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King Spencer Pratt: Crown Me!

King Spencer Pratt: Crown Me!

Newly crowned King Spencer Pratt and his soon-to-be-Queen Heidi Montag hang out poolside at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood on Wednesday (September 2).

The Hills stars did a quick interview surrounded by their bodyguards.

Spencer, 26, wore a crown, held onto a scepter and toted around his Louis Vuitton man purse. He recently announced that he intends to legally add King to his name.

10+ pictures inside of newly crowned King Spencer Pratt

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kings spencer pratt crown scepter 01
kings spencer pratt crown scepter 02
kings spencer pratt crown scepter 03
kings spencer pratt crown scepter 04
kings spencer pratt crown scepter 05
kings spencer pratt crown scepter 06
kings spencer pratt crown scepter 07
kings spencer pratt crown scepter 08
kings spencer pratt crown scepter 09
kings spencer pratt crown scepter 10

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  • paige

    what an idiot. why are paps still taking pictures of these guys?

  • emmaa


  • rosie

    Wow he’ll try anything to stay relevant

  • lisa


  • crystal

    enough with posting about these two… absolutely cannot stand these two losers!!

  • shakara

    if all mags,websites etc stopped posting thr bullshit then they would fade away,they make me sick agh

  • Hmmm…

    E! Banned them after a vote, can JJ PLEASE follow in E!’s footsteps and post NOTHING more on them…. Their douchey and boring.


  • lil

    lol won’t that make him King Pratt?

  • jessica

    no one cares about them two..why do you keep posting pictures of them??

  • i agree

    look at that horse face
    GROSS she is hideous
    and she thinks she if hot, tooo funny

    ryan seacreast want to tase her – and they wents nuts on him for saying that

  • Gabs

    @jessica: Someone out there cares ’cause their last pics got over 100 comments…negative ones, but still…like I said before….negative attention is better than no attention. We’re all contributing to their public existence. If no-one comment or blog about them, they’re more likely disappear sooner. Don’t blame JJ for posting; he’s an equal opportunist.

  • marla

    who the hell are they, and what exactly is their claim to fame?

  • Hmmm…


    Ur right…

    From NOW anyone who doesn’t want to hear about them stop commenting.

    If u post any negative comments after now ur just fueling a fire and it pretty much means u do want to hear more about them…

  • Tiny

    Pratt by name Prat by nature!

  • adam & eve


    if you don’t like these two just type in NO COMMENTING please! or tell jared to stop posting about them. JARED STOP POSTING ABOUT THEM! there’s a contact feature at the top right side of the site. yes we can, and we like this site too much to see them on here, and not all of us want to go to other blogs, but we will if we have to. there are many blogs with good pics on the internet.

  • mel

    What. A. Douche.

  • mika

    king me??? kill me

  • carrie


  • skippingsarah

    tell me again why most people hate them?

  • http://- Anon

    King Spencer Pratt might just be the biggest tool the world has ever seen.

  • Noticias de famosos

    What a pair of plastic, looks ridiculous with that in mind, they are very superficial.

  • vivi


  • Simi Gurm


  • lollipop

    This guy gives Richard Simmons a run for his money. The difference is Richard Simmons is actually likeable. lol

  • me

    You are now crowned king of the fame wh ores . . .now please go AWAY!!!

  • Sarah

    Wow both these kids, and I say kids because they act like it, are douche bags. What do their parents think of them? Are they just as idiotic as these 2?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @paige: the paps are still taken their pics before lame bloggers and mags for still buying them. ….duh!

  • PrincessSarah

    See I can be a princess..but Spencer should never be a king..and the reason behind it was dumb..

    i am not fans of these to

  • pathetic

    I seriously think that these two are mentally ill.

    They need to see doctors, not have their pictures taken.

  • um

    I saw that same crown at the dollar store.

  • katie

    this makes me feel sick
    how can people like him get so much attention?

  • prl

    please can anyone throw some s….t on them? pure and smelly s….t!!
    it would be great on their ugly faces!!!

  • ace11a

    i think hedi is still salvageable to be honest….and the body is solid

    this dick head is brain washing her….

    as for them having bodyguards…LMAO

  • ace11a

    i think hedi is still salvageable to be honest….and the body is solid

    this dick head is brain washing her….

    as for them having bodyguards…LMAO

  • Bryanmm1

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it agian. These two need to just go away! Their 15 minutes was up two years ago.

  • megan

    shoot me.

  • casey

    these two have to be BI-POLAR I’m not kidding they seriously need nedication this is so not normal next he will be KING GOD

  • Sam

    Wow, look at the king douche…seriously, whats wrong with these two. JJ should totally ban these attention whores…Hate ‘em both!!

  • SiouXin

    What planet are these two from?

  • Marta


  • Lekili

    Stop posting them here.

    Pure media whores, not a talented bone in the combined bodies.

  • dindin

    king? wtf…that is stupid..i dnt think he is a king…he thinks he’s all that..but he’s nt..

  • kel

    I want all black people who deal with these two to turn in their race card, because you know better!!! hahahahahahahahaha

  • lisa

    WE need to start a PETITION to stop looking at these 2 numbnuts!!
    They are useless, worthless…ignorant IDIOTS! No reason to put them on this site or any other!

  • pooter

    These two idiots better not become parents anytime soon!

    It would be a very sad day if she became pregnant.

    They are both empty minded waste of air!

    If it’s true he will legally add King to his name……man- it’s too late for him. Hollywood had gone to his head.

    Why are they still “celebrities”?? Don’t know how they even got involved to begin with. Fools

  • rocky

    I’d like to take that scepter and shove it up his rear!! WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO STOP WITH THIS PEOPLE!!


  • emma

    @Tiny: ITA!!


    EVERY TIME YOU CLICK on a Spheidi post, it increases sales of the photos.

    Stop clicking and THEY WILL GO AWAY.

    Also, NEVER buy a mag with a photo of her on the cover. EVER.

    Giossip sites and mags are a buisness, each click is a $.

    A hate comment is more like $2

  • Anna


  • Thanks JJ

    I’ve been nauseated all day but haven’t been able to vomit then I remembered you were one of the few bloggers still kissing the a s s e s of these two media whores & there it was! I finally feel relief so thanks Jared!