced Jon to cancel,” an insider tells Life & Style, referring to the channel that airs Jon & Kate Plus 8. But he’s not alone.

Kate Gosselin was scheduled to appear at the Resorts casino in Atlantic City on Sept. 4. However, TLC forced her to cancel the appearance,” adds a second insider.

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  • Mike

    John G. looks like a fat dumpling..what a pig! ewwww

  • bella

    Oh let me get my caring face on : I
    ya, JJ no one cares.

  • Wendy

    Let’s see here… Jon or Ryan….

    Easy choice! RYAN wins every time!

  • linnyb


  • You/Me

    Why are they not allowed to make appearances? Wouldn’t this benefit the show? I don’t like Jon, but seriously why stop appearances that they desperately need??

  • Susan

    People actually schedule these two for appearances? Um, why?

  • Yes!

    Good replacement choice.
    Trade the fat slob for the hot vampire stud.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    um.. ok. someone please tell me why jared has such a hard-on for for jon.

  • New York Housewife

    Why would anyone book either Kate or Jon? These two frauds need to be out of our faces forever. They both are disgusting.

  • ri23

    Gosh, they’re like twins.

  • http://hayden zachary

    ARE YOU KIDING ME ryans in hotttttttttttt but jon fatt

  • Faith Lynette

    **GOOD!!**..New Jersey has enough problems ~ they don’t need no Jon/Kate coming in and mucking things up even further!!

  • Siouxsie Q


  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Yes!: sorry to tell you.. but, um.. he’s not a vampire. LOL..

  • Hmmm

    Ryan any day( way Hotter) !!!! thank goodness someone had some sense and replaced JON!!!

  • irene

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: I read he becomes a shape shifter and yes, he’s a hottie.
    Why do ppl book Jon? He always looks drunk and he acts like a teenager.

  • Tom

    The guy from True Blood is cool but I am not sure why anyone would pay to see either on of these guys. Or anyone at all. What losers there are out there.

  • Liza

    @New York Housewife: I am so with you. I guess great NY minds think alike. :-) I wish the show would just get canceled. Anyway, this doesn’t bode well for Kwanten, replacing a loser like Jon Gosselin? Seems like a d list event.

  • ha

    i wish people would stop talking about jon’s weight. just cuz he’s not a plastic surgery wench like his wife doesn’t make him fat. kate is a true fat girl hiding in a average woman’s body.

  • Halli

    Sounds like TLC is preparing to cancel Jon and Kate Plus Eight.
    No more mooching off their children for a living. Disgusting cows.

  • victoria #1

    Maybe TLC is finally waking up and reading the public’s comments
    about these idiot’s, who are spending their children’s money as
    fast as they make it. And the sad thing is, we are helping them by
    watching the stupid show. Look how retarded douchey-bag, smelly, nicotined, yellow sticky fingered, bad breath, fungus tongue Jonny looks.
    That comes from the expression on one of his boy’s faces when
    he was kissing them good-bye on the mouth. Poor little guy grimaced and made the worse face possible, then turned away and wiped his
    mouth on the back of his hand. That said it all right there. UGH !!

    Kate is so arrognant, that people are turning her away, or refusing to show up at any event if she is there. So I guess TLC
    had better think twice before these two money-hungry fame seekers, keep on going and ruining those precious children’s lives.

  • Veronica


  • GO JOHN !

    Ryan looks like a fudgepacker

  • Rose

    Ryan can take anyones place anytime. He is even hotter than his H&A days <3 <3

  • YAR


  • Theresa

    Yes now if TLC can pull the plug on that pathetic sorry show where all of them are using those 8 kids as cash cows.

  • paige

    Honestly, I’d like to find one person who is truly disappointed by the replacement of Jon with Ryan. Cause I’m not!

  • bi-level reverse mullet

    Both Jon and Kate are pathetic losers. The show really sucks now and I can’t stomach watching anymore.

    What could either of them do that is of interest to get booked for an appearance at Harrah’s Resort.

  • http://yahoo Sandy

    Are you for real or just stupid? The way she appears is the weight she is, an average size woman. You only wish you had the money and brains she has. Jon is fat and living off of Kate.

  • Jan

    I knew Jon had bailed on his appearance but Kate does not usually go to casinos. Are you sure the Kate rumor is true???Kate is very careful to go through TLC before any appearances.

  • meemee

    this is a really really really bad picture of john…ewwww.

  • Shelly_2

    Why in the world would these two appear at casinos? Ok, Jon, I can see if the place is desperate since he seems to draw brainless bimbos but why would Kate need to appear at a CASINO? TLC needs to put a lid on this show ASAP.

  • Jonisadouche

    Ryan is a majuh upgrade from the douche.

  • Jonisadouche

    I agree Sandy.. plus you can tell she works out to maintain her figure. Of all her faults, who can fault her for being healthy?!?

  • VanM

    Kate…I am writing in hopes that you or one of your nannies/assts reads these posts…..You came to Austin, Tx and acted like an ASS….I have ALWAYS been on your side, but if you continue with this attitude then you WILL lose any and ALL of the people that have had your back….I for one have always said that you aren’t the nicest of people but I could understand your frustration towards Jon, but to act like a Bitch to anyone and eveyone who isn’t Jon is unacceptable…Just trying to help and hope you get the message……Good luck

  • Beach Lover

    Good! Maybe the public is waking up to the fact that these two losers have made anything of themselves only on the backs of their 8 kids. They have no talent, themselves. They are horrible, horrible exploiters. Their kids are in a zoo. Step right up and watch the baby vomit on the laundry room floor, see the little boy constipated and crying while mama and daddy shop for bedroom furniture. They make me sick. This is entertainment?

  • Mo

    Ryan is definitely better and I’m sick of that Jon dude, he needs to stay away from the camera.


    Jon & Kate are 2 very greedy,manipulative morons. They equally suckk & are really quite suited for each other. They need to be brought down a few pegs,so their egos can deflate a little. OMG! Their just vile!

  • sophi

    This man is a douche bag. No one gives a crap about this loser, those poor kids….

  • suppress your appetite

    @GO JOHN !: :D